15 Genius Inventions We Need In Our Life

You thought you were living your life pretty damn well. You thought you could go on as is and be perfectly fine. You thought you had everything you need, but then you read this article and saw that you need a boyfriend arm pillow, and you need it bad!

Or, how about a see-through toaster oven so you never ever burn another piece of toast again? You need! You know what you really need? A stroller that is also a scooter. Yes, you definitely need that! You can no longer live without it. How could you have been living your life this long without it? You don’t even have a child and you need it! Here are 15 genius inventions we need in our life. Like now.

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15 A no-spill serving tray


This is a perfect no-spill wine and champagne serving tray. If you have ever worked in a restaurant, then you know that carrying a tray of wine glasses and/or champagne glasses is an extremely difficult thing to do. The glasses are too heavy, making them wobble as you walk. With this no-spill wine tray, you can insert the stems of the glasses into the slots and it not only prevents the glasses from toppling over, but also provides tons of extra room on the top of the tray for more sturdy drinks. You will never spill another glass of red wine on a woman’s white dress during afternoon tea again! True story that I really don’t want to talk about.

14 A power outlet with a USB socket


Yes, you have been using that stupid tiny cube to plug your phone into the wall for years now and you’ve just accepted that that is the way things work. You have accepted it, because it has been your only option. You are going to let your life depend on a little cube? A cube? A cube that is so small you can never find it?

Well, you have depended on it because that is how we do things around here, right? Wrong! You are now oh, so wrong. With this amazing invention, you never have to rely on another cube again. Go cube-less with these power outlets with USB sockets built in.

13 A boyfriend arm pillow


A pillow that is shaped like half of a man’s torso? It is exactly what you have always wanted. We know that this boyfriend arm pillow sounds a little crazy, but this is the perfect product for you. Whether your man is out of town and you need a snuggle buddy to take his place while he is gone, or you're crazy single and don’t have a man, this is a fun and fluffy replacement. He is cozy, he is cuddly, and, best of all, he doesn’t talk. You can’t beat that. He won’t snore in the middle of the night, he won’t fart, or toss and turn endlessly, thus keeping you up. You will get a perfect night’s rest and have the silent cuddle buddy of your dreams who doesn't steal all of the blankets. 

12 A pair of pizza scissors


Okay, whoever invented pizza scissors is totally my spirit animal and I need to meet them immediately! Scissors that are specifically made to cut pizza and only pizza? Are you serious? These scissors make pizza slicing so much easier. All you have to do is slide the spatula tip under the pizza pie and cut away! It is so simple, anyone can do it. They are made of durable stainless steel so they will last a long time and they have a non-stick safe nylon base that won’t scratch other cookware. The scissors are dishwasher safe, FDA approved, and BPA-free. You can find them on Amazon for $20. I know you never thought you'd need pizza scissors, but once you try them, you'll never be the same again.

11 A power nap head pillow


It’s really hard to take a power nap if you are not home. If you try to sleep on a plane, a bus, or in between classes at the library, there is no way to truly get comfortable and actually snooze. Try the power nap head pillow. Yes, you’ll look silly with the thing on your head, but the pillow, designed in Spain, goes over your head and creates a private zone that will help you get a quick nap in anywhere you are. Don’t worry, there is a large opening for your mouth and nose so you won’t suffocate in there. It even comes with pockets over the ears that you can tuck your hands into if you are leaning over a tray table or desk while you are napping.

10 Bathroom mirror windshield wiper


You step out of the shower and you go to do your usual morning routine into the mirror when you can’t! Your mirror is all foggy! Gasp! Well, we have good news for you. You no longer have to wipe the condensation off your bathroom mirror with your hand like a peasant. You can now have a windshield wiper for your bathroom mirror. Inspired by a car’s windshield, designer Dewa Bleisinger created the “mirror clearer,” a wiper that attaches to your bathroom mirror by a suction cup. With a simple rotation of the wiper, you can see yourself pluck your eyebrows or brush your teeth immediately without waiting for your mirror to de-fog. You can purchase the “mirror clearer” from design spray for about $20.00.

9 An ironing board mirror


If you have ever lived in a big city, chances are that your living spaces are smaller than average. Let’s face it, according to places like New York City standards, you may even live in a shoebox! Because of this, you have had to learn how to find and invent clever ways to help you save some space. Well, here is an amazing invention that will help you do just that. It is an ironing board. It is a mirror. It’s an ironing board mirror. Everyone needs both and now you can have both of these without taking up a whole lot of space! This product was designed by Aïssa Logerot, who invented it in order to create the link between two consecutive actions: clothes ironing and dress up.

