15 Hilarious Anna Kendrick Tweets That Will Brighten Anyone's Day

People look forward to seeing the other side of actors, actresses, singers, hosts, performers and even politicians. These celebrities’ unguarded moments away from the limelight are prized gems; we’re curious as to how they’re like in real life, after all! It’s fascinating to realize that, really, stripped of the glitz and the glamour of Hollywood, they are ordinary human beings who are as fun, clumsy, depressed or crazy as we are!

One such celebrity is Anna Kendrick. The singer-actress enjoys a huge following on Twitter, where she expresses hilarious and relatable posts on just about everything. Here are 15 of the Pitch Perfect star’s funniest tweets that are always a breath of fresh air!

15 Trouble hearing you

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Have you ever experienced being in a crowd, such as in the middle of a massive party, where all you hear is the sound of everyone mumbling and talking at the same time? Everything around you is just too loud—music and all—and you just can’t make out a word that is being said because they all sound unintelligible! And then, someone comes up to you to say or ask something and you just can’t, for the life of you, figure out what exactly it is that they’re saying.

Isn’t this scenario quite common to us all? Celebrity, Anna Kendrick, admits to being in one. And on Twitter, she pointed out a very common exchange that can happen to just about anyone in the same situation—and interestingly, she nailed it!

14 Comes with fries

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Tony-nominated theater actress, Anna Kendrick, says it like it is and this is what many people find endearing about her. While she definitely doesn’t please everybody, her fans adore her for exuding a sense of confidence, without coming off as arrogant or pretentious. And she is funny, too. When the Twitter world sought “3 words better than I love you,” Anna didn’t hold back. She knows everyone relates to the three words that are heard often, but given less recognition than they deserve. Perhaps Anna knew her three-word pick may not make her any more glamorous, but it certainly never made her any less of a celebrity. She conquered the internet with it, in fact! Really, what’s better than hearing that something “comes with fries?”

13 Beyoncé in my life

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We’re used to the idea that most, if not all, celebrities are so full of themselves. We hear about fame apparently going up their heads and often manifesting as bad behavior. Anecdotes of them showing their cranky, unhappy and unappreciative side are all over the internet! Thankfully, this isn’t true to all. In fact, some Hollywood stars are just as ordinary as can be. Anna Kendrick is one of them. She couldn’t care less about being a famous Hollywood star herself, as she casually tells the world how she adores superstar, Beyoncé. And like a true fan, she pointed out how her life is practically made better with the music icon’s jaw-dropping performances. Perhaps one day, we’ll see Anna going up to Queen Bee and asking for her autograph!

12 Silent coffee, silent men

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Women have a way of letting their emotions known without saying a word. Yes, they can be incredibly expressive in their silence. Without uttering a single word, women are effectively able to get their message across. In many cases, their keeping quiet may also mean being agreeable to an opinion, with zero complaints—it can be interpreted as a woman’s silent thumbs-up. But, there’s no telling that the not-a-word scenario can be their calm before the storm! Silent but deadly, as many would say! Talented actress and crooner, Anna Kendrick, may be talking about any of these in one of her heavily re-tweeted posts. Either way, for the Twilight star, her coffee should be silent. And that’s how she likes her men, too!

11 Low-carb diets

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Battling weight issues for the longest time? Tired of the empty promises of diet fads that all claim to work, but actually don’t? Unsure about the overwhelming health and weight loss information you’ve been getting (or are forced to digest?), Anna Kendrick sure knows how that feels. The actress might have been exhausted by what she’s been reading to keep her looking fit and fabulous at all times—and chose to lament on Twitter about it. And it turned out to be a fantastic decision, as people realized they could totally relate to what the celebrity was saying! More often than not, you find it so hard to wrap your head around the idea of dieting, don’t you? Take comfort in knowing you’re not alone. In this case, Anna Kendrick is literally you.

10 Other people

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We’re all interconnected. As human beings with intellect and emotions, all of us know it matters that we have other people to speak with, interact with and even share our life with. That’s just how we are as humans—we enjoy each other’s company and practically cannot exist without each other. That being said, there is definitely a great deal of obstacles that prevent us from truly experiencing and bringing out the best in each other. Relationship issues prop up, our communication is often flawed and we often end up disliking other people! Actress and Twitter queen, Anna Kendrick, sums all these up in a tweet that got everyone nodding in agreement. Her followers found it funny that, indeed, what she was saying about “other people” couldn’t be any truer!

9 Ignoring your text

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Practically all of us have had the displeasure of getting at least one text that, while actually meant to be an innocent message, ends up ruining our day. You know, those texts (from people we know or otherwise) that we think do not deserve our attention because they’ve gone too far at annoying us? Mean as it may sound, sometimes we have to treat those stupid or infuriating texts as if we never even received them! Anna Kendrick totally thinks this is a reality that we all face at some point. Perhaps she was dealing with that intolerable someone who thinks their message should get a reply. And Anna, unpretentious as she is, sums up her reaction—like any normal person would—in one powerful word: ignore.

