15 Hilarious Accidental Cosplays That Prove Our Characters Exist IRL

It has become an extremely popular practice to cosplay beloved characters from movies, cartoons, and comic books. Some people go out of their way to look like the character they like, by choosing similar clothes, making copy-cat hairdos, and taking the accessories they needed to provide the striking resemblance. Very often, they have to spend enormous sums of money on it, but at times, even if a person tries really hard, they can't look exactly like their favorite character. And, meanwhile, there are other people, who don't do anything about it, but they seem to be their character's natural doppelgänger.

From Eric Cartman to Han Solo, and even further to Super Mario, behold these hilarious accidental cosplays that can make cosplayers weep (some of them are not even human!).

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15 'The Incredibles' Are Around Us

Via: Instagram/@pubes

The Incredibles is a funny cartoon about a family of superheroes that has a lot of fans all over the world. Every year, at Comic-Con, we can see people dressed like its characters. In fact, pretty much each one of the characters deserves their own attention. They're all superheroes, after all!

But something tells me that the girl from the photo above wasn't going to Comic-Con as Edna Mode. She didn't want to look like the character, and she probably didn't even know who Edna Mode was. But since she had similar hair and glasses, she managed to look exactly like the famous designer of superhero suits. Many fans of The Incredibles must be extremely jealous of her, since she managed to attain the level of resemblance that is so rare!

14 Have You Ever Imagined Mario As A Strawberry?

Via: thiswillblowmymind

There are a lot of Super Marios at Comic-Con, too, but I doubt that they look as much like their favorite video game character as this strawberry. It has exactly the same nose and mustache. Even its color is completely similar to that of Mario's hat! Show me a person who looks more like this sweet video game guy, and I'll take my words back. But now, I know that next time I get nostalgic and play Super Mario, I'll think about strawberries.

But something tells me that this strawberry is unlikely to get to Comic-Con. I mean, it won't make it there, because someone will eat it on the way. And then this person will boast to their friends, "I've just eaten Super Mario! And what have you done in your life?"

13 Who Wore It Better?

Via: imgur

We've seen a lot of strange outfits on Kim Kardashian, but this one beats them all. Even the people standing around her at the photo seem to be shocked to see her wearing the suit of Penguin, the villain from Batman Returns.

Let me remind you that Penguin was one of the scariest DC villains. He was a deformed person who was left by his parents when he was a child and lived in the sewers of Gotham for a long time. His nickname appeared due to the fact that he was raised by penguins from the Gotham Zoo.

In Batman Returns, Penguin was played by Danny DeVito. He had flipper hands and was wearing this strange suit that resembled some kind of underwear from the 1800s. Somehow, Kim Kardashian decided that a similar choice would be good for her outfit. Well, if she wanted to make a Penguin cosplay, it was successful, but I don't think she even knew about it.

12 Massive Accidental X-Men Cosplay

Via: 9gag

When we see only one unintentional cosplay, it's funny but we all understand that it's nothing but an accident. But when we see a whole series of accidental cosplays in a single place, it makes us think.

For example, take a look at the photo above. What are the odds of making this happen? I mean, this woman on the left doesn't look like Magneto, but she's carrying a burgundy jacket on her arm, just like him, and has a similar pose. The man wearing a leather jacket has Wolverine's hairstyle. The guy in the chair isn't even close to Professor Xavier, but, hey, he's sitting in a chair! And the last woman has pale grey hair, just like Storm.

How is it possible that these four people showed up together in the street? It's inexplicable!

11 A Bus Driver Breaking Bad

Via: viralized

Okay, so we know that Walter White was struggling in his life for years, trying to make a living and provide for his wife and son. He worked as a chemistry teacher and had a second job at a car wash. Everything changed for him, though, when he was diagnosed with inoperable Lung Cancer and decided to "break bad" by producing and selling methamphetamine. But judging from the photo above, Walter also worked up as a bus driver.

Or is it just a man who looks exactly like Walter White? To be honest, I'm confused. On the one hand, being a bus driver, Walter could meet a number of people to sell meth to (and, in fact, this job is a perfect cover). But on the other hand, wasn't this man fictional? (Or was he...)

10 Everything That's Left Of Obi Wan

Via: twitter

Isn't this the best Obi Wan Kenobi's cosplay you've ever seen? I mean, it's so unusual! Everyone who wants to look like the great Jedi Master is wearing similar clothes and carrying a lightsaber. But this person did it in a completely different manner. By just putting a Jedi cloak on their seat, they impersonated Obi Wan's last moment. After Dart Vader killed him in a fight, a cloak was all that was left of him.

But, most likely, this person doesn't even know that they made the most brilliant cosplay ever. They probably just forgot their cloak on the subway. But, luckily for us, some eagle-eyed fan noticed it and blasted it on Twitter for our likes and re-tweets. May the force be with this person forever and ever for their glorious act!

9 R2-D2, Is That You?

Via: boredpanda

Wow, it seems like R2-D2 found it extremely hard to readjust after war with the Empire. Or, perhaps he didn't manage to cope with all the fame. I mean, he was an extremely famous droid due to Star Wars. But when the franchise was over, everything changed for him. He never found himself anywhere else and ended up partying and spending all his money. As a result, from the cute, witty, and quick droid we loved so much, he turned into an old, dusty, and—perhaps, alcoholic—robot. He even lost an ability to move by himself and had to use a special chair.

