15 Harry Potter-Inspired Signs That Will Make Any Fan LOL

If creativity is the name of the game, Harry Potter fans have any other legion of book-reading, movie-watching, souvenir-buying maniacs beat by miles and miles. Be it tweeting, making memes, cooking up conspiracy theories or even waiting for a letter that might never come, Potterheads have graced the internet with some of the funniest content we have ever seen. And occasionally, their creativity breaks free from the online world and social media. Sometimes, Potterheads go a step further and turn into a funny reality some things they wish were real in our world, just as they were real in Harry’s and Hermione’s England. So pick up your wands, find your pet frogs and get ready for some laughter with these 15 Harry Potter inspired signs that will make any fan laugh out loud.

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15 When your rights are Slytherin away

Via: pinterest.com

Over these past few months, marches and protests have become common happenings all over the globe. Much like when the wizards were scared of the return of Lord Voldemort, muggles and Potterheads alike are terrified of a few things that have been happening in our world. But more than a chance to show our governments what we think and call for change, these marches and protests are prime opportunities to create the most hilarious of Harry Potter-inspired signs. Check out this person, who’s obviously not a muggle, showing that J.K. Rowling is not the only one who can master the art of wordplay. Because let’s be real, if your rights are Slytherin away just look around—Lucius Malfoy is probably somewhere in the neighborhood.

14 House elves on strike

Via: pinterest.com

So the house elves are on strike? Weren’t they slaves? Well, maybe they aren’t anymore; a lot of things have changed. One thing hasn’t, though: if the elves aren’t around, you’re going to have to clean up your own mess, which would be all right if you’re a wizard. If you’re a muggle, however, and you find yourself looking at that sign, you better choose something other than spaghetti and meatballs for dinner.

On second thought, even if you were a wizard, this might turn out to be a problem. Perhaps if you live at the Burrow with the Weasleys, you would be more used to cleaning up after yourself. But could you imagine if the house elves who worked at the Malfoy estate simply decided not to show up for work the next day?

13 Pro-Potter

Via: pinterest.com

Not to get too political around here, but if we leave aside what happens in our world and simply focus on the Potter realm, this is one of those things you have to laugh at to keep from crying.

If Lily Porter had an abortion, who would stop Lord Voldemort? Well, the easy answer would be Neville. But as much as we love Neville for the character he became later in the series, it’s tough to imagine a world without Harry Potter himself. First of all, you would have no idea who Daniel Radcliffe is because let’s be honest, would you know who Walter Mabry was if Harry Potter didn’t exist? In case you just asked yourself who the heck is that Walter guy, that’s the name of Radcliffe's character in Now You See Me 2, and you just proved our point.

12 Don't cross Mrs. Weasley

Via: twitter.com

Again with the political stuff. We know, we know, we’re sorry if the sign is offensive to you, but it was just too good to leave out. Substitute that GOP elephant for pretty much anything you could possibly hate. Like, Voldemort for example.

Hell, throw Bellatrix Lestrange up there, or Lori from The Walking Dead or Kim Jong-Un or even your annoying neighbor who loves to tell other people you ate ice cream for lunch breakfast and dinner. Anybody you hate. If you want to get rid of them, just throw them in front of Mrs. Weasley, imagine that horrific scene in which she barked those words, and let her do the rest with your imagination. Good or bad, elephant or donkey, Gryffindor or Slytherin, nobody in their right mind would want to be on the wrong side of that lady’s wrath.

11 Free the house elves!

Via: pinterest.com

This is the one movement seeking social equality that could raise the kind of money that real life charity programs worldwide could only dream of raising. In case you were not aware, S. P. E. W. is absolutely a real society and we should all help. It was founded back in 1994 when a young student by the name of Hermione Granger witnessed the terrible way house elves were treated like during the Quidditch World Cup.

Even though most house elves were not too fond of Hermione’s idea, we follow a similar line of thought of the series’ most captivating character, AKA Dobby. So break out your knitting set and get ready for some hard work because we’re going to make some socks. Free house elves!

10 Granger Lovegood 2020

Via: twitter.com

Now here’s a ticket we would all vote for! Intelligence and intuition, science (the magic kind of science) and belief, brown hair and blonde hair. This was a duo made in heaven, or better yet, inside J.K. Rowling’s head, which is probably the same place. Either way, who would not vote for these two should they decide to run for president and vice president somewhere? Emma Watson might already have enough pull to make some noise in any election she decides to take part in, so imagine the numbers Hermione Granger would have if she ran for office.

Not only is it fun to think about, but it is a fact that those two complete each other. Hermione would have the right plan for every problem or disaster, given they were within the realm of possibility. And Luna would know what to do when the impossible happened. If only real politicians complemented each other like this, we wouldn’t have so many problems.

9 Riddikulus!

Via: twitter.com

Spells and magical objects are a big part of why we love the world of Harry Potter and why many of us would rather live there than here. So when somebody made a sign of the POTUS and drew what he would look like after being targeted by one of the most iconic spells in the Harry Potter world, we could do little but lol.

Not only that, that same sign came with a backside that also mocked the prez in the same lines, using another iconic pillar of the Harry Potter series. Horcruxes are dark objects that can only be created by evil wizards. And, as we saw in the series, these objects are usually something that evil wizard considers precious to him. So money, Golden toilet, and wig seem like well-aimed jabs by that gentleman in green.