8 Wedding cake

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What’s a wedding without a tasty, pretty and massively elaborate cake? Weddings are never complete without one. And as with the rest of the elements that make up a grand wedding event, the wedding cake should be beautifully designed to match the theme of the event. It’s not surprising to find a wedding cake with colors that are almost always as enchanting as the gown and even as pretty as the bride. It’s worth mentioning that these cakes—created just for the wedding—are ridiculously priced, too! But, think about it: can a cake be so tasty you’ll want one for yourself? One beautiful, tasty and pricey wedding cake for you to eat. Yup, one cake...just for you. Or, in this case, for Anna Kendrick.

7 Putting a bra

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You’d think Anna Kendrick, a singer and actress who has had several movies tucked under her belt, takes everything seriously. You’d think she’s perfect, as she usually looks in front of the camera. Well, her six million followers on Twitter love her for all of that, but even more so, they are smitten by Anna’s wit. Her tweets are phenomenal because they’re so uncelebrity-like that they get people to say, “That is so me!” Many times, people even express how they think a lot like the 31-year-old star. Without even tying, Anna is a lady who radiates no falseness and is as real as can be. Come on, how many celebrities have no qualms about expressing disappointment with their physical look and even make a laughing matter out of it?

6 Mission Possible: Break Tom Cruise

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Ah, Tom Cruise—the highly successful actor who has maintained his status as a Hollywood icon. To most girls, he’s that dreamy, handsome knight they wish they could get a real glimpse of. Sure, this guy has top-billed numerous movies and is currently doing more, but his legions of fans—the ladies, in particular—wish to be with this hunk and get to talk to him just like any regular guy. For many of his admirers, however, this remains to be a dream that has yet to come true. And then there’s Anna Kendrick—the pretty, perky and talented actress who expresses her wish to be with Tom Cruise. The twist? She wishes to work with the ladies man for a reason that got everyone laughing.

5 Special wine

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Practically every home has that "for special occasions only" bottle of great wine. It’s just sitting there until a real celebration deserves it. Everyone will have to wait for that special time and resist the temptation to pop a cork! But, what do you do when, being all alone in your home, you feel like taking a sip? You look around and realize you’ve only got one bottle of that precious wine—seemingly asking you to loosen up, get up, pop it open and enjoy a glass or two. When it does start to feel like it’s going to be a great night for you (for no reason or for reasons only you can know), do you give in to it? For Anna Kendrick, the struggle is real.

4 Food porn

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Human as we are, we have our weaknesses. And in many cases, these weaknesses make it hard for us to contain our emotions. There are several triggers that get us all excited and even aroused! Have you experienced feeling a lot of love for a special someone, who grabbed your attention without even trying? Have you ever experienced a time when somebody whom you found the least exciting, at first, turned out to be the one person whom you’ve got the hots for? That’s just how it is for us people; we get emotionally attached easily! Sometimes, when our feelings get the best of us, it’s almost hard to stop us from fantasizing about someone—or something. For actress, Anna Kendrick, in all her peculiarity, it’s that soufflé on Food Network that got her all hungry—and aroused?

3 True friendship

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How many of your several friends can you actually say are true? This question carries a billion-dollar tag with it, considering how elusive realness can be. In fact, it remains a mystery whether or not real friends—those who will stick with you both in shade and sunshine, without asking for anything in return—actually exist. It’s a difficult thing, really. But, when your friends do you the big favor of making their hands dirty so you are able to keep yours clean, don’t you just want to keep them in your life forever? Anna Kendrick must be so lucky to have some in her life or maybe it’s just wishful thinking she brought to Twitter. Either way, friends who hate your enemies just as much as you do (or even more!) are simply the best.

2 Batman-Superman kiss

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One of the most talked-about Hollywood movie tandems in the world was that of Batman and Superman. It was a highly-awaited epic battle for supremacy, in an extraordinary movie that millions around the world eagerly waited for. The possibility of two classic comic book and movie heroes coming together in one big box-office film got everyone pumped! The confrontations and epic fights were certainly worth watching, as was its explosive plot (which was made even more impressive by fascinating effects). To say that the movie certainly had fans on the edge of their seats is an understatement! Interestingly, the partnership—or rivalry for that matter—has absolutely nothing to do with romance or bromance! That is, until Anna Kendrick thought otherwise and tweeted about it—which totally had her followers laughing!

1 Word error

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Have you ever doubted your own words? Yes, words—those that make up that letter or document that you are composing on your computer. You find yourself giving your complete focus and attention to what you are doing when, suddenly, the Word program tells you something is wrong with the statement you’ve typed. As it underlines your errors, it prompts you to make the necessary changes. And just when you think you’re actually right (you’re human and know better, duh), Word reminds you again and again about how wrong you are! Word is so good at pointing out your mistakes, isn’t it? Anna Kendrick found herself in that situation and tweeted about it—which a lot of people thought was funny!

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