15 'Grey's Anatomy' Memes As Ruthless As Cristina Yang

Being a fan of Grey's Anatomy means climbing aboard a weekly rollercoaster. A lot of sad things happen on this show, but that's not why we watch it (at least, it's probably not why I watch it). Ever since the first episode premiered in 2005, I have been a big fan of the hospital drama and all of the crazy and interesting things that happen in every episode.

Since this show has been on for 14 seasons (what!), we've definitely had a lot of time to get attached to the characters. There are some TV shows that we love so much that we talk about the characters as if they are real people who we are close friends with, and that's for sure how I talk about Meredith Grey and everyone that she works with. I can't help it!

Memes are a beautiful thing, and we're a big those things these days. Maybe some people even like memes and Grey's Anatomy equally. So it's a good idea to look at some Grey's Anatomy memes that all of us super fans can relate to. These 15 memes are the best of the bunch and will definitely make us wish that it was fall already so we could start watching season 15.

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15 Yup, That's Accurate

How true is this meme?! We would never even think to describe Grey's Anatomy as "a show about doctors and their lives, who they're dating, who they just broke up with and, oh yeah, they deal with major problems in their personal lives... And, okay, they make amazing medical breakthroughs, perform inventive surgeries, and save lives. That, too... But they mostly date a lot of people and have very dramatic things going on." Although that is definitely a good description, it's not really what I would say.

Instead, I would give an explanation that is very close to the one in this meme. Meredith Grey's words have never been truer. It's almost like she really was describing the very show that she stars on (how meta).

It's super tragic that one character has experienced so much tragedy, and that makes fans have a soft spot for Meredith Grey. If I could give her a hug and tell her that everything would be okay, I would. There are just two problems, though: she would probably not want me to hug her (she doesn't seem like a hugger) and she would say that we don't know that things are going to be okay. She would be right, of course. She always seems right.

14 True Love

Even people who don't watch Grey's Anatomy anymore (who are wrong, but that's another story for another time) can admit that Meredith and Derek's love story is one for the ages. It's the stuff that dreams are made of. It's epic and magical and hits all of those mushy adjectives. It's just a good story.

Well, besides the fact that he tragically passed away. That part wasn't so good... That scene, episode, and entire storyline still haunt fans to this day. I shudder to think of it. But even that contributes to the story and gives it even more weight. It's a reminder to never take the ones we love for granted and to spend quality time with them. Don't waste any more time, in general. Like, if one loves someone, they should tell them and all that jazz.

This meme is so relatable since every Grey's Anatomy fan has used the Meredith/Derek relationship as a barometer for real-life relationships. Do our partners treat us like Derek treated Meredith? Do they talk about us like Derek would talk about Meredith? If the answers are no, then see ya, we're not interested. We need to find our Derek (or our Meredith).

13 A Changing Character

There is nothing truer than this meme which every Grey's Anatomy fan can relate to, hands down. Is there a more interesting character on TV than Alex Karev? At least in terms of how much he has changed? The answer is definitely "no way."

From the beginning, he was kind of a polarizing character. Sure, fans liked that he was part of the original group of doctors who were super good friends, and I totally wished that I could live in Meredith's house and hang out with everyone (which I still wish, of course). But he was... well... mean. Yeah. He was mean.

Even Alex would say that he used to be mean (because, yes, he's real... shhhh, he's totally real).

But now that's definitely not the case. Now he's basically the biggest sweetheart ever and I can't believe the transformation. People always say that you can't change someone and Alex is here to say that's not true because people can always change and become better.

Oh, Alex. I love him so much (and am so glad and relieved that his trouble is over and he's okay now... at least until next season. You never know what can happen on this show).

12 Calories Don't Count When You're Stressed

There are a lot of times when calories don't count. Calories definitely don't count when you're on an eight-hour plus road trip, or when it's your birthday, or when it's Christmas (and the month leading up to it, of course), or when it's brunch every Sunday. Also during exams, just like this person suggested when they posted this meme.

We can all relate to wanting to just eat a lot, especially junk food, since we all have moments when that just seems like the best idea ever.

Izzie Stevens is one of those Grey's Anatomy characters who is no longer on the show, and fans might not have been a huge fan of her (or maybe she was one of your faves and were sad every time that you watched an episode, since she's not working at the hospital along with the other doctors). She was definitely a quirky feature on the show, though, and I have to give her that.

This scene about eating a ton of butter is pretty hilarious and instills some Izzie Stevens nostalgia in all of us Grey's Anatomy fans (no matter how things went down with Katherine Heigl leaving the show, which is totally famous by now).

11 Adulting Is Hard

This meme is so true for two reasons: adulting is hard and watching Grey's Anatomy is the greatest pastime ever. I would always rather watch a favorite show instead of dealing with bills or trying to meal prep or whatever else I have going on.

