15 Funny Memes About Friendship That Remind Us Of Our BFFs

They say that friends are the family we get to choose, and our BFFs over the years have definitely proved that to be true. We don't think we could have possibly survived high school or college if our best friends weren't there by our side suffering through all the same boring teachers, impossible tests and stressful relationship drama that we had to suffer through. They're our partners in crime, our shoulders to cry on and the people we make fun of the most because we know they can handle it. Summer vacation sadly means we won't be able to see our besties in school every day, but these incredibly relatable memes do a great job reminding us of our all of our closest friends and the hilarious experiences we've had with them.

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15 Good luck, teachers... you're going to need it

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Every year throughout high school, you and your friends huddled up when you were assigned your schedules to see if the school made the horrible and comedic mistake of putting two of you in the same class. Whenever that happened, you couldn't help but laugh diabolically and recite the Team Rocket "prepare for trouble, and make it double" rhyme from Pokémon together... Your shared teacher was going to have a hard time getting you both to pay attention and stop gossiping in the back row all class! Then came college, and you were actually able to ensure you took all the same classes as your BFFs. Most students dread group projects, but you loved them because they meant you could just goof around with your bestie until the last minute.

14 Your friends are always watching

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Dwight Schrute has got the jealous BFF glare down pat here. You and your casual friends are all allowed to be friends with different groups of people, but best friends don't have that sort of liberty. Your best friend is yours and you are hers, and you're super possessive of each other the way you're both possessive of your significant others. That's why you totally freak out any time you see her off laughing with someone else. Who on Earth is she talking to, and why does she seem to like this stranger so much? Are you being replaced?! You totally can't stop staring, and you know your best friend knows you're staring, but oh well. She should know not to waste time talking to anyone else when you're around!

13 Being your friend means joining an insult fight club

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We would never insult our acquaintances or casual friends (to their faces, at least), because we're too afraid of how they might react. When you aren't really close to someone, you just don't know how they'll take criticism, even if it was playful or joking criticism. We know virtually everything about our best friends, though, so we make fun of them like it's our job! Nothing's off-limits. No language is too foul, no content is too harsh... we basically force our BFFs to join our insult fight club, and we love it when they match our cruel jokes with even more offensive jokes of their own at our expense. If you need to test how serious your friendships are, just start being mean to your besties—if they're mean right back and you all still want to hang out afterwards, you know it's the real deal.

12 Show me the booty

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A friendship doesn't truly become a best friendship until your parents and peers start questioning your and your BFF's sexuality. You two are basically connected at the hips, you both get super jealous if one of you talks to someone else, you're super judgmental of each other's significant other and you check each other out 24/7 to ensure you're both looking flawless. If your best friend asks if she looks okay, it's your job to make her spin around and show off her assets, then tell her how great her butt looks in those jeans or how that new top does a great job showing off her boobs. Even if she doesn't ask, you have to keep an eye on her and fix her up if she's starting to look a bit sloppy. Mufasa here knows what's up!

11 BFFs don't stay mad for long

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When you get mad at your lesser friends, you can hold a grudge for ages. The friend you occasionally grab coffee with on weekends bailed at the last second? She's dead to you, and is now unfriended on Facebook, unfollowed on Twitter and blocked on Instagram. But if your best friend does something to wrong you, you get furious and send her a text in all caps to make sure she knows just how much she let you down... right before you let her know that you still expect to sleep over at her place this week. You get 10 times more angry at your BFF than you get at your other friends, but it's just too hard to break in a new best friend, so you always seem to get over it in record time.

10 Let me shop! Please!

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If your friends weren't always there to stop you, you'd probably max out every credit card you have and suffocate in the pile of clothes and useless crap that you couldn't stop yourself from impulse buying. You just can't go to the mall without finding an outfit you "need" to take home, but your friends do a great job holding you back the same way the Peacekeepers held a frantic Gale back in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. You hate them for their refusal to let you shop, but deep down, you know they're right and that they're the only reason you have enough money to afford food and other actual necessities. Luckily, there's an unspoken friendship rule that states if something is on clearance, you're not allowed to stop your friends from buying it.

9 True friends stay with you no matter what

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We all like to pretend that we come up with nothing but brilliant ideas all the time, but deep down, we know that totally isn't true. In fact, we admit that at least half of our ideas are either stupid, ridiculous or downright illegal. Thankfully, our frequent bad ideas help us figure out who our true friends are—lesser friends always say no whenever we propose something a bit crazy, but our best friends are down to do whatever we want, no matter the consequences. They know that whatever we're planning isn't going to end well, but they don't care because our BFFs are our ride or die soulmates. If we jump off a bridge, we can always trust that they'll foolishly jump off right after us.

