15 Of The Greatest Things To Ever Happen On Snapchat

Snapchat really changed the social media game when it came onto the scene. We have so much fun sending funny stories to our friends, and there is something about sending Snaps to our crushes that feels so...exhilarating. Snapchat is just plain fun. And when people save their Snaps and share them online, then the rest of the world can join in on it. From hilarious jokes to mishaps caught on Snapchat, we have searched far and wide for the greatest things to ever happen on Snapchat.

We don't know what the world will be like when Snapchat fades from existence one day, but we're thankful that it's here right now. We need it for amusement, and we enjoy finding new ways to impress our friends with our Snapchat prowess. Be ready to laugh because we are already rollin'!

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15 Danny might need to run

Via: imgur.com

Danny found an hilarious way to use the twin girls emoji. He used perspective to make the emoji look like life-sized little girls and placed them behind him in a dark hallway. We've seen enough ghost movies to know how this could end if the emoji were real ghosts bent on his demise.

There is just something creepy about little kid ghosts.

It also helps that the rest of the photo seems to be in black and white, but the emoji are in bright colors. And Danny has made the perfect expression to tell his story. We would have never come up with such a funny Snapchat, but we are glad that Danny is a brilliant comedic mind. We can be thankful for this hilarious Snapchat and have a better day as a result of its existence. This is definitely one of the greatest things to have ever happened on Snapchat! It's actually a good thing that emoji don't become real and only exist on our phones because we would be in trouble if they had a mind of their own.

14 The 'whatever' shark we can relate to

Honestly, this might even be our favorite Snapchat. The stuffed toy shark is adorable, and placing it in those positions does convey a sort of "whatever" mood. Sometimes we just want to throw ourselves around say "whatever" to all the things that happen in our lives and in the world. It's one huge sigh because nothing seems to make a difference. It's literally just whatever. We don't want to deal with all of our responsibilities anymore. And just like this toy shark, we want to place a fin (err, hand) on our foreheads and lie down. All we can say is, "Whatever." Okay, but this is really hilarious. Maybe it's the adorableness of the stuffed toy shark or that someone was clever enough to place the shark all over the place with that same caption, but we cannot stop laughing as a result. Snapchat had no idea how funny people would be when the app was created, but we very thankful that it exists. We would not have the "Whatever" shark without it.

13 Even balloons must take the test

Now this is a clever prank to pull! Just-for-grins put a balloon in a hoodie to make a replacement for herself at school. But the teacher did not care and decided to give the balloon "student" some of the homework as well. Maybe the teacher just assumed that the balloon "student" was a real person because sometimes the teacher do not pay close attention? Or, maybe the teacher DID know and decided to play along for her own amusement? We don't have any way of knowing that at the moment.

But we DO know that this is one of the greatest Snapchat stories to ever happen.

It's so unexpected and hilarious that we can't stop laughing about it. It would be even funnier if the balloon student also scored better on the assignments than any of the human students! We have to giggle at the thought. Just-for-grins might be wondering what is wrong with her school, but we are over here enjoying the Snapchat story. It's quite amazing.

12 Gives skinning the potatoes a whole new meaning

Maria's sister just gave us the chills! Skinning potatoes to make mashed potatoes is such a benign task that we would never think of going THERE with our thought processes. Well, Maria's sister definitely went in an unexpected direction with her Snapchat story. Skinning potatoes should not be compared to removing other types of skin. Yikes! Her sister meant it as a joke, but we are shivering in our boots. The first Snapchat sounds like it is going to go in such a happy, positive direction but all of that is shattered by the twist ending of the second Snapchat in her story. What can we make of that? Like, we are just in awe at the moment and need a few minutes to get ourselves together. This Snapchat is funny in a macabre way and also incredibly clever in every way possible. The world was not expecting such a Snapchat story to exist, but it does exist. This Snapchat story is brilliant and one of the greatest things to happen on Snapchat.

11 Such a bad neighborhood, huh?

We know that things are bad when kids have to lock their red tricycles up to make sure that their trikes don't get stolen. That's the joke in this Snapchat post. Maybe the kid really thinks that someone will run off with their tricycle. It's both funny and sad at the same time. And comments like this have us rollin' on the floor laughing:

It shouldn't be funny that anyone would dare to steal trike streamer's from a little kid, but it's not out of the realm of possibility. At any rate, the Snapchat is definitely hilarious. The child probably loves their trike and wants to keep it safe. We totally understand that. Because they value the trike, they think other people (including adults) would find it to be valuable as well.

