15 Funny Tinder Profiles That Will Actually Make You LOL

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15 Funny Tinder Profiles That Will Actually Make You LOL

Let’s be real here, Tinder has sparked many people’s curiosity throughout the years and most of us have had personal experience with the app. Whether you just installed it for a few hours to see what all the hype is about or whether your roommates have staged multiple interventions to talk about your Tinder addiction, you must have come across a profile that has made you LOL. I’m talking about those profiles that actually made you consider swiping right on a person you would usually just overlook. Some people take to photoshop and others take to natural beauty, but all these Tinder profiles lead to hilarity. Take a look at this list of 15 Tinder profiles that are sure to give you your daily dose of funny!

15. When E.T. is a way of life


Via: thenug.com

Simply put, E.T. is love and E.T. is life. Who doesn’t love the extra terrestrial who most of us grew up alongside? Some of us a little more than others, like this guy. His other talents include being extremely good at photoshop. I imagine all of your future wedding photos would involve E.T. photoshopped somewhere in the background… It would probably require some Where’s Waldo searching skills but E.T. would always be there, watching. I would also imagine that your wedding theme would probably be based on the fantasy film E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial itself and made complete with a galaxy-themed wedding dress. Every level of your tiered cake would be made to look like a UFO and the cake topper would probably be two aliens tying the knot. OK, I’ve already gone too far with this E.T. theme… Maybe my alien obsession is bigger than this guy’s and that’s saying a lot!

14. Let us all make a toast to soulmates


Via: someecards.com

I loaf puns. Someone butter stop me before I go too far. OK, I’ll stop. It seems like inspiration struck this Tinder user to make a profile for a stick of butter… The person was probably having breakfast one morning and as he was buttering up his toast, he realized, sticks of butter have feelings, too. I’m guessing that’s how it all went down. He also made an effort to show the many sides of butter, spread on toast, cut up on a plate, and taking long walks on the beach. You know, the usual things a stick of butter does in life. What would the goal in life be for a stick of butter? Probably to end up in a red velvet cake or in a batch of fresh chocolate chip cookie batter… SMH, now I’m just making myself hungry.

13. How is this man single!?


Via: dorkly.com

Everyone knows that if you own a dog or cat and post pictures of them on your Tinder profile, you are already well on your way to getting those super-likes. This man is such a big fan of his dog, that he invested in a shirt with his dog’s face on it. Being a serious pug-lover, I am well-aware that most of the time, they have a permanent concerned look plastered on their face. Either that or they have their mouth wide open gasping for air, but still remain so darn cute! That being said, this dog looks a tad overly concerned for his owner. Probably thinking something along the lines of, “Dude, are you sure this is gonna help us get swiped right?” Don’t worry little pug, this guy has it all figured out.

12. Cool guys walk away from explosions


Via: thenug.com

I’m imagining a first date with this guy to start off something like this, “Hey baby girl, I just saved the world and still managed to be on time for our first date.” This is the part where we swoon. Everybody knows that cool guys don’t look at explosions. None other than SNL’s The Lonely Island group taught us that. When it comes to not looking at explosions, this guy definitely has that down, giving him the cool factor. As an added plus, he also manages to salvage a pack of beers along with a tier of mini sandwiches!? Don’t forget, he is also a strong, independent male who doesn’t need a woman to pay his bills. This all seems too good to be true!

11. The perfect guy doesn’t exi-

View post on imgur.com

If a Tinder award existed for best profile, it would have this guy’s name all over it. Let us just take a moment to appreciate all the effort that went into the making of this photo. Who doesn’t love abs, puppies, and heroes!? These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect profile that is sure to get all those swipes in the right direction. He also probably made up the perfect story to backup this photo. It was a casual day spent at the beach, you know, taking long walks and such. It wasn’t long before he noticed the local animal shelter in flames. He didn’t think twice before risking his life to save all the puppies and kittens. Looks like the perfect guy does exist, and you can find him on Tinder.

10. Get you a man who’s majestic AF!

View post on imgur.com

Glen delivering us some majestic realness. OK Glen, we see you! The cosmic level in this Tinder profile is off the charts. He has included a fabulous front and side shot of himself, the galaxy as his background and even added a magical unicorn for our enjoyment. The unicorn alone brings him up to an additional 1000 points. What more could you need to include in a Tinder profile? He probably thought with the latest galaxy-themed everything and anything trend, he should create a galaxy-themed profile. Well, he wasn’t wrong. Even for those who aren’t feeling the majestic vibes can at least get a laugh out of this guy’s creative genius. Stay majestic and wait for those swipes to the right to come pouring in.

9. Brandi definitely isn’t horsing around…


Via: dorkly.com

I am sure that most of you have come across the weirder side of Tinder on your swiping journeys. This profile would definitely go on the list of stranger things. Let us attempt to break down all the things that are happening here… Well, the first thing that catches your eye on this profile is a person wearing a horse head mask and standing in a fabulous power pose. We can all agree that this horse is working the camera and giving us serious fierceness. All this fabulous weirdness is topped off with a bio that fulfills all your pun-loving needs. She is a natural barn pun-maker. Fine, I’ll stop foaling around.

