15 Grandparents Who Are So Innocent, It's Downright Irresponsible

Ah, grandparents. Where would we be without them? Our relationship with our nan and grandad is completely unlike the one we have with our parents (to wit: they actually let us do things we wanted to do). It’s a special bond.

As children, when we were visiting them with mom and dad in tow, there was a kind of chain of command thing going on. As your parents’ parents, they were in a totally unique position of power, which they usually took advantage of to spoil us rotten.

These amazing oldies had their part in making us the people we are today. And what are they today? Absolutely adorable, hilarious, and irreplaceable, that’s what they are. Whether they’re struggling with technology or completely misunderstanding a pop culture reference to something from 1963, they’re always solid gold.

Check out our rundown of 15 grandparents so pure, it's downright irresponsible.

15 When Great Grandma Drops Four Generations Worth Of Wisdom On You

Now, sure, our OAPs get a lot of snark these days. They expect us to be their full-time technical support, and just don’t grasp simple concepts like double clicking. When it comes to recording something on the Sky box, you might as well pass them an advanced rocket science textbook and expect them to build another Apollo craft out of twigs and safety pins.

This doesn’t apply to all oldies, of course. Some of them have kept right up with technology, and know their way around a Smartphone like it’s nothing at all. Even the ones who can’t, however, has something to offer that none of us youngsters do: life experience. Check out this great grandma, 97-years-old, dropping the kind of adorable homespun wisdom that you just can’t find any more these days.

14 When You've Got To Listen To Your Heart (Telling You To Do Your Darn Homework)

If you’ve ever been a student, you can probably relate to this guy. There he is, procrastinating on Facebook, posting snarky little statuses to avoid the homework that he could totally have done by now. If, you know, he wasn’t making jokes about how he can’t do it.

Little did he know, however, that he was under the ever-vigilant eye of grandma. Grandma has been there, seen it all and done it all. She is not going to stand for jokes. The joke went totally over her head, granted, but that’s not important. What matters is that she is here, she is now, and she is dropping the unconditional love that only a Facebook-newbie grandma can. It’s a little off topic, nana, but I can totally see where you’re going with this.

It’s too darn sweet, and I’m totally on board with it.

13 When 'Your Little Fuzzy Bunny Milk Monkey' Wants To Know What's Underneath Boxer Shorts

Sometimes, mere words are not enough to describe the majesty of a post. There’s really nothing I can do here. I’d better type something, though, because I need my job. I’ve got 17 iguanas to feed.

So, just… look at this. This is a quintuple post from grandma, and each is more hilariously perfect than the last.

Which is my favourite part? I just cannot choose. Is it the fact that grandma has zero clue who or what One Direction is (which direction?)? Is it the random GARLIC BREAD for absolutely no reason at all? Is it the granddaughter’s pet name? I don’t know, fuzzy bunny milk monkey, I just don’t know. All I can tell you for sure is that this is the single greatest thing I have ever seen on Facebook.

12 When Grandma's A Bit Of A 'Silly Potato,' But Her Texting Skills Are 100% On Point

Darn it, grandpa. Get the freaking lasagna out of the fridge already.

So, as I say, pensioners and technology aren’t always the greatest mix. It’s totally understandable, when you consider the baffling strides that tech has taken in their lifetimes, but that doesn’t mean it’s not frustrating. For them and for their tech support, trying to keep up with iPhones, Kindles, and tablets can be a real pain in the cheeks.

At first, I was totally sympathetic. A text message went astray? That’s not a big deal. We all do that at times. A second time? Borderline, but I suppose that can happen. A third text? You’re starting to push it now, grandma. You’re lucky that you’re so adorable, with your sweet pea and your silly potato.

11 When Your Grandpa And His Dog Are The Most Adorable Duo To EVER Exist

Via: me.me

Okay, there it is. We’re done. The Internet has been won for the day. Everyone can shut up shop and go home until tomorrow. Wait, scratch that. I just looked at the picture again. Grandpa and his dog won the Internet for the whole year, and beyond. We’ll see you all in 2034.

I don’t know if it’s just me being the world cynic that I am, but there just isn’t anything nice being reported any more. If you scroll down your Facebook timeline or Twitter feed, you’ll see an endless barrage of horrifying news stories, drama, arguments, and general whining. It really bums me out.

Luckily, there’s still grandpa and his dog to warm my crusty heart a little. We could all use more of these kinds of posts in our lives.

10 When Grandma And Grandpa Dive Right In To Soothe Cody's Troubled Soul

Now, again, this is one that I guess I can empathise with to an extent. With all the message boards, forums, and chat rooms we’ve all been parts of in our Internet careers, we’ve made faux pas every now and again. Different sites have different rules and regulations, and you often don’t know that you’ve screwed up until another user is calling you out on it.

There are people out there who will land on the slightest newbie mistake like a sumo wrestler. It’s really intimidating, and I totally get that. But this?

Come on, GRANDMA AND GRANDPA. Cody’s probably counting on you for some of that homespun wisdom I was talking about earlier. You’re coming off as a little dismissive here, I have to say. How cute and innocent.

9 When Stefan Fails With The Ladies, He Can Always Count On Grandma's Love

I was kind of tempted to let this one slide. After all, Stefan is hardly the first person to start attention-seeking on Facebook, is he? That’s what social media is all about, when it comes right down to it. Not actually staying in touch with people that you care about, but getting likes, retweets, favourites, and shares from people you barely remember.

There's a time and a place for your personal problems, and I’m not sure that a public status online is the time or the place. Still, people will insist on doing so. The big question, then: did Stefan get the validation he needed?

Mixed results, I’d say. At any rate, it’s always sweet to know that grandma’s up for going out to eat sometimes. Thanks grandma, you’re the best.

