15 Gut-Busting Times Steve Carrell Made Us LOL

There are few things that Steve Carell could not make funny. There's just something about the guy. Even if he's just staring deadpan into the camera, it takes a serious, contained effort to not pee your pants from laughing. From his time as a correspondent at The Daily Show to his hilarious roles in Hollywood movies like Crazy, Stupid, Love, to his portrayal of a crazy boss on The Office (a crazier than usual boss, that is), Carell has kept us laughing throughout his career. In movies like Foxcatcher and The Big Short, he's shown that his deadpan extends into serious dramatic talent, but our favourite Carell moments will always be his comedy, whether he's screaming expletives while getting is chest waxed on The 40-Year-Old Virgin or creating one of the greatest GIFs of all time by simply screaming "No!" on The Office. Here are 15 gut-busting times Steve Carrell made us LOL.

15 When he hilariously improvised impressions with Conan O'Brien

In this hilarious interview with Conan O'Brien, Steve Carell talks his beard and his birthday before cracking out some hilariously improvised impressions. When Conan asks Carell about the scruff he's sporting, Carell shrugs nonchalantly, admitting, "It's pretty sexy, yeah." Aside from the whole thirty-years-my-senior thing, I'd have to say I agree. The two then pivot from beards to birthdays, discussing Carell's upcoming 50th. "It's really only my body and my mind that feel 50," Carell jokes. To close, Conan asks Carell to do some on-the-spot impressions. From an unromantic Frenchman to a lobster fisherman calling 911 to a shy mobster, Carell shows off his inner chameleon, improvising hilariously accurate impressions while cracking up Conan and the audience (and occasionally, himself).

14 When he (actually) got his chest waxed for The 40-Year-Old Virgin

You know an actor is dedicated when they're willing to not only wax their chest for a role, but film the process and include it in the movie. For The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Steve Carell did just this, undergoing an actual chest waxing for the movie and catching the entire thing on film. Carell screams a wholesome variety of expletives throughout the process, and we're willing to bet that a lot of his reactions caught on tape were genuine. To top it all off, you just know that Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen's laughter in the background is a legitimate reaction to watching their costar's painful(ly hilarious) experience. From the woman waxing him calling him a pussy to Carell begging to the f*cked in the as*hole, this clip worth a watch for so many different reasons.

13 When he played Word Sneak with Jimmy Fallon

In this hilarious segment, Jimmy Fallon and Steve Carell are provided with less than typical words to try to work into their conversation, from pelvis to zucchini. The conversation pivots between topics faster than Kellyanne Conway, jumping from moose-watching in the woods to pet salamanders to fluffernutter television ads. Carell's deadpan makes even the most ridiculous of their conversation topics drop-dead hilarious, and eventually the actor decides to put his own spin on the game, trying to make Jimmy say his word instead of working it into the conversation himself. This segment is worth watching just to see Jimmy ramble through various exotic fruit names as Carell tries to tease the word "kumquat" out of him. Oh, and hearing Carell say "Anderson Cooper is moulting" is an added bonus (don't ask—watch).

12 When he and Kristen Wiig relived childhood cartoon trauma at the Golden Globes

If Steve Carell is involved, you know it's going to be funny, but add Kristen Wiig to the mix and there's no way you won't be laughing. In this hilarious skit during Carell and Wiig's introduction of Best Animation at the Golden Globes, Wiig asks Carell about his first memory of an animated film, and gets a decidedly more depressing answer than expected. Carell tells her about the wonder of seeing Fantasia in theatres for the first time, and the surprise of learning about his parents' divorce in the theatre lobby right afterwards. Wiig then tops Carell's sob-story with one of her own, telling the audience about the day she saw Bambi (and put her dogs down, and last saw her grandpa, and stopped speaking for two years). Masters of the deadpan, these two keep completely straight faces throughout the hilariously ridiculous skit, but I guarantee you'll be laughing.

