15 #Hangry Tweets That Are All Of Us When We NEED Food

Let's get one thing straight before I even start writing this piece. Here's the thing: We, humans, need food. There are no two ways about it. If we don't eat anything for a really, really long time, we will die. (Okay, so maybe we need water more than food, but that's really just semantics.) The point is that food is not just a desire. It's not just something we crave or want. Oh hell no, we literally need it to survive. It's that simple.

As someone who is chronically hangry, I have to say, it's a completely natural feeling. When one of the things that you need to live is taken away from you, of course, you're going to be mad. That whole survival instinct kicks in and we do just about anything to get our hands on some snacks. These people know what I mean:

15 You know where your priorities lie

The moment you start getting hungry, things change in a way that you may never have expected. Before that moment, you had friends, family, people you loved. Now, they have all gone from your mind. In this moment of pure hunger, there is nothing and no one you care about more than deliciously good food. All you need right now is to eat your body weight in whatever you can get your hands on. The first thing you see, you're going to totally destroy. Before you know it, you will have eaten the whole thing and there's no shame in that.

Some people may not believe you, but right now, you know that you love food more than anything else on the planet. It may sound crazy, but who are you to question it?

14 Mood swings are way too real

The mood swings start to come thick and fast when you first feel a little hungry. At first you're not sure what's happening. You just can't explain why you're feeling a little annoyed. And then, the mood builds and builds. Before you know it, you're getting seriously mad at a stranger who happens to be sitting next to you on the bus. You've convinced yourself that they are, indeed, breathing way too loudly right now. You actually think that you're in the right. The whole thing is just pure madness. Deep down, you know it too.

Still, in that moment, there's no way you can control how you feel. You might try to hide it but your hanger in strong. It's coming out in ways that you can't even explain and there's just no way to stop it.

13 Adverts can be dangerous

Whether you're at home watching TV or just walking down the street, there's one thing that can be oh-so-dangerous. The moment you see an advert, be it a TV commercial or a billboard, you can't even cope. If the food looks good in it (oh, and it always looks good!), you want some of it. It doesn't matter what you're doing right now. You would give absolutely anything to take a bite of the thing that you just saw. You want it so bad that there's no way you can think about anything else.

The moment you can, you know you're going to head straight out and buy just what you saw. You can't avoid it. It's fate now. That's the power of advertising. It makes you want things that you didn't even know existed.

12 You start fantasizing about the food you could be eating

Before you know it, your mind is elsewhere. You might be sitting at your desk at work or chilling at home, but you're only there in body. Your brain has floated off to another realm. The place just so happens to be filled with all your favorite foods in the world. Before long, you're imagining all the fabulous food that you could be eating. From nachos to deliciously good pizza, you want it all. All you can do right now is think about it over and over again. It's like torture but there's no way you're gonna stop anytime soon.

You know that this is making things worse. You can feel it in your bones, but it's way too hard to quit. You want... No, you need food! If you don't get it soon, you don't know what will happen!

11 Plus, you start scamming on other people's food

If there happen to be people around you eating, they need to watch their backs. After all, there's nothing worse than someone who flaunts their food in front of you. When you're hungry AF, you need to get something inside you. You don't care if that something happens to be someone else's lunch. Who gives a damn?! The point is that you need something and no one else is going to stand in your way. That means that you need to get your hands on food as soon as possible. Nothing else matters.

The moment you smell, see or even hear someone mention snacks, you're on it. You will follow your nose and see where it takes you. After all, the important thing is now what you eat but when you eat... And you want to eat as soon as you can. Preferably, you need food in your tummy now.

10 You say things that you just don't mean

No one can be blamed for the things that they say or do when they are hungry and angry. When you're in that weird and not so wonderful state, you can't help yourself. You have basically no control over what you do. It's like you're drunk or something. Every move you make is not your own. The decisions your body makes without your knowledge are not up to you. You're in a place where you can't make any of your own decisions anymore.

Right now, you can only do what the hanger tells you to. Sadly, the hanger can be kind of evil. There are times when it makes you do stupid things even when you don't want to. Oh well, I guess you will just have to apologise later for the awful things you said.

9 You stop caring what you eat so long as it's food

Of course, when you first start getting hungry, you know what you want. You have the perfect meal in your mind and you will stop at nothing to get it. You have daydreams about all the things that you would love to eat. Still, as the hunger grows and grows, something changes in you. You stop being the same person you were at the start of your hunger. It's taken over you and you've changed in ways that you could never have imagined.

The truth of the matter is that you will eat just about anything now. You don't care. It could be the most disgusting food in the world, and you will still go at it like a hungry, hungry hippo. If it's edible, you're going to eat it. That's your rule and you're sticking to it.

