15 Funny Video Game Memes That Will Crack Up Any Gamer

Although it was once deemed the sort of non-sport that people did when they didn't want to leave their house, video games have officially come into their own. Now, nearly everyone plays video games. Even among those people who don't play, most would still get references to popular titles, such as Skyrim. But for those who actually do game, there are memes out there that sum up our experiences with our favorites, as well as what life is like for a gamer. We scoured the Internet looking for some of the funniest video gaming memes and now we're sharing them with you. So feel free to take a break from Overwatch or Destiny 2 and enjoy. Then you can go back to getting your game on.

15 Never-ending sidequests

Via: tumblr.com

Gamers who like roleplaying games know that there is so much more to the game than the main story's mission. Most RPGs also have side quests, little missions that you can take on to earn extra XP, money and items. And those of us who love RPGs are the kinds of people who must do every single side quest in the game to the point that we forget what the main mission ever actually was. The thing about side quests, though, is that they often lead to other side quests. And those side quests lead to other side quests. And so on and so on until you're in a rabbit hole of side quests and can't crawl out. This meme has us saying same, because we've been there, although it's more likely we were in a room full of potatoes (thanks, Skyrim).

14 Lessons learned in video games

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Video games are educational and we'll fight anyone who says otherwise. Seriously, how did we ever even learn about the Templars before Assassin's Creed came out? Or how did we know how to fight zombies before we played all those survival horror games? Or how did we know that Witchers need love, too? We learn a lot from video games, including real world skills. This meme shows the exact kind of situation that video games prepared us for. A video gamer will sit in a car and look at that ramp and think "challenge accepted." Because that's exactly the kind of thing that scores extra points in Grand Theft Auto, right? So go for it because you've done this a million times in a game. You've got this.

13 Something big about to go down

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Most games have some kind of boss fight, that big hard battle that means you must prepare beforehand. And there are signs that such a battle is coming up. One of those signs is that there is suddenly an area in the game that drops a lot of loot: usually, health packs, extra weapons and a chance to level up.

Another sign is the save point, which is usually denoted by a bright beam of light shining down upon it.

This cat in this meme is such a save point. And every gamer knows that if they do not use this save point, what happens next is that there's a good chance that they will die and will have to go back a lot farther in the game if they don't save here.

12 Custom characters

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Who doesn't love those games that let you customize your character? Some games even let you change the shape of the main character's face, its gender, its markings, its make-up, its hair and everything else. You can play an elf or a human or something somewhere in between. In fact, character customization is so much fun that a lot of gamers will spend hours making a unique character that represents who they think they are, at least in the game. Sometimes that means that characters look pretty wild and probably wouldn't fit into the real world very well. This meme is exactly what happens when someone gets crazy on the character customization screen. Because that's exactly how it looks in the game, too, when that crazy-looking character starts running around.

11 Taking shots at EA

Via: memecenter.com

If there is one video game publishing company that gamers hate more than anything, it's Electronic Arts, otherwise known as EA. That's because EA has ruined some of the best franchises in video games and seems to add things to games that only serve to make players really mad (Dead Space 3, we're looking at you).

Remember the debacle that was Assassins Creed: Unity? All those microtransactions just to play some stupid side quests that no one ever wanted in the first place?

EA is also famous for putting out games before they're completely finished, so that they're glitchy and have a lot of bugs and errors. And that's where this meme comes in, because that's one heck of a burn on EA and gamers will get that.

10 Preston Garvey needs your help

Via: tumblr.com

Welcome to Fallout 4, a world that you must help rebuild, one settlement at a time. And you don't really have a choice in helping to rebuild that world, because the character of Preston Garvey will bug you to death about a settlement that needs your help. Perhaps it's overrun with radroaches. Perhaps it just needs you to collect some item for it. Perhaps it just needs to talk to you because it's lonely. But Preston Garvey will make sure you know that there is always a settlement that needs your help. And he will get all up in your business to let you know about it. Sure, you're busy doing battle with a deathclaw, but wait! A settlement needs your help! Maybe you're knee-deep in an important mission for someone else. But nope, a settlement needs your help.

9 Just run, run away

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Video games are fun, especially open world games where you can just wander all over the map and see what's out there. But sometimes, you're not ready for what's out there, especially if your character is still at level 1, complete with level 1 armor and weapons.

But inevitably, you're going to wander into a cave or castle just to see what kind of treasure it has, and you will come face to face with a level 20 monster that you are so not prepared for.

So you do what this meme tells you to do: you run far away and come back later when you've leveled up to 30 and can take it down with a single glaring side eye. But that comes later. For now, you run and you live.