8 When Grandpa William Doesn't Need You, He's Got OPTIONS For Dinner

Via: Pinterest

All too often, people tend to paint a bleak picture of retirement. Of a time of decline, of boredom, of all-too-seldom visits from family, all of the usual clichés.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though. Not by a long shot. Everybody’s situation is different, and there are older people who live much more fulfilling and interesting lives than youngsters a third of their age. Forget these stereotypes, it’s all about the individual.

Individuals like William here, for instance. He’s not dithering around the Internet, that’s for darn certain. He’s right in there, straight to the people, and shooting from the hip like a true awesome grandpa.

Olive Garden are having issues with your password? William doesn’t have time for any of that nonsense. He’s going somewhere else for dinner, and he’s not afraid to tell them so. This is priceless.

7 When Dad Jokes Have Nothing On Grandad Jokes

Now, I’m not a father just yet, but I plan to be in the near future. As such, I’m already dreading (/eagerly anticipating, depending on the mood I’m in) becoming a super-embarrassing purveyor of dad jokes.

On the other hand, I’m not ready to accept the prospect of becoming an embarrassing grandfather yet. I’m not wishing a few decades of my life away like that. No sir. Come to think of it, are grandpa jokes even a thing?

That’s a tough one. You’re both a grandfather and a father, so I guess that your dad jokes become squared. As such, they’re even more powerful.

That’s just a working hypothesis, but judging by this particular post, I think I may be onto something here.

Grandpa, yes.

6 When Grandpa's Text Speak Is On A Whole 'nother Level

Here’s another grandpa, boldly flying in the face of everything we think we know about oldies.

I’m sure he’s heard all of the jokes. OAPs can’t use technology. OAPs don’t understand the slang that the hip young groovesters of today speak. They’re ancient. They’re relics. They’re out of touch.

Oh, they are, are they? Well, you clearly haven’t met this guy yet. He’s cool on a whole new plane — hip on a level you can’t even comprehend. He’s barreling straight into the gates on Hades on his mobility scooter, and he has never given a single eff. To anyone.

Using existing text speak and slang? That’s far too mainstream for this grandpa. He’s out there on the mean streets, making up his own. That’s how it’s done.

5 When Grandpa's Relentlessly Positive Outlook Cannot Be Stopped

There’s another aspect of oldness that people tend to make fun of, and we haven’t really addressed it yet. In some people’s eyes, they tend to be… well, less than fun-loving.

Again, it’s not hard to see why. When you’ve got a whole medley of medicine to take each day, and the Thursday night bingo game is the high-octane thrill of your week, it’s tough to muster enthusiasm for things.

Loneliness is a big one, too. The older you get, sadly, the more people you lose. But what can you do? Do you just allow yourself to get sadder and sadder, or do you rally and keep yourself going?

This grandpa clearly hasn’t made his mind up between the two options. Still, he opens on a positive note, and that’s good to see.

4 When Grandma And Grandpa Reach A Whole New Level Of Chill

Via: Imgur

Come on now, elders. You’re supposed to be setting an example.

I’m not entirely sure what I’m looking at here. What could possibly have happened to that car? Why are we posing for photos while grandma’s still trapped inside? Why is grandma posing whilst still trapped inside? What in the name of all that is good and pure is going on with those pants? The waistband is almost up to his chin!

There are so many questions here, none of which can possibly be answered. What really matters, in my eyes, is the context of the whole thing. You can’t just have a ridiculous accident and stop to take snaps of it, like petty teenagers. What kind of example are we setting for the next generation here?

3 When You're The Most Squee-Worthy Grandparents In The Whole Dang World

You know, when the whole adult colouring book craze became a thing, I was all kinds of sceptical. I was every possible kind of sceptical, including several whole new kinds that scientists discovered in the snark regions of my brain.

It’s this sort of image that brings me around to the whole idea. It’s a simple activity, but it can be incredible therapeutic. You can zone out to it, or you can concentrate intensely on it. It can be a little light-hearted for one afternoon or it can be a whole new pastime.

As well as all of those possible health benefits, it’s just beyond super cute to see this elderly couple still colouring. I’m not even sure what it is, exactly, but this is just the picture of wholesome.

2 When Grandma Clearly Doesn't Know 'The Minecraft'

Via: Imgur

Ardent gamer as I am, I’ve never really gotten into the Minecraft phenomenon. Like a lot of these freeform creation type video games, I appreciate the idea of it, but just lack the drive to devote hours and hours. Even when I do, I’ll see the incredible things that other players have come up with, and I’ll look like a baby sucking on a couple of building blocks in comparison.

It’s just not a good time, is what I’m getting at here. I may not have devoted any time to the game, but I definitely recognize that iconic sword.

It was asking a little too much for grandma to recognise it, though wasn’t it? There it will mistakenly hang, right next to that dream catcher, for all eternity.

1 When Grandma's Facebook Voice Tech Is In 3018, And We're Stuck In 2018

Firstly, I think we’ve got to address the sarcastic, elderly elephant in the room here: grandpa totally knew what he was doing. Playing dumb, just to revel in the sweet, sweet schadenfreude of your significant other embarrassing themselves? That’s exactly what long-term relationships are all about. He’s more tech savvy than he’s letting on, I’m sure of it, he’s just having a laugh.

Adorable as this is, I can’t help but think that it’s a frightening image of a tech-obsessed future. One day, one day much too soon, we’ll have this kind of technology. Grandma will just have to say that, and the images will be uploaded.

Are we all going to become like the wizards and witches of Harry Potter, lazy and unfit because we don’t have to move to get anything done? Probably. That process began with the remote control, and it’s going to doom us all eventually.

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