People might think that us fans should stop whining and complaining if they ever hear us say that we just want a few nights off in a row or a weekend free of plans and adult responsibilities. They might all be like, "Chill out, it's not that bad, these things happen, people have to go to the doctor and the dentist and cook a vegetable every once in a while."

Sure, they're right... well, kind of. Because when you're a huge fan of a TV show, you just want some free time so you can curl up on the couch and watch a bunch of episodes.

You want to ignore your adult responsibilities and any problems that you're dealing with right now. That's totally your right as a Grey's Anatomy fan and you should never let anyone tell you otherwise. They're wrong (and maybe they would get it if they had kept watching the show, which they should have done).

10 Every Single Episode

Before This Is Us started making people cry on a weekly basis, Grey's Anatomy was the show that fit into that category. From George O'Malley tragically passing away, to Izzie and Denny's paranormal romance, to all of the little and big things that happen in every scene, let alone every episode, this show hits us right in the feels.

This meme is me watching every single episode. I might start off in a super good mood because I'm watching a new episode of one of my favorite shows. There is really no greater feeling than that (well, I could have saved up a whole bunch of episodes, but since I love this show so much, I might not be able to wait). But by the halfway point—and definitely by the time that the end credits roll—well, it's a different story.

Us fans are hot messes, basically, and even if we're not typically criers in our daily lives, we cry a lot watching this show. What can we say? We can't help it and it's out of our control. We care about these characters so much and it's not our fault that they're always in such tragic situations. The tears just flow.

9 Big Decisions

Is this the life of TV doctor Cristina Yang or mine? I'm not sure... because it's like she read my mind or saw into my soul or something. We all go through this on a regular basis. It's a true dilemma.

Okay, sure, we're not all doctors. We have other types of jobs. But we can totally relate to this meme, especially when it comes to our weeknight and weekend routines. We all have those days where we're stressed out and have a ton of work, right? When we get home, it's 6 or 6:30pm and it's so tempting to just go ahead and go to bed. (Or take a nap. Is it really a nap when it's that late but it's too early for bed, so maybe it's a nap? Anyway, moving on from that tough question.)

It's tempting to skip our personal hygiene routine and go to bed super early, but that would also mean not eating dinner, and like Cristina Yang (aka one of the greatest TV characters that ever existed) we're hungry. Because we're always hungry.

If you're a real Grey's Anatomy fan, this meme should also bum you out because while it's so nice to be reminded of how much you adore Cristina Yang, we miss her so much and think it would be awesome if she came back onto the show.

8 Beware The Season Finale

Oh yes. So much yes here. There is nothing scarier than a season finale of Grey's Anatomy. There is literally nothing. If you're a fan of this series, then you know that the season finale is when stuff really and truly goes down.

Sure, crazy and wild and sad things happen in pretty much every episode of this show (and maybe you could even argue in every scene), but it's nothing compared to the season finale. Most shows have something big happen, like a wedding or high school graduation or a big breakup, depending on what kind of show it is, but it's really nothing compared to this show.

Shonda Rhimes doesn't mess around when it comes to Grey's Anatomy season finales, that's for sure.

If you watched every season finale in a row, that would be 14 very dramatic and/or super tragic episodes, so that doesn't sound like the greatest idea. I don't think that it can happen that. Once was probably more than enough (and we already cried buckets, whether we want to admit it or not). Here's hoping that the season 15 finale isn't too sad...  Although we know it most likely will be. That's just the way that this show works.

7 We're All Doctors Now

Just like people who watch a lawyer-themed show like The Good Wife and totally think that being a lawyer would be the greatest job ever, a lot of people have watched Grey's Anatomy and believed that this is what being a doctor is really like. Or they at least think that being a doctor would be a pretty awesome time (again based on this show).

Watching a show about TV doctors is definitely not the same as going to medical school or wanting to be a doctor.

I'm pretty sure that surgeons care more about their patients than dating other surgeons (although, yes, the characters on this show do care a lot about their patients).

None of this is news to any of us, of course, but it still bears repeating. It's so easy to hear that a friend is sick and feel like we're totally equipped to give them some medical advice because we're such big fans of this show. It's also a pretty common experience to read the news and see some crazy medical story, and think that it sounds like something straight out of Grey's Anatomy. That happens to me ALL the time. I always wonder if I could solve a medical mystery, all thanks to the work of Meredith and her friends. It's a thing.

6 Fans Forever

There are two kinds of people out there: fans of Grey's Anatomy and those who used to be fans of Grey's Anatomy. There is no one else. There is no in between. There also aren't a lot of people who have never seen it. So that leaves no other categories. Those two options are it.

You probably have a whole bunch of friends who no longer tune into this TV drama and wonder why we haven't given up on it, too. Because if there is one super true thing about this particular show, it's that a lot of former fans say it started lacking in quality after the fourth season or so, and they gave up. Or they stopped watching a few seasons ago for being on for so long.

