15 Han Solo Memes That Show Why He's Earned His Own Movie


When The Walt Disney Company took over the Star Wars franchise from Lucasfilm Ltd. in 2012, many wondered how that would effect the fate of the beloved film series. The company has had a stellar career making family friendly entertainment of all kinds. But could they seamlessly keep the Star Wars universe intact with enough credibility to please the rabid fanbase?

They approached the mammoth-sized responsibility with enthusiasm as they projected one new Star Wars movie every year for the past three years. 2015's The Force Awakens, 2016's Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and 2017's The Last Jedi have kept the fans happy and the movies rolling.

That's why 2018's Solo: A Story Wars Story has us all so excited. He's one of the best characters from the original trilogy with arguably one of the best sidekicks ever. The original films only dropped hints about his swashbuckling, space pirate-like background. There's still much to learn about everyone's favorite smuggler who made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs.

There might be a few spoilers in here if there are those who haven't seen all the movies yet, so be warned. Here are 15 memes to remind us all why Han Solo is so cool, that he actually survived being frozen in carbonite.

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15 Solo dreams

Via: me.me.com

I've seen this meme done with the Keanu Reeves looking dude with the 'whoa' face having this same realization. This one is better because when a meme can hit more than one cultural drop in one swing, someone was being pretty clever. If there's any other character that Harrison Ford is associated with, it would be the prototype archaeologist-adventurer himself.

So to tie the two together with the suggestion that one is the dream of the other is hilarious. Although, with this premise, Indiana Jones is the dream state of the "real" Han Solo. Because Han Solo secretly dreams of being an Earth human who is frequently chased around by giant rolling balls of stone.

That doesn't make much sense. Then again, in the world of memes, making sense is secondary to making a joke. Plus, I've never been frozen in carbonite. Looks painful. The real reason Han Solo got frozen in carbonite was because Harrison Ford was uncertain if he wanted to continue playing the character past The Empire Strikes Back. George Lucas didn't want to off the character outright, so they devised the frozen plot device to keep him on ice in case they wanted the return of Han Solo.

14 Carl Solo

I love it when universes collide. Making the jump from the TV world of The Walking Dead to the cinematic universe of Star Wars is brilliant. It's a nod to just how big the franchise truly is. Even in a zombie apocalypse, the survivors not only know who Han Solo is, they know the actor who plays him, too.

Makes sense since they have generators, so they still have electricity. Which means that they could still watch movies. And, of course, Star Wars would be on anyone's viewing list. Especially when you're trying to distract yourself from the hungry zombies.

This sequence of pictures has been meme'd extensively, with the idea of Rick earnestly trying to explain something to Carl (sometimes spelled in a southern drawl of 'Corral') who just doesn't seem to get it.

The actual joke here, as corny as it may be, is kind of clever. I've seen a lot of attempts at humor that revolve around playing off the 'Solo' part of his name, but this one works.Particularly when it's combined with the look on Rick's face that just pleads, 'Son, you NEED to understand this wisdom. It's funny and clever. Get it? Corral?' Corral never gets it.

13 Taken Solo

Another play on the 'Solo' part of this character's name. The first shot being from the original Star Wars movie when the audience was introduced to the nefarious space smuggler. The second shot is from Return of the Jedi, a movie that Harrison Ford was uncertain whether or not he would even be a part of after filming The Empire Strikes Back. As recently as 2010, Ford was on record saying that they should have written off his character. But he joked about how Star Wars creator, George Lucas, once remarked that he didn't think there was any future in selling toys of Han if Han was gone.

It shows just how hyper-aware the producers of the Star Wars franchise are about where a lot of their money comes from.

Ford obviously underestimated the amount of love that the fans have for his character. He probably didn't even foresee the stand-alone Solo movie on the horizon when was making those comments. Luckily for the fans, Lucas convinced Ford to continue playing Han Solo. Considering that Han ends up marrying Princess Leia Organa, it was crucial for the character to remain part of the storyline. Besides, could you imagine never seeing the Millennium Falcon, or even Chewie, after The Empire Strikes Back? Unthinkable.