The good news is that there are not very many trike thefts going around.

Cars, on the other hand, are an entirely different matter. Few adults would be into stealing little red trikes from three-year-old kids. For one thing, most of us couldn't get around on a little trike.

10 But Mooooom

Via: imgur.com

Statues make for some hilarious Snapchats! This bust, as statues of just a head and shoulders are called, has an exasperated expression. So, the person who shared the Snapchat thought it reminded them of someone whining to their mother. We imagine a nasally-sounding voice coming from this sculpture. We have no idea what he would be complaining about, but it sounds so serious!

The whole concept is making us giggle uncontrollably. Maybe the artist wanted to depict the Roman or Greek as someone who was making a warrior cry before going into battle, but the modern mind has other interpretations of the artwork. At least one person thinks that the statue is whining to his mom about having to do something that he does not want to do. Even the ancients whined to their parents about things. That much has not changed over thousands of years. We still call for our moms in the same way when they tell us to do things.

9 When skeletons got jokes

Anatomy and physiology classes will often have a skeleton available so that students can learn about the human body. But sometimes people have a sense of humor and will position the skeleton in different ways. This person imagined that the skeleton liked to tell jokes, sort of like a Ronny Dangerfield character, and they made captions to that effect. The end result is a really funny Snapchat story! Skeletons are also used for Halloween decorations, but we would not be scared if one could tell jokes like this one does in the Snapchat story.

Skeletons probably have plenty of hilarious stories to share that we would be missing out on if we didn't pay attention.

Thankfully, we have this Snapchat story to keep the imagination alive! And we don't think we would throw tomatoes at this jokester. This skeleton can tell a bad joke and STILL get plenty of laughs. That's the way it goes. Skeletons are comedians of the future.

8 And the chicken crossed the yard

Well, this person raises their own chickens. But they don't keep the chickens as pets. Nope, that's not how this goes down. This person grills their chickens on the backyard grill with some barbecue sauce. And when one of their chickens walk past the grill, this person feels just a twinge of guilt. Even worse, they threw some of the pineapple toward the chicken, the SAME pineapple being grilled with one of the chicken's relatives. It's almost too much to handle! But we can understand why this person was proud of their Snapchat. It's indeed quite hilarious and might be one of the greatest things to happen on Snapchat. What's sadder is that one day, this chicken will probably end up on that same grill. The poor chicken has no idea what's in store for her future, and we humans know way too much. The chicken might be enjoying the grilled pineapple now, but she is going to have the same fate as her relative in the near future.

7 The steering wheel

Imagine a hot summer day. Now, imagine that the interior of the car rises to over 100 degrees, and it hurts just to touch the steering wheel. Apparently, this is what this person's friend deals with in Australia. People have to use oven mitts to drive their cars. It's also something that drivers in Arizona have to deal with:

It just gets so hot that people have to protect their hands from burning. The sun's heat just soaks into the car and can make driving rather uncomfortable or even send people to the emergency room.

Those of us in colder climates do not have to worry about overheated steering wheels, and this Snapchat causes some concern.

In Australia, it would not be uncommon to carry an oven mitt in the car during the summer. It's much better than getting third degree burns just to drive to different places. We sometimes have to sacrifice style for survival. And this Snapchat is a testament to that.

6 So many breadsticks, so little time

The reject pile of breadsticks definitely sounds tempting. She ended up eating 28 breadsticks, according to her Snapchat post. Now that sounds like WAYYY too many breadsticks, and it's no wonder she has a stomach ache after eating that many. Her expression after eating the breadsticks is what makes this Snapchat so funny.

We expected that to happen when we realized that she ate the ENTIRE reject pile of breadsticks. Some things should not be done even if they can be done. Breadsticks are delicious, especially when we have some dip, but it is possible to gorge on too much bread. It's definitely not recommended. But she was just so tempted to eat all the breadsticks and could not resist. We probably would have fallen into the same trap ourselves. It's a mistake that many of us would have made if we had been in her situation. But the Snapchat story is definitely one of the greatest things to ever happen on Snapchat. We're also really hungry now....

