15 Gorgeous Hairstyles You Can Do In Under 10 Minutes

Most mornings, you just want to hit the snooze button and sleep for a few more minutes. But then, you wake up and realize that you're late for your school/college/office (insert chosen daily grind here). And your hair is a total mess! You have to look good, prepare your breakfast, as well as finish all of your chores. How will you achieve everything in a span of 60 minutes? And God forbid that you have a bad hair day. Fret not. Here are 15 gorgeous hairstyles you can do in under 10 minutes.

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15 Half Crown Braid

Via: cdn.olwomen.com

Braids are the probably the easiest hairstyle if you know how to do them in the quickest manner. You can start by practicing simple braids when you're free at home, so that you get to master the art of braiding during times of urgency. Just take two inches of hair from both sides of your head. Make sure that you take them proportionately above your ear. Braid them together and snake them around the back of your head. You can then easily secure them with bobby pins. If you have a long hair, you can fold the braids in half before proceeding to pin them at the back. If you have any decorative clips or pins, you can adorn the braid with them (only if you have enough time, that is). Check out the tutorial here.

14 Gibson Tuck

Via: julianasilveiramoda.com

How about creating a small muffin on your head? Sounds strange, but try out this cool hairstyle the next time you're running out of time in the morning. You would definitely need some bobby pins, or (optional) a hair roller. Having this tuck on your head can make you look like a Victorian character straight out of a 19th century classic. Wear this chic hairdo and people will come asking how you could flawlessly make that small bun on the back of your head. However, while using the roller, be careful during the unrolling part. Don't end up with messed hair. Gibson Tuck can suit people with shorter hair. But don't worry, this works with long hair, too. Check out the tutorial here.

13 Side Braided Hairstyle

Via: Pinterest

So, you wanna flaunt your stylish, new Dutch braid, which you've managed to do in the span of ten minutes? Well, now you can braid it up like an experienced hairstylist! All it takes is a few minutes. So, no worries about the clock running out. Practice is key here and of course, it's fun to do. You can practice as many times as you want and even experiment a bit. But, wait! What is a Dutch braid? Isn't it just an inside-out French braid. Here, you braid your hair by crossing it under instead of the front. This is the perfect hairstyle for summer, since it can prevent your hair from falling onto your neck. Check out the tutorial here.

12 Beach Waves

Via: Pinterest.com

You're in the mood for some wavy hair dancing on your sides, but you haven't got the time to do it. Here's how you can do your beach waves to perfection. Just remember to use hairspray before you start. Divide your hair into two parts and braid each part. Secure your braids with small elastic bands. The longer the braid, the wavier your hair might look. Take one of the braids and keep twisting it. Then, use a straightener and twist it in the same direction of the twisted braids. Don't just pull down the straightener—continue twisting it 'till the end. You can also repeat the twisting and straightening if you need. Then, take off the elastic bands and remove the braids slowly. There you go! The perfect beach waves in no time! Check out the tutorial here.

11 The Clothesline Bow

Via: Pinterest.com

Yes, I know, ponytails are bland and monotonous. But there are a number of ways to make them exciting. You can experiment with ponytails, like what about making a cute bow on your ponytail that actually represents a clothesline? Amazing, right? This wonderful pony tail is so different from the rest of the ponytails you've ever tried. The procedure is also very simple that you can do it in a few minutes. Just create a pony tail and secure it with a rubber band. Then, take a strip of hair from the tail, leaving behind 3/4 of the hair. Divide the strip into two and create a bow, securing it with the same rubber band. Check out the tutorial here.

10 Inside-Out Ponytail

Via: viralro.com

This is such a stylish and slick ponytail that can go with any dress you wear. It also must be the laziest hairdo as you can comb it up in less than five minutes. All you have to do is ease your hair with some wax and make a low ponytail. After securing your ponytail with an elastic band, create a hole just above the band. Make sure that the hole is broad enough. Then, comb the tail or straighten it with a good straightener. Twist it enough so that it can get inside the hole without any hassles. Stuff it inside the hole and pull it down rather gently. You can then use a roller to make cute curls or short waves. For a longer curl, try using the roller from the base of the ponytail. Check out the tutorial here.

9 Triple Twisted Ponytail

Via: hairstyle-channel.net

The things that you can do with ponytail! Though, this might look like the ordinary ponytail, a closer look would reveal how twisted it is. Yes, this is a triple twisted ponytail where you'd arrive at a unique ponytail by twisting your hair. Beware! There are lots of twists here and you must get them right to end up with a chic look. Start by dividing your hair into three sections. Leave the right and left section in the front, as you'd be concentrating on the middle section. Twist the middle section and secure with lots of bobby pins. Then, take the left section and twist it next to the middle one. Finally, take the right section and twist them over the two twists you've created. Check out the tutorial here.

