15 Greatest Tweets To Ever Make History On The Twitterverse

It's hard to believe that we ever existed in a time that did not have social media. How did we ever live without funny memes, embarrassing photos and that interaction that makes us sad, angry, happy and even sometimes fearful? Social media, especially Twitter, changed everything for us and now it's so much a part of our lives that we simply cannot live without it. A lot of really important things happen on social media, too: from birth announcements to rebellions, Twitter has been one of those few places where history has played out in real time right before our very eyes. But there are some tweets that go above and beyond noteworthy, so we gathered up the most epic of tweets so that we could share them with you.

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15 The first tweet ever

The young ones might not believe it, but there was a time in the world when Twitter did not exist. That's crazy, right? But then someone had the bright idea of creating a site where people could convey their thoughts in 140 character or less (and we still miss those days) and then share those thoughts with the world. Way back in 2006, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey posted the first tweet, which went out to the world and started a tweeting revolution. Now, everyone is on Twitter (including people who probably shouldn't be). This was the tweet that changed it all, and in some ways, changed the world. It wasn't even a profound tweet, either: just a note on how he was setting up his Twitter account.

14 Free year of Chicken McNuggets

Social media has the power to change lives, and that includes Twitter. Sure, sometimes it's just us posting funny things about our lives and our cats or us ranting about something that makes us mad. But other times, it can feed our hungry mouths, if we ask nicely. Last year, Carter Wilkinson, a teen from Nevada, jokingly tweeted to Wendy's that he wanted a free year of chicken nuggets and asked what he would have to do to make that happen. Wendy's answered him: he needed to get 18 million retweets of his original tweet. Wilkinson accepted that challenge and became an internet superstar for his efforts. And guess what? He got those retweets and he got his free year of chicken nuggets.

13 Wicked Kanye

It is such a shame that rapper and celebrity Kanye West is no longer on Twitter. We really miss him. Who else is going to tell us all about responsibility for a water bottle, what talent really is (him) or why he's upset because his Persian rugs don't have cherubs on them! Kanye's Twitter was even bigger than Kanye himself, and now we have to live without it. This is one of his wonderful tweets, comparing himself to Wicked and telling us how this was his story. We get it: he thinks he's the witch who gets mistaken for being horribly wicked. Although in her defense, Elphaba never showed signs of an ego the size of the planet. Sure, most of his tweets got nasty comebacks, but we miss you, Kanye. Come back!

12 Ellen DeGeneres' Oscar photo

Twitter was still new to most celebrities in 2014, although most Internet users had been using the social media site for a lot longer. But there was one photo posted to the site that nearly broke the Internet and is still one of the most retweeted things of all time. That was a photo taken at the 2014 Academy Awards, when Ellen DeGeneres went out into the crowd and took a selfie with a dozen other celebrities, including Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper (who took the photo), Brad Pitt, Kevin Spacey (who is no longer considered cool at all, obviously) and Meryl Streep. This photo is still one of the most epic celebrity photos ever taken and currently has 2.39 million likes and 3.62 million retweets.

11 The first tweet from space

Back when Twitter opened its doors in 2006, no one ever imagined just how massive the site would become or how far-reaching it would take simple social media communication. But in 2010, Twitter boldly went where no one has gone before: to space.

The first tweet from space happened on January 22 of that year, a simple tweet from NASA astronaut T.J. Creamer. 

He sent out the first tweet from space live from the International Space Station and started a whole new era of tweets from space. Even now, astronauts stationed on the ISS tweet their thoughts and photos of Earth for the world to see. It was this sort of communication that started an entirely new era of humans becoming more interested in space exploration.

10 Martha Stewart gets macabre

Anyone who follows Martha Stewart on Twitter knows that you don't ever really know which Martha you're going to get. There's the helpful Martha, who can tell you how to turn ribbon and safety pins into a beautiful Easter wreath for your front door. Then there's the philosophical Martha, who will tell you little words of wisdom, things to help you live your life to the fullest. Then there's this Martha, a woman who occasionally channels Stephen King in her macabre tweets. We kind of like this Martha best because she's so unpredictable. Here, she regales her Twitter followers with a tale of how her dogs disposed of an opossum and then she describes the bloody aftermath of cleaning them off. Life on a farm indeed.

9 Conan O'Brien's random new friend

If you look at late-night talk show host Conan O'Brien's Twitter account, you might notice something odd. Although he has 28.6 million followers, he only follows one single person. This was intentional, though.

In 2010, Conan decided to choose someone completely at random to follow and then tweeted this information about them: she likes peanut butter and gummy dinosaurs.

That person was Sarah Killen and he was not kidding when he told her that her life was about to change: she now has 418K followers and is still the only person O'Brien follows on the site. And Conan really chose her at random: the 19-year-old student received a message asking if she was okay with getting a ton of new followers (she was).

