15 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Memes We Can't Stop Laughing At

The concept is so outrageous and hilarious, it's pretty much a meme-maker's dream come true!

Guardians of the Galaxy is probably one of funniest Marvel movies to date, right up there with Deadpool. It's pretty much impossible to get through the whole movie without laughing at least once. Even the concept makes people chuckle: a rag-tag team of "heroes" (thieves) that travel the galaxy challenging wannabe overlords to dance-offs, trick human-eating aliens with stuffed animals, and includes a walking tree only capable of saying three words and a much more vocal raccoon who likes to blow stuff up. Yeah...like we said, the concept is hilarious. It's pretty much a meme-maker's dream come true! It was incredibly difficult to narrow the list down to 15, but we managed to find only the best for you guys.

15 Guardians Of The What-Now?

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This is how my non-geeky friends feel whenever I manage to convince them to come to a Marvel movie with me. I know, I shouldn't be friends with them, but they do have other redeeming qualities. Usually it's because they are geeks but of a different fandom, like Game of Thrones or Percy Jackson. Yes, I get around the fandoms. Sue me.

Anyway, this was tripled when a friend and I went to X-Men: Days of Future Past and she hadn't seen any of the previous X-Men movies. I was shocked. How can you be a millennial (we were both between eighteen and twenty years old) and not see a single X-Men movie, even just on television! I ended up having to whisper the entire plot of previous X-Men movies just so she'd get all the significant emotional moments. Sucked the fun right out of it and I have learned a valuable lesson from that: don't do it again.

14 Shut Up

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I don't know whether I want to throttle the creator of this meme or give them a medal. On the one hand, it's hilarious. On the other hand, it's telling people to stop talking about Guardians of the Galaxy. I guess it depends on how serious they are. I, personally, shall never stop raving about Guardians of the Galaxy, and when Volume 2 comes out in May I shall rave even more! Mwah ha ha ha ha ha!

*Ahem.* So, yeah. I'm a fan. As you can probably guess by the compilation of fifteen memes followed by at least one paragraph of fangirl gushing. So if they're serious, they should dunk their head in a bucket of cold water and freeze themselves for seventy years, since that worked pretty well for Steve Rogers. But if they're not, then that's groot!

13 Rocket vs. Superman

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Aaaaand this is why Marvel is better than DC. It's not so much that Marvel movies tend to be funnier, although that is a part of it. (Logan doesn't look light-hearted at all, but I guarantee it's going to be better than Man of Steel.) Most of it comes down to characters and character development. DC characters are pretty black-and-white. Bad characters are bad, good characters are good. Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice blurred the lines a little bit, with Bruce Wayne taking a pretty sharp turn away from his no-kill policy. And Catwoman's always been morally ambiguous, as we saw in Dark Knight Rises. But for the most part, everyone else is pretty...boring. Compared to Marvel "heroes," who have have mercenaries and thieves alongside the Prince of Asguard and the not-so-morally-pure Captain America. Face it: Marvel's just better.

Disclaimer: the comic books don't count. I'm talking movies here.

12 Women Of The Galaxy

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Marvel doesn't have a leg to stand on for this one. After all, Wonder Woman is hitting theaters before Captain Marvel, which isn't scheduled to come out until 2019 and is the only movie in Marvel's Phase Three that centers on a woman. Black Widow and Scarlet Witch are only supporting roles in the Captain America and Avengers movies, and each of them have been reduced to little more than romantic interest in at least once of those films. (Black Widow + Hulk? Really???)

So, yes. A talking raccoon and a talking tree made it to the big superhero screen before a woman-driven storyline. Not that I'm bashing Rocket. He was one of the best parts of Guardians of the Galaxy and is probably my favorite character. I'm just disappointed in the franchise as a whole.

11 WTF, Rocket?!

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How drunk was Rocket that he went into an Earth beauty salon naked? I get why he was there: hair spray is extremely flammable. Obviously he wanted to grab half a dozen cans of the stuff, duct-tape them together with one of those warped lighter things, and voila! An extremely dangerous, dirty flamethrower. [Please, please don't try that at home. I'm not a chemist, but I'm pretty sure you'd be blown to kingdom come.] I don't know why he needed a hairspray flamethrower, nor do I particularly want to know. But that's the only reason Rocket would be in a beauty salon. And the only reason he'd be there nude is if he was very, very drunk. Which begs the question of where the rest of the crew are, and what the heck they're up to.

10 I Don't Always Go Nuts, But When I Do, I'm A Guardian

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Marvel really set us up for that one. Sure, the previous Phase Three movies could be a bit goofy at times, but overall they tended to be pretty straightforward and somewhat serious. Even the Iron Man trilogy's ridiculousness was limited to one or two characters, and dealt with some pretty heavy stuff like guilt, death by palladium poisoning, and PTSD. Deadpool hadn't made an appearance yet (that was 2016, GoG was 2014), and we were told that Guardians of the Galaxy would be a continuation of the series' plot-line leading up to Infinity Wars. So it made sense to expect Guardians of the Galaxy to stick to the tried-and-true formula.

Bttz! Wrong! If the talking tree didn't give us the hint, then we really should've been tipped off by the raccoon with a machine gun. That's not exactly the premise of a down-to-earth, serious movie.

9 Um...What?

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We take special effects so much for granted these days, we sometimes forget to ask how exactly did they do that? Most of the time we think computers or CGI, which is often the case. But you usually have to base those computer-created designs on a real, living being caught on camera. And apparently, they did Groot and Rocket by having a guy in a blue onsie walk around with a Groot head hat on his head and a stuffed raccoon on his shoulder. The creator of this meme is right: we really should get the chance to watch the entire movie like this. The fight scenes alone would be hilarious. I want to know how they did Baby Groot. Was that all CGI or did they have a Blue Man Group impersonator for that, too?

