15 Gross Looking Foods That Actually Taste Amazing

Next time you get cornered into eating something that makes you want to heave. Try tasting it with your eyes closed and maybe, just maybe, you’ll have found your new favourite dish.

To a typical North American, nothing looks more appetizing than a burger or a pizza, but it’s important to try new things every once in a while. As we get older our tastes change and you never know what you could be missing out on!

Check out these 15 foods – they may not look so appetizing to the culinarily adventurous, but we guarantee you'll like what you taste!

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15 Baba Ganoush

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Baba Ganoush can either be the first or last thing you go for on a table display. It has a grey, gooey appearance that can make your lips curl with disgust. But don’t be fooled by this wet clump of cardboard – it’s actually delicious, especially when paired with pita bread.

14 Cottage Cheese

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Cottage cheese might resemble the product of a yeast infection, but there are definitely some pros to eating it. Not only is it rich in protein, fat, and vitamins, but it can be paired with salty or sweet foods to accommodate your food craving.

13 Caviar

Caviar can look intimidating if you’ve never tried it, and it should, because it’s more on the expensive side. If you put aside the fact that you are about to eat a couple hundred fish eggs, then you’ll find that it is quite the exceptional taste, especially when paired with sushi.

12 Octopus

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When coming face to face with tentacles, your stomach can take a turn for the worse, but if you close your eyes and take a bite, you might be happy you did so. Don’t let the tentacles get in the way of enjoying this delicious seafood.

11 Mussels

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Mussels can be quite the acquired taste – the "beards" that entangle the shell on the outside, and its resemblance to a huge booger on the inside, make this seafood worthy of our list. But don't hesitate to give them a try! When marinated in a tasty sauce, most can overlook its grotesque appearance.

10 Snails

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Snails, or as the fancy French restaurants like to call them, escargots, is definitely not something that most North Americans are comfortable with eating – you’re basically eating a small hermaphrodite insect-looking creature. But, add some garlic and cheese to it and forget all your worries – it tastes amazing!

9 Split Pea Soup

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Split Pea Soup isn’t the most appetizing dish, not only does it smell like human waste but it looks like it too. Contrary to its appearance, it’s actually quite nutritious, and you can even add ham to it.

8 Tapioca

via food.com

Tapioca can be seen as unappetizing, especially when it is favoured by an older crowd, and served at the hospital cafeteria. If the pudding form of tapioca grosses you out, you can always try it in bubble tea – it’s more visually appealing and tasty that way.

7 Truffles

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Truffles are a mushroom that emanates a distinctive aroma and taste, and they can only be reproduced in nature. This rare treat looks like a shrivelled potato and the sight of it might make you lose your appetite, but don’t be fooled, try it and it’ll be worth it.

6 Passion Fruit

via topfoodfacts.com

Passion fruit might look fun and colourful from the outside, but once opened, your opinion might change. It almost looks like someone cracked it open and sneezed in it, before gluing it back together.

5 Hummus

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If you’re not used to Lebanese cuisine, Hummus might just take you by surprise. Much like its cousin, Baba Ganoush, its strange consistency can be a turn off. But once you try it, it just might become your new favourite spread.

4 Tofu

via thestar.com

Tofu resembles a sponge more than anything; it’s white and many North Americans won’t even go near it. If you’re used to having tofu in your household, then you'll know that tofu has a wonderful, light flavour, which can be enhanced or paired with sauces and spices. Tofu also comes in various textures, making it a vegetarian's dream protein.

3 Risotto

via baketard.com

Risotto might taste amazing, but it’s definitely up there on the list of disgusting looking foods. Its gooey and clumpy appearance can easily make you regret your order – until you take your first bite.

2 Haleem

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Haleem is a Pakistani dish that consists of lentils and beef. It is slow-cooked for hours until it reaches a sticky consistency. If the look of it draws you away, its aroma will surely draw you right back in.

1 Buddha’s Hands

via bellalucce.com

Buddha’s hand is a citrus fruit. Its creepy hands can cause you to second guess eating it, but unlike its bitter cousin, the lemon, it is actually very sweet.

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