15 Hardhitting 'Supernatural' Questions We Need Answers To Right Now

Supernatural has had some great storylines over the past 12 years. In the beginning, there was the hunt for Azazel, the Yellow-Eyed Demon that led Sam and Dean Winchester to finally avenging the deaths of both of their parents. Then, there was the Earth-shattering revelation that not only was Sam destined to become Lucifer’s true vessel, but that his brother Dean was also destined to become the true vessel of the archangel Michael (because apparently fate likes to see two pairs of dysfunctional brothers duking it out during the apocalypse). Most of the time the plotlines are wrapped up with a neat bow, but not always.

Sadly, we Supernatural fans are still chomping at the bit to find out answers to questions. Like, what happened to Castiel’s female vessel and what kind of connection did Gabriel have to his vessel when he first left heaven? With any luck, one day the Supernatural writers will give us fans the answers to the following 15 hard-hitting questions we’re all itching to learn more about.

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15 How Come They Didn't Mention Castiel? He's Her Father's Doppelgänger

As much as I liked Sam and Dean Winchester being possessive of Claire Novak and treating her like family, I have one question for the writers: where the heck was Castiel? I know that Supernatural previously revealed that Jimmy Novak was technically dead and his soul ascended to heaven, but it is still his body that Castiel is possessing. Didn’t Dean think to call Cas and tell him about what was going on with Jimmy’s daughter? I definitely agree that the writers should’ve included a scene where the Winchesters try to get a hold of Castiel, and Dean becomes frustrated that he isn’t answering his phone. The fact that Castiel was nowhere to be found in this episode goes against the theme of “family” that the Supernatural writers love so much. And it’s a shame because I’d love to see his response to Claire getting bitten by a werewolf.

14 We Need To See What Happened To Mary's Brother

Previously on Supernatural, Sam and Dean discovered that an unknown uncle had erected a gravestone for their mother, Mary Winchester. But as it turns out, he had been killed by the yellow-eyed demon Azazel, along with other members of her family. I wish the writers had elaborated more on Mary’s mysterious brother. What happened to him? Why did Azazel kill him off? Was it because he was a hunter, too, and would have found a way to get revenge on the demon that killed his sister? I’d love to learn more about this mysterious sibling. The Supernatural writers should include a scene of Mary learning about her brother’s fate and perhaps included a few flashbacks to when they were kids. It would be a nice parallel to Sam and Dean’s relationship, too.

13 Who Is Millie Winchester?

I completely agree with this confession because I’d LOVE to learn more about the Winchester and Campbell family tree. All Supernatural fans really know about Millie is that she was the wife of Henry Winchester, and thus Sam and Dean’s paternal grandmother. Since Millie’s current whereabouts are unknown and she was last seen in 1989, it would be awesome if the writers could introduce her in a future episode. I’d love to see what Millie would think of her grandsons. I’d also be curious to see how she reacts to learning that her husband Henry traveled through time and was killed by Abbadon while her son John made a deal with Azazel to trade his life for Dean’s. It would be interesting to see if she was angry about it or if she had already made her peace with their deaths.

12 We Always Need More Amara

Honestly, I found the character of Amara to be entirely fascinating and it’s really disheartening to see that Supernatural hasn’t mentioned her at all ever since she departed with her brother Chuck. It would be great if the writers included a scene in season 12 where Dean is praying to Amara—especially if he spills his guts to her about how turbulent his relationship with his mother Mary has been (after she was resurrected at the end of the last season). I’d also like the writers to explore a possible connection between Mary, Amara, and Dean. After all, Amara is the one who brought Mary back to life as a “thank you” gift to Dean. Does that mean that the Winchester matriarch has a permanent connection to the Darkness? Hmmm...

11 It Would Be So Cool To Learn More About Castiel's Old Vessel

On a previously episode of Supernatural, it was revealed that Castiel’s last vessel was a female and the angels remarked that he didn’t take good care of her. I’d love to see more flashbacks to Castiel’s first vessel and find out what the angels meant when they implied that he was careless with the body of that poor woman. Was she a devout Christian—like Jimmy Novak—who constantly prayed that they’d be chosen to help their god? I know that Jimmy came from a long line of people who were “suitable vessels” and his body was able to contain two angels at once. It would be a cool plot twist if the Supernatural writers revealed that Castiel’s last vessel is actually a distant relation to Jimmy Novak and his daughter Claire.

10 C'Mon Chuck, Fess Up

Okay, someone needs to pitch this question to the Supernatural writers or to Rob Benedict on Twitter! All inquiring minds desperately want to know what words Sam and Donatello Redfield used in order to entice Chuck/God to answer a prayer. Although, in the case of the Winchesters, I wonder if Chuck often threw them a bone and answered their prayers because he was just fond of them. He probably got a kick out of their exploits and since they’re so damn entertaining, I wouldn’t be shocked if Chuck helped them out more times than he liked to admit. It was obvious he liked the Winchesters and felt as if they were his own sons. But don’t tell Lucifer that, otherwise he’s really going to hold a grudge against the Winchesters.

9 I'd Love To See Castiel And Crowley Chat About Meg

I am curious as to why the Supernatural writers never explored Castiel’s reaction to Meg Master’s death. Especially since he’s working with Crowley and the demon who was responsible for killing her in season eight. Castiel and Meg had a bit of a romance going on, and it’s a shame that there hasn’t been a scene on the show where he ponders her fate. After all, Meg took care of Castiel when Sam and Dean had to go out and fight. So it would make sense that the angel would grieve for her. Having Crowley and Castiel discuss her fate would be a nice way to add some tension between the two characters. Yes, Castiel is working with Crowley, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he felt some hesitation towards him because he knows that the demon was responsible for the death of someone he cared about.

