15 Hilarious Ariana Grande Memes That Give Us Life

She may be small but her vocals are grande. Ariana Grande is the pop sensation that always gives us life, and her memes revive us on a daily basis. Not only can she sing like a goddess but she is also hilarious. Her reactions to, well, just about everything never fail to make us smile. From the classic Ariana sassy face, to her classic disgusted face, and her plain old confused face, Ariana does and expresses it all.

In addition to giving us life, Ariana memes can also be quite relatable. Who would have thought our regular, average selves would have something in common with this glamorous diva? Whenever someone's feeling a little lifeless, check out these 15 Ariana memes that are bound to give life without the use of CPR.

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15 The Feeling Of Getting Dragged Out Of The House

What’s worse than getting dragged out of the house when you were expecting a quiet night at home snuggled in a blanket drinking tea? Getting dragged out of the house to a Jenner’s birthday party, that’s what.

Here, we have a very sober looking Ariana Grande who seems to be absolutely done with life and all the activities that surround her. By activities, I mean dealing with two drunk Jenners who we have come to know and love (only sometimes) as Kendall and Kylie. The two girls seem to be having a great ol’ drunken time while Ariana follows behind. Her face is one of instant regret and she was probably wondering why she left her dog filled house for this. Don’t worry Ari, I’d be wondering the same thing. When it comes to choosing between cuddly pups and Kendall and Kylie, I’d choose the cuddly pups every time.

14 Never Offer Anyone Food

Sharing food is always difficult. I mean, seriously. Offering other people food is common courtesy, but it's never expected that they would take the entire thing one offers them. I mean, who takes the ENTIRE chip bag if it isn’t theirs? Really?!

I can sympathize a bit because I know chips are insanely addicting. However, this is all the more reason to buy your own darn chip bag, my friend. And to be clear, this doesn’t just apply to chips. It applies for all kinds of food. Sharing is caring but when it comes to food: greedy is better than being needy. Let’s be real, if I’m munching on something delicious I don’t want to share. We are all entitled to our own food and if someone doesn’t get that, we’ll flash them with the frustrated Ari face seen above.

13 When Looking Fabulous At Your Own Funeral Is A Given

Duh, Ariana Grande will obviously look this fabulous at her own funeral. Designer sunglasses and all. I mean really, if you are Ariana Grande, there's no such thing as ONLY wearing black at a funeral. She's all about the baby pinks, pastels, and, of course, floral accessories.

Okay enough about Ari's funeral though. Let's hope the day when she looks this fabulous in a casket comes many, many years from now. I love her too much to think of her like that, even if she does look this amazing. This photo was actually taken during Scream Queens, a horror/comedy TV series. The show had had many of our favourite celebrities on it including Ariana, the adorable Nick Jonas, and even Chad Michael Murray! Raise your hand if you almost forgot about him (*raises hand*).

12 Hair Flips Are Appropriate When Proving Someone Wrong

Okay, hair flips are appropriate at all times. Seriously, if you have thick, luscious hair like Ariana, you can flip your hair on any occasion. Going out to the store to pick up some milk? Flip your hair. Walking your dog? Flip your hair. On a date? Greet your significant other with a hair flip.

The absolute perfect occasion for a hair flip is when you prove someone wrong. It’s even better than saying, “I told you so.” This is because it basically says it for you without having to say anything at all. As an additional bonus, hair flips also make people look sassy as hell. So if you want to prove someone wrong with attitude, you now know what to do! Flip that hair, just like Ari.

11 Surprise, It's ME!

Knock knock, who's there? Just my fabulous self. That's who. There is almost nothing more satisfying then appearing on an ex-friend or ex-boyfriend's timeline even though they blocked you previously. HA HA! There's no escaping me or the memory of me, my dear old friend! Not only do you remind them that you exist, like "hey hello surprise!

Remember me?" But you also show them you're doing just fine without them.In the 21st century this is as close as we can get to haunting someone without actually dying and becoming a ghost. The memory of a past relationship will haunt them for at least a few minutes after seeing a picture of us pop up on their timeline. Not to mention, it will also make their hearts jump for a split second. Muahahahaha!

10 When You’re In Front Of Parents vs. Your Crush

It's always important to make a good impression in front of parents, even if they are not yours. Seriously, this is a reminder. DO NOT say stupid things in front of parents, ESPECIALLY if they aren’t your own. It’s necessary to be yourself as little as possible. Just be polite, so technically, be a more refined, classy version of yourself. This refined classy version is clearly exemplified by Ariana on the left; wearing a black dress and gracefully singing into a microphone.

Now, this is a completely different story when it comes to your crush. While it is important to stay classy, the picture of Ariana in a gold bodysuit represents how we feel inside when we see our crush. When they walk by, we mentally strike a sexy pose and give them a look they would never be able to resist. We pull an Ariana, minus the gold bodysuit and amazing vocals.

9 Some Things Just Don’t Add Up

Yes, math is hard and that’s about the only thing we really and truly understand about math. One plus one is uhhhh…..

And if this makes any sense at all, sometimes the most confusing things don't even involve real math or any math at all. They simply just don't add up. For example, the friend zone can be an awful, misleading place, but when someone doesn’t want to commit to a real relationship, yet acts like they are and continues to call the 'not so special person' in their lives just a “friend.” The only appropriate reaction to this is the confused Ariana face surrounded by impossible math formulas. The square root of radius r, equals A + C five thousand, 125. I definitely made this up, don’t ever listen to me. I don’t do math nor do I like to do math.

