15 Graduates Who Are Winning The Internet With Their Viral Send-Offs

Congratulations are in order: these graduates made it through school, be it high school or university, and are now ready to go out into the real world. Fly little birds, fly! The graduates that have been chosen for this are the top of their class...in internet winning. We didn’t find them on the academic achievement page, nor did we see them rocking the “most stylish” or “most likely to succeed” titles. These folks are the opposite of that. These are the graduates who are starting the rest of their lives off with a bang, trip, whimper, and sigh.

They’re the ones we’ll find desperately justifying to Grandma why they chose a ridiculous senior quote. We won’t believe some of the choices these kids have made. While their teachers might have told the class to set themselves up for future success, these folks missed the memo. These are the 20 graduates who are winning the internet. Whether they’ve gone viral for a one-in-a-million chance encounter or they’ve found themselves submitting a ridiculous senior quote their parents told them not to say, these grads are sure to get us giggling. Who needs a good career anyway when we've won the internet, right?

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20 Senior quotes are an art unto themselves

People never get anywhere in life listening to the naysayers amongst them. This girl is living proof that following a dream will always work out in the end, even if people have said it’s wrong. Her dad might have told her that she can’t use ‘fries before guys’ as a graduation quote but she’s not letting that stop her. Not only did she put it into the yearbook anyway, but she also gave her dad a fun shoutout. Won’t he be proud when he looks in the yearbook and finds out that his daughter quoted him? That’s what every dad dreams of!

19 Ravioli, ravioli, who would put this on their cap(ioli)

Remember Spongebob Squarepants? We certainly do. This was one of our favorite shows as kids, and the cartoon has aged well. So well, in fact, that this girl decided to honor it at her graduation. She’s showing the ultimate respect for Spongebob Squarepants by walking down the aisle with this on her cap. The illustration is fantastic. We’re impressed that she managed to get the colors exactly right. The flower clouds are also incredibly well drawn. The only thing disappointing about this? It’s a ridiculous show and that quote absolutely detracts from the seriousness of graduation. We’re sure her parents were proud.

18 An accurate representation of post-grad life

We couldn’t do an article about graduation without including one shot of someone getting hit in the face with a grad cap. This quintessential photo is the fail we all fear when thinking about grad.

Not only do the pointy corners look like they hurt, but it’s also way too easy to ruin the photo.

Very seldom do people catch the hat, and rarely you get a golden shot like this: right in your best friend’s face! Nothing says ‘lifelong friends’ like smacking your best bud in the face with a graduation cap; we’re just thankful they managed to catch it on film!

17 This kid whose senior quote is awkward AND impressive

We might just be impressed by the sheer amount of photoshop skill that went into this. Not only do you have a flag and a stack of bills, but you’ve got a desert AND a wild cat making up the background. We would have loved to know what the conversation with the portrait photographer was like. Did he have to beg them to put all this effort in? Did he have to bribe them with that fat stack of dollars? Or did he submit this shot to the yearbook instead of his grad portrait? We have so many questions. The quote underneath it is just the icing on the cake.

16 Parents are there to support you... Right?

Look at that smug, dad face. We love seeing parents who are proud of what they’ve achieved.

It’s ironic that this is happening when his son is the one who’s “finally succeeding at something,” as the novelty cheque says.

The son should be proud of his achievement, not dad! We don’t blame him though, as this joke is far and away one of the best we’ve seen. Novelty cheques are usually for grand prizes and big sums of money. This one is for a measly $4, which is a bitter and embarrassing joke. You can’t even buy a proper lunch with that!

15 This kid who squashed high school

Look at his face. Just look at it. It’s so gleeful and manic, with just a hint of confusion. What is he doing? We don’t know! We don’t think he knows either. He’s cradling a squash, and nobody knows why! While we’re hoping that he planned to use it as the set-up to a hilarious senior quote, there’s no way of knowing for sure. He might have done it just for the chaos, which we absolutely respect. High school is a hectic time which most of us either succeed at or fail horribly at. Why not go out with a senior portrait that really tells people you squashed it?

