15 Grateful Animals Whose Rescue Reactions And Stories Will Warm Your Heart

We love animals. Cats, dogs, rabbits, cows? We adore all of them! Animals seem so mysterious to humans because they don't speak our languages. But animals feel pain and emotions just like humans do. We need to do our best to understand what they need and what they are trying to tell us. The friendships we build with these animals can make all the difference.

The following 15 animals were rescued from natural disasters, dangerous situations and abusive homes. And the humans who rescued them got to experience one of the most wonderful things that we can ever experience: the gratitude of an animal. Love comes in the form of a lick on the nose, paws wrapped around our necks for a hug or a good, old-fashioned cuddle session. These grateful animals have reactions that will melt anyone's heart.

15 The sweetest cuddle session

Via: instagram.com/wellettas

The Spence family adopted Nora from an animal rescue. Nora, an English pointer dog, had come from an abusive home and was withdrawn when the family first brought her home. But that was about to change when she met baby Archie. Elizabeth Sepncer, Archie's mother, noticed that Nora seemed so much more realxed around Archie and started taking photos of the adorable pair.

Nora shows her gratitude everyday by expressing love and protection for her new human friend, Archie. They are always hanging out together, and it is the most heartwarming things we have ever seen! Rescue dogs can make great family pets in the right homes and with the proper love and attention.

14 This squirrel doesn't forget her humans

Via: instagram.com

Bella the Squirrel was rescued by a normal human family who saw an animal in distress and wanted to help. She stayed with them a few months while they nursed her back to health, and she never forgot the care that they provided her in her time of need. The family noticed that she would come around and say hi, so they started an Instagram to document the visits. Let's just say that we think this is beyond adorable! Bella has been visiting them for over eight years now. Animals don't forget an act of kindness, and it seems that she bonded with her human rescuers in the sweetest way. Bella even lets them put little hats on her and poses for their photos! She isn't a trained squirrel, just a very grateful one.

13 A kiss from a tiny kitten

Via: twitter.com

A tiny kitten had gotten stuck inside of a van's engine. Someone heard the kitten's cries for help and called police officer John Passarella to the scene. He was able to rescue the kitten from clear and present danger, and the kitten was so grateful that he bestowed a kiss on his nose.

Our hearts just melt at this photo. We would be surprised if someone didn't say "awww" as their first reaction to this story.

One of the officer's friends adopted the little kitten and named him Pazzy, after the officer who rescued him. So, the stray kitten who had gotten into a pickle of a problem found a forever home. The kitten will always remember that some humans went out of their way to give him a good life. It's a sweet and heartwarming story.

12 'Til the cows come home

Via: youtube.com

Research has shown that cows have best friends and experience sadness when their friends are taken away from them. Cows have also been known to figure out what certain things mean, including the line to the slaughter house. This dairy cow was rescued from a life of perpetual pregnancy and milk production, and she is very happy. She loves her human so much that she wants to cuddle with him like she's a puppy.

Animals have the capacity for love that we should be able to appreciate. And this cow's rescue reaction is so sweet that our hearts have melted at the sight. She can live a carefree life of running in a field and grazing on fresh grass. And her human best friend and dog best friend are there to keep her company.

11 The look of feline love

Via: pinterest.com

Look at that orange kitty! The firefighter and orange kitty stare into each other's eyes with a look of understanding. The kitty knows that he is safe from the fire now and gives the firefighter an adoring look of gratitude. If the cat has a human family, he will probably be returned to them. But if he has been orphaned, we can almost see how quickly he would find a new forever home. That expression of love in his eyes melts our hearts. It is so heartwarming to see the gratitude of a rescued animal. Fires can be so scary for humans, and animals might not understand what to do in order to get to safety. We appreciate the firefighters who will make sure that pets and stray animals are saved as well. Love is amazing.

10 Abigail the Kangaroo hugs her rescuer

Via: facebook.com

Abigail the Kangaroo was nursed back to health at the Alice Springs Rescue. She knew that the humans were there to help her and gives them hugs on a regular basis. Abigail is an adorable kangaroo, and we love seeing this love and friendship between human and animal. We might not be able to speak the same verbal language, but we can still communicate our friendship to our animals.

Abigail's hugs must be the most wonderful hugs to ever receive!

And while kangaroos can generally not be kept as pets, it's nice to know that the humans have a friend in Abigail for all time. She has been at the sanctuary for more than 10 years now and has a wonderful home at the rescue. Animal rescues are doing the good work to take care of these animals and give them a new lease on life. And, of course, there is no much love!

9 It's puppy love

Via: facebook.com

Oliver was very happy to be taken away from the animal shelter. His face shows his pure joy, and he is hugging his new human friend. This is one of the sweetest moments to witness. Animals do know when they are safe. Oliver might have dealt with cruel humans in the past, but he no longer has to be afraid! Now it will be all puppy love and cuddles. Freedom is one of the best ways to put it. True freedom means a freedom from fear and the knowledge that someone cares. Oliver will have the best life now, and bad memories will eventually fade away.

That happy face is almost too much. His puppy paws are so freaking adorable, too! We can say that this photo has cuteness overload. Awwww!