8. Get yourself a chick who can do it all

This girl has tinder on lockdown

Get it? A chick who can do it all? At this point, I’m not even curious as to why she has three chicks on her chest because it ties in so well with her straight-to-the-point Tinder profile. Aside from being, “The Asian for any occasion.” she is also searching for a Tinder match that will share her love of Pokémon. I’m guessing an ideal first date in Janey’s mind would be visiting as many Pokéstops as possible in the span of an evening and to catch a rare Pokémon together. Oh, and probably a quick dinner and nap in between. The moral of this Tinder profile is that we should all strive to be a little more like Janey. Maybe we would have a better chance at finding that true match who also owns three chicks and plays Pokémon religiously.

7. Just your average taco duck man looking for love

View post on imgur.com

If laying it all out on Tinder doesn’t get you those right swipes then humour definitely will. What is going on here? Just a lonely taco duck man looking for someone to bring to family events. It would have been somewhat romantic up until the moment he mentioned that the only reason is so that his family stops thinking something is wrong with him. What’s impressive here is that he has three Tamagotchi’s. Do you remember how hard it was to take care of a Tamagotchi? If you left them to head to the kitchen for a snack, they would usually be dead by the time you got back. This guy has a lot of potential and he’s hilarious. We have a winner here.

6. We can all relate to this Tinder profile


Via: dorkly.com

Quick question, is it possible to die from an overdoes of cute? Because Elie is serving us the realness with the greatest picture in the world. It looks like she isn’t even after those right swipes, she just wants to brighten the day of discouraged Tinder users. Not all heroes wear capes. Whose day wouldn’t be made after seeing a cat wearing a Cookie Monster costume while holding a plate of cookies? An actual monster, that’s whose. This cat is doing what most of us would want to do everyday TBH. Posting a photo of a cat in a onesie on your Tinder profile is the guaranteed recipe for success. After all, everyone knows that cats run the internet.

5. Remember Left-Shark?


Via: tinderdrinkgame.com

How could anyone forget the famous left shark from Katy Perry’s Superbowl performance? It was absolutely iconic. The shark became internet famous for his fabulous dance moves that even outdid Katy Perry’s performance. I’m not even kidding, he was a real scene-stealer. It comes to no surprise that someone took the liberty to make a Tinder profile for this shark that rose to fame overnight. His bio is a simple one, “Right shark in the streets, left shark in the sheets.” For those of you who need their memory refreshed, the right shark had an underwhelming performance. Well, in right shark’s defence, anyone would look underwhelming beside right shark… We should all strive to be a little more like left shark.

4. Chin-lovers, look away!

me irl from me_irl

A mixture of TBH and humour is the best way to go when creating a Tinder profile. This guy’s Tinder profile has both and it ended up being more LOL-worthy than anything. Remember that scene in Pitch Perfect when Fat Amy says she points out her flaws so that others wouldn’t? This Tinder profile is definitely living up to Fat Amy’s way of life. On a side note, I don’t think I’ve ever met a human being who can retract their chin like that… Let’s be real here, I’m probably just impressed because if I attempted to do this, I would just create two new chins. To top it all off, he also offers a fair warning in his bio saying that he is probably not the best place to start if you have a chin fetish. Someone give this guy an award.

3. The real reason anyone creates a Tinder profile TBH

View post on imgur.com

Let’s all be honest here, most of us create a Tinder profile not to find a quick hookup or our soulmates, but to get a free lunch or dinner. Free anything, really. Rachel made a Tinder profile that all of us want to make, but are held back by the fear of embarassment. First of all, I appreciate anyone who uses their photo editing skills to create true art such as Rachel did. Keeping it simple with a sunset and an image of her staring off into the distance while eating a burrito. Second of all, if the picture didn’t show her true intentions, she confirmed this in her bio. TBH, all of us just want free Chipotle in life.

2. At least Reginald is an honest dinosaur?


Via: tumblr.com

Spending all my spare time on the internet, I no longer find it alarming that there is a full grown man dressed as a T-Rex looking for love on Tinder. Even dinosaurs with wigs and fabulous green leopard print cardigans need love. Reginald’s profile will leave you with so many feels and even more questions. Do T-Rex’s have a hard time snapping a selfie with their tiny hands? I guess Reginald’s flawless photo answers that pressing question. The thing that I’m most curious about is, what happened to his pet rock Toby!? They seemed to be going strong up until Reginald wanted to change Toby into a glamorous rainbow rock. I’ll choose to believe that they just parted ways…

1. Look no further, you’ve found your perfect match.


Via: collegehumor.com

We have a Tinder profile winner here. Get yourself a man who photoshops himself as a Centaur and listens to John Lennon. I have to admit, people who use photoshop to create majestic masterpieces are my favourite kind of people. Just the thought that he spent a good amount of time editing this photo increases the hilarity of this profile by 100. He also loves puppies and is a zoo volunteer? By now, you all know that being an animal lover is the key to those right swipes. This guy has Tinder on lockdown. TBH, he probably had to delete his profile because of the amount of right swipes that were coming his way.

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