15 Hilarious But True Tweets That Said Exactly What We Were All Thinking

A universal, haunting truth that mankind continues to face is this: there are real-life situations that drive us to think of the somewhat illogical or the completely absurd that, when spoken out loud,

A universal, haunting truth that mankind continues to face is this: there are real-life situations that drive us to think of the somewhat illogical or the completely absurd that, when spoken out loud, turn out to be more than just thought-provoking—they become wildly entertaining. Whether it's in the way our day began or in the manner that it ended, certain circumstances make us rethink our decisions, reconsider our reaction or re-evaluate our entire existence altogether.

And what better way is there to express what our mind is telling us than through—you guessed it—the internet? These are raw thoughts that make us roll with laughter, shake our heads in utter disbelief or widen our eyes in awe. These 15 posts are too zany (and quite relatable) to not make it to social media.

15 That thing called…

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Ever had a terrible day because of what other people do, intentionally or otherwise, and remain unable to do anything about it or fix the situation? It can be pretty exhausting to deal with these kinds of individuals who seem to exist with a mission to ruin our day. And God knows they do what they do best with the worst timing. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a big celebrity or regular person; sadly, we have all been stuck with one at some point! And just when you think Anna Kendrick—yep, that pretty, sweet, and talented lady from Pitch Perfect—is living a life of fame and fortune with zero worries, here she is semi-ranting about how incredibly difficult some things (AKA other people) can be.

14 I need my coffee to be nice

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You might have heard of people who are unable to resist at least a cup of coffee each day. For countless individuals, the coffee habit is one that is pretty hard to break. Every single day, they've got to have one—otherwise no work ever gets started (and much less finished). Caffeine-filled or caffeine-free, the delicious and addictive taste of coffee perks them up, keeps them going and makes them feel alive. If you’re one of these people, you know this reality very well: coffee intake can make or break your day. There is just no other way to put it! Drawing more and more drinkers, the coffee fanaticism has become wildly real...so much so, it can make you go from raging to sweet and lovable!

13 Get your dog a phone

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Dealing with exes can be extremely challenging. You keep drawing the line between simply keeping the friendship and subtly flirting to hint at getting back with them. You can’t call or text them without this thought running through your head (and presumably theirs too) all the time. So why text or call the ex? One, the friendship may be too precious to simply let go. You shared so much together and they know you better than anyone. Two, they have a strange way of keeping you happy even if you never really completely understood each other half the time (which resulted in the breakup). Truth be told, the ex is your comfort zone, just like your dog is—only dogs can't call and text you back.

12 Can you do this?

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Ever had a job interview gone bad? The kind you wish never happened or you could retake just so you could get your integrity back? Apparently, everybody fails at something and in your case, job interviews aren’t your thing. There are situations that make you wonder why you even showed up and dressed up for it! How can anything go right when that guy, who could have been your future employer, seemed to hate you at first sight? What if you never answered a question right and sent the interviewer laughing? What if you spoke of skills that did not live up to their standards? If you’re not one to ace interviews (or trying really hard to), you’ll find the hurtful truth—AKA humor—in this post.

11 Don’t mess with the coffee-deprived

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The coffee phenomenon is real. Millions of people love the strong, mildly bitter (or creamy), yet oh-so-soothing taste of coffee. Doesn’t this beverage give you the best feeling in the world? It’s pleasurably tasty enough to satisfy you while giving you that boost to do what you have to on a busy day. It’s so good, you don’t feel like yourself without at least a cup of it each day. Once it touches your lips, you know you can't resist another cup! In fact, others admit to having an insatiable love for coffee and would even take it in any form (they don’t care about the foam; just make them coffee). For a lot of coffee drinkers, a hot or cold one is definitely something they can’t live without, would die for and would even kill for. Just ask this coffee fanatic.

10 'Cause hash browns be sexy AF

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Can someone keep up with your peculiarities? Is the guy who promised you the moon and the stars ready for your antics? We all have some weirdness in us that others think are extremely fun and cool, but most people simply don’t get. Say, if you think of yourself as a sorceress of sorts (and love to dress up like one), it can be such a challenge to find someone who’s willing to play your apprentice. If you like chasing ghosts in the middle of the night in a haunted forest, you’re most likely to find one than date a guy who’d volunteer to video-record your adventures. Really, positive dating results can be very elusive when the crazy in you strikes. Heck, dating itself can be extremely hard—as this lady, for one, proudly declares.

9 When your pride is bigger than you

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We’ve all been there: being semi-forced to say sorry because, well, an apology won’t hurt. When you try to fix some really bad situation, making an apology is the hardest thing to do. So we all make excuses not to. Whether or not we are at fault, we never take the blame. We stand by what we said and did because we believe there was nothing wrong with it! But when a job, a relationship or even your whole life (or the other’s) is at stake, you know you should swallow your pride. Don’t think about saving face; you need to say sorry. Spit out the words “I am sorry” like you mean it. But if you’re one who just simply refuses to do that, give this guy a call—just so you’ll feel better.