8 Arguing With Mom Is Always A Losing Battle

Remember, arguing with mom is a war that can’t be won. Mostly because moms are always right, but that’s just common knowledge. No matter what the topic of the argument may be, moms are the master of debating.

Ariana’s face represents all of the losing battles had when it comes to arguing with a mom. Her expression is a combination of regret, doom, and shame all in one. The most important thing to remember, even if a mom is completely wrong in an argument, telling them is something none of us can admit or say out loud (at least not to their face). Mostly because it’s possible to get disowned or at the very least, the silent treatment for a week straight. No one wants that.

7 Keep The Change

How great is it when you have so much extra cash you can casually just say, “keep the change.” Not only are you lightening the load in your bank account but you are making yourself look like a complete baller with some extra dollars (okay, that was cheesy). 

And yes, the duck face, wink, and point Ariana is doing in the photo above is exactly what one should do when they say the three magical words, “keep the change.” If you cannot properly execute this face, it’s time you take notes from Ariana, because this is the only appropriate expression when balling out. It’s also important to take a photo of yourself doing this. However, while you appear in complete focus because naturally, you are the centre of attention, your squad must appear in the background, out of focus, because they are clearly not as important as you. I mean, duh.

6 Everyone Has To Go Through A Bad Makeup Phase

Well, I sure hope Ariana Grande fired her makeup artist after seeing this meme. All, if not most of us, go through an awkward makeup phase. Specially when we are in those early stages of learning how to apply it. From unblended eyeshadow, to awful tones of blush, and chunky mascara, we’ve pretty much done it all as beginners.

Ariana, on the other hand, is old enough to have flawless makeup on at all times. There’s just no excuse for a sloppy mascara and an eyeliner job gone wrong. As we can see in the photo above, both of these things (and more) happened to poor Ariana. From this it is clear that her makeup artist obviously had some weird vendetta against her. Let’s hope Ari has replaced her with someone less awful.

5 When You Hear That Ariana Is On TV

Like I said, Ariana Grande is my favourite little pop sensation, and when I say little, I mean it literally because she is the size of a peanut. It's okay Ari, even though you're teeny tiny, I love you anyways. In fact, I love you so much that when I hear you're on TV, I run towards it at very high speeds just to see you.

The best part about Ariana Grande being on television is, even if you don't know she'll be performing, you'll be able to hear her voice loudly and clearly. Yes, her voice is that good. This girl can project so loud, it's like she naturally just calls all of her Arianators to the television screen. I'm not saying Ariana is a Disney Princess, but this may be comparable to the Disney Princess animal summoning powers through the use of their singing voices we so often see in princess movies.

4 Body Size Zero, Strength Level, Also Zero

They say never lift with your back. Ariana, on the other hand, doesn't lift with any part of her body because she's physically too weak. This little girl, though, somehow swooped Ari up off her feet with her little kid strength during a meet and greet. And as you can clearly see, a very shocked and giggly Ari is just as surprised as all of us.This little girl is the same size as Ari, yet has double the strength. I wonder if little girls lift Ariana up at meet and greets often. If they do, it's time Ari head to the gym to do some serious weight lifting. At the next Ariana meet and greet I better see Ariana holding up not one, but TWO kids. One on each arm.

3 Drop It Like It's Hot

When you've tried everything to get bae's attention but they just haven't seemed to pick up on all the flirty glances (like subtle smiles and cute eyelash flutters), you know it's time to take it to the next level. This is when you go for the classic, "oops I've casually dropped my pencil" move. How far you want to take this move is up to you. You could be extremely over the top and pick it up like you're Ariana Grande on tour OR you could be more subtle and bend down in a less aggressive way. Perhaps a little movement directly in front of them will get them to stop being so damn oblivious. What is it with guys and not picking up on these things? Regardless, if Ariana can look this fabulous droppin' it to the ground, you can too.

2 When It Finally Happens

Okay, okay. I'm not saying I wait around for my crush to text me all day. I mean, when it comes down to it, I'm independent and don't wait around for another person to realize they're missing out on prime time conversation hours with a fabulous person, AKA myself.On the other hand, when this moment does happen, at times, there is possibility for a small, well deserved victory dance. This is all because of the fact that they, themselves texted us first. This basically reaffirms our own fabulousness. It means something was missing out of their day, and that something was us. Let me be super clear, a victory dance is NOT because we were dying to talk to our crush all day. It's because they were dying to talk to us *brushes dust off shoulder. *

1 Last But Not Least Is A Terrified Ari

Everyone should remember the Victoria's Secret Fashion show from 2014. Even if they didn't watch it! 2014 was one of the most iconic years of the ongoing fashion show. Why? Because the most memorable moment of the show was not new, sexy styles of lingerie, but instead, it was an incredible and hilarious Ariana Grande meme that resulted from her performance on the catwalk.If you didn't watch the show, you've probably seen the memes. As you may recall, our little diva got whacked in the face with a Victoria's Secret wing. The magical moment happened when Elsa Hosk was strutting down the runway, wearing extremely large, furry, pink wings. This large, fluffy accessory scared the crap out of Ari causing her to make the face you see above. This meme led to a series of memes featuring Ariana in many different pictures.

Feel revived? Well, I do! Thanks to Ariana Grande, a surplus of hilarious and relatable memes have sprung up online. As Ari continues touring, singing, dancing, and making cringe faces at fashion shows, I hope and pray to God that more memes come of her career. As someone who has a sense of humour and knows how to laugh at herself, I'm sure she does too.

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