15 'Game Of Thrones' Characters Reimagined As Disney Characters

Game of Thrones finished its penultimate season at the end of August, and word on the street is that the series won't return for another two years... which basically means that every GoT fan on this planet (which accounts for a considerable chunk of the entire population) is going to be suffering some serious withdrawal.

Thankfully, though, there is a beautiful entity called the Internet that can always be counted on to keep the masses occupied — even under the strenuous circumstances of waiting for a new season of Thrones. This particular example of filler comes in the form of George R. R. Martin's characters being reimagined as though they lived in a completely different world (and completely different franchise, for that matter).

Keep reading to check out 15 Game Of Thrones characters reimagined as Disney characters.

15 Disney's Daenerys & The Three Dragons

Dany's dragons might have seemed cute (but not entirely cuddly) in the first few seasons, but once they've grown into themselves (and yes, they're still growing), they are borderline gods among men. Paired with the storm that is Dany, it's a partnership that can hardly be toppled.

In Disney form, though the power and strength is still very much prominent, this relationship would easily be elevated on a number of levels; not the least which being the fact that these dragons would definitely have the ability to speak. And if that were the case, the scenes between Dany and her dragons would be, bar none, the most captivating part of the entire show (or movie, assuming Disney were to go in that direction).

Would they be quite as destructive together as animated creations? That remains to be seen. But they'd still rock some solid intimidation.

14 Disney's Bran & Hodor

Via: DeviantArt

Now, fans of Thrones are well aware what direction Bran and Hodor end up going in in the series, but that's not to say that Disney couldn't tackle their earlier adventures, pairing them up on a fun and fancy-free buddy/road adventure through Westeros. Sure, Hodor can't say anything other than his name, but that hasn't stopped other characters from stealing the hearts of its young audiences. Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy and Beaker from The Muppets especially come to mind.

Watching these two embark on an adventure filled with beautiful scenery, occasional darkness, and experimental magic would be just as endearing as it was watching them in the actual show — only with less depressing moments and just a dash more hope.

Also, it would be great because Hodor, Hodor Hodor Hodor. Hodor. Hodor Hodor Hodor. Hodor Hodor.

13 Disney's Arya & The Hound

Via: TheChive

Aryan and the Hound are bound to reunite again on Game of Thrones, and when that moment comes, it'l be interesting to see how exactly they'll interact. Will they have missed each other? Will she even care? We'll have to wait until the final season, but until then, there's no harm in imagining. There's also no harm in imagining what their interactions might have seemed like with an animated Disney makeover back when they were trekking through Westeros together (before Brienne of Tarth borderline killed the dude).

Disney is no stranger to pairing up odd couples, so it would definitely make for sold entertainment. Who doesn't enjoy "crotchety" and "cantankerous" side-by-side? (You can pick which one is which.)

12 Disney's Cersei: The Wicked Queen

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Evil queens are no stranger to Disney animated movies, so, of course, Cersei Lannister would be a perfect fit. She's got all the trappings of your classic Disney villain— even down to her wicked grimace. So, translating her to the Disney aesthetic is hardly a difficult feat. Well, assuming the animators don't have her blowing up any cities with wildfire at least.

If you're wondering how she might be conveyed in this animated form, just take all of the other classic evil queens, roll them up into one character, and add some wine. And maybe leave out the incest. Disney isn't exactly the kind of company that tends to tackle incest.

Bestiality is one thing (see: The Sword in the Stone), but not family-on-family action. That's too far for the House of Mouse.

11 Disney's Cersei's New Groove

Via: Dorkly

Jumping off of "Evil Queen Cersei," it's time to tackle a very different iteration of the character: the one put on display at the end of the season five. This version of the character is Cersei at her most vulnerable, and honestly, most sympathetic. She's forced to walk naked through the city streets while onlookers throw some disgusting pieces of grime at her. To make things even worse, the local nun is ringing a bell and yelling "Shame!" over and over, just to nail home the point.

Naturally, this sort of material certainly isn't primed for Disney, but that won't stop a Disney-esque take on the scene from existing. What's interesting, too, is that Cersei somehow seems even more vulnerable and sympathetic in animated form — which probably has a lot to do with the fact that audiences have grown so accustomed to not being able to sway their hatred for Lena Heady's take on the character (no matter how perfectly acted it may be).

10 Disney's Jaime & Brienne

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One of the best love stories in Game of Thrones isn't even a love story at all. Yet, at least. Jaime Lannister and Brienne of Tarth are the last two people you could ever expect might form a bond—be it through friendship or love—but here we are anyway. These two found each other under strange circumstances, but ended up befriending each other all the same.

In a way, they kind of taught each other a lot; Jaime taught Brienne to see the good in people, while Brienne taught Jaime some much needed modesty. It's a match made in (old god and new) heaven. So, of course, if they were to get the Disney treatment, they'd be Belle and the Beast from Beauty and the Beast. And of course Jaime would be the "beauty..."

9 Disney's Jon & Ghost

One character from Game of Thrones who is sadly missing from most of the action is Jon Snow's dire wolf, Ghost. He shows up from time to time, but for the most part, he's pretty much MIA. This is exactly why a Disney animated movie about the adventures (and misadventures) of these two friends would be perfection.

In animated form, Ghost would finally get the chance to embrace his personality and break out of his stoic and growly, wolf shell. This, in turn, might also help Jon Snow break out of his shell. These two need each other, and if HBO isn't going to give their bonding time the time of day, then dammit, Disney, hop to it. There are plenty of fans who would want to see these best buds trail through the snowy terrain of the North, so capitalize on it while you still can!

