15 Hangry Toddlers Guaranteed To Totally Make Your Week

Your toddler is yelling, crying and throwing a good old-fashioned temper tantrum. I'm sure that this is just what you need right now, right? Because a ridiculously irritating screaming fit in the middle of a very crowded and super quiet public area is your favorite thing to experience! Or even worse, your child is having a cry fest at home while you are trying to decompress and watch the Millionaire Matchmaker. What will make them stop?! Are they tired? Are they sick? Oh no! Could it be that they're hangry?  If your child is hangry, you better get some food in their belly immediately or that is the end of your night. Here are 15 photos of toddlers being hangry.

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15 The watermelon meltdown

Via: pinterest.com

Here you go, my beautiful, sweet, darling little terror child. Munch on this. This huge chunk of watermelon will make you feel better and do the trick. For at least a few minutes, that is. Please, please, please just end the crying for a few minutes for mommy's sake. Oh, you don't like seeds? Okay, he doesn't like seeds. You need seedless watermelon? Okay we will go get you seedless watermelon. At this point, we will give you anything else you need. We will do anything to make the tantrum stop. Seriously, anything. Hey honey, I know you are upset, but I have a question. Can we talk about the watermelon? Like, seriously, watermelon? Out of everything you could demand from us, why watermelon? You are a truly beautiful and unique child.

14 Hurry, baby needs seconds NOW!!!!

Via: scratchmommy.com

Oh no. He has had snacks, dinner and dessert already but he is still hungry and he wants more! What do you do? You better say yes to round two or you are a goner. You are toast, I tell you. Okay, let's try to reason with him.

"Honey you just ate. You just had so much yummy in your tummy. Didn't you have so many munchies? You need more? Okay, okay! You'll get more. Just stop pointing the fork at me like that."

Jeez! Okay, he wants more food. What do we have? Beans? Yea that's not going to happen. It'll make him gassy. Yogurt? Yup, just another gas culprit. Pretzels? Oh! Perfect. Pretzels coming right up, specially made for you!

13 The crib chewer

Via: pinterest.com

Oh, dinner isn't ready yet? No problem! Don't worry mom, I don't need food because this crib will do. Yummy, this crib is delicious. It is divine, really. It is salty, sweet with a hint of... a hint of....bark. Yes! Bark. That's what it is. And not only is it bark, it is the best kind of bark. I really love anything earthy. You should know that by now because you are my mommy. And this crib is just that—the right kind of earthy bark. And as you watch me chew on my own crib, I want you to remember that you did this to me. You are responsible for not having my dinner ready on time, therefore, making me eat my crib so I don't die of starvation.

12 Feisty with a side of french fries

Via: instagram.com/m_rie_b

Oh, did you say something? I'm sorry I couldn't hear you. La, la, la, la. Nope, still can't hear you! What? Huh? No, I still can't hear you and guess what? I am not going to hear you until I eat these fries. Because I waited all day for these fries. You put a hard boiled egg in my lunch. Gross. You put carrot sticks in my lunch. Double gross. And you put baloney in my lunch. Repulsive. And you were late picking me up for school. So, you owe me, mom. You owe me not only these fries, but you also owe me a milkshake as well, for all that I put up with today. So, please refrain from speaking until I get the fries down. Then, I am all ears.

11 Nuts for Nutella

Via: buzzfeed.com

I know, I know, I know daddy! I am so sorry. I know that you are not supposed to give me sweets before dinner. But, my tummy made me do it. I swear, it wasn't me. It was my big, bad tummy. My belly talked to me and told me that the brown gooey chocolate stuff was exactly what I needed, that it's good for me. And I think my tummy was right! Look, you always say that you are not supposed to give me sweets before my dinner. But, I took care of it myself. So, you won't get in trouble with mommy. I promise! And the good news? I am no longer hangry. I actually feel amazing. Besides an intense tummy ache and a major sugar headache, I really feel like I can conquer the day.

10 I donut want this

Via: pinterest.com

No, no, no! Are you guys serious? Is this for real? Donuts!? I did not want donuts. Did I ever say I liked donuts? I did not ask for donuts. I asked for cake. Not donuts, cake! Mom, CAKE. C-A-K-E. Did you get that? Did you hear me? It is my birthday today. That's right, the day you birthed me. Remember that day? Yeah, I think you were there. And my only wish today was cake, but I got donuts instead. Disgusting! Donuts are for nobodies! This is insane. I'm not sure what the confusion was! The word cake sounds nothing like donuts! Did you want donuts? Is that what this is? Okay well here, these are for you. I am giving you three minutes to find me a delicious birthday cake. And... go!

9 Screaming for Starbucks

Via: mommyshorts.com

Oh no! You didn't get me Starbucks?! What is wrong with you? You forgot to get me Starbucks?! Okay, let me take a few deep breathes before I explode. Mom, hi. It's me, Timmy. Yes, you know me. You know me pretty well, actually, and you know that if you don't buy me a grande non-fat latte with two pumps of sugar-free vanilla, you're done. Yep, finished. I will make not only make this shopping adventure a living hell, but, I will make your life a living hell. Do you start your day or try to get through your day without caffeine? The answer is no. You don't. So, why on this dumb, green earth would you think that I would want to go shopping without having my Starbucks?