8 Bun With A Twist

Via: cdn.olwomen.com

When you look at it from the front, it looks like a plain old bun, but when looked at from the back, it makes people's jaw drop and for them to go, "wow!" Yes, this gorgeous bun comes with a braided twist that can add an air of elegance to your hairdo. Start by making sure you have washed hair (a day or two since works too, just add dry shampoo to the roots to banish greasiness), then take a section of your hair to one of the sides, away from your face. Take another section and cross them. Continue this by taking new sections each time, until you get a thick braid. Finish in the middle and secure the braid with an elastic band—bonus points if it has some cute decals on it. With the rest of your hair, make an easy bun at the nape of your neck and leave it inside the elastic band. Check out the tutorial here.

7 Knotted Bun

Via: stylereins.com

This variation of the bun is so popular and quick that it is also used for styling a bride during weddings. You'd never have to worry about your hairstyle on your hurried mornings, just try this hairstyle and step out with regained self-confidence. To complete the look, make a ponytail at the base of your ear. Knot the ponytail as much as you can and form it into a bun. Then, secure the knotted bun with bobby pins. Gently tug at the bun to create a beautiful texture over it. There are only four steps and you can wear this bun with flair. Not only it will make for an elegant hairdo on your wedding, but you can also flaunt it everyday, especially on those busy mornings. Check out the tutorial here.

6 Waterfall Braid

Via: missysue.com

Instead of the usual braids, you can try this stunning waterfall braid for a change, all the while channeling the hair envy you have for Lauren Conrad.

This hairstyle will look chic and stylish for both long and short hair. Take two sections of your hair on one side of your head. Cross one section over another so that it is away from your face. Take a new section and cross it over the section that is away from your face. Let the third section drop to create a waterfall effect. Take the bottom section and cross over the waterfall. Repeat the same by taking new sections and letting them drop down. If you're not familiar with braids, it may take a few tries to get it. Check out the tutorial here.

5 Twisted Updo

Via: pinterest.com

This hairstyle is a beautiful one when done in the proper way. So, if you're game for a quick as well as an elegant hairdo, this is the perfect one for you. You can easily master the art of the twisted updo with repeated practice. These hairstyles are popularly used by celebrities during many parties or events, and also by many people come Halloween when they wear old-fashioned costumes. The easiest method to do a twisted updo is to apply wax to your hair at the beginning. Just rolling and pinning your hair can look a little silly, so be careful when taking the parts of your hair and twisting them. For a foolproof method, check out the tutorial here.

4 Hair Bow Bun

Via: Pinterest.com

This is a hair bow as well as a bun to adorn your hair beautifully. It's cute, childlike, and classy. You can flaunt this hairstyle during a casual day out with your friends or while at a wedding. Just remember to brush your hair smoothly before proceeding to do this style. First and foremost, form a ponytail at the top of your head with an elastic band. Make a loop through the elastic band. But don't pull the ponytail all the way down, instead create a loop with it, just leaving a tail of your hair towards the forehead. Then, divide the loop into two halves. Take the tail of your hair and let it inside the hole created by the loops to form the knot of the bow. Check out the tutorial here.

3 Fishtail Milkmaid Braid

Via: Pinterest.com

This is a super cool hairstyle that can give you a chic and sleek look. It is quick to do and you don't need to worry about messing it up. This hairstyle is most suitable for the summer when you just want to keep the hair off of your neck. Also, if you've been slacking on giving your hair a wash, this hairstyle can suit you like a pro. This combo of fishtail and milkmaid is so unique that people on the streets will gape at your gorgeous hairdo. This style has been sported by some renowned celebrities like Jennifer Morrison and Dianna Agron. Bring this quirky twist to the braid and step out with renewed confidence. All this and more by checking out the tutorial here.

2 Covered Ponytail

Via: volosyki.ru

Imagine wrapping the base of your ponytail with your own hair? How cool it sounds! Yes, now you can show off your covered ponytail as chic as Jennifer Aniston does. Some days, you wouldn't find a good rubber band or you would not like to display your elastic band to the outside world. That's when this covered ponytail comes handy to you. It is also the easiest hairdo for your super busy mornings. You don't even need to check the mirror to do this. Check out the tutorial here.

1 Hair Bow

Via: a.dilcdn.com

Not to be compared to the hair bow bun, this is a stylish hair bow you can make very quickly at the back your head. It's adorable and chic and can be made in no time. Just take 1.5 inch of hair from both the sides of your head, cross them at your back and then tie them into a bow as you do your shoelaces. Of course, you must secure them tightly with bobby pins. Voilà! There you go! The perfect hairstyle for your morning rush. Check out the tutorial here.

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