14 "Graduating, you are. Bad cake there is" - Yoda

We know that Yoda was some sort of tutor. One might call him a type of teacher or mentor. Maybe even a muse. Whatever his title, it is true that he’s passed on knowledge and inspiration. It might be a stretch, but that would explain why he’s been drawn in a poor likeness onto this graduation cake. It’s a weak justification, though, as you’re probably thinking.

Honestly, we don’t know what Yoda is doing on a graduation cake.

If it was up to us, we’d suggest that the family ask for their money back. Christian deserves a much nicer cake than this Yoda can provide.

13 Proud, desperate, it's all the same when it comes to parents

Have you ever been so proud of someone that you wanted to put them on a billboard? We definitely haven’t, which is probably why we’re not parents. Never have we ever thought about renting a billboard. We wouldn’t know the first thing about how to do it. Trying to figure out whose face to put on it as well? Forget about that! Houston’s parents, however, knew right away whom they wanted to put on a billboard. They even figured out how to do it! They love him enough to put his graduation portrait up on a board for the whole world to see! It’s definitely not for selfish reasons either, even if the contact email says something different. They’re just proud.

12 This self-professed dishonest student gave hope to all other students

Graduating and winning are not necessarily the same. Winning implies that someone beat out the rest of the competitors. Graduating implies that you’re moving forward with the rest of the class.

This guy has decided that it’s time to come clean. He’s admitted that he’s a cheater and there’s no going back!

This might be because there’s nothing they can do to him now. He’s taken all of his exams and has no doubt gone through all the ceremonies. He’s graduated and gone! In his wake is a whisper of laughter and this senior quote, bragging about how he fooled the school through being dishonest.

11  These grad twins who are still holding a grudge

These twins just can’t let their grudge go. Senior quotes are supposed to be inspiring pieces of personality that preserve your 12th grade you for decades to come. Who doesn’t love flipping through the pages of their old yearbooks and remembering what people were like based on their senior quote? It’s one of the greatest joys of post-grad life. These two have immortalized their grudge forever, though, by bringing up the fact that one sister seems to hate the other one’s existence. Was it a joke? We sure hope so. We will give them kudos for connecting their quotes, though, as that’s a unique idea we don’t often see.

10 This senior who made her dream a reality

via smosh.com

Rebecca Black was one of the greatest minds of our time. It’s such a shame that she fell into obscurity like so many other one-hit wonders. Honestly, we just haven’t paid much attention to her lately. Miranda Cooper, however, has dedicated a lot of attention to Miss Black. Cooper entered into a bargain with Rebecca Black and she certainly got what she asked for.

This mind-blowing quote from Rebecca Black will now live on in internet-fame infamy.

Miranda Cooper will forever be the person who got a Rebecca Black quote for her senior quote; talk about a claim to fame!

9 This cheeky graduate knows what's up

This kid is totally up to something. It looks like they colored the icing yellow with something other than food dye. Just kidding! We’re sure they’re very nice; they just look incredibly suspicious, especially for someone who just graduated. We’re not entirely sure why, as the look on most graduates face is one of relief (and/or terror). This kid seems more excited to eat that cake rather than to leap forward into the future. We don’t blame them, though. We’d rather have cake than deal with the future as well. Especially when it looks like such delicious, successful cake! It’s even got its own graduation cap!

8 Mind = BLOWN by this senior quote

Did you ever stop to think about this? We didn’t even consider this when we were graduating from high school. There was so much excitement to be finished and free that we didn’t even consider the fact we were zooming off to go to yet another school program.

Graduation seems really silly when you put it into a context like this, but that’s okay.

It’s still an accomplishment, even if it feels silly at the time. We’re glad that this person shared their epiphany with everyone else. While it might have caused a few tears to be shed, it’s a really brilliant discovery.

