15 Grandmas Guaranteed To Brighten Your Day

Many people think that grandmas just bake cookies, knit sweaters that we won’t ever wear and listen only to music from before our parents were born. But, if you speak to your grandma, you might find that there’s more to her than meets the eye. In some cases, you don’t even need to speak to them to know that they’re really cool or funny because their actions do all the talking. Whether it’s their struggle to keep up with technology, the funny stories that they tell you or the way they persevere in life, all grandmas have a way of brightening our day. These 15 grandmas will either put a smile on your face because they’re so inspirational or make you cry laughing because they’re absolutely hilarious.

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15 May Ashworth, most polite Google user

Via: i.guim.co.uk

If you want real entertainment, just hand your grandparents one of your technological devices or sign them up for social media. Better yet, look through their computer (with their permission, of course). You may be pleasantly surprised, like 26-year old Ben John was when he saw his grandma’s Google searches. The 86-year old, May Ashworth, never forgets her manners, typing “please” and “thank you” every time she Googles something.

One example is, "Please translate these roman numerals mcmxcviii thank you.” Apparently, she thought that there was an actual person that looks after the searches and that being polite might bring about quicker results! Too adorable! Google UK even thanked her back, tweeting, “In a world of billions of Searches, yours made us smile. Oh, and it's 1998.”

14 Sister Bobbie Lively (aka Lyrical Lively), Christian rapper

It doesn’t really matter what religion you believe in, this grandma will make you smile. While at a gas station, Keith Brown crossed paths with Sister Bobbie Lively, a 74-year old Christian Minister who also goes by the name Lyrical Lively. She handed him a copy of her Christian rap album, Uh-huh, which features tracks such as “Clap Your Hands” and everybody’s favorite, “What Does The Word Say.” Keith was so impressed with it that he uploaded it to Twitter and it went viral. Although she attracted the attention of some big industry names, like The Roots’ Questlove, she says she doesn’t want fame, she just wants to spread the word. Now that’s one cool woman dedicated to her career and her beliefs!

13 Sarah ‘Paddy’ Jones, acrobatic salsa dancer

Let’s face it, many of us don’t know one acrobatic salsa dance move. Heck, many of us don’t even know one regular salsa dance move. But, 82-year-old Sarah ‘Paddy’ Jones knows many. And she knows how to do them better than people three times younger than she is. Not only is she a grandma, but she’s a great-grandma! She first made jaws drop when her audition with her dance partner, Nico, was aired on Britain’s Got Talent in 2014. At first, Simon yawns and even buzzes the performance. But, the awesome Paddy just gives him a death glare and starts to twirl and gets flipped around in the air. What a brave and inspiring woman; it just goes to show that you’re really never too old to follow your dreams.

12 Nan, face swap enthusiast

Again, there’s nothing better than watching your grandma use the latest technology. When Charley Stillwell recorded her grandma, “Nan,” using Facebook’s swap filters, she didn’t expect the reaction he received—from both her grandma and the internet. Like a kid playing peek-a-boo, the grandma screams in surprise and giggles uncontrollably every single time she sees her face morphed by the app. She swaps faces with Beyoncé and Marilyn Monroe and her reactions are even better than the face swap themselves. Since uploading the video, it went viral and “Nan” became a social media star. “We are all overwhelmed that everyone loves her as much as we do,” a family member told HuffPost. It’s people like “Nan” that make you appreciate the little joys that life brings. You can watch the hilarious video here.

11 Marie, first time virtual reality user

Via: godvine.com

Similar to “Nan” and her face swap adventures, an 88-year old woman named Marie experienced some cool technology for the first time and her grandchild caught it all on video. YouTube user, Mark Nutt, posted a video of his grandmother, Marie, experiencing virtual reality via a Google Cardboard headset on Christmas Day, 2015. The video is hilarious; she thinks she is actually on a roller coaster and screams “Oh, my goodness!” Priceless. Watching her scream in reaction to the roller coaster simulation was probably the best present this family received that day. The video, though less than a minute long, now has more than 3 million views on YouTube and for good reason! Check it out here. And if you enjoyed that, you should also watch this longer video of grandparents reacting to virtual reality oculus.

10 Shirley Webb, weight lifter

Not many people can lift 225 pounds. So, when a grandma does it, it’s sure to impress! Shirley Webb is 78 years old and up to two years ago, she could barely walk up the stairs. Her daughter encouraged her to join a fitness club and she suddenly saw an improvement. While at Club Fitness gym, her personal trainer noticed her strength, and kept adding weights (and she’d never lifted weights in her entire life). She then entered state weightlifting competitions around the U.S. and set records for her age group, lifting up to 237 pounds. But, she won’t stop there! She continues to set higher goals for herself. She goes to the gym at least twice a week and says she feels great. Such an inspiration!

9 Dancing Nana

Some people know how to make an entrance. Dancing Nana knows how to make an exit. In a video uploaded by her granddaughter, the 88-year-old dances her way out her house door and to the car. The tune that she grooves along to is Dion’s song “Runaround Sue.” She put her purse down several times so she can really bust a move. The adorable woman has more dance moves than most people at the club! Even when the music stops, she requests her granddaughter to put it on again and she keeps on dancing. One of the best parts of the video is when she says, “I could dance all f*** day.” We can see that, Nana, we can see that.

