15 Hilarious Celebrity Run-Ins

Sure, a lot of celebs lead lives that only a handful of us can ever dream of. But take away the VIP treatment, private jets, exotic sports cars, designer clothes, lavish residences and extravagant salaries (that’s a lot of things to take away, by the way), and deep down they’re just like us. They geek out when they meet their idols, they blush when they’re in front of their crushes and they run into their buddies when they’re shopping.

But don’t take our word for it. To prove to you that when you take away all the material stuff, celebs are just dorks like the rest of us, here are 15 celebrity run-ins that might melt away your cynicism and prove to you that they're just like normal people.

15 You're in my personal space

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Actor Jonah Hill has made a successful living playing down-to-earth characters who are always ready to lend their best friends a helping hand. Therefore, it's not surprising that he has amassed a long list of celebrity buddies who admire his easygoing attitude as well as his talent.

In 2016 while taking a casual stroll in New York’s West Village, Hill received quite a fright when an aggressive fan got into his personal space and started filming him without permission. Fortunately for him, that “fan” turned out to be his Wolf of Wall Street costar Leonardo DiCaprio, who has a reputation for pranking his friends. After getting over the initial shock, Hill laughed the joke off, earning him even more brownie points with his pals and his fans who appreciate that even a bigshot celeb like him can still take a joke.

14 Well...this is awkward

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Drake and Rihanna were once one of the hottest couples in music, and a lot of their fans were hoping that they’d be the next Jay-Z and Beyoncé. But alas, it was not meant to be and the two parted ways after months of on-and-off dating.

How awkward it must’ve been, then, for the two of them to bump into each other at a birthday party for the child of one of their mutual friends? While running into an ex is uncomfortable for most regular people, imagine being celebrity exes who are constantly under the scrutiny of the media. Fortunately, for the sake of the kids, Drake and Riri didn't make a scene and avoided each other for the duration of the party. But what we really want to know is how cool must that kid be to have both Drake and Rihanna show up to their party? We want to attend this birthday, too!

13 These two have a beef

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While Tinseltown is indeed a small place, not all actors necessarily know each other or get along all. Back in 2012, Joe Jonas and Shia LaBeouf happened to be walking around Sunset Plaza when they casually headed towards one another…and strolled past without even acknowledging each other.

Was there some history of bad blood between the two?

After all, it’s around this time that Shia first started acting erratically in his attempts to be taken as a serious method actor. Or was it simply a case that both of them had really urgent things to take care of and didn’t have time to stop and say, “Hi.” Whatever the reason, from the looks on their faces, this is one awkward brush-off that we wouldn’t want to mention to either of them.

12 Unexpected gym buddies

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Despite probably having polarizing reasons for wanting to keep fit, these candid snaps show that when it comes to playing the fame game, even action stars and socialites agree that it’s important to look good for your fans.

At age 70, Sylvester Stallone is still in great shape and one of the world’s biggest action stars, so it’s hardly surprising that a guy like him would be photographed leaving the gym. Khloé Kardashian may not lead the rigorous lifestyle of the Rocky star, but even she knows the importance of staying in shape. But while we’re not surprised to see these two bump into each other after going to the same swanky gym, we are curious about what Stallone is putting into his car. From the looks of it, he’s loading up paintings of himself as Rocky. Wow…does Stallone actually work out while looking at paintings of himself? And we thought the Kardashians were vain.

11 Road warriors

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Waiting in traffic sucks whether you’re driving a budget car or a luxurious SUV with all the frills. Sure, luxury leather seats might help passing the time feel more comfortable, but in the end, you’re still going nowhere...just like former soccer star David Beckham and supermodel Heidi Klum pictured here.

From the looks of things, this photo was taken on a busy weekday morning since two school buses can be seen in the distance. Anyone who’s ever been in L.A. traffic knows that morning rush hour during school days can be the worst time EVER to be on the road. But don’t take our word for it; take a look at the blown-up reflections of Becks and Ms. Klum and tell us if they look happy. Sometimes even all the money in the world can’t help you avoid common things like gridlock.

10 Having a "ruff" day?

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Alec Baldwin is an actor known just as much for his notorious temper as he is for his talent. That’s why it’s rather sweet to see him in a good mood while walking his dog on the streets of New York and looking genuinely happy when he runs into fellow celebrity dog owner Amanda Seyfried.

What could the two possibly be talking about?

Are Baldwin and Seyfried exchanging their opinions on the best brand of doggie kibble? Are they relating funny dog owner stories the way normal people do? Or are they secretly ridiculing the paparazzi photographers by pretending to talk about something important? Who knows? But one thing we do know is that we much prefer calm, happy, smiling Alec Baldwin who isn’t about to blow his top just because someone forgot his latte.

9 Secret selfie taker

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This next celeb run-in shows that even award-winning actors can still get intimidated by meeting their idols. Neil Patrick Harris is by all accounts a talented actor, magician and singer. But even he seemed a little awestruck when he ended up on the same flight as comedic legend Bill Murray, who had just won GQ’s 2016 Man of the Year award. Although Harris could’ve easily walked up to Murray and asked for a selfie (which we’re sure Murray would’ve happily posed for), the former How I Met Your Mother star did what most nervous fans would do and snuck in a secret selfie with Murray in the background while gushing over the Ghostbusters star in an Instagram post. Doesn’t that just make you want to go, “Awwww?”

8 Not a hugger

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While most celebrities seem affable toward one another, not all their run-ins go smoothly. Take this example of Jerry Seinfeld running into celebrity superfan Kesha at the David Lynch Foundation’s National Night of Song and Laughter. While Seinfeld was giving an interview at the event, Kesha interrupted him three times and asked if she could hug him. All three requests were denied.


