15 Hilarious Cat Fails That Will Make You LOL

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15 Hilarious Cat Fails That Will Make You LOL

When we think of cats, we think of crafty and cunning animals that always have a plan and never make a mistake. We also know they always land on their feet. That makes it pretty hard to imagine them failing at anything. Believe it or not, cats are not as graceful and poised as we think they are. They are actually just as clumsy and silly as other animals and even people. They fall, they scare themselves, they get themselves in sticky situations and contrary to popular belief, they don’t always land on their feet. The truth is, we don’t really know what our cats get into when we aren’t home or aren’t looking. Luckily there are a lot of cat owners who have captured their cats failing at being cats. Wondering what a cat fail looks like? Check out these 15 hilarious cat fails that will make everyone LOL.

15. Meeoouch!

Via NedHardy

Cats are crazy and curious. This combination of traits often gets them in trouble. You would think that cats would be careful about the things they chew on, but that isn’t the case for this cat. He decided he wanted to know more about this green, prickly thing in his home. What’s the best way for a cat to figure out what something is? Well, take a bite of it of course. I wonder how high it jumped when it finally felt the thorns poke its gums? Hopefully this poor kitty didn’t get hurt too badly and his owners learn to think twice about the plants them bring into their home. Everything needs to be cat-proof. Is that even possible?

14. I Bet This Ended Well

Via FunnyPics

Cat’s aren’t good with sharing or taking no for an answer. If they see something they want, they go after it. Unfortunately for these cats, that didn’t work out. They have all apparently had some type of surgery. Perhaps a spay or neuter? They are all wearing the dreaded cones that every pet hates. They are meant to keep them from licking and picking at their wounds, but it looks like the also stop cats from eating. These kitties can’t seem to figure out that they can’t eat out of the bowl at the same time. Someone has to give in, but most cats don’t back down easily. I’d like to watch how this went down.

13. Well, That Didn’t Go As Planned

Via HolyTaco

This cat has failed and doesn’t even seem to mind. Cats are great escape artists and they don’t usually let barriers like window screens, get in their way. This kitty was likely chasing a bird or a squirrel when he got himself in this situation but he is so focused on whatever he was chasing, that he doesn’t even care that he is caught and his private parts are in a compromising position. How do you even rescue a cat like this? Grab it by the hind legs and pull it back through the window? Push its furry butt out the window and hope it comes back home? If I had a cat that was tearing up my house like this one, I probably wouldn’t worry about it coming back. Just kidding, I’d cry if it didn’t.

12. He Had Great Form Though

Via FunnyPhotos

Watching a cat fail is a weird experience. They are such precise and calculated creatures, that they rarely mess up. They are great at running, jumping and leaping; most of the time. We know cats always land on their feet, but it rare to see them actually have to as a result of their own fail. This cat was doing what all cats do, jumping from place to place. He just happened to have a slip up and miscalculated the distance. I don’t know how far he fell, but it looked like he was pretty high up. I hope this cat’s owners found a pissed off cat on the ground and not a squished one. Poor kitty!

11. Is He Really Going To Allow This?

Via NedHardy

Now we all know that cats and dogs are not supposed to get along. Sometimes they become best friends, and sometimes the cat rules the dog. Cats may be smaller, but they are a lot more fierce. This dog didn’t get the memo or else he has just had enough of this cat’s shit. Which is funnier, the dog eating the cat or the look on the kittens face as he watches a dog devour his mother? This cat could easily kick this dog’s butt and put an end to this madness. Its face seems to say, “GTF off me,” but it’s not reacting the way we would all expect. Get it together cat; you don’t have to take this. Let’s see some fur fly.

10.  Is There Such A Thing As A Cat Party Fail?

Via Heavy

It’s pretty obvious that this kitten has had a little too much Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Just another example of why underage drinking is bad. This poor little thing can’t even walk straight. In fact, he can’t walk at all. He passed out after taking just one step. Somebody call him an Uber. I hope his owners weren’t really getting this kitty drunk. On the bright side, if they do decide they want to party with their cat, he has a while to increase his tolerance. Let’s just hope he isn’t an angry drunk. I can’t really think of anything more terrifying than running into an angry, drunk cat on the street. Can you imagine the scratches you would walk away with?

9. Shoe Fail

Via EbaumsWorld

Have you ever watched your cat and thought, “Man, it must be nice to be a cat,”? Of course you have. We all have. The reason we feel that way is because cats make being a cat look so fun and easy. They love who they are and they don’t hesitate to make us jealous when they nap all day or get some sun in the window. But what if cats secretly think humans have it nice too? This cat was caught in the act as she was trying to cross-dress as a human. Not only are her shoes too big, she needs another pair for her back feet. The look on her face it pure guilt and shock. Cats shouldn’t want to be human, they should just be content chasing mice and flies and knocking things off counters and shelves. Trust me cat, your life is easier.

