15 Hilarious 'Ant-Man And The Wasp' Memes To Prepare Us For Marvel's Next Blockbuster

Even though we're still not over Avengers: Infinity War and have been going to the theaters every week for the past month to rewatch it, Marvel's already ready to move on and throw their next big blockbuster at us! Ant-Man and the Wasp hits theaters on July 6 and will show us what Scott Lang and his allies were up to while the rest of Earth's Mightiest Heroes were off trying to save the universe from Thanos. Since the Mad Titan was trying to wipe out half of the existence with a mere snap of his fingers, Infinity War understandably had to be really dark and serious... but Ant-Man has always been a huge jokester and we're sure his movie is going to lighten things back up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and remind us that superhero films can actually be fun!

It's been a whopping three years since Ant-Man was released, so to remind us of just how surprisingly awesome that movie was and prepare us for its sequel, we've found some of the most hilarious Ant-Man memes the Internet has to offer. He may be the Avengers' tiniest member, but the side-splitting laughs these memes provide are anything but small!

15 Scott is totally us

For the past ten years, the Marvel Cinematic Universe built up to Avengers: Infinity War. Ever since the first Infinity Stone was introduced in Captain America: The First Avenger, we knew that massive crossover event was coming... but we still weren't ready for it! Despite the combined efforts of Earth's Mightiest Heroes and the Guardians of the Galaxy to stop Thanos, the Mad Titan still assembled the complete Infinity Gauntlet and snapped his fingers to wipe out half of the existence across the universe. The film was everything we hoped for and more, and we never thought we'd be over it...until we watched a trailer for Ant-Man and the Wasp! 

Yeah, we're still a bit distraught about the fact that Spider-Man, Groot, Black Panther and a handful of our other favorites were just reduced to ash, but somehow we're able to move on knowing that Thanos wasn't able to stop us from getting another hilarious and action-packed Ant-Man film! We're totally Scott Lang in this iconic scene from Captain America: Civil War—even though he's got the gorgeous Scarlet Witch right next to him, he just can't help checking out Steve Rogers. We've got Infinity War to drool over still, but we're ready to obsess over the next MCU installment!

14 This was too real

We don't go to superhero movies expecting them to be realistic. People don't shoot webs and swing from building to building in real life, so we're never going to see anything like Spider-Man in the real world. There aren't any multi-millionaires out there building ridiculously high-tech armored suits to fight bad guys like Iron Man. And there certainly aren't any hammer-throwing gods coming down to Earth like Thor. We'll never stop being sad about the lack of costumed superheroes in our lives, but we do appreciate that Marvel does its best to allow us to at least picture them in our world.

Ant-Man featured technology that allowed people to shrink down to the size of an ant, so we didn't go to theaters in 2015 expecting to relate to anything in that film. Scott Lang turned out to be a complete breath of fresh air, though, because he was actually a lot like all of us! No, we can't become microscopic with a press of a button like he can, but we all definitely know what it's like to be highly qualified graduates who end up settling for a job at Baskin-Robbins! That was probably the most realistic scene in a Marvel movie ever. If only a rich genius would steal us away from our horrible jobs to help us become superheroes!

13 Spoiler warning

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Sometimes, Marvel goes a bit overboard with spoiling their own films before they ever hit the big screen. We definitely didn't complain because we were desperate for any details we could find about Infinity War before it came out, but Marvel's trailers for the film essentially gave away the entire plot—they spoiled the fact that Thanos was going to try to snap his fingers to wipe out half the life in the universe, they spoiled the massive battle in Wakanda at the end of the movie and they spoiled all the epic team-ups the crossover had to offer. Sure, our jaws were still dropped the entire movie, but nothing was really all that much of a surprise.

Luckily, despite a few trailers being released for Ant-Man and the Wasp, we still don't know too much about its plot.

This hilarious meme offers one possibility—maybe the Ant-Man sequel will follow in the footsteps of the Captain America sequel and bring back the hero's fallen best friend as a villain who doesn't remember anything about their relationship or his old identity! Just picture Antony, Scott's loyal and supposedly deceased ant BFF, getting that Winter Soldier treatment. Now that would be a twist!

