15 Geniuses Who Prove The Future Is Now

Everybody is smart in their own way. Some people are great at math, and other people are great at spelling. Some people know how to fix broken electronics, and other people know how to fix broken relationships. Some people know how to fold origami without looking at instructions, and other people know how to play the piano. Look, you get the picture, right? Everyone has their own talent. 'Nuff said.

We all have that one thing we're really good at, but some people are better than good. Some people are straight up ingenious. They don't just succeed, they excel. They possess a level of cleverness so intense, it blows everyone else out of the water, just like these 15 geniuses who prove the future is now.

15 Serving size: the whole damn box

Via: buzzfeed.com

*Shakes head, looks off into the distance with a pained, wistful expression; a single tear rolls down our cheek* Oh, if only we had known. If only we had known from the very beginning that this was a possibility. If only someone older and wiser—a grandparent, say, or a sage mentor—had been there to tell us that we could eat cereal this way. If only someone had opened up our mind to the possibilities, think of how much more cereal we could've eaten over the years. If only, if only...

It's things like this that make us really mad at ourselves. WTF, us? Why didn't you think to do this? Why can't you be clever like this person on Twitter? You make us sick, us.

14 One more reason to get a dog

Via: twitter.com

They say necessity is the mother of invention. We think that's only partially true, because it seems like more often than not, it isn't necessity that breeds invention. It's laziness. Take this mom for example. She didn't want to walk down the stairs, so she tied this cell phone charger to the neck of the family dog. It's ingenious, sure, but it certainly wasn't necessary.

Tack this onto the already long list of reasons to get a dog. Look at this precious angel. Look how happy she is to be helping out. We don't deserve dogs. They're too good. They're just happy to be alive. They don't even mind doing favors for us. Heck, they actually enjoy it. This dog and mom team deserve a treat for being so clever.

13 Eating on the throne

Via: collegehumor.com

We're half admiring how clever this guy is, and half praying that that's a new toilet seat that he purchased today from Home Depot specifically for eating off of, and not the one he replaced in the downstairs half bathroom of his split-level home. Because yes, it is very smart. Toilet seats are compact and easy to store. They eliminate the need for bulky, always in the way TV trays. But on the other hand, if that's a used toilet seat? *Gags*

Clearly, this guy is a mad scientist. He kind of reminds us of Belle's dad, Maurice, from Beauty and the Beast, because he's got the glasses and the wacky hair thing going on, and he has hilariously crazy yet helpful inventions. This guy needs his own sitcom.

12 You could do this to keep us busy, TBH

Via: pinterest.com

Bribing kids. There's nothing wrong with that, right? Nothing immoral or ethically questionable about it, right? Nothing that might teach them to sell out their personal values in order to squash their competition and get ahead in the world, right? Nothing that might cause them to grow into a horrible adult who would stab their best friend in the back to get what they want... right? Right.

Okay, so maybe bribing kids is wrong. But it does make things easier, and isn't that what being a lazy genius is all about? If getting our nieces and nephews to balance $5 bills on the wall with their noses is what we have to do to keep them out of our hair while we watch TV, so be it.

11 They must be related to MacGyver

Via: pinterest.com

Pasta is great. We love it, in all of its carb-heavy, insulin-triggering goodness. But as much as we love it, it's not a finger food. This is especially true when it's covered in some sort of sauce (we learned that the hard way). It's just too messy. The pasta's slippery, so it's hard to get a grip on it, the sauce drips down the front of your shirt. It's just a disaster. 1/10, would not recommend.

If you're gonna eat pasta, you gotta have a spoon or a fork or something. So just what the heck are you supposed to do when you brought penne and pesto to work for lunch, but you don't have any utensils? Well, you do what this person did and use a clothes hanger.

10 She is the future

Via: pinterest.com

Holy swear words, would you look at that? She is the future. This is so innovative, we're in shock. We feel like glimpses of what the world will be like a thousand years from now have just flashed before our eyes. The level to which humans have evolved is uncanny. It's astounding. We've seen this picture of this girl, who's living in the year 3017. And although she may not have a flying car, she has learned how to protect her makeup with goggles. Incredible.

Once again, kinda disappointed that we didn't think of this first. It's just like that cereal straight out of the box thing all over again. We need to get with the program, because these clever geniuses are leaving us in the dust.

9 The doughnut/muffin love child we didn't know we needed

Via: reddit.com

When you combine real, bona fide, honest to goodness human ingenuity with the art of cooking and baking, the possibilities are endless. When you put smart people in charge of food, good things happen. Nothing but delicious miracles ensue. We mean, you saw what happened with that box of Reese's Puffs cereal from the very beginning of this lineup. We're not wrong on this one.

Check it, check it, yo. Look what this person did to their baked goods. They filled the pan with too much batter, and those doughnuts turned into muffin mutants. Warm, chewy, delicious muffin mutants. Their accidental baking genius game is on fleek. BRB, we have to go recreate the magic with the Duncan Hines blueberry muffin mix we have in pantry.

