15 Graduation Tweets That Are True AF

Graduation season is fully underway, and I'm a little in my feelings about it (I'm old AF bro). However, I am happy for the new graduates as they embark on their journey into the real world. Congratulations guys! I remember those days man, it was a beautiful time in life. I remember not knowing what the heck I wanted to do with my life, while also having all the time in the world to figure it out. Take me back, please!

Trust me, use this time wisely. Anyway, as I surfed Twitter and reminisced on my days as a high school senior, I found some graduation tweets that truly summed up what this whole graduation thing is all about. Here are 15 of the best graduation tweets that are true AF:

15 Facts.

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She is not freaking playing. Like honestly though, graduation is one of those times where we reflect on all the time we spent, the people we've met, and the memories we've made. So it is only right that it comes with a little water works. I mean, it's quite possible that we might not ever see these people again. So sure girl, go ahead and have your cry, but straight up do it on your own time because I can't take it. And I didn't spend 2 hours contouring TF out of my face for your tears to ruin all this fabulous work. For real though. You got me all the way messed up. So, in the immortal words of Ms. Abbey Lee Miller (Dance Moms), "Save the tears for your pillow".

14 I Couldn't Have Said it Better Myself

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This is so true. Like, just give me my damn diploma already so I can eat. I skipped breakfast for this! Plus, my name is at the beginning anyway and since the whole fam is in town, mom is taking us to the "nice" buffet. There is really nothing that compares to that delicious graduation buffet. I mean, for some reason, it's just the best food ever. Besides that, you get to hang out with those cousins you never see, while all your aunts, and uncles and grandparents slip you money and say "don't tell your parents". Not to mention, you get to walk around in your cap and gown like the queen you are, getting praised for your accomplishment by a bunch of strangers. Damn, take me back!

13 When Ball Really is Life

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Well that sucks. I feel you Xavier, I'm a HUGE basketball fan too, and I am NOT trying to miss any moment of the NBA finals. However, I think some things just might be a little more important than witnessing Kevin Durant get his first ring, or if any of Lebron's teammates are actually going to help him (you know, like this major accomplishment). You only graduate high school once in a lifetime, so suck it up and stream the game on your phone during the ceremony. I'm sure this scheduling conflict wasn't on purpose. Just make sure you're listening for them to call your name. And please try to refrain from yelling at the refs while you're trying to be inconspicuous. That will not be a good look.

12 All Good Things Must Come to an End

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It's okay hun, it was the thought that counts. Plus, those stupid balloons never last anyway. I feel like they start deflating the moment you leave the store (like for real, on the way to the car). It's kind of like how we start gaining that freshman 15, the moment we graduate high school. But it will be okay, just suck all the helium out with your friends, and go around the room making that funny voice. That's a better use for those balloons anyway, and it's freaking hilarious. Besides, there will be many more causes for celebration and reasons to buy those balloons in your lifetime. This is only the beginning. I mean, did you plan on keeping those balloons forever or something?

11 The Woes of Finally Becoming an Adult

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You should be able to, Jonna. I mean it is your money right? This might be the biggest freaking dilemma we all had to face when transitioning from high school graduation to freshman year in college. Yes it sucks, yes you know what you should do. This is the first test. Do we do the responsible thing with our money and buy the things we really need, or spend all our money on material things because you only live once? I don't know if I can answer this one for you kids, and I'm sure I did the wrong thing back in the day, but I will say this, it's not going to matter that you have all these nice clothes if you can't buy the detergent to wash them with.

10 I Wanna Go Back!

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It all comes so fast. One moment, your learning your ABC's and taking mid-day naps, then the next your applying to college and going to prom(insert crying face emoji). It's all so surreal sometimes that it might not ever hit you. In your mind, you're still a kid, and as far from responsibility as possible. Well, at least until you realize everything costs money and you're going to need a job to support that Chipotle habit. It's all good though, graduation is just the first step. One day, you'll purchase your first drink at the bar and be so excited to get carded, but you won't, and then forget about feeling young, because from that point on, you'll be crying about feeling old. Welcome to being an adult.

9 Chucking the Deuces to High School

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We've all been here. You have a week (or two) until graduation and it seems like forever. You're ready to get away from this school, and these people. But more importantly than that, you're ready to get to college and reinvent yourself. Some place where nobody knows your name. No longer will you be the girl with the weird haircut because in college, it's okay to be yourself right? Agreed, embrace it. However, if I can offer one piece of advice, it would be not to put all your eggs in one basket. You're an adult now, and so is everyone else. Chances are, you're haircut will still be weird, and your roommate won't like to take showers. I wish you the best of luck in your new chapter.

8 We All Did It

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You're graduating high school. It's an amazing feat, and it puts you one step closer to finding out who you want to be in life. In college you're going to meet so many amazing new people, and try so many new things, but one thing first. It's time to unfriend all those people from high school that were only on your friends list because you go to the same school. You didn't really talk to them, you may never see them again, and plus, you have to free up some space on your Facebook for all your new college friends (just saying). Let go of all those fake friends, and those people with the weird "middle names" on their profiles (because adults don't do that), and be open to the new weirdos you'll meet in college.

