15 Geniuses Who Are Our Personal Heroes

These days, having a high I.Q. isn't the only thing that makes you a genius. In fact, there are countless reality television personalities, viral video stars, and other somewhat dim individuals out there who have proved that you really don't need to be the sharpest tool in the shed to be successful.

Sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective, a creative approach, and in the case of some of the 15 geniuses listed below, plain, old dumb luck to make your mark on the world.

So, with that said, let's all take a moment to raise a glass and toast some of the smartest people the internet has ever seen. Your work may have gone under appreciated in the past, but we know genius when we see it. Cheers!

14 Talk About Blowing Your Chances...

Don't worry, getting a little bashful at the club is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s super nerve-wracking to approach someone you're attracted to if you don’t have your game right. So, sometimes you have to get creative if you’re looking to get to know the angel that stands before you.

The best part about this balloon trick is that if you’re handy enough, you can hand them a balloon animal when they turn around to see WTF is going on for some extra brownie points. They may look at you like you’re some sort of clown, but, with great risk comes great reward. So, you better get good at tying those knots!

And if you don’t succeed at landing a bae, well, balloon animals make good friends too.

13 New From Mattel: Jailbird Barbie

Who knew that Barbie had a rap sheet? Well, it may come as a surprise, but in the case of this Texan college student, even the most wholesome of America's Sweethearts can find themselves behind bars if they're caught drunk behind the wheel of their pink Jeep, jet, or convertible.

Now, driving under the influence is no laughing matter. However, there is something to be said about this particular young delinquent taking the humble route, learning from her mistakes, and continuing on with her life from the confines of a motorized Barbie-mobile.

At the end of the day, she’s still got a life to live. So, while she’s paying back her dues to society, she’s going to go to and from court ordered community service in style.

12 Come On Down to the Redneck Yacht Club

Nothing says “high seas leisure” like a picnic table converted into a boat. It's genius, absolutely genius, and these good, old boys aren't afraid to show off their backwoods ingenuity to the Sperry-wearing yachters at the club.

These guys are so chill out on the water that they can’t even be bothered with the larger, more expensive vessels behind them. They’re just looking for some fun in the sun, an excuse to toss back a few cold ones, and maybe even a chance to play some cards.

The only problem with this pseudo invention is that these two would probably go belly up if the water got choppy. But, by the looks of them, the element of danger is definitely part of why they love pushing this jalopy off the dock day in and day out.

11 All is Fair in Love and War


Nobody likes a cheater. But, come on, this Battleshipper is a damn genius when it comes to reinventing the game. It may not be the most ethical of moves, but you’d be lying if you said you weren’t going to be employing the exact same strategy the next time one of your friends is shooting their mouth off about how good at board games they are.

The best part about this is that whoever this particular person is going up against has no idea they’re getting played. After losing ten times in a row though, you might think they’d be asking some questions. Oh well, hopefully they didn’t put any money on this one! Who would have guessed that Battleship could be so savage?

10 Cookie Monster 2.0


There's nothing better than a late night trip to the kitchen for some cookies and milk. Unfortunately, unless you’re Santa Claus himself and have everything set up for you as soon as you get there, there are some logistical issues that can arise when it comes time to do some good, old-fashioned dunking.

But, thanks to this Cookie Monster 2.0, there is hope for all of those out there whose glasses of milk can’t handle the size of their sweet tooth. You’ll still need the initial glass of the good stuff to clear out that first round of cookies when you open up the package, but it’s smooth sailing from there. But, be careful. This setup is pretty much an expressway to overindulging and nobody wants a tummy ache.

9 When Hitting Unfollow Just Isn't Enough


If you’re one of the unfortunate few who has had a secret admirer get a little too overzealous, these shoes might be the ones for you. They look uncomfortable as hell, but if you’re trying to shake off somebody who took the whole, “yeah, follow me on Instagram,” comment too seriously, they are going to come in handy for sure.

Really though, how in the world would someone even get their feet into these? Also, how much do you think wearing these around town would affect your stride? A few laps around the block and your heels would be worn down into nubs. At least your steps would go pretty much undetected. Well, unless someone’s in ear shot of you stomping down the street like a Clydesdale.

8 It Was Truly the Crime of the Century


As you can see, this poser delivery driver is taking beer runs to the next level. Either he lost a bet, or him and his friends were just that desperate to get their drink on. Whatever the case may be, you have to admit that this is a pretty ingenious, not to mention hilarious, way to stock up for what looks like an epic beer pong tournament.

All jokes aside, this is quite the elaborate heist when you think about it. Not only did he have to get a convincing outfit, he also had to find his way to where this store keeps its back stock of beer, load up an ENTIRE dolly’s worth of Bud, and somehow not get busted. Either it was someone’s first day, or this was an inside job.

7 Drunk Enough to Get Tackled, Sober Enough to Play it Off


Next time you’re about to utter the words, “here, hold my beer,” before you do something stupid, you should think back to when you saw this champion take a header into the water without missing a sip.

