15 Hermione Granger Memes That Made Us Go From LevioSA To LeviOsa

Hermione Granger has gone down as one of the best, well-written female characters in young adult literature. Sometimes a generation can be defined by its heroes, whether they're real or fictional. Before Hermione, most of girls' role models were women like Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty. We were taught that we could be smart and independent, or pretty and happy, with a husband and 2.5 children with a white picket fence. Because girls are supposed to hover in the background and let the men handle everything.

If Hermione had hovered in the background and let Harry and Ron handle everything, those boys would be dead a hundred times over. So to honor Miss Granger, we have assembled fifteen of the best memes starring the true queen of the Wizarding world.

15 One of Her (Many) Shining Moments

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Technically she just lit Professor Snape's cape on fire, and not Snape himself. But still, pretty impressive. And risky. There were several other ways she probably could have pulled it off to get the same results. She could have set something that wasn't an article of clothing currently being worn by a human being on fire in order to get everyone to evacuate. Or she could have floated something--a book, a ball, a pie--off of the ground and into Snape's face. Heck, she probably could have floated Snape off of the ground and waved him around like a baby with a rattle. That would have been pretty distracting.

But hey, fire works. Although, how embarrassed do you think she was when Harry came up to her at the end of Philosopher's Stone and said, "by the way, Snape wasn't trying to kill me that day. He was trying to save me. You should probably by him a new cape, or something."

14 The Doctor and Her Companions

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Now there's an interesting idea. What would a Doctor Who/Harry Potter crossover look like? The Doctor would probably have some long-winded explanation as to how magic in the Potterverse is actually science, and Hermione would have an equally long-winded explanation as to how the science behind the TARDIS is actually magic (to which Ron would say "It travels through time and is bigger on the inside than on the outside. Of course it's magic!"). Someone would ask if they could go back in time to save such-and-such (Sirius Black, the Potters, Fred, or whoever else Rowling has killed), to which the Doctor would mournfully explain that he couldn't because it's a fixed point in time. And then Hermione and probably Ron and Harry would shrug and agree to be his companions for a little while anyway. Because, why not?

13 She's not lying...

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That should be Hermione Granger's motto, especially whenever she's talking to Ron. Because that's her defining characteristic.

Unless she's with a professor, Hermione is always the smartest person in the room. You know what, scratch that.

Even when she is with a professor, she's usually the smartest person in the room. She demonstrated that quite spectacularly when she was only in her second year, and Gilderoy Lockhart had the brilliant idea of letting a bunch of pixies loose in the classroom. And then again in fifth year, when she outsmarted Professor Umbridge and lured her into the Forbidden Forest so the team could save Sirius.

So don't be sad or angry that Hermione knows more than you, Ron. Because she knows more than pretty much everyone else.

12 Um, why???

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Look, we get it, all right? Hermione is defined by her desire to succeed in school and learn every little detail about magic and the wizarding world. It's even fundamental to most of the books' plots. The amount of times she's used some random piece of information that she learned reading one book or another to save her idiot friends' lives is a little ridiculous.

Having said that, why are we giving her a time-turner just for the sake of extra classes? Literally every other student in that school has to choose between this class or that class, as they should because in life we need to learn to make difficult decisions. But then Hermione comes along and is like, "You know what, I'm going to make my professors get special permission from the Ministry so I can work myself to death attending all the classes."

11 Granger it.

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I honestly can't recall if this is in the books, movies, or just something I read off of a meme or fanfiction.

Regardless, somewhere out there in the wide world, Hermione asks, "Don't you ever read, Ronald?" To which he replies, "Why? We have you."

(The more I think about it, the more I think it was in one of the movies. The Goblet of Fire, maybe?) While such a line would probably make educators everywhere weep, it's probably one of the biggest compliments Hermione could ever receive. Because Ron is basically saying, "We know that nine times out of ten, whenever we have a question to literally anything, you have the answer." At some point, Hermione must be so sorely tempted to just mess with them and give them completely ridiculous answers, but in such a serious manner that they absolutely believe it. It'd probably take weeks for them to learn otherwise.

10 The Lovable Hypocrite

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This is probably why Hermione is such an intriguing character. A major part of her identity is following the rules, which is primarily fueled by her desire to achieve academically. But once it's clear that the best--if not only--course of action is to break school rules or, in some instances, the law, she does not hesitate. Despite her major fear of being expelled, she's risked that very fate countless times for one reason or another. Which just goes to show how much of a hero she really is. She may stick to the school code to the letter as often as she can, but when the chips are down and the group has to do this thing that breaks every rule and could send them to jail, she's the first to throw the rulebook out the window and break Voldemort's nonexistent nose with it.

9 Another One of Her (Many) Shining Moments

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"That felt good."

If, for whatever reason, someone wasn't already in love with Hermione Granger, this scene did the trick. Draco had had that punch coming for so long, so having it delivered to his smug little face by a ball of curly-haired righteous fury was just beautiful. At that moment, we all wanted to be Hermione.

And you'll notice how Malfoy is not the only one cowering before her.

Both Crabbe and Goyle are also trembling in fear when she has her wand out. Harry did that, too, in the seventh movie, when Ron came back and Hermione was so furious with him for leaving in the first place. ("Harry, where's my wand? My wand!" "I-I don't know!") Remind me: why didn't we just let her deal with the Dark Lord again?