In his own defense, Seinfeld later claimed that he wasn’t deliberately snubbing the “Tik Tok” singer. He simply stated that he wasn’t comfortable hugging people that he didn’t know that well, which makes reasonable sense. Kesha also seemed to be a good sport about the incident and laughed it off, stating that as a true Seinfeld fan, she should’ve known that Jerry wasn’t much of a hugger. Nonetheless, we can’t help but feel a little sorry for her because we’d want to give Seinfeld a hug too!

7 Photobombing U2

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Even a posh, private-school education couldn’t stop one of England’s biggest stars from behaving like a giddy schoolboy when he ran into one of his favorite bands at an awards ceremony.

During the 2014 Oscars, Sherlock actor Benedict Cumberbatch executed a perfectly timed photobomb on members of the band U2 during the red carpet walk. Cumberbatch jokingly claimed that his antics were the result of liquid courage from vodka that had been supplied by comedienne Ellen DeGeneres, who was hosting that year’s ceremony. But while Cumberbatch may have been able to blame alcohol for this particular photo, it still doesn’t explain why he’s continued his trend of photobombing celebrities at other awards shows ever since. We deduce that there's something’s fishy about Mr. Cumberbatch’s story.

6 Can you tell your friend to get out of the picture?

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This celeb run-in resulted in one fan being very green in the face after meeting one of their favorite actors and their "friend." In a recent post, one Twitter user recounted how a friend of his who was vacationing with his family in Montauk, New York, ran into Ferris Bueller himself, Matthew Broderick, who was out shopping with a buddy.

The family asked Broderick if he would pose for a picture with their daughter, which he happily agreed to. However, while taking the photo, the anxious dad seemed rather annoyed that he had to keep reminding Broderick’s friend to step out of the shot. After numerous attempts to get the friend to back off, the family finally snapped a usable pic, although Broderick’s companion still lingered in the corner of the photo. Only after examining the photo later did they realize that they could’ve gotten two celebrities for the price of one. Broderick’s “friend” was none other than Jerry Seinfeld!

5 Best "Friends"

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Emilia Clarke may be known to legions of Game of Thrones fans as the Mother of all Dragons. But back in the ’90s when she was just a teenager, she was a huge Friends fan.

Just how big of a Friends fan is Emilia? Just check her out during a 2016 appearance on The Graham Norton Show when she came face-to-face with her celebrity crush, Matt LeBlanc, and tell us that she isn’t the most adorable example of a fangirl totally freaking. Although she’s one of the highest-paid actresses on television, Emilia seems like she’s hardly able to contain her excitement that she’s on the same couch with the man who was infamous for turning the phrase, “How you doin’?” into a meme. We guess this tough-as-nails Khaleesi has a soft spot for goofy Italian-Americans.

4 Did you see who that was?

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Before celebrities hit it big, a lot of them go through the same struggles the rest of do of trying to stay employed, pay rent and get food on the table. A lot of them also totally geek out whenever they spot their idols who are in the same profession.

Back in 2008, Bruno Mars was still an aspiring singer/songwriter who’d written a few songs for other artists but had yet to release his own album.

Meanwhile, Pete Wentz was riding high on the success of his band Fall Out Boy, which had just released their fourth studio album. This photo shows a star-struck, pre-fame Mars gushing over having just walked past Wentz somewhere in Hollywood. A few months later, Mars’ debut album dropped and was a hit while the members of Fall Out Boy had a falling out and went on hiatus. How weird is that?

3 Ermahgerd! Ryan Gosling!

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Even if they have millions of dollars in the bank, closets full of designer clothes and are starring in one of the hottest shows on television, teenage girls will still behave like total goofs in front of their crushes.

That’s what Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner proved when she selfied herself having a complete fangirl moment at the 2016 SAG awards after spotting Ryan Gosling at the next table. Sadly for Ms. Turner, Gosling is happily attached to Eva Mendes and the couple have two daughters. But don’t feel too bad for Turner; she’s currently engaged to Joe Jonas, so she isn’t doing too bad herself. Still, we have to feel a little bad for Jonas because who can compete with Ryan Gosling?

2 What time does my flight leave?

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Actor Ed O’Neill has had such a prolific career playing lovable TV dads that he’s probably used to fans asking for him to pose in photos with them. So it’s little wonder when he failed to recognize that one such fan was another celebrity.

In 2016 while waiting to board a flight to Hawaii, a young blonde woman approached O’Neill and gushed about how much she loved Modern Family. She politely asked him for a photo and he obliged, thinking little of it before getting on his flight. It wasn’t until the next day, when O’Neill’s manager texted him, did he discover that the starstruck fan was actually Britney Spears. Speaking about the incident later on The Ellen Degeneres Show, O’Neill jokingly said that his daughter called him a moron for not recognizing the “Toxic” singer.

1 Everybody loves Bill

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Jennifer Lawrence’s brutally frank way of speaking often lands her into trouble—but that’s what we love about her! Unlike the Hollywood stars of yesteryear who cautiously curated their public personas, Lawrence’s inappropriate potty mouth is hilarious and endearing, which makes it easy to see why she would be a huge Bill Murray fan.

While promoting The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 at the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con finally fulfilled her dream of meeting Murray and in true J. Law fashion she totally freaked out like the geeky fangirl she is. Murray, meanwhile, looked cool as a cucumber because when you’re Bill Murray and everyone—including Jennifer Lawrence—loves you, you’re always cool.

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