8 Disney's Khal Drogo

Via: Uproxx

Throat-ripping, ponytail-growing, and mass-slaughtering: a recipe for Disney perfection, eh?

Okay, so on paper, Khal Drogo may not seem like the perfect character to translate into Disney form, but that shouldn't stop their creative animators from trying. The best types of adaptations are often the ones that seem as though they could never work — so let's get daring, Disney. Sure, you might have to tack some warnings onto the beginning of the movie, but that's life, bro. The world is a dark and scary place, so why not indulge kids with some truth?

Seriously, though, give him at least one musicical number, and parents will be more than happy with the final product. Don't underestimate the power of Disney music to keep a parent's child entertained for an indefinite amount of time.

7 Disney's House Lannister

The Lannisters are a complicated troupe of individuals, but that's exactly why they're so fascinating to watch. They win some, they lose some, they kill some... living life as a Lannister is a daily adventure. So, why rob children of the experience of witnessing these lunatics do their best to get by?

All that Disney would have to do is reimagine them as lions (a la The Lion King), and—boom!—the work sells itself. Between Cersei and Tyrion's bickering to Jaime and Cersei's "unusual" relationship, to Tywin's frustration with his tiring Pride... the silly hijinks basically write themselves.

Just, if you're going to go this direction with the characters, maybe don't delve too deeply into what is really going on behind the scenes. Subtle hints will do just fine—if they're even at all necessary. This would be for children after all.

6 Disney's Melisandre: The Magical

Via: IziSmile

The Red priestess, Melisandre, is magical to a fault, and while her far-from-PC witchcraft doesn't exactly fly with the Disney formula, her translation to the animated screen could be one of a colorful success. Not a villain, but definitely not your typical hero, Melisandre has pulled off some wild magic during her stint on Thrones. So married with Disney's love of spells and potions and enchantments, this pairing could be perfection.

For the most part, Disney characters are typically sworn to their allegiance, so Melisandre would definitely bring something different to the table; some characters arcs that are a hell of a lot deeper than what Disney is used to tackling.

What's also kind of great is imagining that shadow monster she gives birth to appearing in the form of a less friendly Goofy (as pictured).

5 Disney's The Mountain & The Viper

Via: Twitter

Aw, what a cute pair: Oberyn Martell and Gregor Clegane. These two might have been best friends, had the law of the land not paired them up in a duel to the death. Whatever bad blood Tyrion Lannister might have had against the crown was between them, not these two sword-happy fighters. Sadly, though, if you're already familiar with Thrones, then you know exactly where this storyline ended.

In the show, Oberyn kills the Mountain, but not before the Mountain crushes Oberyn's head in. (Seriously, this is one of the most grotesque scenes in the entire series.) But with Disney's stamp on the scene, the chances are these two would have ended up becoming best of friends. Just look at how silly they're behaving, would ya?

Quit messing around, you goofs!

4 Disney's Ramsay The Bastard

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Ramsay Bolton may not have been the most friendly character in Game of Thrones, but the guy sure did have spunk. When he set his mind towards something, he damn well saw it through (even if what he was seeing through was the removal of another man's penis and dignity). In the Disney treatment, the whole wiener storyline would likely be scrapped, but he would still make for a fun and creative villain, which is always helpful in crafting an exciting story.

Maybe, instead of flaying humans, he carves the skin off of pumpkins to prevent them from looking their best after a fairy godmother transforms them into a carriages. That's always an option that the studio could go. Plus, just image how cute his family of hungry pups would be!

3 Disney's Tyrion The Wise

Via: TheChive

Tyrion Lannister is hardly a Lannister. The dude may enjoy wine just as much as his older sister, Cersei, but he at least has some solid brainpower. He's always one step ahead of his enemy (except when he's not; see season seven) and he's not a power-hungry maniac like most characters in the show. And just to round him out even more, the dude is funny. What more could Disney want in inspiration for a character?

Between the Battle of the Blackwater and the Siege of Casterly Rock, Tyrion is always getting himself into trouble — which could translate to plenty of laughs when portrayed in animated form. Disney would obviously just have to leave out all of the nastiness that comes with his screw-ups; like the massacres and the disfigurements, etc. Otherwise, Tyrion would be perfect in Walt Disney's magical world.

2 Disney's Lord Varys

When you've been robbed of certain physical features, it makes sense that you'd want to direct your attention toward helping the greater good. In Thrones, that's exactly what Lord Varys does — even though he definitely puts his personal safety front and center.

In the series, Varys always talks about his "little birds," so he's already got a perfect ingredient for a Disney remake, seeing as communicating to birds may as well be written into Disney characters' contracts. What better way would there be to convey his messages (and to spy) than having talking/singing birds who float across the land on his behalf.

Varys may seem difficult to read at times, but as an animated character, all of his colorful traits will definitely be highlighted. Even the ones that end up getting people killed, but that's inevitable.

1 Disney's White Walkers On Ice

Via: DeviantArt

The White Walkers are ridiculously vicious, but with some Disney magic, you might see them in a different light. Once you give them the chance to indulge in some song-and-dance numbers, while also showing up their brilliant displays of ice magic, you might start seeing past their evil deeds and start noticing their better qualities. Because there have to be some, right? RIGHT!?

In the show, the White Walkers are heinous beasts who want nothing more than to transform people into ice zombie slaves to help cover the world in death and darkness. But with a Disney makeover, these creeps might have a chance at redemption. Maybe all they need is for someone to warm their chilly heart. Maybe all they need is some love.

Or not.

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