15 Hilarious Celebrity Interactions We Were Privileged To Witness

Anyone who has a deep love for pop culture has a fascination with celebrities. There's something about seeing every aspect of a person's life that is so fascinating. Especially a lifestyle that is so far beyond what we could ever dream of. So although most of us pity the poor stars who are followed around like a bunch of zoo animals, we can't get enough of looking at what the media produces. It's kinda sick, to be honest.

But our love for pop culture doesn't need to be creepy — not by a long shot. Sometimes celebrities themselves are in awe of other celebrities. Or sometimes they're not fond of other celebrities but are thrown into a room with them anyway. Either way, when celebrities run into other celebrities, we can't help but wonder what they're talking about and what they think of one another. It's like watching a move in real time. It could go well or could blow up in smokes in their next interview.

Nevertheless, I found 15 moments in celebrity history that truly struck a chord with many fans and naysayers. From Prince kicking Kim Kardashian off stage to Cardi B randomly hanging out with the guys of Green Day, these are 15 celebrity interactions we were privileged to witness.

15 When Prince Kicked Kim Off Stage

Back in 2011, Kim hit up Prince's performance at Maddison Square Garden. After looking in the front row for a lady to join him on stage, he singled out Kim Kardashian and asked her join him on stage. While the music is going, Prince begins dancing with Kim, but it appears Kim isn't the best dance partner, because the starstruck reality TV star froze. She didn't dance, she just nervously stood there giggling in shock. After she kind of refused to dance with Prince, Prince says "Get off my stage" and you could say it was a memorable moment in history.

Years later, Kim has spoken about the embarrassing experience, saying "I was so nervous I froze when Prince touched me!!!!" I can't say that I necessarily blame her, I mean, it's not every day you're at Maddison Square Garden on stage with Prince! Nevertheless, all she had to do was dance a bit. She was at the concert, so she obviously was a fan of Prince and his music.

Regardless, seven years later, people still float to Twitter every February to remind everyone about the epic evening when Prince kicked Kim K to the curb (or should I say kurb).

14 When Green Day Became Relevant Again

It's 2018, so we're all very familiar with Cardi B. She is the show-stopping artist that is taking over our playlists. She is a successful artist, fiance to Offset (another rapper), and a soon-to-be baby mama. She's taking over the world at this point. However, just because she's popular AF these days, doesn't mean that everybody favors Cardi...

However, randomly, Green Day decided that they liked Cardi B and also wanted to party with her! PLUS, in an unlikely turn of events, Cardi responded to their love, pleading with them to hang tight until she's not pregnant and able to drink again. As if that wasn't random enough, things got stranger... Singer of Green Day, Billie Joe Armstrong, also asked Cardi to name her baby after him..

I mean, if there's one celebrity pairing that we would have never saw coming, it would be Billie Joe and Cardi B. Don't get me wrong, I love both of them on their own (their music especially), but if they ever collaborated for a song... I don't know how I'd feel about that. Rock and hip-hop works out sometimes (hi Coldplay and Jay-Z), but it's not the easiest on the ears. So, let's just stick to y'all partying and call it a night.

13 When Miley And Nicki's Feud Went Live

The 2015 MTV VMA's was definitely an interesting show. Miley Cyrus was that year's host and it was during this time when Miley was going through that... phase. Yes, let's call it a phase.

While we knew we would expect strange things happening from Miley, we never expected to view an actual feud on stage at the VMAs!

The story goes, before the VMAs launched, Nicki was peeved that "Anaconda" wasn't nominated for Video of the Year. She blamed the reasoning on her size and the color of her skin; words that a few other celebrities took issue with. For whatever reason, Miley decided to weigh in, telling The New York Times: "What I read sounded very Nicki Minaj, which, if you know Nicki Minaj is not too kind. It’s not very polite,” Cyrus said. She continued saying “I think there’s a way you speak to people with openness and love. You don’t have to start this pop star against pop star war..."

To make matters even more dramatic, that night on stage Miley accepted an award and made some harsh remarks to Miley; "Miley, what's good!?" After the show, to explain herself, she said  “The fact that you feel upset about me speaking on something that affects black women makes me feel like you have some big balls. You’re in videos with black men, and you’re bringing out black women on your stages, but you don’t want to know how black women feel about something that’s so important? Come on, you can’t want the good without the bad.”