8 All the McDonald’s I want, but…

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Have you experienced a time when everything in your life seemed to be going against you? Imagine that your relationship is in the dumps, your money’s all gone without you realizing it and your job is a dead-end one, but you’ve run out of options. On top of that, your dog suddenly won’t listen to you and doesn’t think the world of you anymore. It’s almost like the universe conspired to give you such a hard time. And so you sit at a McDonald’s for a while, wondering when you’ll ever see the light at the end of the tunnel. And then you think it would feel so good to have someone who will, at least for a moment, envy the life you live. See how this guy just had that moment...and at McDonald’s, no less.

7 Why am I still ugly?

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Everyone struggles. The way we each struggle may be different, but we all do have issues with how imperfect we are. You wonder why your nose looks that way. You search for answers as to why your eyes aren’t as pretty as theirs. You wish you had a better body. Your life would have been better if you had shinier, straighter hair. You think your feet are so ugly, you would have paid for a transplant. And as if your self-pity isn’t enough, your gorgeous friends complain endlessly about how ugly they are. It’s even more depressing when you find someone whom you’re incredibly attracted to, but they’re just so out of your league because well, you’re still ugly. We all live in a harsh (and funny) world, don’t we?

6 Waking up at six a.m should be illegal

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We all work to make ends meet. We settle for a job that at least puts food on the table and pays the bills. When times are tough, we know we can count on our job to make things a little easier for us financially. And these days, finding a job can be a real struggle. It’s a shame how many workers land jobs that don’t give justice to their skills and pay them less than they deserve. But we gotta try to make things work, right? Everybody needs a job, so consider yourself lucky to have found one. But what do you do when, as soon as you’ve become really excited for your very first day, you realize your job demands that you do the unbelievable? Like, say, setting your alarm at six in the morning.

5 Harry Potter-themed wedding

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When you’ve been on the dating scene for too long, you know the getting-to-know phase can get a little bit boring. It’s the same every single time: you ask him the basic questions about his job, his family, his interests, his passions and his standards. And when you think you’re compatible, you try to make it work. But then, he deserts you because you’re the wrong woman for him. Long story short, he ends up breaking your heart. And so, you’ve learned your lesson. You want to take dating to the next level. Next time, assess the possibility of a long-term relationship with your date by asking him at least one important question. And by an important question, we mean something like this…or maybe not.

4 Nothing beats the vending machine

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It takes a lot of discipline and determination to go to the gym regularly. A lot of health buffs successfully do this and get great results. But for many frustrated gym-goers who literally drag themselves to a workout every day, there is certainly no thrill in that. And when they see how their friends are starting to see the bulges and curves in the right places, it can be even more depressing! They talk about what gives them the motivation so you can take inspiration from them. They teach you never to lose hope and to keep going because all the hard work will pay off. So when your instructor asks you important questions to determine your chances of making progress, you need to give an honest answer—just like this one.

3 Why exercise when you can have extra fries?

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Is your workout routine giving you frustration instead of offering you a sense of fulfillment? Are you seeing slow progress or next-to-nothing results? Perhaps your exercise may not be the best one for you. Maybe you need to try other routines and consult your instructor about it. Either way, you need to figure out why it seems to be going the wrong way for you. Why not take a deep breath, sit down and write the possible reasons why exercising isn’t delivering its promises to you? Think about which type of workout strategy delivers, other than the exercise you’re doing. You need to do some extra work, maybe? Do you think extra effort may be what you lack? That’s a tall order. Meantime, order extra fries and have them delivered to your home!

2 The best kind of alcohol

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Why do people find alcohol irresistible? Why is it so hard to say “no” to a drink or two in just about any situation? The answer is simple: alcohol works wonders on your system. When something is worth celebrating, you try to do just that—celebrate the moment! And admit it—everything seems to be always better with booze. When you are at your lowest point, it seems impossible for you to feel some relief from everything around you, until you finally find that temporary escape from the heartbreaking and painful situation, thanks to alcohol. So what’s the best kind of alcohol to set you on the perfect mood? This post might have had one chug too many, but is incredibly brilliant and accurate.

1 Abs vs. Kebabs

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When trying to get rock hard abs, men and women must master the art of self-control. Say, when setting a workout routine, make it a point to really stick to it. There’s just no other way. And when it comes to eating food, it’s important to realize that you should gobble up neither anything nor everything. Sticking to a diet that experts have advised is of prime significance; after all, eating habits play a major role in achieving the health and body of your dreams. But when food cravings suddenly hit you and you want a specific dish so bad, would you break your routine and enjoy it all? Strangely, this post makes you want to rethink the idea of spending your life feeling “deprived” of some mouth-watering food.

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