8 Oprah's first tweet

Oprah is this goddess sort of being that occasionally flits into our lives and hands out free cars, money and vacations. She is not of this world, but something far greater than it. But in 2009, she decided to grace us with her social media presence on Twitter and tweeted her very first tweet. Sure, her first words on the site weren't anything that would change our lives, but since then, Twitter has been a much better place for it. Now she posts words of wisdom for her fans and others that make all of our days just a little bit brighter. All hail the Queen of Media, Oprah Winfrey. You get a new tweet, you get a new tweet, EVERYONE GETS A NEW TWEET.

7 The CIA signed up for Twitter (or did they?)

One might think that super secret organizations should probably not post on social media, but this is the modern age, and that means that nothing ever is really super secret anymore. And the siren call of social media beckons to everyone, even the CIA (or not).

So in 2014, when the CIA posted their first tweet, it appropriately denied that it really was the CIA tweeting, which makes us think that it is, or that it isn't and just really makes our head hurt thinking about it.

So who knows if this is the real CIA or just some guy in his basement pretending that he is the CIA, who managed to get his account verified. We'll never know, but that's all part of the fun, right?

6 William Shatner tweets to Chris Hadfield in space

William Shatner is an avid Twitter user: ask anyone who follows him. He often gets into lengthy Twitter debates about fans shipping certain characters on Outlander and often just tweets whatever is on his mind (which is why we love him so much). But when Captain Kirk himself sent a tweet to Chris Hadfield, the Internet very nearly lots its mind. You see, at the time, Chris Hadfield was on the International Space Station, and was in fact, Commander Hadfield. So Captain Kirk sent a tweet to space and the man in space replied back and suddenly, the world just became like Star Trek. Even better? Hadfield returned to Shatner as "Captain" and gave him a full mission briefing as if they were both standing somewhere on board the Enterprise.

5 Lance Armstrong plays Cards Against Humanity

Before he got banned from cycling for admitting to doping, Lance Armstrong was a seven-time winner of bicycling competition Tour de France. In 1996, though, his claim to fame was for something much sadder: he received bad news from his doctor: he had a potentially fatal type of cancer. But Armstrong was made of tougher stuff than cancer and ended up beating it. One might think that would make him a little sensitive about the subject, but this tweet shows that he can find humor even in the most horrifying thing to happen to him throughout the course of his life. Anyone who has played Cards Against Humanity knows that the game just goes there, and, obviously, Armstrong was aware of this when he found a card referring to his cancer in his deck.

4 Phoenix confirms water on Mars

We have already established that some of the best tweets ever came from space. Maybe this is because it really feels like the future because we have the capability of communicating quickly with astronauts who are out there in orbit around Earth. Never has space felt so close, right?

Well, astronauts aren't the only beings that can communicate from space.

Mars rovers can also tweet and have been doing so during their missions, keeping us mere humans updated on any scientific findings. So here is a tweet from the surface of Mars by the Phoenix rover, who announced to the world on Twitter that it had found evidence of water ice on Mars. This was pretty big news because evidence of water means potentially evidence of life.

3 Elon Musk announces a flamethrower

Even if you aren't into science and rockets and all things Tesla, everyone should follow genius entrepreneur Elon Musk on Twitter. Musk has proven time and again that he has a great sense of humor, although sometimes we later find out that no, he really wasn't joking. So when Musk starting posting random tweets about a flamethrower, people just thought it was all in good fun. But Musk has billions of dollars, so if he decides he wants to do something, sometimes he just does it for fun. The joke flamethrower became a real thing that regular civilians could buy. And they did: 20,000 flamethrowers went out into the world shortly after Musk posted the link to the weapon. And it's "guaranteed to liven up any party."

2 Lil Jon checks in

We haven't heard much from rapper and producer Lil Jon lately. It got to the point where fans got a little worried about him, although he was still busy behind the scenes making hit records for other people.

Lil Jon's most famous line is "yeah," something he's said in dozens of songs and interviews.

But one fan got worried and posted to Twitter asking "Where is @LilJon? Is he 'OKAY'?!" But it was Lil Jon's reply that broke the Internet, because he answered, "Yeahhhhhhh." If you don't know Lil Jon, this probably isn't funny at all, but for those of us who can't get that one Usher song out of our head, we are laughing hysterically at this. If you don't get it, just move right on along.

1 Patrick Stewart picking apples

William Shatner isn't the only Enterprise captain onboard Twitter. Sir Patrick Stewart of Star Trek: The Next Generation and X-Men also often graces the social media site. We especially love his posts about Sir Ian McKellan and the ongoing bromance between the two men. But sometimes it's the most mediocre of posts that make us love Stewart the most. So here's a photo of him picking apples and posting it to Instagram (and then to Twitter). Sure, that seems pretty tame, but it's his caption that shows us that personality we love him so much for. He's been picking apples in the fall before it was cool to do it and take a photo of it and put it on social media. The man is just cool.

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