12 When Madonna Kissed Drake At Coachella

In 2015, at Drake was the headliner at the desert festival, Coachella (which funnily enough just wrapped up for 2018). While some people enjoyed his performances, other people claimed he was the "worst headliner in history." I wish I was there to say otherwise, but hey, all I can do is YouTube these performances.

While Drake was performing his song "Madonna," the one and only Madonna ended up making a surprise appearance on stage. She wore a "Bigger than Madonna" shirt (along with a gold grill) and surprised everybody by performing two songs. What could have been a successful night musically, ended kind of awkwardly...

While Drake was sitting in a chair on stage, Madonna went in—as if Drake were prey–and kissed him passionately on the mouth. Drake seemed like the was enjoying the whole thing, but when Madonna pulled away, Drake looked displeased...sick...grossed out. He didn't seem like he wanted any of it. After his facial expression, fans guessed that Drake was grossed out by the kiss, however, he later told people that that was not the case — he was just wiping off her lipstick... I don't know about you, but I don't know about that. I don't think he would have done that move if he was kissing Rihanna.

11 When Ellen And Cardi Became Besties

This duo. #CommentsByCelebs

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Just this past April, Miss Cardi B made her first appearance on The Ellen Show. As we all know, Ellen Degeneres is probably the most loved person in Hollywood. Although she doesn't really act anymore, her talkshow gets her all the publicity she needs (especially when it comes to supporting good causes). In short: Ellen is the best.

Ellen invites pretty much anyone who's relevant on her show, so it's no surprise that Cardi finally made an appearance.

However, who would have thought that these two would become besties?

(I think it's just clicking for me that Cardi can be friends with anyone at this point.)

While on the show, Cardi discussed what her real name was and what Ellen was allowed to call her (they settled on "Cardi"). They also talked briefly about her relationship with rapper Offset and how her live performance went on Saturday Night Live. The rapper said "You know what? I was nervous for my second performance. For my first performance I was like, 'Eh! Party with Cardi! Ooh!' And then in my second one, I don't know — I was sweaty, my underarms started itching because it's like, 'Oh, my God! The world gon' know I'm pregnant! Oh! Here we go! Opinions! Coming!'"

Her second performance on SNL was, of course, when she announced to the world that she was pregnant with her first child. After that performance, though, came her time to shine at Coachella, where we all saw her little pregnant body twerking on stage. "They say the more you move, the easier it will come out,You know what I'm sayin'? And I'm, 'Come out fast!'"

10 When Emma Stone's Hug Was Uncomfortable For Everyone

At the 2017 Golden Globes, the movie La La Land took home a lot of awards. They cast took home Best Musical or Comedy, Best Screenplay of a Motion Picture, Best Director of a Motion Picture, Best Actress in a Musical, Best Actor in a Musical, and Best Original Score. So yeah, you could say La La Land swept the awards ceremony.

As always though, people weren't too fascinated with the awards themselves, they were more interested in see which stars were sitting with whom and who was making a fool out of themselves. And unfortunately on this night, that one person was Emma Stone. Her awkward interaction with Director Damien Chazelle was made meme and GIF gold within minutes.

After Damien won Best Director of a Motion Picture, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Damien and his wife, all stood up to congratulate him on a noble win. However, things were made uncomfortable when Emma went in for a hug with Damien, but he was too busy being in the moment with his wife! Of course she looked mortified and it's hard for her to even rewatch the scene. But in a way, it makes her human, and her fans love her for it.

9 When Dwayne And Gabrielle Were Keeping It Real

Stars, they're just like us. #CommentsByCelebs

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NBA star Dwayne Wade and actress Gabrielle Union have been together since around 2010. And while they've definitely had their ups and downs publicly, they seemed to stick it out and eventually got married in 2014.

The two are very open with their relationship and don't stray away from showing off their affections for one another. And even though we see them loved up time and time again, their interactions never get old to me. I mean, just look at the image above. Dwayne was clearly trying to post an Instagram, showing off his love for his wife, and Gabrielle was having none of it.

She appreciates the love, but can he PLEASE put the cap back on the toothpaste!? (I'm glad someone else finds that annoying AF.)

Gabrielle told Entertainment Tonight, "He motivates me, I married a guy almost 10 years younger than me, and I assumed I would be the teacher, and here I am the pupil learning and being motivated by his work ethic…He inspires me."