12 Solo Ross

This is probably my favorite on this whole list. Some might not get this joke if they haven't been exposed to the wonder that is Bob Ross. He was the host of the long running PBS show, The Joy of Painting. He had a very distinct onscreen presence that was both cheerful and calming.

This was a direct result of his time spent in the military, after which he vowed to never yell or raise his voice again. He developed a quick-painting technique for landscapes and mountains so he could sell his art during brief daily work breaks. One of his catchphrases was painting, 'happy little trees' that inhabited his works.

If you can't tell, that's Harrison Ford's face photoshopped onto Bob Ross's body. I'm sure you got the Millennium Falcon reference, but now you definitely get the 'happy little' part. The birthday wish is random. There's at least one person who's reading this on their birthday, so this one's just for you, cupcake!

I get a giggle anytime someone does a face-swap. It's a cheap laugh, but somehow makes this joke work on a level that would only make sense in meme-land. Although I'm not sure how he got that level of detail with that big ol' brush!

11 Solo Co-op

Julia Miele

Are we tired of the jokes about his name being 'Solo' yet? Of course we aren't. This one is for all the gamers out there. Those of you who've never picked up a controller might not know, but 'Co-op' stands for 'Cooperative game play'. Aha! Now you get it. Chewie is his gamer buddy. Han Solo, by himself. Han Co-Op with Chewbacca. I didn't say it was a good joke, but it works. And as a gamer, the reference makes sense. You don't share your games with just anybody. That kind of randomness typically only exists in online multiplayer.

When your game offers you a 2-player option, you usually pick one of your best gamer buddies to back you up.

Co-op is not for relying on strangers. That's why this joke brings a subtle smile to my face. Who is Han Solo's best buddy in the world? Why, it's the walking fur-ball, Chewbacca! According to an interview with creator, George Lucas, the Wookie was inspired by his dog, Indiana (who also lent his name to another famous Harrison Ford character). "He was the prototype for the Wookie. He always sat beside me in the car," Lucas stated. "He was big, big bear of a dog."

10 Solo Eastwood

Via: 9gag.com

This creation rocks on a few levels. There's the obvious play on the Clint Eastwood western classic, The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly. If you haven't seen that film, you must. It's Clint at his western-y best. Then, there's the inclusion of bounty hunter Boba Fett. When you're the one responsible for delivering a frozen Han Solo to the evil Jabba the Hutt, you definitely qualify as "the bad." Lastly, there's The Wookie. The punchline that makes this set-up work so well.

Since the Han Solo movie was conceptualized as a 'space western', it's not too far of a jump to imagine the characters in a classic western setting. So you might as well choose one of the best settings there are.

The orange and black motif is a rip from a classic poster laid out in a similar three box setting. It originally showed Clint Eastwood as "the good," Lee Van Cleef as "the bad" and Eli Wallach as "the ugly."

It's reminiscent of a color scheme that was adopted by contemporary artist, Shepard Fairey. He has gained a wide audience with his 'Andre the Giant has a posse' (OBEY)' sticker and art campaigns. Although this particular piece is not a Fairey, the influence is hard to miss.

9 Solo Fridge

Via: imgur.com

As an actual product, this is probably one of the coolest ones ever created. See what I did there? This is an obvious reference to the famous scene where Han Solo is frozen in carbonite. That's what happens when Jabba the Hutt places a bounty on your head. They could have just handcuffed him and handed him off to the bounty hunter, Boba Fett! But then we wouldn't have gotten that gnarly freezing scene that turns our anti-hero into a frozen pop-tart. I wonder if this is just good Photoshop, or if you could actually buy this frozen Solo fridge.

There doesn't seem to be a real refrigerator cast into the mold of a frozen Harrison Ford.

Maybe you can buy fridge-sized stickers that give the illusion that you're using a frozen space smuggler's body to keep your sodas chilled. Nothing gruesome about that concept at all! For the record, the carbonite seen in the Star Wars universe is a fictitious metal. However, there is a real-life substance also known as carbonite. Made from nitroglycerin, wood meal, nitrate and some sulfur, it was one of the earliest and most successful coal-mining explosives. Packing Han Solo in that kind of carbonite would have blown the whole thing.