8 Bookworm Death Glare: Deadlier than the Eyes of a Basilisk

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Every friend of a bookworm is well-acquainted with this look. Can you not see that we are trying to read here? Especially since, with these two scenes, Hermione is reading out loud and trying to tell them some critical information that will help them defeat Voldemort. Or at the very least, help them survive the next few weeks. So can Ron shut up already? Of the two of them, Harry is the only one with this survival instinct. He never interrupts Hermione when she's trying to read to them. Whether this is simply because he doesn't want to annoy his very dangerous, very intelligent friend, or because he knows that whatever she has to say is going to be very important and he absolutely needs to hear it, it varies scene-to-scene. Either way, Ron should take a page from his book and listen to his girlfriend.

7 No Competition

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Harry Potter keeps being compared to Twilight, and we kind of want it to stop. Primarily because Harry Potter and all of its characters and complexity is so far out of Twilight's realm that it's almost not even funny. We're not even sure how Twilight got to be so popular. All it does is have sparkling vampires and set feminism back several decades.

This competition, such as it is, does highlight yet another important lesson that Hermione Granger (and Ginny Weasley) taught us as girls.

You can be strong, smart, and independent, and still end up with a great boyfriend. In fact, that's the only way you end up with a great boyfriend. Because Ron would not be as good of a person as he ended up being without a little help from this awesome bookworm.

6 The Rewrite We All Want

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We understand why the books were written from Harry's point of view. He is the Chosen One, after all. The war with Voldemort and everything else ultimately centers around him. And there's the fact that he knows absolutely nothing about the wizarding world, which means that as he learns everything, so do we. It's a neat, if somewhat cliched, way of doing exposition (that is, explaining how the world in a book/show/movie works so the audience understands what's happening). However, it would be really freakin' cool to get the books in other characters' point of view. Draco Malfoy has been suggested a few times, and that would be interesting. But what would be hilarious would be Hermione Granger. Because as often as she's smart and witty out loud, the stuff that goes through her head has got to be hilarious.

5 Tom Riddle kept a diary, so why not Harry?

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And she totally would, too, if Harry had ever kept a diary (besides the magic one that housed a sliver of Voldemort's soul, and also erased any ink that was used on it), and if she'd been so inclined to read it. She probably wouldn't, simply because those boys tells her everything anyway, as that's the only method they have for guaranteed survival. But if she did, then yes, she probably would correct the spelling, as well as any other glaring errors that Harry could possibly make.

That's not how your argument with Ron went, Harry. I'm really quite sure you started it. 

Our potions class was not about cures for warts and itchy feet. Weren't you paying any attention? 

I really come across as a high-strung jerk in this. Got something to say, Potter?

4 Geek Party!

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Admit it: you heard the song in your head with these lyrics, didn't you?

Would they even have milkshake parties at Hogwarts? I can't imagine they couldn't, what with magic and all. But would they? And if they did, how would they go? It could be for club events, like when they had the dueling club during Chamber of Secrets. Or it could be exclusively for the teachers, giving them a break from all the rascals who keep breaking the rules and trying to turn water into rum. Or even a "congratulations Harry on not dying this year and for keeping most of your friends in one piece" party every year, instead of taking final exams.

Yup. We've agreed. We all want a Hogwarts milkshake party.

3 The Queen Hath Spoken!

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I ask again: why didn't Rowling ever just sic Hermione on Voldemort? One scene. Just one scene of the two of them. That final confrontation at Hogwarts doesn't count, because it was literally every single character who was still alive and these two didn't get a chance to speak to each other directly.

But what if, instead of Bellatrix being the one to torture Hermione for information in Deathly Hallows (Part One, for the movie-goers), it was Voldemort?

It probably would have gone like: "Crucci--" "You're saying it wrong. It's cruccio, not cruccio. Besides, you're going to poke someone's eye out." "Wha...I know how to torture someone for information, mudblood!" "Clearly you don't. Last request: let me be killed by someone with competence, please."

2 You Know It's Bad When She Admits Fault

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All three of these professors look like they have absolutely no idea what to do when Hermione says "It's my fault, professors." McGonagall looks like the world is on fire. Snape looks torn between triumphant and very, very confused. Even Quirrell's giving her this weird side-eye. Not even in a well, my evil plan to get the Philosopher's stone failed, now what? kind of way, but in a wait, she said WHAT now? way.

And they have a right to be confused, because it wasn't Hermione's fault, nor was it the boys'. She didn't have to take the fall for them because they didn't do anything wrong. The troll attacked her without provocation. The boys were the only ones around and attempted to distract it so she could leave and ended up defeating it entirely. McGonagall might have gotten angry at them for doing it themselves rather than finding an adult, but frankly, Hermione would have been dead if they did that. It's one of the very few scenes of all the movies that just don't make sense.

1 Stop Shipping. It Ain't Happening

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This is one of the reasons Hermione is one of the best girl characters to grace the screen and the true queen of the wizarding world. Despite how disappointed Daniel Radcliffe seems in this interview (and given the fact that he and Rupert Grint had a crush on Emma Watson, at least during the earlier films, he has a right to be disappointed),

the fact that Hermione never once has a romantic relationship with Harry is one of the best things about her.

I had to even write that, because it feels like using a guy to determine a girl's worth. But the fact is so many stories have the woman lead end up as nothing more than the main character's girlfriend, that not having that catches our attention. Even though Hermione did end up with Ron in the end, "Ron's girlfriend" is a title for her that is pushed way down the list of her achievements. Had she ended up with Harry, it may not have gone that way.

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