Likewise, Dwayne only had nice things to say about his bride to ESPN. "I think we've both done that for each other,"I get to see a different side of her no one else does and her insecurities, and she gets to know mine as well. We go out and are public figures, so we share that [with the world] but we don't share it all.... I think that's one of the things that drove me to be in a relationship with her and even get married.... I felt that she has been helping me be a better person."

8 When Jessica James Decker Chimed In

If I had to announce who my celebrity girl crush was, it would be Jessica James Decker. The country singer is not only gorgeous, but I'm obsessed with her entire lifestyle. She tours, she writes songs, she's supportive of her NFL playing husband, AND she has three kids! The woman is busy and seems to be juggling everything (and everyone) with one eye shut, but that's what I love about her. She's real and handling everything without 10 housekeepers and helpers. You go, girl!

Although People magazine isn't a "celebrity" per se, they're still a well-known publication that many celebs either like or dislike. And considering Princess Kate JUST gave birth to her third baby, people have had A LOT to say about her strength.

It's not everyday we see a woman leaving the hospital in a collard dress with hair and makeup done. But Kate is a different breed. It's part of her job to share her life with the world, and since she's a princess, she has to look her best at all times, But then in walks Jessica James Decker with the real AF comment. Not only do babies have to wear diapers but usually the moms do too! They go through a lot of effort to get that baby out, so forgive Jessica for having "milk stains" on her shirt.

7 When Anna Fangirled Over Queen Bey

Anyone who's anyone is a fan of Beyonce. Say all you want about her, but even if you're a celebrity, meeting Beyonce has got to feel like some kind of religious experience. Just ask actress Anna Kendrick, who met the star at the 2014 Grammys.

"At the end of the night, I was walking past Beyonce, and I was like 'once in a lifetime!' So I said hello to her, and she was already like 'I saw you on the Kennedy Center Honors — we watched it' (and like pointed to Jay-Z)." Anna continued saying that Beyonce even remembered what she wore and how great she did!

"I was like 'this isn't happening! Maybe it didn't happen! Maybe I imagined the whole thing'. I don't know!" While some people might just view Beyonce as another star, it was clearly an interaction no one will forget for Anna.

Side note: if Beyonce said that she and Jay-Z both watched something I did, and remembered what color dress I wore... I think I would flatline. It would be one of those moments where I would say all the wrong things out of pure anxiousness, run away, and then kick myself for not being so poised.

6 When Jennifer Lawrence Was 100% Herself

Back at the 2013 Golden Globes, Jennifer Lawrence looked stunning as always. Just like every other celebrity, they all walk down the red carpet taking pictures and doing interviews with random TV shows and publications. One of the most popular interview, of course, is with Ryan Seacrest on the E! Network.

As a fan of Lawrence, it's clear that all of her interviews are hilarious because she is just so candid. She doesn't hold anything back. And in this instance, she was being interviewed by Ryan, but the interaction got hilariously awkward when he stuck out his hand and she refused because she has the flu.

But on a side note: how does she look that amazing with the flu... My nose would be as red as her dress, and since I’m constantly blowing my nose, it starts to peel from all the dry skin. So being on a red carpet while sick must take a lot out of a person.

5 When We All Found Out Kelly Clarkson & Lady Gaga Knew Each Other

Wait, am I the only one who didn't know Lady Gaga and Kelly Clarkson even knew each other? The two seem like such an awkward paring, no? I mean, I'm to see such an innocent reaction between the two, but I had no idea they were close enough to tweet each other images of Kelly's baby, and so fourth. (Thanks to Twitter, I guess I learn something new every day.)

At this point, Kelly now has two kids, but her first baby, River Rose, was clearly the twinkle of her eye when she dressed her up in a pink onesie, pink sunglasses, and a bib that kind of makes little River look like a flower bulb.

I guess baby River was serving enough sass to be portrayed as a smaller version of Lady Gaga.

Aside from this amazing interaction between two women I had no idea even knew each other, Kelly has been very open about the positive and negative sides of motherhood. She told Good Housekeeping, "I sound like such a tool but becoming a mother has made me next-level confident, I've never felt more empowered. I feel like my 20's were spent walking on eggshells making sure everyone felt loved and not really expressing my opinion."