8 Espresso Patronum

Via: facebook.com

This might be the greatest Harry Potter wordplay we have ever seen. Where did this drawing show up and what coffee shop this is? We desperately need to find out, because we're in need of some of that espresso—unless they also have butterbeer on the menu.

This is a testament to the creativity of Potterheads: Great wordplay, great drawing, and, hopefully, great coffee. Still, this leaves one question lingering in the air. How often do customers walk in there and shout their order at the poor attendant behind the counter?

“What are you having, ma’am?”

“Espresso Patronum!!” Don’t deny it. Once you’re done reading this article are you going to Google where this shop is just so you can walk in there and do just that.

7 The magical kind of cheesy

Via: facebook.com

Unless the person you’re sending this to is really small, faster than a cheetah, and knows how to fly, the odds are that they are one of your loved ones. Now put yourself in the position of the person who is receiving this sign is a gift. Two thoughts might come to your mind: One: “Aw, that’s so sweet.” Or two: “Wow, that has got to be the corniest thing I’ve ever heard.”

Come on guys, that doesn’t even make any sense. What do you mean when you’re calling somebody a golden snitch? We’re open to suggestions on how to answer that question but other than the three traits mentioned at the beginning of this entry, two of which might be really tough to find in our world, what could calling somebody a golden snitch possibly mean? Seriously though, we need some answers here.

6 Obey the speed limit

Via: facebook.com

Now, ain’t this just a pickle? We know platform 9 ¾ is the one place in the world where you see most destroyed shopping carts, baggage carts or whatever kind of cart the people walking through there decide to use as a bumper to try to reach the express train to Hogwarts. The sign up here says miles per hour, so it is located either in the United States, Guam, or Burma. We're betting on the States here. But regardless of where it is located, it certainly has the potential to give a headache to the local authorities, because at some point, some Harry Potter fan will attempt to run through this thing. Where the person thinks they’re going, we don’t know yet, but as funny as it is, the hazard is still there.

5 Who's killing the unicorns?

Via: facebook.com

Hopefully, this has something to do Harry Potter because if it doesn’t, we need to find out where the hell these people are getting unicorn blood from and stop them in their tracks. Or better yet, we need to find out where the unicorns are because if we do, we can drink their blood and live forever. No, no scratch that. We're going all Voldemort on you guys here, sorry about that.

Now, the sign says do not ask, but we have to. If you warn people they can’t sell unicorn blood, what else are they selling in there? Should we walk into that shop would we also find ingredients like wings of a bat, dragon claws, leech juice, mandrake root, fairy wings or some bezoar?

4 I solemnly swear...

Via: pinterest.com

“I solemnly swear that I’m up to no good.” We also solemnly swear quite frequently. This is one of the Harry Potter-inspired signs that fans have the most fun with because as much as J.K. Rowling loved to wordplay in the novels with people’s names, places and everything, she also gave Potter fans a perfect phrase to roast.

The jokes come in every shape and form. Some T-shirts say “I solemnly swear that I’m about to get food.” There are memes of dogs with their paws on dog Bibles saying: “I solemnly swear to not pee in the house.” At the end of the day, we can solemnly swear to anything, and we could probably browse through the signs and memes devoted to this legendary phrase for days, until it's time to declare, “Mischief managed.”

3 We can make magic, too

Via: Pinterest.com

And who said that only the Harry Potter world had magic? Most people might lean towards believing our world is one with no magic or wonders because everything is understood and blah blah blah. Those people are wrong. The average person today might not be able to wave a finger and clean their entire house, but we have our own kind of magic. Just take a couple of steps to the side and flick that light switch.

We might not think of electricity as magic, but just remember how mind-blown Mr. Weasley was with the concept of electricity and the fact that he had a collection of batteries and plugs. It might not be as easy as waving your wand and saying “lumos” or "nox," but flicking a light switch is the kind of magic we can do, and some pureblood wizards would have no idea how to deal with.

2 No lady, we don't know the password

Via: pinterest.com

She might’ve been annoying in the books, somewhat weird in the movies and straight obnoxious in the video games, but the Fat Lady is one of the most recognizable characters of the franchise. Wouldn’t you like to one day walk to a classroom or your dorm and have some woman in a painting asking you for a password so you can enter?

Yeah, that doesn’t sound too fun now that you think about it again, right?

Folks who have read the books and watched the movies might not be able to grasp the complete picture here. But if you played the old PlayStation Harry Potter games, you might know what we're talking about. Because the number of times you could be locked out of your dorm because that woman wouldn’t accept your password made for some serious practice on how to deal with annoying people and managing your anger.

1 Watch your step

Via: pinterest.com

Finally, the golden gem of this gallery. Arguably the smartest and weirdest thing about the world of magic was the entrance to the Ministry of Magic.

First, we need to give J.K. Rowling props because no regular mind would be able to make this stuff up. The fact that people in the middle of London would just walk into bathrooms in flocks and flush themselves into toilets is nothing short of mind-boggling. There is also the fact that it all happens every day with no Muggles even suspecting of anything. Just picture being a regular person using that bathroom—the word "confused" wouldn’t even begin to describe how you would feel.

Nevertheless, it made up for a great sign and perhaps a great joke: Just a thought here, but if we add enough alcohol and a person who is a Potter maniac to the equation, we might be able to win a few laughs watching that person walk out of the bathroom soaked.

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