8 Finding happiness in your shared unhappiness

Via: tumblr.com

It's easy to be unhappy these days. The political climate is a mess right now, school is ridiculously hard, it's impossible to find a job because employers want you to have experience before they give you experience and we've all come to accept that we're going to be living in our parents' basement until we're 40. Thank goodness our friends share our mutual despair, and we can all hang out and be miserable together! If they weren't there to force us out of bed every day, we probably wouldn't ever do anything other than eat, sleep and occasionally work... and we find comfort in the fact that they'd likely be the same way if they didn't have us. Misery loves company, and there's no better company than that of your best friend for life.

7 "I could unfriend you, but then I'd have to kill you"

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You have no problem removing your casual friends or acquaintances from your life when they wrong you. They're easy to replace, and it's not like you were ever really that close to them anyway. Replacing a best friend, however, is nearly impossible. Your BFF knows everything about you, and that includes all of your deepest, darkest secrets! If you try giving them the boot, they could go around and tell everyone all about that time you wet the bed in high school or had a sex dream about a friend's mom. You just can't take that risk—your best friend needs to stay your best friend for as long as they live. Besides, it takes way too long to develop a best friend-level bond with someone new.

6 Real friends aren't always photogenic

Via: facebook.com

You know those girls you always see taking flawless pictures together on Instagram? They're always smiling, looking perfectly happy and cute, and you can't help but feel a tiny bit jealous when you see their pictures and notice how many Likes they get on them. They're not really best friends with each other, though! True best friends can't sit in front of a camera without making ridiculous faces and looking like intentional hot messes. Your phone is absolutely filled with hilarious pictures with your bestie that you'd never dream of posting online. You both look ugly AF and super unflattering... and you wouldn't have it any other way. Why look all sexy but stiff like Regina George and her Mean Girls Plastics when you can look like the fun-loving Winchester brothers from Supernatural?!

5 Friendship bracelets are life-long commitments

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Watching your best friend talk with another one of her friends and look all happy makes you extremely jealous, but hearing that she actually made plans with someone else and is bailing on her plans with you as a result... that just turns you into a depressed and lonely rage monster! Did your BFF give that other girl a friendship bracelet in elementary school? Does that other girl own the other half of your best friend's heart necklace? We think not! So what on Earth is she thinking, canceling on you to hang out with someone else?! It's the ultimate act of betrayal, and you can't quite figure out if your tears are a result of your sadness or your anger. If you didn't love it so much, you'd cut off your friendship bracelet and throw it in her face.

4 Best friends never ask for permission

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When casual friends want to hang out, they ask you a week beforehand so you have time to prepare and plan things out. You need time to figure out what you're going to wear and what you're going to do together. Best friends, however, never ask for permission. They just show up at your house when you're in your underwear, and text for you to open the door. At first, you felt a need to throw on clothes and brush your hair before letting them in... but after a while, you realized that wasn't necessary. It doesn't matter how nasty you look, and it's totally cool if you just spend the day sitting around watching TV together. Your best friend is your other half, and she takes you exactly as you are.

3 True friends help you stalk your crush

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When you tell your casual friends about your crush, they giggle and make jokes to you every time he walks by, but that's pretty much it. When you tell your close friends about your crush, they start a group chat dedicated to stalking him so you can have constant updates on what he's up to, who he's talking to, what his interests seem to be and where you can "coincidentally" bump into him. Your other friends might find this level of stalking creepy, but whatever. They shouldn't expect invites to the wedding when the group chat's hard work helped make happen. Your real friends don't care about seeming weird to the outside world... they're too busy trying to help you out, and you will always love them for that.

2 Friends for life... and beyond

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When we were kids, we all talked about wanting to be "best friends for life" with our closest companions. "For life" isn't long enough for us anymore—it's all about being best friends forever now. We want to grow old with our besties, and when we inevitably die, we want to stay ghost friends with them. That way we can walk through walls together, and go around haunting people for all of eternity. We just can't imagine being separated from our BFF soulmates, even in the afterlife. And let's be real, the idea of going back to high school with your best friend and scaring the crap out of the bullies there sounds freaking awesome. Ghosts don't need to sleep, either, so you can hang out all day, every day!

1 Only 49 meme tags? Unfriend!

Via: facebook.com

You constantly have lengthy text conversations with your regular friends after school to stay updated on their lives, but your text chain with your closest friend is nearly empty. Why? Well, you see each other all the time, so you don't really have anything to talk about when you're apart. Instead, you just communicate with each other via memes. Every time you get a notification on Facebook, you expect it to be a meme tag from your BFF, and are slightly upset if it's not. If a day goes by where your best friend only tagged you in a few dozen memes instead of the standard 50, then you text her to ask if something's wrong. Nothing says love like being tagged in yet another stupid SpongeBob SquarePants meme.

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