8 Skate 'n scooter boy

Via: twitter.com

Previously, we had been running away from our problems. And while that certainly did the trick, this method of evading our responsibilities seems much more efficient. Hmm. Yes. Yes, this is a much faster way for us to scoot away from our problems. Well done, small child. Your level of intelligence has not gone unnoticed. With your roller blade and scooter scooting antics, you have helped us, and millions of adults like us, run away from our responsibilities that much quicker. For that, you have our eternal thanks.

Godspeed, you boy! Onward into the vast unknown that lies ahead of you, for that mysterious abyss is far preferable to the many personal, financial and/or career-related problems that you leave behind. We'll never forget you, skate 'n scooter boy. Never.

7 He's a problem solver

Via: pinterest.com

Falling asleep on the bus/subway/train/whatever is a real problem. Not that we would know, because we never leave the house, because we don't have any friends, because we push people away, because we're afraid they'll hurt us if we get too close. Look, let's just move on before an existential crisis erupts. Anyway, falling asleep on public transport is an issue, because you don't want to wind up snoozing on the shoulder of some stranger. That'd be weird.

This guy's come up with a clever (albeit rather complicated) solution to this issue. With the help of a fedora, a plunger and a bungee strap, he has not only eliminated the possibility of leaning on a stranger, he's also befuddled the young mind of that little girl. Bravo, sir.

6 Time to get fat

Via: me.me

Forget Leonardo da Vinci. Forget Thomas Edison. Forget Albert Einstein. Their genius pales in comparison to this person's. No amount of flying machines and light bulbs and E=mc² can outdo this guy's sports drink cap on a gallon of chocolate milk. Now that's what we call innovation. Take note, all you would-be inventors. Unless you can come up with something as good as this, you should just quit now.

Well, we've got our easy-to-drink chocolate moo juice. All we need now is a dozen or so of those doughnut/muffin crossbreeds, and we'll be all set to go up a couple pant sizes. Let the unreasonable, self-sanctioned gaining of weight commence! *Takes a huge swig from this gallon of chocolate milk, shoves an entire doughnut/muffin in mouth*

5 Cereal sawdust strainer

Via: trendingallday.com

Call us crazy, but we actually like the cereal sawdust that collects at the bottom of the bag. That's an unpopular opinion, we know, but that's just the way we are. But for real, what's not to like? It's magical cereal dust that flavors your milk, so when you finish your bowl of cereal, you've got a tasty cereal milkshake type deal to drink. That is legit so much win.

But hey, we get it. People are different, and they all have different opinions. Not everybody can be as awesome and as right as we are. Some people don't like the cereal sawdust, which is fine. They're totally wrong, but it's fine. All they have to do is strain their cereal, and boom. The cereal sawdust problem is gone.

4 Pool party at his place

Via: twitter.com

Damn genius kids these days, with their roller blade scooter scooting, and their balcony tarp swimming pools. It's just too much. They're too powerful. They're evolving too quickly, and we non-genius adults can't keep up. We've got to put our minds to a solution before these kids realize they're way smarter than us and decide to mutiny.

Who said you can't have a pool if you live in an apartment? We've got the tarp all rolled out, and even though it looks like this hose is going to be trailing through the living room for the next week, once that pool fills up, it's all going to be worth it. If you ask us nice, we might even let you come over and swim with us.

3 Maybe not the best way to multitask

Via: knowyourmeme.com

You could wash the dishes when you take a bath. Alternatively, you could climb in the dishwasher and take a bath while you wash the dishes. It's your choice. Although, if you don't survive the latter, don't blame us. You're the one who insisted on being a gross innovator.

Probably not going to be accepting any dinner invitations to this person's house, TBH. Like, don't get us wrong, we admire their ability to multitask. We just don't think this was the way to do it, ya feel? We can completely understand the urge to save time by washing the dishes as you bathe, because who doesn't want some more free time to watch Netflix or browse Tumblr? But this is taking multitasking too far. Way too far.

2 Revolutionizing chips and dip

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Oh, snap. Look at what they did. They used their wax warmer to heat up their cheesey sauce. Aw, hell naw, son. Why in the world did you think it was okay to share this information with us? Don't you know by now that we have absolutely zero self-control? We can't just not do this. We can't just ignore this chips and dip innovation. As soon as we get home, we're gonna spend the next 12 hours doing this. Heck, that's a conservative estimate. We may never stop.

This ingenuity. It has to stop, you guys. You people keep coming up with great ways to eat food, and that's nice and all, but we don't want to invest in a new wardrobe. Our BMI is high enough as it is.

1 Now all we need is a popcorn machine in the back seat

Via: thechive.com

It's so obvious. How did we not think of this before? Curse you, brain. You've let us down again. If you didn't make us so hilariously sarcastic and irresistibly charming, you would be completely pointless.

We don't really have an excuse to sit in the passenger's seat of our car to watch a movie. We mean, we don't have any road trips planned, and even when we have to drive somewhere, we have to keep our eyes on the road, not on the movie playing on the iPad that we have draped over our visor. But we don't care. That's not going to stop us from doing this. So if you need us, we'll be out in our car, watching Band of Brothers on our iPad.

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