12 Dreams became reality

Hardcore superhero fans absolutely love it when the minds behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe give us live-action versions of iconic scenes straight from the pages of our favorite comics. We loved that Tony Stark's first armored suit in Iron Man so perfectly matched his original clunky, all-silver costume. We were so happy the Avengers' first adversary as a team was Loki because the God of Mischief was the team's first foe in the comics. We loved that Tony made Peter a fairly comic book-accurate Iron Spider costume for Infinity War, and even though we're still a bit traumatized by it, getting to see Thanos snap his fingers (one of the most memorable comic panels of all time) on the big screen was amazing. But Captain America: Civil War offered one of the coolest bits of fan service ever. 

When we found out that Ant-Man and Hawkeye were going to be in the same movie for the first time, we crossed our fingers that we'd get to see Scott Lang jump on the tip of one of Clint's arrows and be shot into action. The duo utilizes that incredibly cool tactic in the comics, so we really, really hoped they'd do it in the movie. Marvel gave us what we wanted in the airport battle scene, and it was every bit as epic as we imagined!

11 Deadpool and Ant-Man

It's hard to complain about Avengers: Infinity War because the crossover of the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy films was incredibly action-packed and exciting from start to finish. But we can't help but be a bit bummed out that so many important members of the Marvel universe couldn't be included in the film because of rights issues. The heroes could definitely have used the help of the X-Men and the Fantastic Four, but 20th Century Fox just couldn't let that happen. Yet.

Thanks to a potential upcoming deal between Fox and Disney, the MCU might finally include those essential characters soon!

If the deal officially goes through, we can see Reed Richards work alongside Tony Stark. We can see Storm's relationship with the Black Panther. And we can see Deadpool interact with Ant-Man! This hilarious meme shows all of the comedic possibilities that team-up might offer—Wade Wilson would inevitably ask Scott Lang what else shrinks when he becomes tiny, and force Scott to admit that yes, everything gets smaller. Disney better give Fox whatever they want for the rights to that studio's heroes, because we need to see scenes like this play out on the big screen ASAP.

10 Coolest family ever

You can't go to a comic convention anywhere in the country without coming across someone dressed as a character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so it's no real surprise that we've seen some really cool cosplays over the years. Some superhero fans just do the bare minimum and throw on superhero t-shirts or completed (and fairly cheap-looking) Halloween costumes. More hardcore fans make their costumes from scratch—some of these turn out hilariously ugly, while other attempts wind up looking as professional as the outfits we see on the big screen!

We've seen couples dressed as Captain America and Black Widow or families outfitted as the Avengers and friends go out as the Guardians of the Galaxy. But this cosplay group has them all beat by a mile. They all bought matching Ant-Man costumes from a Halloween store, and individually, they're nothing special. But when they're all together, thanks to their differing heights, it looks like they're utilizing Pym Particles and changing size! The young boy actually appears to be morphing into his very tall father, and it's one of the coolest things we've ever seen. Now we want to have a bunch of kids to pull this off ourselves someday!

9 Too small to see

Ant-Man has a lot of explaining to do. In Infinity War, the Avengers and the Guardians had to work together to stop Thanos from snapping his fingers, and they fell just short. At several different points, it really seemed like they'd be capable of defeating the Mad Titan and the help of just one more hero could have been all they needed to save countless lives across the universe. Valkyrie from Thor: Ragnarok could have given them that edge, but she and Korg apparently ran off with a few surviving Asgardians when Thanos and his Black Order attacked Thor's ship at the beginning of the film. Hawkeye could have shot Star-Lord to stop him from waking Thanos when Spider-Man was about to take off the Gauntlet.

And Ant-Man could have just shrunken down, ran into Thanos' nose, and blown up his head by returning to regular size once inside of it!

As much as we all doubt Ant-Man's value in a battle, he's actually one of the Avengers' most formidable members and could have been a huge contributor in Infinity War. Yet he was nowhere to be found! We're pretty upset about it, but hey, maybe he was in the movie... but he was just too small to see!