8 Who says games aren't educational?

Via: memecenter.com

Did we mention that video games are educational? Seriously, think about it: how much did you know about the history of the Third Crusade before you ever picked up a controller and played the first Assassin's Creed game? How much did you know about the Italian Renaissance before you became Ezio Audiotore? How much did you know about pirates and the islands they inhabited before you stepped into the shoes of a pirate assassin? And what did you know about the Templars before any of those games? It's not like you remember that from your school history classes, right? So everything you know about the Templars and their evil plans came from Assassin's Creed. This proves that video games are educational, as long as you remember that it's probably still a bad idea to jump from the top of a building into a haystack.

7 Skyrim has weird priorities

Via: memecenter.com

Who doesn't love Skyrim? It's the game that most players lost months of their life, too (and some players are still lost in that world). That makes Skyrim one of the games that we all love to pick on, because some of it was just so funny, and a little ridiculous. For example, every gamer knows the reference of "but then I took an arrow to the knee." This is because one character says that over and over and over in the game.

We've also seen memes of characters trapped in a room full of potatoes.

This meme makes a very valid fact about the game's weird priorities: you can go ahead and kill the emperor and no one bats an eyelash in the game. But if you kill a chicken? Prepare to run for your life because those villagers will come after you.

6 They're everywhere

Via: tumblr.com

In Dungeons & Dragons (both the tabletop version and the video games based on the RPG), mimics are creatures that can take on any shape. This makes them dangerous because they like to lie in wait for potential victims disguised as seemingly harmless items. And then when a player gets close, it's battle time, because mimics will then attack. Most players know to beware of mimics and are careful at all times. That's why this meme is funny: in such a situation, everyone will bring their weapons into a bar. And then when the table you're sitting at morphs into its true form, a mimic, you kill it and then get drunk and laugh about it later. Just don't get too drunk, because that glass you're drinking from might also be a mimic.

5 Never skip the tutorial

Via: tumblr.com

Experienced video gamers know the most important rule in learning how to navigate a game's world and how to correctly play it. Experienced video gamers always take time to watch the tutorial, so that they know what to do in the game in specific circumstances. Noobs, on the other hand, will dive in head first and then wonder why they can't get past the first level or mission without dying miserably.

So keep this in mind, young padawans: don't be like the guy in this meme, who has absolutely no idea what he's doing.

Be like those of us who pay attention to the tutorial and pwn that game big time, ready to take on the big bad monster when he pops up and surprises your party.

4 You're a survivor

Via: tumblr.com

"I'm a survivor. I'm not gon' give up. I'm not gon' stop. I'm gon' work harder." So goes the immortal words of Destiny's Child, as led by the great queen of us all, Beyoncé. Those are words that gamers can relate to. Because this meme outlines a situation we have all been in, probably more than once. There's a big boss battle, and you spend hours running around in circles around some great beast because you ran out of health potions and your healer is dead. And you strike and then run away again. Then you strike and run away again. This is an endless battle to survive, but that's what you do. And at the end of the battle, you only have a single health point left. But you won and that's all that matters.

3 The Elder Scrolls is deep ...  in potatoes

Via: tumblr.com

We've talked a lot about The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, but all the games in that series are a lot alike. Not only do they seem to have an obsession with side quests that never end, but they also have a real obsession with potatoes.

That's why this meme is so funny, because it is true that many of the quests in The Elder Scrolls games are so unbelievably pointless.

Sure, you're supposed to go find out the hiding spot of a dragon that's killing villagers, but wait for a minute because this guy wants you to go find his missing potatoes. He lost his potatoes and it's an emergency, apparently. But that's what we do, as gamers: we'll go find those missing potatoes, again and again.

2 So much for exploration

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Something that nearly all games offer is the chance to explore. Some games are open world, so exploration means literally going anywhere on the map. Sometimes you might fall off mountains trying to fill out that map, but hey, it's totally worth it, right? Some games are more linear, but they still have a few little side rooms or paths that you can check out for extra loot and the potential for new weapons and treasure. And this is something you always want to do before a big scene. But it sucks when you're intent on exploring and you go the way you're supposed to for the main quest, because that means you often miss out on the exploration. And that's just disappointing to those gamers who must follow every single path available to them.

1 Installing .... installing ... installing

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Whether you play video games on a PC, mobile phone or a console, one of the most annoying things is waiting for a game to download. Even if you bought the game on a disk, there are still elements that must download before you can ever play it.

But what's even worse on waiting on that download is waiting on the files that you just downloaded to install.

And then they always get stuck right before they're done: usually at around 99 percent. This meme has every single gamer cringing and screaming "same!" while raising their hands to the air and wishing they could just start playing the game already. We've all been there, folks, and it's not pretty. But it happens every single time.

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