8 Rescued after a natural disaster

Via: patch.com

Hurricane Harvey had such terrible winds that homes were knocked over. The flooding was also quite extensive. Many animals were left behind, and rescuers went to find these animals and save them from the aftermath of the hurricane. Sam Speights is pictured here with his four happy puppies.

Their home was destroyed. He stayed behind with his dogs and kept them as safe as he could.

Now that the scary storm has ended, his dogs are thrilled to have been kept safe by a dedicated owner. Speights used quick thinking and let his survival instincts come into play. And he managed to survive one of the scariest storms in modern history. He also made sure that his dogs were able to survive as well.

7 A hug from a rescued swan

Via: imgur.com

Richard Wiese wanted to comfort the injured swan before it was transported. He managed to not only get the swan's trust, but it looks like he earned its love too. Swans are not always the friendliest birds. But this swan was very grateful for what Weeze did. The swan wraps its neck around Wiese for a hug. Being rescued made that swan's day, and it won't be one that the swan will soon forget. And Richard Weise is one human who has the approval of a wild swan.

Animals know when we have done something kind for them, especially in situations like these. Love is a wonderful thing. Swans are such beautiful and regal creatures, and they have a depth of emotion that we may not even realize. This swan might even remember him for life and recognize him in the future.

6 Rescued dog kisses the human who rescued him

Via: youtube.com

This sweet dog had been abused by the owner. We can see the dog's ribs, and it makes our heart hurt. Humans need to treat animals with love and respect. Abuse is terrible. Well, now the dog will be able to live a happy life after treatment and rehabilitation at an animal rescue. Until then, the dog happily shows appreciation toward the human who came to his aid.

A kiss from a rescued dog is a sweet kiss. The dog knows that he will finally be safe from torture and hunger. Life will get better for the dog from now on. The future is looking bright once again. There will treatment for injuries and health issues, as well as plenty of love and affection for healing. Being an animal rescuer can be emotionally hard, but days like this make it so worth it.

5 The before and after photos are so heartwarming

Via: boredpanda.com

One of the most heartwarming things to see are the before and after photos of rescued animal. This little kitten clung to safety on the human who adopted her. Over time, she got healthy and strong. And now the kitty cuddles with the human who saved her from the streets and a life in an animal shelter.

Her fur is a bright white, and her eyes are clear.

There is nothing more wonderful than a happy and healthy animal. Our hearts just melt at this rescue reaction. Humans are blessed when they adopt animals and give them happy lives. We should appreciate the friendships these animals give us as much as they appreciate the love and care that we provide for them. And the love of a cat is the most special of all.

4 GiGi the Owl shows gratitude

Via: facebook.com

GiGi the Owl was brought to the Wild at Heart Rescue, and she is very happy for the care and attention she has been receiving. Most of us will never be hugged by a great horned owl. In fact, this leaves us a little envious. But Doug Pojeky had the privilege of nursing GiGi back to health. She is just very grateful for all that he did to make her feel better. Resting her head on his shoulder is the sweetest thing we have seen all day.

Great horned owls can learn to love humans, and it just warms our hearts. GiGi the Owl has a friend for life. She has a safe place at the Wild at Heart Rescue. The world is a better place when humans take care of animal life and their natural habitats. The team at Wild at Heart Rescue are heroes.

3 Watching TV together

Via: facebook.com

This dog sits like a human and wraps his paws around the family members who took him in. It is so sweet to see this rescued dog rest his head on her shoulder, and he is essentially spooning with her on the couch. They will be friends for life! The dog is very grateful for being rescued from an animal shelter. And this home is much better than the homes he had lived in previously. Here, he will be loved and cared for. He has human friends who treat him well, like he is family.

Love is only natural after finding a forever home like this. Adopting animals can bring the greatest joy for both humans and animals. So many animals need loving homes. And if we have the love to give them and the resources to care for them, then it could be a match made in heaven.

2 A jaguar finds an army of friends

Via: facebook.com

A jaguar had been in distress in the Amazon jungle when the Brazilian army came through and rescued the animal. Now the jaguar stays with them as a friend and companion. The jaguar cub had been orphaned and needed a new family. Many of these orphaned jaguar cubs are not able to return to the wild, but the Brazilian army could not leave him behind. The animals are kept safe at a military zoo.

And this particular jaguar gets to stay with the humans who rescued him. The army loves him and cares for him. The love is obvious because the jaguar acts just like a big kitten and adores hugs and cuddles from the humans. Friendships with animals can be surprises. Jaguars would normally see us as food. But when the animals are raised by humans, the jaguar develops some love for the humans who care for it.

1 Holding on for dear life

Via: imgur.com

This kitty clings to the firefighter who rescued him. The fire had left the kitty feeling scared and traumatized. Animals feel fear and pain, like we humans do, and will cling to those who rescue them from scary situations. Fires can be confusing for little animals. And cats are unable to push open windows or understand a fire escape plan.

This poor cat was probably hiding under a bed or cowering in a corner when this human firefighter came in and rescued him from the smoke and flames.

The expression on the cat's face is enough to melt our hearts. Once the trauma is over, the cat will be so grateful. We wouldn't be surprised if the cat does not want to ever let go of the firefighter who saved him.

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