11 When he hilariously broadcasted the news in Bruce Almighty

In this hilarious clip from Bruce Almighty, Steve Carell's character is controlled by Jim Carrey's (who has been temporarily granted God's powers) while he's broadcasting the news, and what ensues is priceless. "The Prime Minister of Sweden visited Washington today and my tiny little nipples went to France," Carell deadpans to the camera as Carrey makes some alterations to the teleprompter script. Carrey's character then forces Carell to utter complete nonsense for a good minute straight, which Carell carries out with a completely straight face, vocalizing what sounds like a mixture of a dog barking and a singer's vocal chords warmup while staring with dead eyes into the camera. Another example of Carell's deadpan mastery, this clip is ageless, still hilarious more than ten years later.

10 When he made himself into a pin cushion in Get Smart

No one does over-the-top reactions better than Steve Carell, and in this clip from Get Smart, he does not disappoint. Playing a goofy spy attempting to cut his wrist ties with a miniature crossbow in an airplane restroom (as one does), Carell manages to pierce his cheek, nose, ear, toe and butt cheek in the process. Grunting phrases like, "I gotta get that out," and "Son of a hamster," and "That's in there" (while in a restroom, if you remember), he draws the eyes of many curious onlookers from outside the bathroom, including his partner in crime, played by Anne Hathaway. Slowly making a pin cushion of himself, his character does not seem capable of learning that aiming a crossbow at yourself with your mouth is probably not the best idea.

9 When he talked dating on Ellen

In this hilarious interview, Steve Carell discusses his past dating experiences with Ellen. He starts with the story of how he and his wife of 20 years met, revealing that they actually first got acquainted when he was still doing improv comedy at The Second City in Chicago. He tells the audience about how he'd go across the street to the bar she worked at and find excuses to talk to her, dancing around (very far around) asking her out for weeks before he actually worked up the nerve to do it. He then talks with Ellen about the origins of his shyness around women (Aww, Stevie), tracing his nervousness back to the first time he ever asked a girl out in the eighth grade. Carell says that he called her up at home and asked her if she wanted to go to a movie. And, in fairytale fashion, she replied, "I really don't want to do that." Oh, poor Steve. We're betting that girl is really kicking herself now.

8 When he discussed chest waxing with Graham Norton

In this interview, Carell reveals the intimate details behind the chest waxing scene from his film The 40-Year-Old Virgin. As mentioned above, he actually got his chest waxed for the film. As Carell reveals to Norton, one of the actors got so disgusted with the waxing that he actually had to leave the room during the filming process, which is why Romany Malco's character exits the clip in the actual movie. Carell also talks about how the woman who was cast to wax his chest lied during auditions, claiming that she had experience with chest waxing (when in reality, this meant she had once waxed her boyfriend's back). As a result, Carell almost lost a nipple during the filming process. Talk about committed to the job.

7 When he scared, and was scared by Ellen DeGeneres

In this clip, Steve Carell discusses the art of scaring with Ellen (who is famous for her habit of scaring the bejesus out of her guests). They show video of the last time Carell was on the show, when he'd crept on stage, out of Ellen's view, and jumped up behind her, screaming her name and making her visibly jump in her seat (and Ellen is hard to scare). For revenge, during this visit to Ellen's show, Ellen hid in Carell's dressing room and leapt out at him when he entered his bathroom. After Ellen shows the video of the scare during the interview, Carell admits that he had actually prepared a sort of re-revenge of his own, planning to fake a heart attack if Ellen tried to scare him, but, probably for the best, he opted out of this plan in the end (I would probably have a heart attack if I thought I'd killed Steve Carell).

6 When Ricky Gervais took back his Emmy from Steve (which Steve had stolen the year before)

In this bit from the Emmy Awards, Ricky Gervais decides to take back his Emmy from Steve Carell. For those of you weirdos who don't follow Steve Carell news on a daily basis, here's some background: both Gervais and Carell had been nominated for Best Actor the year before, but Ricky had been unable to attend. When Gervais won, the presenters, Stephen Colbert and and Jon Stewart (and friends of Carell) decided to give the Emmy to Steve. So, Steve babysat Gervais's Emmy for a year, and, from the look of this clip, got just a wee bit attached. At the next year's Emmy Awards, Gervais takes the stage and pesters Carell, telling him to give back his award. "Look at his stupid face," he jokes of Carell, eventually descending to the floor and getting right in Steve's face. The entire time, Carell stares with the perfect deadpan at Gervais, his face an expressionless mask. Even when Ricky is inches away from Carell's face, Carell doesn't give up the Emmy, staring defiantly at Gervais. Eventually, Carell caves and pulls the Emmy out from under his seat, but for this hilarious deadpan performance alone, we think Carell deserves his own Emmy.