8 Pretty Sure Sam Is Going To Kick Some Butt

I can’t wait to see what happens when the Winchester brothers find out that Ketch killed poor Magda Peterson. Given the trauma Sam went through, I too am surprised that he STILL decided to join the British Men of Letters. You’d think he’d bow out of there like his hair was on fire, but I guess not. However, I can see the Winchesters being absolutely furious when they find out that Ketch murdered Magda and turned against the British Men of Letters. That organization had better watch out—hell has no fury like Sam and Dean Winchester when they are angry. They should start packing and going into hiding now, because the brothers are going to track them down to the ends of the Earth in order to make them pay for what they did.

7 Now That Would Be A Great Twist

It was revealed on Supernatural that Crowley had developed an addiction to human blood, and I’m surprised the writers haven’t mentioned it much of late. The person who wrote this confession brings up a good point; what if Crowley HASN’T fully kicked his addiction? If the writers want to re-address the issue, it would be a good idea to draw parallels to other forms of addiction and point out that it’s a lifelong process to stay clean. I think it would be an interesting story arc if Crowley was tempted to return to his old vices and see how he would handle, essentially, resisting temptation. After all, he IS a demon and they are usually all about giving into their vices. So it would be an unusual twist to see one trying to avoid temptation, wouldn't it?

6 Someone Needs To Get A Hold Of Chuck And Ask Him This

Now this is a question that I would love to see answered on Supernatural! Given the fact that Chuck seems to be more laid-back and takes a “hands-off” parenting approach, I can’t imagine why he’d have any hatred towards the Nephilim. Plus, Chuck was proud of creating humans and I’m sure he’d be happy that some of his angelic children didn’t resent his creations. I wouldn’t be shocked if Chuck was actually angry about the fact that the angels were hunting down and killing the Nephilim. After all, it’s not their fault that they are half-human and half-angel—they didn’t choose to be born. I think Chuck would be pretty ticked off at his angelic kids for going on a killing spree just because they thought that the Nephilim were abominations.

5 The Writers Need To Address This STAT

I never thought about this! Remember the episode where Castiel brought Dean back from Hell? Well, how on Earth did he manage to "raise him from perdition" AND leave a handprint on his arm when he technically didn’t have a vessel yet? I’d be very curious to see how the writers addressed this question. Is it possible that he took a temporary vessel to save Dean from Hell, and his vessel died on the way back to Earth? That would explain why he left a handprint and why Castiel asked Jimmy to become his vessel. It would also explain the angels’ snarky comments about how Castiel isn’t careful about the health and well-being of his vessels. Quick, someone pester the Supernatural writers until they answer this question!

4 Maybe They Have A Never-Ending Magic Supply Of Salt

I cracked up when I read this confession because I also want to know how the Winchesters seem to have a never-ending supply of salt—even though we’ve never seen them heading to the store to buy it! Perhaps they have a magical supply of salt that automatically refills itself whenever they are in need of it? Jokes aside, I’d love to see a scene on Supernatural where Sam and Dean talk about how they are in dire need of more salt for their ammunition and argue over who is going to buy it. If the writers really wanted to tickle the viewers' funny bone, they’d include a scene where the brothers get weird looks for buying tons of salt. Dean would obviously make a funny quip about it, I'm sure.

3 What Is The Anti-Christ Doing Now?

In Supernatural season five, Castiel told Sam and Dean that Jesse Turner was destined to become the Anti-Christ and team up with Lucifer because he is half-human and half-demon. However, that plot-line was quickly dropped and everyone was left freaking out over Lucifer’s child. But what about Jesse? Since Lucifer has been released AGAIN, it is likely that Jesse got his powers back. He’d be older now, and it would be nice if the writers re-introduced the character in season 12. I’d love to see if Jesse took Sam’s advice and used his abilities to do good for humanity. That would be the kind of twist I’d expect from the Supernatural writers; the young man who is destined to become evil actually resists his destiny and uses his preternatural abilities to help people.

2 I'd Love To Learn More About Crowley's Wife

It was revealed in a previous episode of Supernatural that Crowley’s real name was once, Fergus Roderick MacLeod, and he had a son named Gavin. However, there’s never been any mention about Gavin’s mother and it would be cool to learn more about her. Was she legally married to Fergus/Crowley and upset that her husband was a failed tailor? If so, perhaps that is one of the many reasons why Fergus/Crowley became an alcoholic when he was still human and decided to make a deal with a crossroads demon. I’d love to see some flashbacks to Crowley’s past and learn more about Gavin’s mother. I’m sure Rowena would probably have some choice words to say about Crowley’s wife and how he treated her when he was still alive.

1 Bring Back Gabriel!

It’s been mentioned before that the angels need to have some kind of connection to their vessel; so I’d love to see what Gabriel’s connection to his vessel was (should the writers ever want to resurrect the deceased trickster). It would be nice to learn more about Gabriel’s backstory and his adventures after he made the decision to leave heaven. I’d also like to see a few flashbacks of Gabriel’s adventures as Loki and how he befriended pagan gods (such as Odin and Kali). Honestly, I just miss Gabriel appearing on the show and there’s so much that we never learned about the character. It would be nice to see the Trickster’s cheeky grin and his delight in pranking the Winchester brothers on Supernatural once more.

Source: SPN Confessions and Supernatural's Official Facebook Page.

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