It's a very sad story, and I'm glad that it's just a joke. But this strange machine from someone's dusty closet really looks like an old R2-D2, and it makes you think, doesn't it?

8 Professor Solo, At Your Service

Via: boredpanda

In the previous entry, we saw the old R2-D2, and now we see the old Han Solo, who seems to have become a teacher. I wonder if he's teaching the kids how to fly a large spaceship through an asteroid belt or how to defeat the Empire that wants to take over the entire Universe. Hmmmm.

In fact, it's none of the above, as it's obviously not Han Solo (hello, we know what Harrison Ford looks like today!). It's a teacher who dressed exactly like the Star Wars character. I'm dying to know if he did it on purpose or if it was by accident. Maybe his students thought that it was unintentional, but, in fact, the man was going to visit a Star Wars event after school. What do you think about it?

7 So I'm Not The Only One Who Saw It!

Via: diply

Many people think that this blanket-sweater thing is cute, but I think that it's really creepy. I mean, it does keep you warm, but it turns you into someone from a nightmare or a horror movie. And when you look closer, you'll see that it also makes one look like Birdo from Super Mario!

Let me remind you about who Birdo is. It's an anthropomorphic creature  of pink color that wears a large diamond ring on one of its fingers and a red hair bow. Through its round mouth, Birdo can shoot eggs as projectiles. Interestingly enough, the gender of this character is ambiguous. It might seem like it's a female, but people say that it's actually a male who wants to look like a female. If that's true, it makes Birdo the first transgender video game character.

So if you want to visit the next Comic-Con and dress up like Birdo, now you know what to do!

6 Johnny Bravo IRL

Via: pinterest

If I could meet this guy, I'd ask him only one question: "Do you even know that you resemble a cartoon character?" Something tells me that his answer would be a decisive "No!" I mean, look at him. He's trying to look like he's the coolest person in the world with his hefty body, black glasses, and "way-too-much-gel" hairdo. People of this type usually think that they're too cool to watch cartoons (correct me if I'm wrong). Most likely, the guy doesn't even understand that he actually looks ridiculously similar to that of Johnny Bravo.

In fact, it'd be a good idea for this guy to watch at least one episode of Johnny Bravo. It might make him think about his coolness and, perhaps, he'd stop skipping leg day at the gym.

5 Where Are The Minions?

Via: demilked

Imagine that you got into a subway train. You're going to work and think that it's going to be another boring day that will be similar to every other one. But then you turn around and see Felonius Gru sitting in your train reading a newspaper! How would you react! I wonder what he was reading anyways. Was he trying to understand whether he needed to assemble his Minions again for a new mission? I'm sure that the person who took this photo was burning with this question, but something makes me think that he never asked it.

Or is this man Uncle Fester from The Addams Family? I'm confused! Let me assume that it's Gru, because Fester was never into reading newspapers, was he? What's more, this striped scarf unmistakably points at Gru.

4 Oh, Here's One!

Via: viralized

So, the previous entry showed us real-life Felonius Gru. If you weren't amazed by seeing him IRL and thought that there was nothing special about that photo, then you should be shocked by this one. Behold the real-life Minion caught in public! Just look at this man — he's wearing a bright yellow t-shirt and blue jeans with suspenders, similar to Minions from Despicable Me. And he even has glasses that make him look just like the yellow underlings so many kids adore today!

But what if it's not an accidental cosplay? I mean, this man looks a bit too much like a Minion. What if he's an overgrown Minion who is reading the newspaper (just like Gru from the previous entry did) to elaborate the new plan of taking over the world?

3 'Always...'

Via: imgur

Wow, this photo makes me think that the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is real! And it means that Professor Severus Snape faked his death and started working for Muggle airlines. How else is it possible for this man to look exactly like the Potions Master?

I wonder how Snape turned into an airline representative. I mean, he's always been a man with a big ego, who didn't like being bossed around. And, of course, he didn't really like to serve others. Did he feel okay about checking plane tickets for some Muggles? Or is it another round of undercover job for him? He's been a Hogwarts Professor for years, and no-one (except for Dumbledore) knew about his real motives. Everyone kept on guessing whether he was a Death Eater or not. That's how good of an actor Snape was! What if working for a Muggle airline is another play for him?

2 The Resemblance Is Striking

Via: diply

South Park fans, behold this guy! He looks just like Eric Cartman! He wears a similar yellow-and-blue cap and bright red jacket. If he didn't have a book in his hands, I'd think that Cartman got off the screen and began living life as a real boy. But knowing that this South Park character wasn't really into reading books, we can be sure that it's just some guy who looks exactly like him (just in case you suspected it was real Cartman).

The question is, does the guy know that he looks like Cartman? If he does, his cosplay is really successful. But if he doesn't even know who Cartman is, perhaps it's time for him to learn the sad truth. Who knows, maybe he'll want to change his clothing style after it.

1 A Man Turned Into Snow White

Via: collegehumor

This is the most hilarious accidental cosplay ever! Who could ever think that a man sitting at a cafe could look exactly like Snow White? All because someone put a coffee canister in front of them and took a perspective photo? If you ask me, I think that it's the best perspective shot I've seen in my entire life! And did you notice that there is a picture of a large tomato above this guy's head? It looks totally like a poisoned apple!

Sure, you can tell that this guy's face doesn't look anything like Snow White and that his hair is messy. But stop and think about it — and don't forget that Snow White was once poisoned and remained dead for a while. She also had to take care of seven dwarfs, who were the messiest creatures ever. Who could look good after being through all these challenges?

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