8 You can't actually get enough food

When you actually do get your hands on food, you can't stop eating. You may think that you'll have 'just a bite' of something but deep down you know that's a lie. The moment that food touches your lips, you're in another zone. There's just no stopping you. You're going to eat and eat and eat like there's no tomorrow. You don't care how many calories you consume. It doesn't matter anymore. All that matters is that you eat as much as possible.

If you don't get enough food, you will have a serious problem. The truth of the matter is that you will not be satisfied until you have all the food in the world. You will totally complain if you don't get enough and you don't even care. Food is the only thing that matters.

7 You totally regret skipping breakfast

As you hanger starts to take control of you, you want to blame someone or something for it. Make no mistakes, being hungry is not a good state to be in. It's irritating. It's all you can think about for hours at a time. It ruins your day, your mood, and your reactions. The worse it gets, the more you start looking for some answers. What was it that caused this state. How did you get here? What happened to make you this hungry? Could you have avoided it?

And then... You remember. You skipped breakfast. Perhaps you were in a rush. Perhaps you were half asleep when you left the house this morning. Whatever the reason, you know now what a grand mistake that was. It was something that should never have happened, and yet it did.

6 Writing just ain't gonna happen

If you happen to work in a creative field, you can all but forget doing anything today. Until there's some tasty, delicious food in your belly, there's no way in hell you're going to write a damn thing. It's hard to sit down and type when all that's running through your brain is food, food, and then some more food. You might try, but the things you write come out as pure nonsense. You're not sure when you lost the ability to string a sentence together. Judging by your latest work, though, that is very much what has happened here.

After all, you are a machine and without fuel, there's no way that you will work properly. You can try, but at the end of the day, you are a slave to food. Without it, you're nothing.

5 Drinking water just does not work

Do you know that old myth about being thirsty rather than hungry? Well, you know that it's just not true. It doesn't matter how much water you down right now, you are still going to have food on your mind. It's natural. Everyone tells you that you're just dehydrated; that you will feel a million times better when you have a fresh glass of water. So, because you like to think that some people know best, you give it a go. You pour yourself a massive glass of water and down the whole damn thing.

And then you wait. You wait. You wait. Nothing happens. You still feel hungry AF. What's more, now you're mad about the fact that someone's lied to you about what you should do. What kind of mean trick is that, eh?

4 You start being mean AF

No matter what you say, you can feel yourself getting meaner by the second. Every minute you go without food is a minute that you will struggle to be nice to people. Being polite is seriously hard. There's no way you can muster the energy to be nice and sweet to people when you're hungry. Right now, the only thing that you can think about is the fact that you are hungrier than you've ever been before now. Nothing else springs to mind.

There is a genuine, undeniable correlation between how hungry you are and how mad you feel. Sooner or later, you need to admit the fact that without food, you're just not a very nice person. Then again, who really is? You're not the only one who suffers from hanger and as long as you say sorry, it's cool.

3 You need a takeaway more than life

The most important thing right now is that you get some food as soon as you can. After all, that little thing is all you need to solve all your problems and make everything okay again. The problem is that you're way too hungry to actually deal with the whole cooking thing. It seems like way too much effort just now. You may have the ingredients and the means to make something from scratch but you know that's not ever going to happen.

When you start getting hungry, there's only one thing that will solve the problem. It's time to call a takeaway service. Whether it's pizza, Chinese, or Mexican, it doesn't really matter. What matters is that you don't have to make any food and someone brings it to your door right away. It has to be done.

2 And waiting for one sucks so much

Waiting for food is one of the hardest things that you ever have to do. The longer you wait for it, the harder it feels. It's one of the worst things that can happen to you. You keep trying to pretend that it's okay. You try to take your mind off it. But, deep down, you can feel that hanger brewing up inside you. It's there and there's nothing you can do to ignore it. You have to feed it or something terrible is going to happen sooner or later.

If the takeaway is late, you're going to get seriously angry. It doesn't matter what you do, you can't take your mind off it. Every moment is agony. You need that pizza... and you need it right now. The fact that it isn't here already is insane and you can't cope.

1 You just can't stand for any nonsense!

Finally, here's the absolute worst thing that can happen to you when you're in a hangry state. Brace yourself. This one is going to be hard to handle. So, your takeaway finally comes. Phew! You're so excited that you can hardly contain your emotions. Finally getting the food that you so desperately need is going to be the best feeling ever. Before you even open it up, you know that it's going to be fantastic. You can sense it. What's more, you can smell it too. Mmm.. Delish.

Then you open the box. Shock and horror, it's wrong. When will people learn not to mess with hangry people?! It's not okay to screw someone's order up at the last minute. It's just plain cruel. You can't handle how ridiculous the world is anymore. It's time to call up and complain right about now.

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