5 When he and Jimmy Fallon filmed a segment using only mannequin arms

In this hilarious clip from The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon and Carell reminisce about their (fake) time as costars on a (fake) Canadian soap opera about a suit shop. Fallon reveals that Carell was a bit difficult to work with, given the fact that he was unwilling to use his own arms during filming. "In my defence, my arms are extremely delicate," Carell explains. Apparently, on this (fake) show, the director made everyone use prosthetic arms during filming in efforts to make Steve feel more comfortable, much to Jimmy's (fake) annoyance. When Carell insists that no one was able to tell the difference on the show in the end, Fallon decides to show a (fake) clip and let the audience decide for themselves. Needless to say, watching Carell and Fallon (and eventually, "Suit & Tie" expert Justin Timberlake) gesticulate with mannequin arms is hilarious in every way possible.

4 When he gave a very suggestive acceptance speech at the Peoples' Choice Awards

In this clip from the 2010 Peoples' Choice Awards, Steve Carell delivers a rather suggestive acceptance speech, playing a game of 'That's What She Said' with the audience. "Wow! I cannot believe it. This is much bigger than I thought it would be," Carell says, starting off with a bang (ahem) and getting into the dirty work (ahem) right away. He continues to pile on the double entendre throughout the duration of the speech, telling the audience, "I'm going to go home and I'm going to find a special pace to put this." As the audience chuckles, he continues, "I wanted this so bad I could taste it." For his big finish (ahem), he closes with, "This is a true honour and I'm glad I came."

3 When he gifted us this beautiful GIF

There are few GIFs that everyone on Earth can identify with, but the GIF that this scene from The Office spawned is one of them. In this clip, Carell's character, Michael Scott, reacts to the unannounced return of a hated coworker (Toby) who he'd thought had left the company for good. When he's told by another one of his coworkers that Toby is returning, Scott laughs it off as a joke, only to turn around and run directly into his nemesis. When he sees him, in characteristic Michael Scott fashion, he is unable to withhold his disgust, screaming "No!" and "No, God!" multiple times right into Toby's face, before letting loose one final "Nooooooooo!" For anyone who has ever had to deal with something they hated (2016?), this clip resonates on so many levels.

2 When he and Stephen Colbert played waiters getting nauseated by food

Back in the days before Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell were household names, they starred together on "The Dana Carvey Show." In this hilarious skit, they team up to play waiters who get nauseated by food, which may sound weird (and it is), but it's also strangely hilarious. As they read out the specials to the restaurant diners, they are visibly nauseated, gagging and barely able to get out the names of the dishes without dry heaving. When the customers finally decide to skip dinner (I wonder why?) and just have water, Colbert and Carell are visibly relieved. However, as they pour the water, the diners ask for bread as well, at which point they both almost lose their lunch again, splashing the water they'd been pouring for the customers onto their faces for relief.

1 When he improvised a job interview to be a Hooter's waitress

In this hilarious bit, Ellen puts Steve's improvisational comedy skills to the test, asking him to interview for an unknown job with her. Both she and the audience are aware that the job Steve is actually interviewing for is that of a Hooter's waitress, but Steve has no clue. Completely blind as to what job Ellen's questions actually refer to, Steve hilariously improvises his way through the interview as Ellen gets raunchier and raunchier. "What is your best asset on your body?" she asks him in the middle of the interview, to which Steve, unfazed, responds, "I have wonderful shaved legs and my booty has been spoken of highly in various circles." Even when he has no idea what he's talking about, Steve Carell is hilarious.

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