8 Paid Solo

This one breaks the bubble between Harrison Ford the actor and Han Solo the character. It's no secret that, as an actor, Harrison Ford has moved on from his Star Wars persona. It's understandable, as the thespian has a wide range of awards and movies to his credit. No actor wants to be type-cast or known for only a single character. And while Ford has managed to avoid the trap of being re-cast as the same type of character, he will never be able to escape his association with Han Solo.

And, as this exchange with talk show host, Jimmy Fallon, proves, all it took was a paycheck with the right amount of zeroes. Only then would Ford get over any hesitations he may have had at reprising his role as the feisty space scoundrel.

Most of the banter you see on talk shows is pretty much scripted out beforehand. Harrison's seemingly off the cuff retort was certainly a good zinger that was professionally tee'd up by Fallon. But I suspect that he has a little more love for the character that essentially launched his career. While he was a working actor prior to Star Wars, it is the space-fantasy swash-buckler that cemented him as leading man material.

7 Solo Ramsay

This time, we're making a play on Han Solo's furry side-kick, Chewbacca. As referenced numerous times in the movies, he also answers to "Chewie." Which sets up the joke here for an enraged Gordon Ramsay to berate one of the unfortunate contestants in Hell's Kitchen. The English chef turned-television personality has made a name for himself past his cooking expertise. He is mostly recognized for his cleverly worded tirades when he's having a bad day in the kitchen.

Unfortunately, there is no actual record of Ramsay saying this particular quote.

Which is a real shame, because if you've ever heard him go off the rails on one of his contestants, this level of scathing insult combined with witty wordplay is classic Gordon Ramsay. However, I'm going to deduct two logic points on this joke. Since Chewbacca is the co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon, Han Solo really never has to try and get him onboard the ship. He might have to lay down some cover fire to fend off some Stormtroopers, but Chewie is usually quite willing to get on board. He also likes to stick his head out the window like a dog, but they don't show that in the movie.

6 Regular Dude Solo

Via Imgur

Star Wars fans can be, let's say, over-zealous in their pursuit of facts about their favorite fictitious universe. This meme lays out some knowledge that might not have dawned on the average Star Wars aficionado, though.

Let's break this down a bit and examine it closer. After Return of the Jedi (1983), we know that Princess Leia is actually Luke Skywalker's sister and she ends up having eyes for Han Solo. With the release of 2015's The Force Awakens, we are informed that the two have since married and had a son by the name of Ben Solo. Their son becomes a major plot character in 2017's The Last Jedi as the highly conflicted Kylo Ren.

Despite technically being royalty, we never hear Han referenced at Prince Han Solo, even though Leia is still known as Princess Leia Organa. In fact, since Leia's parents have perished, she should be Queen Leia Organa. So no King Han Solo is ever named either. All because Darth Vader blew up Princess Leia's home planet of Alderaan. Does Han Solo mind? Of course not, because Han Solo is just a regular dude. With a Wookie for a co-pilot, a Princess/Queen for a wife, and a Jedi Master for a best friend. Just a regular dude.

5 Solo Hipster

It'll never get old making fun of hipsters. The term is a generic name for anyone who takes themselves and their pursuits way too seriously. They value being on the cusp of new things before the rest of society catches on. For some reason, it brings the hipsters a sense of smug joy to be into something before you were. Somehow, in the hipster's brain, this makes them cool. When it really only makes them kind of jerky. The phrase "you've probably never heard of it" has become a well known thing for hipsters to say.

It's typically preceded by name-dropping something the hipster thinks is incredibly "vintage" or "underground."

Something that the hipster immediately assumes you couldn't have possibly known about because, well, you're you. And you're clearly not as cool as the hipster. Fashion-wise, it doesn't take a lot to be a hipster. A pair of unnecessary glasses adds the pretentious look of trying to appear clever. It's mostly about the snobby attitude, though. That's all it took to turn one of the coolest cats in the Star Wars universe into the guy that you'd rather avoid at the Starbucks. You know those venti iced frappuccino's you love so much? Yeah, he was into those way before you were.