Most people have seen the show and even loved it for a time, but a lot of people don't think that it feels like the old days anymore and no longer watch it. But not us fans. We're the biggest fans ever and we love it. We won't give up on it. So when a friend tells us to stop chatting about it, like this hilarious and super easy-to-relate to meme, we're all, "Sorry, no can do." And we proceed to talk about it to our heart's content (whether or not they're actually listening at this point).

5 It's Not?!

There are two types of people in this world: those who get super invested in television shows and think that the characters are real... and everyone else. It's clearly better to be in the first camp. Those are the best types of people since they know that TV is amazing and can feel so real. The rest, well, they just don't get it.

If you've ever talked a friend's ear off about this show, you've probably been told, "Calm down, it's not real, why do you care so much? Why are you getting so emotional? Wait, are you crying right now? We're just talking about the show. You're not even watching it..."

That's a common experience of being a Grey's Anatomy fan. But, hey, we can't help that we're so into this show. To us, the characters are real people, and they are basically our friends and co-workers...

Or maybe there are some people out there who act like they know them in real life. Or are doctors, too! Okay, so there are a lot of "ifs," but I still think that I could be besties with Meredith and co. We swear it's a thing that could happen. (Don't look at me like that. I'm serious.)

4 Good Times

This meme perfectly sums up the experience of watching Grey's Anatomy. No matter how you started watching the show—right when it premiered or maybe a few seasons late because a friend told us about it—we didn't expect things to get so real and so sad. We thought it would be an awesome medical drama...

Oh, we were so young and naive and innocent back then. It's pretty funny to think about how we felt when we watched the very first episode of this TV drama. We had no clue what we were getting ourselves into. We thought that the characters were good-looking and everyone was dating each other and so this would be a fun thing to watch.

Oops. (Double oops.) Instead, we're 14 seasons in and if one character hasn't said goodbye to the hospital and its (very good-looking, yes, that part was totally true) doctors, they have unfortunately and tragically passed away. It's crazy to think how many people are gone from this show. It must be more than any other show, right? Or maybe not. Maybe it just feels that way to us loyal fans who have been there from the pilot and are still watching (and still miss all the people who are gone).

3 Just Like Meredith

Us big time Grey's Anatomy fans can relate to this meme since Meredith Grey isn't the biggest fan of, well, people. She loves the people close to her, sure, but it's definitely no secret that she has some trouble opening up to new people. Whether that's a new doctor that just got hired or a potential love interest or someone that a friend introduces her to, she's got the same attitude: she needs a minute (or much longer than that) before she can even think about dealing with them.

It's not that she's mean per se. She's just been through a lot and seen more tragedy than most people ever do.

So if anyone ever says that we're shy or quiet or a combination of the two, I totally want to say that I'm just not super big on talking to them and I might not like them that much. Sorry, but some people are just mean and I don't want to deal with them, just like Meredith doesn't want to deal with most people.

I would definitely love to see Meredith find love again, though, even though I miss Derek and think that he was the best. I have a lot of conflicting emotions about this, okay?!

2 Japril Forever

Being a fan of something can be hard when a couple just won't stay together or refuses to reunite. There are certain couples that fans will ship until the cows come home and they don't care if the writers and producers are totally done with that storyline or don't think that it makes sense for these characters to be madly in love anymore.

According to the fans, this couple will always and forever be in love and they need to get back together ASAP and why are you breaking our hearts and keeping them apart?! What's going on?!

Okay. Let's slow down and take a deep, calming breath. Feeling better now? No? Of course  not... because Japril is not together anymore and it's the worst news ever!

We can all relate to this hilarious meme (which also makes us sad) because now that April and the actor who played her, Sarah Drew, are off the show, we have no hope of April and Jackson getting back together. They definitely should have never broken up in the first place and it has been so hard to see them dating other people or just being apart.

1 Happy Valentine's Day

Oh, Valentine's Day. It's a tricky, tough holiday. While some of us are fine with not being in a relationship, I totally love this day... I'd like to consider myself to be in a relationship with chocolate and this is pretty much chocolate's national holiday.

It's socially acceptable to eat our weight in candy and chocolate on this day, and who could argue with that? Talk about the greatest idea ever (well, until the stomachache sets in, but that's another story). The rest of us wish that we had someone special to share the special day with, and those of us who have someone might not even like this holiday since it can feel like there's a lot of pressure to be romantic.

See? There are a lot of feelings about February 14th.

This Grey's Anatomy meme sums up conflicting feelings about Valentine's Day: being cool with being single because dating can be hard and sometimes people are annoying... and wishing that we had someone special. Just like Callie, it's totally fine and normal to think both of these things at different times (or even at the same time).

Okay, now I miss Callie and wish that she was still on the show, which is another thing that fans of Grey's Anatomy can relate to. Sigh.

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