4 When Ryan Gosling And George Clooney Were Goals

In 2011 The Ides of Marchhit screens and starred Ryan Gosling, George Clooney, Evan Rachel Wood, and other big names. Its plot revolved around a dramatic political campaign, and ended up winning a Brian Price at the Venice International Film Festival (among others).

While doing press tours for their movie, everyone was dying to talk the stars of the film, especially Gosling and Clooney because... well, they're Ryan Gosling and George Clooney.

After a journalist asked Gosling what it was like working for Clooney (who was also the movie's writer and director), Ryan chimed in with "Watching him work was like watching a unicorn being born everyday." I mean, if that doesn't sound like an enchanting work environment, I don't know what does. But in a more serious tone, Gosling continued,  “It was great to work with a director like George, who is as clear as he is, who knows exactly what he wants. Sometimes it feels like someone trying to explain a song that’s in their head.”

Anytime Ryan Gosling is in the room, people want to know what he's thinking and who he's hanging out with. But seeing both George Clooney AND Ryan Gosling in a room together, talking to the press, that's just making our dreams come true.

3 When Zach Braff Was Jealous

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If you don't follow @CommentsByCelebs on Instagram, I'm urging you to do so ASAP. I don't know who has the time to find all of these epic comments by celebs, but they do a good job at it. And as an avid follower of the account, it's become apparent that actor Zack Braff loves to comment on celebrities Instagram accounts — even if he doesn't know them.

So after seeing Braff comment on singer Ed Sheeran's Instagram post with his fiance, it became apparent that the two at least semi know each other? And I just find this SO interesting because Braff isn't typically... hanging out with today's current stars. Does that make sense? Like, I can't picture Braff and Sheeran just hanging out together at a cafe, drinking coffee, and talking about... the weather? What would these two even talk about? Do they have anything in common?

I guess it doesn't really matter what I think, because Braff wants this kind of relationship with Sheeran but he's "playin."

Actually, now that I'm thinking about it, does Braff even have a significant other at the moment? I know he used to date Mandy Moore in the early 2000s, but who else? I guess he's really private about his love life.

2 When Miley FINALLY Saw Britney Perform

I feel like the phrases "teen queen" and "pop queen" get tossed around a lot. Some people say Madonna is the Queen of Pop. Others say Britney Spears is the Princess of Pop. And then there's Miley Cyrus who might be known as the Teen Queen of Pop (whatever the heck that means).

Regardless of their titles, seeing any pop-star phenomenon in the same room is super eyeopening. It's kind of like an alternate universe. And I'm guessing that's how Miley felt when she was front row at Brittney's former Las Vegas residency show.

The two officially met in 2009 at the Teen Choice Awards after Miley handed Britney an award (which was kind of an iconic moment, I must say). After this meeting on stage, nothing really transpired between the two until Miley went through her little phase and recorded "We Can't Stop." Britney tweeted about the song, asking if Miley could help her learn how to booty shake. And then what do you know, that same year Miley shows off the same support by being front row at Britney's "Piece of Me" show. It's sweet that Britney is essentially passing along the pop-star torch to Miley, but it's respectful that Miley shares an enormous amount of respect for Spears.

1 When Oprah Actually Instagrammed Successfully

My first time meeting Mick Jagger! And yes he dances like MICK JAGGER?

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Am I crazy for being surprised that Oprah knows how to Instagram and tweet? I know age shouldn't be a factor in whether someone is tech savvy enough to figure out how social media works, but for some reason I just picture Oprah struggling with the whole concept. But guess what, I'm wrong! Because here she is posting with the one and only Mick Jagger; AND she even through in a little pun for the singer too! You go, Oprah!

Oprah has been a journalist since the '70s, and considering her net-worth is in the billions, I doubt she ever thought she'd be as successful as she is today. Even after hanging up the lines on her talkshow, she still has her hands in many projects, like Oprah Magazine, she's dabbled in some acting, her own radio show, her own websites, and of course many other charitable areas.

Oprah probably never sleeps.

But let's get back to her lively interaction with Jagger. It's funny that the pair JUST met in 2013 considering the fact that Oprah has pretty much interviewed every popular human being under the Sun. And Mick isn't a spring chicken, so it's not like he was too young to be interviewed by the talk-show host before she retired from it. Regardless, the pair finally met Mick at a pre-Emmy party and just HAD to snap the moment for her followers.


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