7 Time to Pay Your Own Bills

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The truest words ever spoken (or written). I remember my senior year like it was yesterday (I never went to 1st period). We were the big dogs on campus. Nobody went to class consistently, and once the acceptance letters were in, everybody set the ship to auto-pilot. We just had to get through one last semester, and then we were free. But what we didn't realize, is that that means we were also entering into the adult world. Where those excuses about why you didn't do your homework don't work anymore and your parents want you to get a job and pay for your own movie ticket which are sooo expensive. So to all my seniors out there, enjoy the time you have left as a kid, because adulting sucks sometimes. However, on the plus side, you do get to stay out as late as you want.

6 Wouldn't We All

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We all wanted to take that year (or three) off from school and travel the world, or simply just take a break. School sucks sometimes and after thirteen years of it, non-stop, I think we all deserve that break. Unfortunately for most of us, the way our bank accounts are set up, living that beach life without a job and a degree, is just not in the cards for us. It would be super dope though. To wake up everyday on the beach with not a care in the world. Too bad responsibility is going to come knocking as soon as that senior summer is over. So enjoy it while you can, because someday soon, your going to leave the world of newly high school graduate and enter the world of broke college student. Good luck surviving off Ramen and water.

5 Just In Time

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Let me first say congrats Alex, because I know how stressful it can be to be so close to the end and have one little thing be the deciding factor of my future. But boy is this tweet too real. I know countless people who went down because of that stupid math proficiency test. It has halted the best of them from graduating on time. I remember my best friend in High School had to take some extra math classes to prepare herself, and still ended up taking the test multiple times before passing. The struggle is real with this one, and I hope the best for all the young kids out there trying to make it over this last hump. Listen, after this, unless you choose Business majors, CS majors etc, you will never need math again in your life. Trust me, you will get through this.

4 So I Really Don't Have to Get Up Early Anymore?

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It's crazy how for 13 years of our lives, we wake up at the crack of dawn(sometimes earlier) everyday, to go to school, and then once we graduate High School, it just stops. Like how do I even know the difference between Sunday and Monday, if I don't have to go to school the next day? Is Friday even special anymore when everyday is like the weekend? I don't know, but I will say this, enjoy all this time you have before August hits and college starts. It is not the same when someone isn't making you get up early, and if you're like me, and decided to take that infamous 7am class because you're "used to waking up early", abort that mission now (trust me).

3 The Struggle

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The struggle is too real. If you come from a big family, then you already know the struggle of not having enough graduation tickets for everyone. For some reason, 10 tickets just isn't enough. I mean, I am the first person in the family to graduate, and my aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins just have to be there. That's like 20 people already. Too bad it seems like everybody, and their mama needs 20 tickets as well. Also, I'm pretty sure you're NOT supposed to sell extra tickets for profit, so sorry @xoxo_Marlin, you might just be out of luck. Just tell everybody to meet you at the buffet afterwards. The ceremony isn't the best part of graduating anyway right? It's definitely the food(just saying).


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I feel you guy. Can't we just get to the real thing already? Try being at the beginning of the Alphabet and having to sit there while they go through the other 21 letters. Because it could be worse. Just make sure they get those phonetics correctly. Is it crazy that I remember this day more so than I remember the actual ceremony? Don't worry guy, because practice makes perfect. And sometimes, the teacher who was supposed to be calling out the names, will get fired days before the ceremony, for reasons we won't discuss (yeah it happened), and in that case, practice is necessary. So sit tight, wait for them to call your name, and play with some Snapchat filters in the mean time.

1 Speaking From The Heart

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This one is a tweet after my own heart, because I'm all about the turn up. Well, at least I use to be before responsibility came knocking. I graduated High School in 2009, and as I can see, NOTHING has changed. Graduation, just like every other major celebration of life, is all about the after party. I feel your plight David. Although we do not condone underage drinking, I do advise you to turn up, and stay out late. I, for one,  didn't come home until the next day. I mean, you have to prepare yourself for those college parties anyway when the turn up becomes too real. Seriously though, graduation is one of the biggest early achievements in life, so please people, party like it's 1999, and be safe.

Graduation season is slowly coming to a close, and it's kind of crazy that after all these years, the graduation shenanigans haven't changed a bit. Like, you would think people would have learned by now, and then again, you hope they haven't. I remember this day like it was yesterday, and the more I think about it, I feel even more old AF. But anyway, I wish the new graduates all the best, enjoy TF out of your time in college, and I hope you find your "thing" well before I did. And like I said, graduating high school is a once in a lifetime accomplishment, so live it up, get turnt, but again, be safe. And to all the old farts like me, I hope you had fun reminiscing with me.

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