8 The Ultimate Crossover

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I am all for James Kirk exploring his sexuality across alien species, or anyone else, for that matter. But I'm going to have to burst his bubble: he wouldn't last ten seconds with Gamora. He's a very charming person and every Stark Trek geek attracted to men wants to get in his pants. But Gamora's just not going to happen. Chances are he'd end up too dead for McCoy to bring back and Spock would get to be captain of The Enterprise. Now, with Groot...he wouldn't last ten seconds with Groot, either. Mostly because he just would not be able to get it up, but also because trees just don't reproduce like that. Groot was naked for the entirety of Guardians of the Galaxy, and I didn't see anything but more twigs and branches down south.

7 Love At First Groot

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Close enough!

I would not be surprised at all if this was actually a super cheesy love code between a geeky couple. Seriously, every couple has its quirks. And many of them adopt lines from popular culture (The Princess Bride being the most common one). Marvel fans who've found true love with other Marvel fans would be very likely to model their relationship after Deadpool or Guardians of the Galaxy. "I am Groot" would be just a typical "Luv ya!" Like, "I'm going to the store, be back in about an hour." "Okay, sweetie. I am Groot!" "I am Groot, too."

And then for the more serious moments, like life-or-death kind of thing, they'd say "We are Groot." Because that one line was enough to bring tears to many a fan's eyes.

6 I Am Groot, And I Am High

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I do wonder...Baby Groot looks euphorically happy even in the teaser trailer. That could just be the beautiful innocence of childhood that Thanos is going to smash into a million pieces. Or it could be that someone (I'm looking at you, Rocket) has been slipping some pot in that pot. Considering how little he is, it wouldn't take much. Or maybe Groot is growing his own pot! He's a walking tree, after all, and capable of growing a bunch of plants on his body: flowers, vines, bushes...who's to say he can't grow a little marijuana on his fingers? And if that were true, then the Guardians wouldn't have to steal ever again. They just have to get Groot to adulthood, farm him, and head to Colorado. All their financial problems would be solved.

5 Makes Sense

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This is probably the funniest bit of dialogue in the whole movie, in part because of how refreshing it is from the standard "It's the right thing to do" like Captain America and Iron Man. Not that there's anything wrong with those two and the other Avengers' morals. They joined the team for the explicit reason to help people and save the world. The fact that they're some of the idiots who live in the world (sans Thor) is more of a happy coincidence. Compared to the Guardians, who are all amoral thieves/ex-killers who've learned to take care of only themselves to survive. And at the end of the day, this is still the only reason they'd risk their necks to save the galaxy. But they'd be willing to do it for each other, too.

4 Double Whammy!

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Why wait for Infinity Wars to bring Avengers and Guardians together when you can just make a text meme? And you know this is going to end up in the script somewhere. You put Rocket in the same room as Bucky, and there's no conceivable way that he wouldn't ask for the Winter Soldier's awesome shiny arm. I can't blame him. That arm is so cool (as Spider-Man would say). And then when Bucky realized that Rocket was just kidding, we'd end up with another Civil War in the middle of the Infinity War.

On the other hand, if this text conversation were to appear, Bucky would probably wonder just how high Steve is to be hallucinating about talking raccoons with genius I.Q.s. The Howling Commandos and Avengers have run into some pretty weird stuff, but that one takes the cake.

3 Everybody Wants To Rule The World... And Be Chris Pratt

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The real question is, who wouldn't want to be Chris Pratt? He leads a group of insane (and insanely awesome) superheroes on crazy adventures in space. In his spare time, he's the alpha of a pack of velociraptors who refuse to kill him even when the huge super-dinosaur tells them to. And he's a super rich actor. It's hard not to envy the guy!

Oh, and he works out like a boss. Apparently, when they decided to cast Chris Pratt for Guardians of the Galaxy, he wasn't required to lose any weight. It would've been just as funny - if not more so - to have an average-looking guy in the middle of this thing. But Pratt decided that he wanted to go through with it, so he said he'd lose 50 pounds before they started filming. He lost 60.

2 Parenting 101, As Taught By Rocket

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Well, they're in space, they're talking about explosions, the whole thing is a joke, and as any parent will tell you, kids make the ultimate super villains. I fail to see the problem here.

I'm actually really looking forward to Rocket and Groot's bromance in Volume 2. Way more than I'm looking forward to the romantic subplot between Gamora and Star Lord. (Stop flirting, start fighting, you guys.) Even though Rocket seemed to be the one calling the shots, Groot was the ultimate protector in the first Guardians of the Galaxy. Now that he's a reborn baby big enough to play with bombs, we're probably going to see Rocket's protective streak, for which I cannot wait. There are going to be a lot of bad guys getting blown up for trying to squash Baby Groot.

1 Parenting 101, As Taught By Star Lord

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Well, now we know where Rocket got his parenting lessons from. Honestly, one of the writers who is a dad must've just recorded a conversation he had with his kids, then replaced "toy" with "bomb" and tweaked as needed. The fact that Star Lord is the mature one in this situation is disturbing and terrifying. That Rocket is going to end up as the mature one in Volume 2 is even more so. Drax is just going to avoid the whole situation and focus on Star Lord's love life, and Gamora doesn't care what happens so long as they don't all die a horrible, fiery death. Which means they are so screwed.

Wait. If Star Lord fathered Rocket, and Rocket's going to father Baby Groot...that means Star Lord is the family grandpa!

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