8 Food or bust

Via: mom.me

'Pretty in polka dots.' Isn't that what they say? I swear I've heard someone say that. I've got some news for you: it is time for me to eat. Like, right now. And if I don't, 'pretty in polka dots' is going to be 'pretty scary in polka dots.' And believe me, it's not going to be pretty. There is a monster inside of me and it's eager to come out. Actually it is coming out...I can feel it. You know when it comes out? When I am hungry...and when I'm angry (AKA when I am hangry). I feel it coming. So, warm up some mashed potatoes, get them on a plate, and airplane them into my mouth so the monster stays put.

7 Pouting for peanut butter

Via: mom.me

Remember when you told me that if I scrunch my face like this for too long it will get stuck this way? Well, I am hangry. And if you don't give me peanut butter, I will leave my face like this and it'll get stuck like this forever. It's your choice, mom. Do you want a kid that looks like this? And what will all your friends say? Not only will my face be stuck, but I'll make sure they know that it is because you didn't feed me. I'll make sure everyone knows. And I'll be known in the neighborhood as that poor child whose face got stuck in a silly position because their mom didn't love them enough to give them peanut butter when they was hangry. So, you know what to do. The clock is ticking, mommy.

6 I'm cute. When I'm not hangry

Via: instagram.com/mci888

Look at me—I'm so sad. I need food...I need it! My belly is rumbling. Can you hear it? Oh, I see Cheerios in the distance and I can smell them. I can almost taste them but no, they are too far out of my reach. They are high up and I need an adult to make this happen for me. Please, please...somebody, please! Oh, here she goes, my beautiful mother. She reaches up to the cabinet. She grabs the box and a bowl and carries them towards me. This is it. This is the moment. Damn ALL the odds! She pours me a small bowl. She takes the spoon and fills it up. She flies the spoon over into my mouth and boom! Look how happy I am now!

5 Hangry Easter eater

Via: instagram.com/keelyandbebe

Oh, yes, it's Easter. I hope you all are having a wonderful time. It really seems like you are. Oh sure, enjoy your cooked ham, all those bottles of wine, the boiled eggs and the hot cross buns. Indulge in the roast lamb and the oven-baked carrots. Have fun with your cute, little Easter baskets and your fun, little Easter egg hunts. And eat all the candy. Oh, so much candy that you'll consume! Seriously, enjoy it! And while you do, I'll just be right over here, trapped and belted into my uncomfortable and very hard plastic chair, eating my disgusting sweet potato mush. Oh yeah, it's delicious...NOT. I truly hope that you all are having a nice Easter meal. Please don't let me disturb it.

4 Demon child wants dessert

Via: giphy.com

Honey, she is looking at me with those demon eyes again! What do we do? Find some food and quick! She is giving me the hangry eyes. There's nothing? Honey, there's nothing? Well, we better find something to cook because she will turn on us. Don't you remember when she came into our room in the middle of the night and stood over us while chanting, "Red rum, red rum!"? That was because we failed her during lunch time. She will ruin our week again, I am telling you! You want pie? Honey, she wants pie. Okay, darling. We will make you pie... any pie you want, just to make you smile again. Steve, go get pie from the supermarket or we will never sleep again! Go now!

3 F#c& you, dudes! Give me some pretzels!

Via: food-hacks.wonderhowto.com

Look what I learned! This is my middle finger. Yup, that's right. Here it goes again! Up and away! Daddy taught me and I love doing it. I'll show you what else daddy taught me if you don't go get me some pretzels. Oh, you don't want to because the game is going on? You spent good money for these seats? Row B, huh? That's so nice! Does this look like an, 'I care about the game' face? I didn't think so. Pretzels, stat! And by the way, this is all on you. Who brings a kid to a soccer match and doesn't supply snacks? What kind of a parent are you? You think I'm messy now? Let's see what happens if you don't pass the pretzels.

2 Little hangry handsome gentleman

Via: amothersopenbookblog.wordpress.com

Oh, yes, this is fun. It's cousin Sarah's wedding and you dressed me up in this ridiculous suit and now I look like an idiot. I look like a penguin, for crying out loud. And for the record, I love penguins, but I don't want to look like one. Thanks a lot. You also put me to work—I had to carry the ring down an aisle and try not to drool the entire time. Do you know how hard that is for a toddler to do? And I need to eat, too. I earned it, so I am sorry that you are enjoying the ceremony, but find me food or I am going to cry through the rest of this wedding just to spite you. Yes, I look sharp.  Yes, I'm dressed to impress.  But, give me food now, or it's going down.

1 So hangry it hurts

Via: amothersopenbookblog.wordpress.com

I'm so hungry, my head hurts. Like it really, really hurts. I think I'm either dying or maybe my head is going to explode. I went online and looked it up. Did you know that possible causes of hunger headaches include muscle tension and low blood sugar. Hunger can also cause your muscles to tighten, triggering a tension headache. Skipping meals, sleeping later than usual or delaying meals or snacks may result in a drop in your blood sugar levels. When your blood sugar drops, your body releases hormones to counter low glucose levels, which can trigger a headache. Frequently taking medication for headaches triggered by hunger potentially leads to rebounding or recurring headaches. I read it on the internet so someone feed me now, before my whole body explodes! Thanks in advance.

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