7 The world thanks you for not listening to your Mom, Griffin

We’re not entirely sure how these people get hilarious senior photos into the yearbook. The guy in the desert must have done some wild bribing in order to get his in; this guy must have...offered to chop someone’s logs? We’re not really sure. We’re certainly glad it exists though, and that this kid decided to share its glory with the world. We’re also pleased to see that he went against his mom’s wishes, and even went so far as to include the quote of her telling him not to do it. It’s the icing on the cake that makes this picture oh-so-sweet. Happy graduation, lumberjack. May there be many successful chops in your future.

6 At least this person made it off the stage before they fell

via smosh.com

Everyone’s worst fear is falling flat on their face as they walk up to get their degree. There’s nothing worse than teetering on those sky-high heels, hoping and wishing that there’s no lumps in the carpet for you to trip over. This person got lucky, managing to make it all the way across the stage before falling over. Unfortunately, it looks like they fell from quite a height. We’re guessing that they probably forgot they had to walk down the steps at the other side of the stage.

It’s okay! The red gown will soak up and hide any potential stains from the impact.

Like we said, at least they managed to grab the degree and get off the stage before face planting.

5 This dude who's a support to students everywhere

This is actually a hilarious story. According to Buzzfeed, this graduate tried to text some photos to his friend. He typed the number in wrong and instead sent them to a cool and supportive dad. Buzzfeed says that the dad texted back the graduate with a “congrats fellas the skies the limit” message, a thumbs-up selfie, and a link to a motivating talk. The internet went wild, and rightfully so. This guy is a positive force in the universe that we so sorely need more of. Encouraging the young graduates of today is a noble cause; we’re glad that this guy is spearheading it.

4 This girl doesn't have any regret (just seven years of her life gone)

Can you imagine sticking with something for 7 years? For many of us younger folks, that seems like forever. Many people take five years to finish their degrees, which is understandable. Lack of money, lack of time and too much stress can all attribute to taking school time off, which can ultimately extend the amount of time your degree takes.

This girl must have had a lot of all three, as she’s admitting that it took her seven years to finish her program.

We’re very proud of her for finishing, and even more proud of the fact that she turned it into a joke. After all, you really do need to be able to laugh at yourself.

3 This girl has prepared for the future

This senior quote might just take the cake. While we love the ‘fries before guys’ quote at the top of this article, this quote is incredibly original (as well as clever). This girl decided to make her yearbook quote an investment for the future. She knows that 30 or 40 years down the line, her kids will be teasing her about her looks. She’ll retort, “yeah, but you should have seen me in high school,” to which her kids will shake their heads. She’ll whip out the yearbook, show them this photo, and won’t even have to brag: the I-told-you-so is immortalized right there in senior quote ink.

2 Only flat shoes should be worn to walk across the stage

We admit that we don’t really know if it was her shoes that ruined her strut. No doubt this girl was proud to be walking across the stage, ecstatic about graduating and generally loving life. That joy came to a quick end, though, as she saw the floor rushing up to meet her.

This face plant is one of the saddest ones of all; not only did it seem to happen during the ceremony, but it happened in front of the whole auditorium.

She couldn’t make it across the stage without falling and living out everyone’s worst graduation fear. Everyone says to leap into your future with both feet, but maybe she should have waited until she got off stage to do it.

1 This hat which sums up school in three words

While this might not be applicable to those who are graduating high school, it’s a painfully true sentiment for those of us who have graduated post-secondary. The loan game is real, and very few of us come out alive. It just goes to show that even if you’re not a graduate who made this list, you’re still part of the family. You’re part of this group of people who have graduated school, tripped on stage, made a SpongeBob reference on your grad cap and wrote hilarious senior quotes for your yearbook. Be proud of this family, as graduation is an important honor. You’re among esteemed folks, here.

Reference: buzzfeed.com

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