8 An umbrella with a cup holder


When you live in a city, you often find yourself having to carry your whole life around with you. You pretty much walk everywhere and if you are anything like me, you can never get anything done without your morning coffee while making phone calls. But what if it starts to rain? Sadly, we don't have three or more arms. And you need your coffee and you need to call your mom and tell her all about that new dress you bought at Nordstroms. The only solution? This umbrella that is also a cup holder. You can have your coffee, make your phone calls, and it’ll keep you dry. Win-win. Just hope that the wind doesn't blow it all away!

7 A fruit spritzer


If you eat and snack on fruit every day, you know that it can get a little monotonous. Now, you can add some flare by adding lemon and lime juice to your favorite fruit. An easy way to do this is with a fruit spritzer. For less than $2you can make your lemons and limes spritz and mist! You can use the fruit sprayer on any softs fruits like lemons, limes, and grapefruits. It will not extract all the juice, but it will spray a nice mist if you are snacking on other fruits like mango or apples. You can use the mister to add delicious flavor on salads, vegetables, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, salmon, or even steak. Its screw-like design helps you easily insert the spritzer into your fruit of choice and secure it there. It is just as easy to unscrew and clean off so it can be used again.

6 A sofa arm tray


Trying to watch TV and you don’t have anywhere to put your glass of wine? Don’t have a side table in your living room? You don’t need a side table for your cup of coffee, tea, or beverage of choice because with the sofa arm chair, you already have one and it's attached to your couch! It is easy to use and because it is so small and compact, it doesn’t take up any space at all! Remember what I was saying before about doing the best with you small living space? Well, this is another perfect way to save space, avoid clutter, and it looks super cute. So who needs a coffee table in the front of or on the side of your couch? You don’t! Don't blame the company, though, if your wine intake happens to double as a result.

5 A reusable candle


This reusable candle is a product that I can totally get behind! The Rekindle candle is designed to reproduce itself over and over and over again. I love candles and if I had it my way, I would have nice candles all over my entire apartment, but I really hate that when I use them every day and they get used up so quickly. Rekindle is a perfect solution. British designer, Benjamin Shine (Shine is an appropriate name, right?) re-designed the common candle and made a candle that has a hollow candle holder attached that collects the melted wax from the top and molds a new candle ready to light and you don’t even need to touch it! It’s thrifty, good for the environment, and it’s super cute!

4 A see-through smiley toaster oven


Burnt toast is the worst. I hate it! It is stiff and flakey and it tastes like cardboard. It’s gross. But a perfect piece of toast is seriously heaven. Toast should be slightly crispy, but melt in your mouth. The worst is when you know that your toast is about to burn and when you try to rescue the toast from fully burning, you have to pry it out and you almost burn your hand off or electrocute yourself. And by the time, you get it out of the toaster your toast is… toast. It sucks. But, if you buy this see-through toaster, you will never eat another piece of burnt toast again. And your toast will smile at you, too! Now that sounds like the perfect way to start off each morning right. 

3 A self-cleaning hairbrush


There is nothing worse than brushing your hair and then looking down and seeing that all of your hair is all mashed up and stuck inside of it. Well, I could think of a few things that are worse, but it is still gross! Then, you try to get the massive chunk of hair off of the brush and it gets all tangled and all over your hands and it is totally annoying! This Easy Comb Hairbrush will eliminate all of that mess and make the experience much more pleasant. The brush has a rubber pad at the end of the quills that catch the hair. When you are ready to clean the brush, you simply lift the rubber pad up and the hair easily comes up with it.

2 A scooter stroller


Who said that strollers can’t be fun, too? The Roller Buggy is a baby stroller/scooter hybrid for parents and kids that like to go fast! But hey, slow down! Not too fast! While it looks like a regular stroller at first glance, with a simple pull, it transforms into a scooter. But don’t worry, it’s not as dangerous as it sounds. The Roller Buggy has a specially-designed hydraulic brake system with two disc brakes to slow and bring the buggy to a stop. While they want everyone to have fun, the company recommends avoiding steep hills when riding! Yes, not kidding. Maybe you should invest in a helmet with this one as well, just in case. It couldn’t hurt.

1 An umbrella in a bag


You don’t ever want to get stuck in a bad storm without an umbrella. It is no bueno. But, we need them to help keep us dry, but they are really inconvenient once they do get exposed to the rain. They are bulky, they make everything they touch wet, and they are really, really annoying to carry. But what if your umbrella not only fit into your bag, but it was your bag? This inside out umbrella folds down after a storm just like any other umbrella, but it has an inside layer that wraps around the wet outside and not only keeps the umbrella dry, but it folds up in such a way that you can carry it like a bag! Rain gear just got cool. 

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