8. What Stinks?

Via NedHardy

Cats are nosey and if you are doing something, they want to know all about it. If you have a cat and have ever sit down on the floor or at the table to work on a craft or computer, you know exactly what I’m talking about. This cat got a little too curious and now he has his face stuck in a plunger. Let’s all hope it hadn’t been used yet. I wonder how long he ran around the house with it stuck on his head before his owners found him like this? Did they come home to find their entire house trashed and wonder if they were burglarized only to find their dear cat was the culprit? Hopefully he was able to get free pretty easily and will think twice about being so nosey in the future.

7. Sweet Revenge

Via HolyTaco

It was only a matter of time before one brave goldfish decided to get revenge on the cat who was tormenting it. Cats pretty much think they rule the world and can do what they want. Other animals don’t concern them much; unless they want to play with one of them. Cats love to watch fish in bowls and sometimes they even paw at them. If you have a particularly ferocious cat, he might even try to eat your goldfish. Well this goldfish has had enough and he decided to give this cat a taste of his own medicine. I bet that cat thinks twice before he messes with him again. Yea right. We all know that kitty will be right back in front of that bowl terrorizing that fish until it attacks it again. Cats are fearless.

6. What The Hell Just Happened?

Via FantasticPixCool

This cat thought she was being sneaky and stealing a quick drink of water, but her sneakiness came back to bite her in the butt. Not only is it strange to see a cat fall, but even more strange when they fall like that. Cats are supposed to be stealthy and graceful. This one doesn’t seem to have any of those traits. She didn’t just fall off the table, she took everything on it with her. We might not be able to see what happened when she hit the floor, but I think we all know how it went. She walked away like it never happened. Cats have a way of acting innocent even when they are completely guilty. Had this cat fail not been videotaped, there would be no reason to think that the cat did anything wrong.

5. That Will Teach Him

Via NedHardy

Cats and blinds just can’t exist in the same home. I can’t even tell you how many sets of blinds I have replaced because my cat has destroyed them. Why do they hate them so much? This cat finally had to deal with the consequences of playing in his owner’s blinds. Although he may be in a bind now, something tells me that when he does get free, he will go right back to playing in those same blinds. You just can’t win with cats. I guess you could always go with curtains, but cats climb those too. I guess all of us cat owners have to come to terms with the fact that our cats rule our homes. No matter what we do, if the cats don’t like it they will let us know.

4. The Crumbs Are The Best Part

Via HolyTaco

Have you ever been eating a can of Pringles and thought to yourself, “ Gosh I can’t wait to get to all the crumbs at the bottom of the can.”? This kitten knows that feeling all too well. He couldn’t wait to get to the crumbs and once all the chips were gone, he had to get inside to make sure he got every last crumb from the bottom. Going into the can was the easy part. Getting out of it will probably be a little harder. He looks so cute in there that it would be hard for me to want him to get out. I’d just carry him around like that as long as he would let me. I’d like to open a brand new can of Pringles to find a little kitty inside.

3. Oh Crap!

Via PicPhotos

Cats are pretty skilled hunters. If you have ever found a dead rat or dead bird on your doorstep, you know it was a gift from your cat. Cats can’t all be perfect, but they don’t often fail at finding a meal. When they do fail, it’s usually because they have become the meal themselves. There are several creatures that might make a meal out of a kitty, but a bird is not a likely one. This bird seems to think this cat looks pretty tasty and he isn’t hesitating to taste it. Umm cat, you’re doing it wrong. You are suppose to eat the bird, not let the bird eat you. Why doesn’t the cat seem to be bothered by this?

2. Hide And Seek Champion

Via PinStake

If you own a cat you know how it likes to be the center of attention at all times. If it can get between you and anyone or anything, it will do so. Cats also have the ability to squeeze into tight spaces. Some cats take this to the next level. This is one of them. I can only imagine what will happen to this poor kitty when someone else sits down on the couch and pushes the cushions. Even worse, what if there are kids in the house and they come running in and jump on the poor cat. The look on its face seems to say, “Help me. I’ve screwed up and I don’t know how to fix it.” At least his owners have a sense of humor and managed to snap a photo before they saved their precious kitty.

1. Which Store Carries These?

Via WeKnowMeMes

Most cat fails are caused by them getting into things they can’t get out of. Cats love to hide and although they aren’t always the best at it, that doesn’t stop them from finding some of the best hiding spots they can. This cat thought this jar would be the perfect place for a nap. He didn’t count on getting stuck inside and not being able to squeeze back out. Maybe he has seen too many nature shows about octopuses or maybe he is playing a really serious game of hide and go seek. The only thing better than seeing the picture, would be seeing the look on this cat’s owner’s face when he or she found their beloved feline was stuck in a jar.

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