15 Guys We Totally Forgot That J-Lo Dated

Jennifer Lopez, singer, actress, fashion designer, dancer, and producer, has been married and divorced three times, but who actually cares about her love life, right? I mean, because she’s an awesome artist, and we totally love each one of her projects.  What’s wrong about having so much love to give? What’s wrong with dating younger folks? Nothing and J-Lo certainly knows it. Jennifer Lopez love life is always surprising us. Whether she’s dating any of her hot dancers or whether she’s seeing a movie star, she really knows what kind of man she needs. J-Lo is a free soul, and we are happy that when it comes to her love life, she doesn’t give an actual F about what other people say. We need more like her!

15 Her First Love

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Do you remember your first true love? Oh, sure you do. Everyone has had that special sweetheart from high school. It’s just something that happens once in a lifetime. Even though sometimes these stories can get funny or even embarrassing, nobody can deny puppy love is a cute thing in life. Do you remember how cool you felt about having a “totally grown up relationship”? Awww, see? It’s cute. Even if you didn’t have a sweetheart in high school, you totally had a crush. Right? Don’t feel bad, that also counts. We know Jennifer Lopez is everything we will always want to be. She's hot AF, she dances incredibly well, and she also had an amazing love story. She started dating David Cruz when she was just 15 years old and the couple remained together for ten years! This is quite a long time! I’m sure they have beautiful memories of their time together because J Lo has said that he probably knows her better than anyone else.

14 Backup Dancer Number 1: Chris Judd

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Chris Judd and Jennifer Lopez met while he was directing the music video for her song My Love Don’t Cost A Thing back in 2000. It’s not a secret how J Lo feels about dancers, and sure, they made a cute couple. Actually, any couple that has Lopez on one side is definitely a hot couple. Don’t you agree? After having a brief romance the couple got married in 2011, but unfortunately, it didn’t work and they ended signing the divorce less than one year later. Fame is hard, and being in the spotlight was a bit hard for Chris Judd. You know,  it seems he just wasn’t really ready for all the media that comes with a big name like Jennifer Lopez. To be honest, I don’t think anyone is ever ready to be haunted by paparazzi 24/7.

13 If He Had Her Love

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I really feel bad for Drake, he literally doesn’t stop suffering from love. I mean, I love his music, but poor guy. He’s always going from the frying pan into the fire when it comes to his love life. It’s actually weird because we know girls like him, right? I mean, I would date him if he asks me to. Anyway, we don’t know why Drake’s love life is always so miserable. Maybe he prefers to have this inspirational muse rather than have a solid relationship, and if this is the case, J Lo was a pretty good muse choice. Early this year, J Lo admitted they were dating and sure they made a lovely couple. Unfortunately, this just lasted a couple of months, and we just have one cute Instagram photo to prove it. Some sources said he was very happy with Lopez, but unfortunately he was still thinking about Riri. Uhmmm. Ok Drake, we get that you can’t stop idealizing women! Anyway, the best thing about this short love affair is that Drake sampled Jennifer Lopez’s epic If You Had My Love in his song Teenage Fever, which is included in his last album, More life. That track is dope!

12 The Ultimate Latin Husband

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Oh my, this is absolutely my favorite J Lo love combo. They used to make such an amazing couple, a completely Latin power bomb. I mean, both are extremely talented musicians and a totally amazing combo when they're together. It was just meant to be. They met in 1998 when J Lo was performing the Broadway musical The Capeman, and the first Marc Anthony’s words to her were “one day you are going to be my wife” It seems like he’s a very determined man because eight years later they were getting married. After many years together and two adorable twins, the hot couple confirmed their separation in 2011. The good thing about these two is that they’re still doing music together, and that is great because when they join forces we can be pretty sure it is going to be awesome!

11 Backup Dancer Number 2: Casper Smart

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We know that Jennifer Lopez has this thing for dancers, and who are we to blame her? Dancers are hot, and let’s not forget that J Lo is an incredible dancer too. Actually, her career started like that, and each one of her presentations and videos prove that she is great at dancing! This couple met when Casper Smart was one of her backup dancers. But apart from being one of the Jennifer Lopez lucky exes, he has also toured with artists like Nicki Minaj and Sean Paul. Besides, he has worked as an actor for shows like Glee, So You Think You Can Dance, The X Factor, and in movies such as Step Up: 3D and Alvin & The Chipmunks: The Squeakel. They started dating right after she divorced Marc Anthony in 2011. The couple had this on and off love story for nearly five years, but it seems they had an amicable break up in 2014.

10 The Criminal BF

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Do you know what Madonna, Naomi Campbell, Sofia Vergara and Jennifer Lopez have in common? Yes, they all have dated this man. Chris Paciello grew up in Brooklyn, and by the age of 15 was already a former criminal! When he was just a teenager he was stealing radio cars, and then cars. Then in 1992, while J Lo was pursuing her dance career, he was robbing banks! I guess at least once in a lifetime we are into bad boys. Don't you think? At some point of his life, Paciello moved from Staten Island to Miami to clean up his past, and to start all over again. It was there where he became one of the richest business men in the city, and also where he met all the rich and famous. His story is quite alarming, and that is exactly why we are happy that he didn’t get too far with J Lo.

9  Diddy When He Was Still Puff Daddy

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Believe it or not, during the early 2000s, Sean Combs was dating Jennifer Lopez. Yes, the Harlem born and raised rapper met J Lo while she was working on her first album. Diddy quickly got her heart, but the romance didn’t last for long. To be honest, I think this couple had a huge potential. Unfortunately, the bad boy was probably too bad for her, and they split after an awful incident. In December of 1999, he was involved in a shooting that took place at a nightclub in New York City. The bad news is that Jennifer was with him, and both got arrested. The good news is that charges against Jen were dropped the same day. Crazy, huh? Probably that was the time when J Lo learned that dancers were a wiser choice.