8 Real-life superhero battle

The government is probably already working on making armored suits like Iron Man's and super soldier serums that'd enhance strength and agility like the one that powered up Captain America, but we're pretty sure we won't be seeing the sort of technology featured in Ant-Man in real life for a hundred years or so. That doesn't mean we can't pretend, though!

Some genius found a pole on a sidewalk that was seemingly hit pretty hard by a car and nearly toppled over and glued incredibly small figurines of Ant-Man and Yellowjacket onto it. Suddenly, what was just a messed up pole is now the battlegrounds for an epic superhero fight! Ant-Man packs within his tiny-sized hands an incredibly powerful punch, and he's hitting his archenemy so hard, Yellowjacket's impact with the pole is what knocked it over. Hopefully, no one tries to rip the figures off of the pole to add them to their toy collection because artwork like this deserves to be enjoyed and photographed by all superhero fans eagle-eyed enough to spot it. Now we really want to buy Ant-Man toys and do the same thing all over our hometowns in honor of Ant-Man and the Wasp's release!

7 Morgan's replacement

Morgan Freeman has one of the most recognizable voices in Hollywood, for good reason. The deep and smooth tone of his speaking voice has gotten him an incredible number of narration jobs over the past several decades—he was narrator for the 1990 TV miniseries documentary The Civil War, the 1995 TV documentary Inside the White House, Visa's 2012 Summer Olympics and dozens of other series and films throughout his prestigious career. His booming and clear voice also landed him the role of God in Bruce Almighty! We thought Hollywood would fail to ever find a voice that's likable enough to replace Morgan's, but we were wrong.

We could listen to Michael Peña's Luis from Ant-Man talk all day, every day!

Luis took forever to get to the point whenever he talked, but we still found ourselves hanging on his every word. His stories always contained a ridiculous amount of unnecessary details, and yet we never got bored. With energy like his, we wouldn't be surprised at all if he became the world's next big narrator. We really hope Ant-Man and the Wasp is stock-filled with his long stories and hilarious jokes because Luis is at least 50% of the reason we're so excited for the upcoming film!

6 Newfound respect for ants

For as long as we can remember, we've hated bugs. Some kids are fascinated with spiders or love trying to catch butterflies, but we always screamed and ran for our lives any time any sort of bug came anywhere near us! Spiders gross us out because they have so many creepy little legs and supposedly like crawling inside our mouths when we're asleep. We can't stand mosquitoes because their bites itch like crazy. And ants drive us insane because they always seem to find their way into our food or our homes!

Before watching Ant-Man, we had no problem just grabbing a napkin or paper towel and squashing any bugs that we came across. But now, whenever we see an ant, we feel a ridiculous need to pick it up and just place it gently somewhere far away from where we're situated, so it can live a happy life elsewhere. Ants are, according to the MCU, smart enough to team up with superheroes and help fight bad guys, so it'd be a real crime to try to terminate them! We'd be distraught if our actions led to the passing of a bug as awesome as Scott Lang's temporary bug BFF Antony.

5 Battle of the Bugs

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In Captain America: Civil War, Tony Stark realized that he needed some more super-powered allies if he hoped to beat Steve Rogers' new team. The Fantastic Four and the X-Men weren't available (thanks a lot, Fox!), so he had to recruit a mere high school student—Peter Parker. Spider-Man was slinging his way around New York City in an embarrassingly cheap homemade costume at the time and had no experience fighting anyone relevant, but Tony saw potential in him and asked him to help the U.S. government take in the rebel heroes who refused to sign the Sokovia Accords.

Captain America then followed suit and brought some new muscle of his own onto his team, Ant-Man!

It's pretty hilarious that both Avengers squads were bolstered by bug-themed heroes at the same time, but it would have been even funnier if Civil War recreated this ridiculous scene from an ancient live-action Spider-Man television show. In it, Spidey drops down to his hands and knees and uses a magnifying glass to search for something tiny on the ground. If Ant-Man stayed miniature during the Civil War airport battle scene instead of growing to the size of a building, the wall-crawler may have had to resort to this to fight him!

