15 Harley Quinn Cosplays That’d Make Batman Side With The Joker

Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel, also known as Harley Quinn - a pun on the word "harlequin"— made her first appearance in the Batman: The Animated Series episode "Joker's Favor." While she started out as a humorous female sidekick to the Joker, she has always been completely devoted to him, totally oblivious to his psychotic nature and obvious lack of affection for her.

When  Suicide Squad released in 2016, Harley Quinn's popularity as a cosplay shot through the roof and has remained popular ever since. By now we've had the pleasure of seeing pretty much any conceivable version of her, from comic book inspired cosplays to more adult-themed versions. Today, we present you with some Harley Quinn cosplays that would probably make Batman side with the Joker.

15 Classic Harley

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When we were first introduced to Harley Quinn back in the day, her costume didn't quite make sense but it grew on us. Cosplayer Enji Night takes the classic black, white, and red harlequin bodysuit and adds a twist to it. She makes a gorgeous Harley and it wouldn't only be Batman getting the hots for her because we are too.

14 Arkham Asylum Harley

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In the Batman: Arkham Asylum game, we see Harley in this little number— a nurse's uniform of sorts. This cosplayer's interpretation of the outfit is cute yet not so safe for work. It has a girl next door vibe to it but we are not convinced. There is nothing girl next door about Harley.

13 Suicide Squad Harley

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Suicide Squad Harley has received mixed reviews from fans and critics alike, however that has not stopped the masses from paying homage to the character. This cosplay of Harley is downright breathtaking. She looks a little off her rocker, is gorgeous as sin, and brings the character to life... we approve.

12 Arkham City Harley

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Brazilian cosplayer Shermie takes it up a notch as Arkham City Harley (as portrayed in the video games.) Watch out, Batman! The Arkham games have given Harley a rather intense makeover that is quite parallel to her regular look. We see lots of leather and we like it! We are not complaining.

11 Harley The Bunny?

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Harley is fun and spontaneous, and this outfit is just as surprising. We bet she'd pull it off just fine and both Joker and Batman would approve... well, we do at least. This cosplay of Harley is sizzling— it looks like something you would have seen at Hef's mansion. Quite often, at that.

10 X-mas Harley

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Our favorite time of the year just got better, Santa just gave us our gift early in X-mas Harley. This makes me smile for a number of reasons. There's no denying that Harley is a rebel but something about this cosplay softens and humanizes her. It could be the candy cane. Ho ho ho!

9 Modern Day Harley

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Kay Victoria's version of Harley is fun, flirty, and fresh. We love everything about it. The addition of the cap gives it that extra... something. We aren't sure what the big bad Batman would make of it, but we bet he would like it just as much as we do.

8 Carnival Harley

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We love carnivals, the music, the food, and well... adult beverages. What would make all this even better? You guessed it, Harley Quinn! Fancy meeting our mischievous vixen at your local Carnival? Scarlett-Quinn's version of Harley makes us wish we could. However seeing as she is always up to mischief, we reckon she would rig the rides. Somebody call Batman now!

7 Steampunk Harley

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Harley’s stepped back a few decades in this steampunk outfit, SandySuicide's take on Harley Quinn is too hot to handle. From the form-fitting corset to the top hat and goggles, Harley looks whimsical and a little off her rocker... well she kinda is. Overall the cosplay is everything we want in our steampunk Harley.

6 And Another One

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We love classic Harley so much and couldn't get enough, we had to feature another steamy take on little miss mischief. We find this cosplayers leather harlequin bodysuit extremely appealing and we love that she wielding the mallet even though Harley wasn’t inclined to carry her giant mallet. She should have probably used it on the Joker though.

5 Queen Of Hearts

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One of the reasons fans love Harley is because she doesn't take herself too seriously and isn't afraid to laugh at herself. This cosplayer proves just that. With her mismatched thigh-high stockings and boots, the outfit has all the Harley pizzazz and still manages to look oh-so-cute and flirty.

4 Vixen Harley

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Dreamhunter707's take on Harley Quinn is pretty spectacular. She even has the signature crazy stare and brought the baseball bat along for a little mayhem. We wouldn't have expected any less. The little ruffled leather number is sure to make hearts race, and not just the jokers, Batman's and ours too.

3 Date Night Harley

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We absolutely love this! It's a take on Harley's date night dress, the date that Batman ruined. This cosplayer is playing it safe, but definitely proves that cute could be dangerous. With her girl next door look and gun in tow, we sure hope this lovely lady knows we are in love with this look.

2 Hey There Puddin

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Remember Harley's signature nightie? Our favorite cosplayer Ryoko-demon's portrayal of Harley is one of the best so far! You may not agree, but we love the scene where Dr. Quinn sat up on top of the table trying to get Joker's attention— she wore this exact nightie! And we are pretty sure Batman would agree with us.

1 Deadpool Harley

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"Queenpool" as some Harley Fans have called her on the internet is a perfect fusion of Deadpool and Harley Quinn. It somehow works and is extremely appealing to the eye. The skin-tight leather suit molds to her every curve but do not let that fool you, we all know Harley is a little crazy and Deadpool is - well...

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