4 True Neutral Solo

Via nme

Where are my Dungeons and Dragons peeps? That's where I and many other fantasy-minded youth learned about the table of alignments. Your alignment signifies your character's ethical and moral stance. There are nine categories ranging from Lawful Good to Chaotic Evil.

True Neutral exists right smack dab in the middle of the chart. A neutral character doesn't feel strongly about any alignment, which is where the character of Han Solo started. The quote there is from the 1977 original, Star Wars: A New Hope. Fans will remember that Han was introduced as a space smuggler for hire. His assistance was requisitioned more for his super fast ship than for his association with the rebel resistance.

Han Solo obviously came around quickly enough, becoming one of the more important elements of the alliance against the empire. He would best be categorized as Chaotic Good. A Chaotic Good character does what's necessary to bring about change for the better, disdains bureaucratic organizations, and places a high value on freedom. Chaotic Good characters often have good intentions, but their methods are out of sync with the rest of society. Throw in a Wookie, and that's the Han Solo we all love.

3 Hand Solo

Via: me.me.com

Clever word play is one of the foundations of a good meme. Whether this qualifies as clever wordplay is debatable, but once again, we get a joke that plays upon Han Solo's name. What ups the ante a bit on this particular meme is that we get word play off of his first and last name. This joke is playing off of the dramatic scene in The Empire Strikes Back in which Darth Vader (spoiler) reveals that he is Luke Skywalker's father. Arguably one of the biggest reveals in the Star Wars series that has packed many twists into the story line.

The fact that it was delivered right after Vader attacked Luke's hand with a lightsaber only made the father announcement more dramatic.

I wonder what family dinners are like at the Skywalker house. The physical pain was a mirror to the emotional pain. It was a brilliantly defining scene for both characters. It also made for the set up of this cheap joke. The "important distinction" text tacked on is a bit unnecessary, because the joke works just fine without it. Without the context of why that would be an important distinction, is another issue altogether. Okay, I've just over-analyzed this to the point of it not being funny anymore. Next!

2 "The Han Solo"

I'm not totally sure if "The Han Solo" is a look that's actually caught on. I'm a tad outside the spectrum of what is considered "hip fashion." I'd like to think that Star Wars has influenced generations of girls to rock the space pirate look. But that's probably just my inner-nerd showing.

What we're most likely witnessing is a group of friends. One of which, intentional or not, put together an ensemble that happened to resemble Han Solo's look. The leader of this group paired a long-sleeved tan shirt with a black vest, and then decided to rock those knee-high boots that they got on sale at the outlet mall. Then, her four friends saw her and declared "I love your outfit!" From there, they secretly planned to recreate the look for themselves.

So it was really awkward when they all met up for the Dave Mathews concert wearing the same get-up. Rather than run from the embarrassing social faux pas, they decided to pretend that this was all intentional and they were part of the world's most non-threatening biker gang, "The Solos." But since it was a Dave Matthews concert, everyone else was way too self-involved to even notice.

1 "I know..."

Via: imgur.com

It's the attitude with which Harrison Ford played Han Solo that gives the character so much depth. He's always cocky and self-assured, even when he knows that the deck is stacked against him (never tell him the odds). The epitome of this attitude was visualized in the scene where Han is sentenced to be be frozen in carbonite. Just before he's lowered into the freezing pit, a distraught Princess Leia earnestly locks eyes with Han and declares, “I love you.” Without missing a beat, the always super cool Han Solo replies, “I know.”

What a guy, huh?

A princess just proclaimed her love for you, and you respond with some too-cool-for-school line like that? Now that's a character that's full of himself. What you may not know is that the original line was written with the generic response of, “I love you, too.” One of the back directors conspired with Ford to come up with something that fit the character of Han Solo better. They tried multiple takes for the scene before Harrison came up with the “I know” quip. It took some convincing to get George Lucas onboard with the idea, but that dialogue has gone on to become one of the most famous improvised lines in cinematic history.

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