4 Phoebe's husband hit the big time

Some Marvel lovers had their doubts about Paul Rudd getting cast as Scott Lang when he was first announced as the lead of Ant-Man, but as lifelong fans of the goofy comedian, we knew he'd do an amazing job as one of the MCU's funniest heroes. Paul had us rolling on the floor laughing in Anchorman and The 40-Year-Old Virgin, but our appreciation for his acting (and comedy) chops dates all the way back to 2002 when he first appeared in FRIENDS as Mike Hannigan!

Mike was a random guy that Joey found at the last second for his best friend Phoebe when the dynamic duo agreed to set each other up on blind dates, but he was such a great guy that he and Phoebe still hit it off immediately. They even went on to get married, and Mike told Phoebe in the finale that he wanted to start a family with her. He was one of our favorite minor characters on the show, and while we would never have guessed he'd eventually become Ant-Man, we think Marvel found the perfect guy for the role. If there's ever a FRIENDS revival, they totally need to have an episode titled "The One Where Mike's A Superhero."

3 Saddest MCU passing ever

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We have nothing but love for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but we'd be lying if we said the MCU didn't traumatize us and break our hearts on a fairly regular basis. Over the past decade, we've had to say goodbye to a ridiculous amount of beloved fallen characters. In Thor: The Dark World, Kurse ended Thor's sweet mother Frigga. In Captain America: Civil War, we witnessed the tragic passing of Steve Rogers' soulmate and S.H.I.E.L.D. founder Peggy Carter. Thor: Ragnarok forced us to say goodbye to the God of Thunder's best friends, the Warriors Three. And don't even get us started on all the heroes who faded into nothingness in Infinity War!

None of those passings made us sob hysterically in a theater full of strangers the way Antony's demise in Ant-Man did, though!

Sure, we shed a tear or two when Spider-Man begged Tony Stark to save him, only to dissolve into ash in his role model's arms. And we choked up when Groot disappeared in front of his friend and adoptive father Rocket Raccoon. But we were just getting to know and love Antony when he was shot down in Ant-Man, and we'll probably never get over the fact that he's gone.

2 We feel ancient now

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It's been three years since Ant-Man was first released in theaters, but the trailer for the sequel makes those three years feel like a lifetime! Scott and the rest of his friends and allies look exactly the same as when we last saw them, but Scott's daughter Cassie seems to have used Pym Particles to completely change her appearance!

In the Ant-Man and the Wasp trailer, we see Cassie talking to her dad about needing a partner to help him in his heroic endeavors. We had to look online to see if she's portrayed by the same child actress, and were shocked to discover that she is—Abby Ryder Fortson reprises her role in the sequel, we just can't believe its still her because she looks so much older! We can't help feeling ancient when we see her because as we were just sitting around waiting for the next Marvel movie to come out, she was apparently off developing into a preteen. Hank Pym was able to develop technology that lets people shrink their cells, can't he think of a way to freeze them so Cassie will stop aging?! She was so adorable in Ant-Man, we're not ready to see her as a full-blown teenager in Ant-Man 3!

1 Mission report

In Civil War, soldier-turned-villain Helmut Zemo was obsessed with destroying the Avengers to avenge his family's demise. His wife and daughter lost their lives in the Avengers' battle against Ultron in Sokovia, so he wanted Earth's Mightiest Heroes to pay... and realized the best way to do that was to destroy them from within. He devised an ingenious scheme to manipulate the heroes into fighting and defeating each other, and a major part of his plan revolved around Iron Man finding out that Captain America's best friend Bucky was responsible for ending Tony's parents while he was being brainwashed as the Winter Soldier.

Zemo asked everyone he could find about the mission report for December 16, 1991, the night Howard and Maria Stark had their life-ending "car accident."

We think that if Zemo came across Luis, his plan would have been foiled because Luis would have kept him too occupied with one of his infamously long stories to ever allow him to take down the Avengers! It's stuff like this that makes us think Luis should join the ranks of Earth's Mightiest Heroes ASAP—he may not have superpowers, but his ability to talk a person's ear off could be invaluable against bad guys!

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