5 If video games taught us anything....

In video games, we are supposed to break through brick walls to get to the next level. Anyone who has ever played a video game knows this. That's what makes this Snapchat so hilarious and priceless. This person's friend saw a brick wall that had a doorway shape with lighter bricks. Of course, it's likely not a door. Maybe it used to be and was overlaid with different bricks, though. That makes sense. However, this person should not actually try to break through the brick wall.

That would be a bad idea on so many levels, and they would not be able to get to the next stage in the world.

We don't live in a video game (that we know of), so we shouldn't treat real life like video games. But this Snapchat is definitely hilarious, so we are on board with its sense of humor. People can make the funniest references that turn out to be memorable Snapchats that should last forever. Thank goodness for screenshots! And that people like to upload their best Snapchats for all of the world to appreciate.

4 No impulse control here

This is me 😂 . . Follow @hoedity (me) for more 💣💥

A post shared by Why dafuq arent you following (@hoedity) on

How many of us can resist an entire tub of chocolate ice cream? Be honest! Very few of us can control ourselves when we have our favorite snack in front of us, so this Instagram user is not alone in eating an entire tub of ice cream. Most of us have indulged in one way or another. Maybe some of us overeat on cake or gorge on breadsticks, but the result is the same. We just can't help ourselves in some cases. And that tub of chocolate ice cream looks delicious. We wish we could have some right now. It's probably not a good idea to write about food when we are hungry and still need to get lunch, huh? Yeah, that's what we thought. Too much of a good thing (like ice cream) can turn out to be a bad thing (like a stomach ache). Impulse control goes a long way to living a healthy life. But that isn't going to stop us from having some Rocky Road ice cream later on today. Maybe we deserve it and should enjoy the good things in this world, too.

3 Isn't there a movie and comic about this?

Hmmm, isn't this the basic premise of a popular movie and comic? Yes, we think it is. There seems to be a nuclear power plant near a spider farm. Now all we need is a hapless good guy to wander along and be bitten by an radioactive spider. Anyway, the obscure reference to Spider-Man in this Snapchat is comedic gold. We had to laugh when we ran across this Snapchat, and we are glad that it exists. This is one of the greatest Snapchats to ever happen! There is no doubt about that.

And the art of making an hilarious Snapchat is being able to find humor in the moment and make these kinds of connections.

When we do that, we can come up with some great Snapchat stories. This is how we learn from the masters. Maybe one of these days we will have a Snapchat that is as funny as this one. Until then, we will laugh along with everyone else when we see other people's clever Snapchat stories. And yeah, we might want to avoid wherever this is located.

2 Turkeys won't take it anymore

How would we feel if a turkey got loose in our garage? Probably the same way this girl does! She isn't going to be able to drive away in her vehicle as long as the turkey has decided to roost atop it. And it would be a bad idea to get into a fight with a wild turkey. Those animals are very strong, and they have those sharp beaks. So, it's natural that she is freaking out about the wild turkey overtaking her garage. Hopefully, she didn't have a lot of errands to do that. The wild turkey will eventually move on and maybe bother one of her neighbors instead. She just has to wait it out until the turkey decides that it wants to go on somewhere else. We don't give enough credit to turkeys because we usually just think of them as a Thanksgiving dinner. But turkeys are animals and can be loved as well as any other pet. But wild turkeys are another matter. We don't want to get in the way of a wild turkey. So, as long as the turkey wants t hang around, we won't be going anywhere.

1 Cats in strollers...yes, please

Awww! This is so adorable! The cat must like to be pushed around on the stroller. It's so sweet that we absolutely love this Snapchat. The human child has buckled in the cat like she's just an actual baby. It's amazing that the cat is not fighting about it, but maybe she knows that it's just a game or she can tolerate it. Kitties sometimes want to do what humans do, and we have seen other photos of cats acting like humans. Animals are so funny sometimes. We totally appreciate this Snapchat. Cats are amazing and should be appreciated all of the time.

We can't know exactly what the cat is thinking, but we can guess that she seems a little bemused by this whole game.

And her sitting posture is actually quite adorable. We can't get enough of her adorable little paws. Cats also make great subjects for photos and for Snapchat stories, and that is why cats technically rule the internet. But we are not complaining. More cat Snapchats, please!

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