8 Grandma who loves to party rock

Some grandmas like dancing to music from the ‘60s, but others like keeping up with the times. One such example is Adam Forgie’s 90-year-old grandma. In this video, she dances to LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem. Who doesn’t want to get up and dance when they hear that song? Although she’s legally blind and hard of hearing, she can’t be stopped from enjoying herself. Her energy, dance moves, and perseverance are all captivating. Apparently, she’s found dancing entertaining since she was a child—perhaps that’s what kept her going for so long. Unfortunately, she passed away since the making of this video, but her grandson says she danced until the end. We’re sure she’s up there somewhere party rocking. Rock on, grandma, rock on.

7 Grandma Lee, AGT comedian

A lot of people lose their sense of humor as they grow older and experience things that are hurtful. But, at the age of 75, Grandma Lee (whose real name is Lee Strong) auditioned for American Idol as a stand-up comedian. If you watched the show back then, you’ll remember that she was hilarious. If not, you can watch one of her routines here.

Grandma Lee was loved because she wasn’t afraid to talk about things like sex or death. She had an edge and Sharon Osbourne always said she was naughty. Grandma Lee told the show’s host, Nick Cannon, that she worked several jobs in her life, but she had to go through all of those to find what she loved. We couldn’t be happier that she finally found it.

6 Grandma that does art on her iPad

While there are so many funny videos of grandmas using technology and being shocked or failing at it, there are a few of grandmas absolutely killing it. A Reddit user posted a story about his grandma that’s pretty unbelievable but amazing. He says he bought his grandma an iPad because she wanted a tablet for art. Keep in mind that she’s never used a tablet in her life. Her grandson added the app, ArtRage to the iPad and left her alone for half an hour. When he came back, he saw that the 84-year-old had made a masterpiece, which he decided to share online. It just goes to show that no matter what age you are, you can still do great things with technology.

5 Jerry Duncan, college graduate

Most of us don’t even have the motivation to go to class towards the end of the school year, especially if it’s the last year. Could you imagine going to school when you’re 71? Pretty hard to imagine, isn’t it? At that point, a lot of people wouldn’t even see the point of going back to school, especially if they already have a decent job. That’s what makes 71-year-old nursing aide, Jerry Duncan, so inspirational. She worked as a nursing aide for 25 years, but her employer suddenly started requiring a license that she didn’t have. Instead of retiring or finding another job, Jerry decided to go back to school. She not only graduated, but she graduated as valedictorian with a 108 grade point average. How amazing is that?

4 Irene Kearney, bikini bod role model

There are grandmas who inspire us to go after our dreams, graduate college and… show off our bodies? Yes, that’s right. When a photo of a 90-year-old grandma named Irene Kearney wearing a red and white polka dot swimsuit was posted on Facebook, the internet went crazy. She was encouraged by the staff at the nursing home she resides in to purchase the swimsuit for a cruise. Everyone can agree that she looks beautiful! Irene definitely teaches us a lesson in self-acceptance that shows you’re never too old to look or feel attractive. But, it’s not just her bikini body that’s an inspiration. Her daughter told news outlets that Irene has gone through a lot (she grew up in an orphanage, had a miscarriage and two of her children died) but she continues to live her life to the fullest.

3 Bette Reynolds, Scottish rapper

Via: citynews.ca

It’s pretty cool to hear a grandma rapping about her religion, in hopes of getting younger generations interested. But, hearing a grandma spit Kanye and Drake’s rhymes is just hilarious. What makes it even better is that 68-year-old Bette Reynolds delivers the raps with her Scottish accent over bagpipe beats. Talk about being unique! And she does it all looking casual and with a completely straight face. She’s covered everything from Drake’s “Hotline Bling” to Desiigner’s “Panda” and Kanye West’s “I Miss the Old Kanye.” Her videos have gone viral ever since her son, Stewart Reynolds (who goes by the name Brittlestar on Vine) uploaded them. Who would’ve ever thought that they wanted to see a Scottish grandma rapping over bagpipes? Now, it’s everything.

2 Yolie Ball, best house seller ever

Via: theloop.ca

It’s hard to sell your house fast, especially if you have to do it on your own. Luckily, this grandma (Yolie Ball) was smart enough to put her adorableness to good use when it came to selling her house. The 86-year-old cleaned up her Florida home and enlisted her daughter to take photos of the house. But, they weren’t just your typical “house for sale” photos. She posed casually in every room of her house: reading a magazine in her living room, sipping a drink in her sunroom and best of all, being a bit of a creeper in the bathroom. When her granddaughter saw the photos, she posted them on Twitter and to no one’s surprise, the hilarious photos went viral. There’s no doubt that her house sold in no time.

1 Meenakshi Amma, sword-fighting martial arts phenomenon

When we think of a grandma, we usually think of a sweet, cookie-baking, defenseless old woman. Well, think again because this video of 73-year-old Meenakshi Amma is about to change your perception of grandmas. She lives in Kerala, South India where many young girls are afraid to go out on their own. There, she teaches Kalari, a form of martial arts, to children, giving them self-confidence and the ability to defend themselves. This is so important no matter where you live in the world, but especially in countries like India, where you can get in trouble for simply voicing your opinion. With people like Meenakshi around, perhaps more and more girls will have the confidence to speak out against what they know isn’t right and stand up for their rights. She is truly inspirational.

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