8 The Weird Hollywood Affair

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In case you don't know who Wesley Snipes is, the first thing you need to know is that at some point of his life, he dated Jennifer Lopez. Ok, that being said, we can keep introducing this man. When he is not doing martial arts, Wesley Snipes is an actor and film producer. One of his most important roles is Blade, from the Blade film Marvel trilogy. Very cool, huh? Lopez and Snipes met in 1994 as they were co-stars in the movie Money Train. They started dating from November 1994, and lasted until March 1995. She was around 25 years old when this happened. I know, another short romance which is actually a little bit weird. We are not really sure what the exact deal was but whatever magic existed between them dissipated pretty fast.

7 They Almost Make It To The Altar

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Although her marriage with Marc Anthony made so much more sense, it’s quite beautiful to think what could have happened between Jennifer Lopez and the Oscar winner Ben Affleck. Although she affirms it was genuine love, this huge Hollywood romance lasted just two years, and it is pretty sad because they used to look so adorable together. But why did they break up just before their wedding? Actually, no one really knows because the couple decided to keep it all under wraps. There were some rumors about J Lo not being completely happy with Affleck’s constant casino trips. Anyway, after their relationship, they both had the opportunity to start a family, and nearly 13 years since their separation, it seems that they have good feelings for each other.

6 Another Weird Romance: The Sony Music Edition

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Did you know that at some point Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey were struggling in the same love triangle? I mean, this happened ages ago, but since then, the relation between these two singers has not been the best one. In 1998 J Lo was divorcing from Ojani, and that same year, Tommy Mottola, the Italian-American Sony Music producer was also finishing his marriage with Mariah Carey. Rumors of a possible romance between the famous exec and Jennifer Lopez were never confirmed, but the fact that Carey left Sony Music because Mottola was investing a lot into Jennifer’s career, it’s a sort of a confirmation, right? However, this short love affair didn’t get too far. In case you wonder, Tommy Mottola, known for working with artists like Shakira and Gloria Estefan, is now happily married with the Mexican singer Thalía.

5 Another Hot Dancer Joins This List: Maksim Chmerkovskiy

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The 34 year old Ukranian-American Dancer met Jennifer Lopez through Tony Dovolani, her Dance With The Stars partner. Rumors about a possible romance started when Maksim showed up at her birthday party last year. Even though they always avoided awkward questions about their status, we all know that something was going on. They are both extremely good looking people after all. Especially because we know how much Jennifer Lopez likes dancers! However, these rumors didn’t last for long, and it seems like Maksim and J Lo were both focused on different things. Although he once said that he was ready to start a family and settle down, he probably wasn’t the right candidate for Jen. I guess they both wanted different things from life. Sorry, Maks!

4 Brazilian Co-star? Check!

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Jennifer Lopez and Rodrigo Santoro met when they were co-stars in What To Expect When You’re Expecting. You saw this one coming, right? When they were told to keep hands off each other during the filming, Santoro said to Fox News “ She is Puerto Rican, I’m Brazilian, we touch, we hug, we kiss” Well, I guess that’s a good way to put it. Rodrigo Santoro, who is already a huge celebrity in Brazil, got some attention at film festivals, and even though he wasn’t looking for a Hollywood career, he has had some important roles in movies like 300, and in TV shows like Lost. Even though nothing came out from this rumor, we are happy that these two got the chance to kiss and touch. Well, at least during the filming! Well done, Jen!

3 We Don't Like Him

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Believe it or not, this guy was once married to the one and only Jenny From The Block. It was a very quick marriage, though. Uhmm, why are we not so surprised? Ojani Noa was the first man to make it to the altar with Jen, but sadly for him, their marriage lasted less than a year. We don’t like this dude for one single reason. Many years after they divorced, he came up with this greedy idea about making a documentary about their relationship. Weird huh? Well, Noa was planning to cash on her fame by publishing a book with photos of them. A documentary about their super quick marriage was apparently a great way to make easy money, What a d**ck! After a three-year court battle, J Lo was finally able to stop him. Phew!

2 Second Hollywood Star Affair

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In 2011, after her divorce with Marc Anthony, these two were spotted having dinner in New York. Some sources said that they were in touch for a couple of months, and Cooper seemed very into her. For some reason, it didn’t work, and we know what happened after this short affair. Casper Smart appeared on the scene, and the rest is history. I think we all agree that Jennifer Lopez and Bradley Cooper could have been a very attractive Hollywood couple. To be honest, I think Cooper was more fun than Casper. I mean, maybe Casper is an awesome dancer, but Bradley did The Hangover trilogy! Let’s be honest. What can be cooler than that? Jen, you know I’m usually on your side, but I’m not sure about this one.

1  J Rod

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In case you don’t know, or you didn’t remember. Someone has got J Lo’s heart and his name is Alex Rodríguez. They have been dating for a couple of months now, but their official debut as a couple was at the 2017 Met Gala last May. I don’t know about you, but they seem like a very solid couple. It’s the first time that we see Jennifer Lopez with a sportsman, and it looks like they fit perfectly. J Lo has said that she feels very lucky right now, and Rodriguez is apparently extremely happy because she loves baseball! It looks like they are on a completely different level relationship. Their kids get along incredibly fine, and they seem like a pretty mature couple. Let’s see what happens with them, but we really hope we’re getting more of this couple because they are just adorable! Congratulations to J Rod, or should I say A Lo?

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