This fella took what was about to be a party foul and turned it into a sterling example of true athleticism. If being drunk tackled into a body of water was an Olympic sport, this guy would be the one taking home the gold that day.

Few things to note about this photo: his sweet red shorts, the look of, “don’t worry, I got this,” on his face throughout the whole ordeal, and the fact that he had the foresight to switch the bottle to his right hand before he even came crashing down. Truly an inspiring sight to see.

6 When Wifey Comes in Clutch


If this isn’t a Budweiser advertisement, it absolutely needs to be. Their marketing team could learn a thing or two from this courageous woman willing to risk it all just to bring home a case of the sweet stuff.

Just like there’s nothing better than young love, there’s nothing better than your ride or die coming in clutch when the stakes are high. Whoever this is, she definitely earned the title of, “Wife of the Year.”

It’s pretty rare these days you find someone who’s down to trudge through nearly waist deep snow just to snatch up some cheap beer. But, alas, some are luckier than others. And whoever it was who ended up with this lovely lady, they better be thanking their lucky stars.

Not All Heroes Wear Capes, But Some Own Scooters


Have you ever been rolling through a parking lot on your lunch break, just trying to get your hands on some tacos before your head back to the office? And during this chaotic scene, have you finally located a parking spot, just to get Punk’d by someone’s busted ass moped?

If so, you know how maddening this scenario can be. It’s pretty much road rage fuel, but, fortunately, there are some two-wheelers out there who are sensitive to your struggles.

Take this scooterer for example: he or she were kind enough to park at the very edge of the spot so other motorists don’t get their hopes up when they see an available place to park their car. We don’t know who you are you beautiful S.O.B., but hats off to you for being super duper cool.

5 And Who Said Chivalry Was Dead?


Despite their often gruff exterior, even your broest of bros need a helping hand from time to time. Unfortunately, not every job site has a bucket hat clad hero like this one to literally break his back for his fellow dude.

For him, it’d probably be a lot easier, not to mention a lot less painful, to just say, “Nah, man. Go find a ladder.” But, no! Instead, when asked for a bit of assistance he responded with, “Don’t worry, bro. I got you.”

Now, it’s hard to say exactly what his friend is trying to accomplish from his newfound vantage point. But, you have to assume it’s something important if he was willing to hammer on his friend’s vertebrae just to give that wall a sponge bath. Either that, or the guy in the white pants is just looking for an excuse to collect workman’s comp.

4 Someone Call the Toilet Paper Police


Let’s be honest, no one should be loading their toilet paper backwards like that. It’s no bueno to say the least. However, there are still those people out there who simply like to do things incorrectly. But, what they don’t know is that sometimes a hero emerges with honest intentions and the ability to pick locks.

And thank goodness for that because it’s one thing for a roommate to stock the toilet paper like that, it’s a completely different thing to encounter that in a public restroom. Most people would have just chosen another stall, or even waited until they got back to their home field porcelain to do their business.

But not this genius. This genius decided to take matters into their own hands and prove that in this big, bad world, justice can prevail.

3 Reinventing the Game One Slice at a Time


Whether you’re at a county fair, or a tractor pull, or really anywhere else that hosts an eating contest, seeing this kind of competition in action can be pretty grisly. But, some people truly have the knack, and or intestinal fortitude, to put away Guinness World Record amounts of all kinds of disgusting delicacies.

But, this sly devil found a loophole in the system that allows him to get his fix without having to worry about it all coming back up.

Looking at his calm, collected demeanor and the way he works his plastic cutlery with a James Bond level of coolness really makes you wonder why you haven’t tried this exact same maneuver before. In all reality, it’s a great way to score a free meal.

And even though he probably went home a loser that day, he’s still a winner in all our hearts.

2 Well, At Least the Car is Smart


Have the machines finally taken over, or is this person just a little confused on how crosswalks work? Hard to say really, but he or she definitely are giving the whole “smart car” thing a bad name with this one.

Just because you’re driving a moderately safer bumper car doesn’t mean you’re above the law. In fact, as small as these intelligent vehicles are, you’d think the person behind the wheel would be a little more cautious when rolling up to an intersection.

But, who knows, maybe traffic was really bad that day. Or, maybe they were just rewarding themselves the right of way for being a little greener than the rest of us. Whatever the case may be, let’s just hope this chicken crossed the road in one piece. Yikes.

1 Good One, Goldilocks


So, if Goldilocks was here long enough to finagle this cooling contraption, then where the heck have the three bears run off to? Clearly they took a day off, otherwise they may have busted this little science project up before the intruder got a chance to link all those straws together.

No fairy tale magic needed for this caper, just some ingenuity and a hunger for what appears to be the most watered down bowl of chicken noodle soup that the world has ever seen.

It’s pretty funny to imagine a montage of all the different ways this soupy individual tried to cool down their broth before they picked a winner. All in all, this is a super smart idea, and one that is definitely worth a shot next time your dinner is a little too hot, hot, hot.

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