15 Hilarious Chris Pratt Moments That Will Make You Love Him Even More

What else can be said about Chris Pratt? He’s unbelievably hilarious on and off-screen, a Marvel mega star and even a great husband and father. You’d think someone this disgustingly likable would start to get on your nerves after a while, but it doesn’t seem like the public's thirst for Pratt will be quenched anytime soon. Good thing for Chris, it doesn’t look like he is running low on material to keep his adoring fans laughing for years. Whether he is having a dance-off against a judicial officer of the Kree empire, training a gaggle of raptors or excessively drinking Fireball Whisky, Pratt has cemented his place in all of our hearts as one of the most genuinely hilarious movie stars of our time.

15 When he got the nervous poops on an airplane

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We’re going to let you in on a little secret here: Everyone poops, even—*collective gasp*—Chris Pratt. In a tweet the actor sent out from an airplane, he let his followers know he was worried that a passing jetliner was just a little too close for comfort. The results, well, we will just let you read them from the source himself. “Took my chances on a big jet plane. Never let ‘em tell you that they’re aaall the same. For instance. That one is flying dangerously close to this one and now I got the nervous poops. Great. Gonna go to the toilet and everyone’s gonna know. So I’ll end up trying to rush it so people think maybe it was only number one because of how fast I go. But deep down they’ll know. They always know.”

14 When he gave acting advice

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If you were looking to sharpen the dull blade that are your acting skills, Chris Pratt would probably be someone whose advice you wouldn’t balk at. That is, unless you happened to be speaking to a Chris Pratt who is several Fireball Whisky shots deep. Despite being substantially inebriated, Pratt managed to share some deeply thought-provoking acting tips that would come in handy if you happened to find yourself in a scene where you, say, saw a T-Rex at a Jamba Juice, or happened to run into a snake in a desert. Pratt is truly—and we really, really mean this—one of the greatest acting minds of the past decade. Okay, if you need us, we’ll be running lines four our T-Rex in a Jamba Juice scene.

13 When he followed through on his super bowl bet

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Football fans are a passionate bunch. They will often believe so strongly in their team taking the win that they will put their money and dignity on the line to get an extra rush during the game. Usually, though, their bets are reneged on once the game is over. As it turns out, Super Bowl bets aren’t just for ravenous fans; they can also be for Marvel superheroes.

Chris Evans of Captain America fame, and our dear friend Chris Pratt of the Guardians of the Galaxy, agreed that if their team won, the other would have to don the wardrobe of their respective Marvel hero and go to a children’s hospital (not exactly the most tormenting of punishments). The Patriots won, so it was Pratt as Star Lord who had to make the visit, though in true Captain America fashion, Chris Evans also joined him in the visit to the children’s hospital.

12 When he quoted Footloose

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The line that dictates where Chris Pratt ends and where Star Lord begins is blurrier than any other actor in Hollywood right now. Not since Robert Downey Jr.’s casting as Tony Stark/Iron Man, has a role seemed more tailor-made for an actor. That being said, it’s no surprise to see Peter Quill AKA Star Lord quoting Kevin Bacon from Footloose to his on-screen crush, Gamora.

While Gamora’s attitude was stand-offish throughout the entire movie, it’s in this very scene where she begins to soften to the idea of becoming a little bit closer to Star Lord. Maybe, just maybe, Gamora will (pardon our French) “get the stick out of her butt” and dance in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

11 When he talked to strangers

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It’s hard to believe that anyone wouldn’t be able to recognize Chris Pratt at this stage in his acting career, but this was exactly the case when the actor participated in the “Billy On the Street” segment on truTV. Okay, maybe you’re not familiar with any of those things, so we'll clear it up for you.The premise is pretty simple: You take a super famous Hollywood actor out on the streets of New York and ask random people if they know who he is. The results...were not so great for Chris Pratt. Despite starring in two crazy-successful recent blockbuster films (Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World), it took a significant amount of asking to finally find someone who knew who Pratt was. It’s okay Chris, we know who you are, and we know that you are awesome.

10 When he and Anna Faris were Twitter gold

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One funny celebrity creating Twitter gold is a fun time, but two funny celebrities on Twitter is a party. If those two funny people happen to be Anna Faris and Chris Pratt, you might call that a, um, golden, celebrity party…? Okay, maybe our labels need some work, but Chris Pratt and Anna Faris’ tweets about their son Jack have made their millions of followers double over in laughter on numerous occasions. A few notable tweets from the pair: "my son’s sleep number is he don’t” (Pratt) “245 pm. My son just told me I had a mustache like daddy's” (Faris). Parenthood isn’t always sunshine, roses and two dozen nannies, and it’s comforting to see that raising a child is a pretty tough job, even if you’re a mega star.

9 When he gave diet advice

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Judging by the drastic transformation in Chris Pratt’s physique, he might have a few worthy tid-bits of advice when it comes to getting in shape. The actor's 80-pound weight loss was a highly discussed topic two years ago, and he was able to achieve it by participating in a regimented daily workout routine, a low-carb diet and gorging on…beets? Okay, so maybe the last one isn’t true, but to hear Pratt talk about it, he’s never met a beet he didn’t eat. "I have some weird habits. For instance, I love beets. Show me a salad bar and I will clean them out of their beets." This is a bit different from his stance on ice cream: "You can pour melted ice cream on regular ice cream. It’s like a sauce!"

8 When he wore high heels

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It’s pretty safe to say that Chris Pratt has no shame in anything that he does anymore. He will play along with just about any talk show segment if it means that he will get a laugh from the audience. During the press tour for Jurassic World, The Late Late Show host James Corden spoke with Bryce Dallas Howard about her character's proficiency in the art of running in high heels. Corden then asked Pratt if he had ever ran in high heels. “No, because I’ve never found a pair big enough," said Pratt. Corden then sat a pair of large, red, women’s heels on the coffee table, and before anyone knew it, Chris Pratt was shuffling quickly around the studio in them—with great proficiency, we might add.

7 When he received an award in a bra

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It’s not everyday that you receive an award, but it’s an even less frequent occasion when you receive said award while wearing a spectacle of a bra. What kind of man receives an award wearing a bra? Well, if you’re reading this list, you probably have some sort of educated guess regarding this rhetorical question, but we’ll go ahead and spell it out for you: Chris Pratt! During the Hasty Pudding annual Man of the Year Award show, Pratt received the honor of being roasted by the Harvard theatrical group, an honor that has been given to the likes of Justin Timberlake, Jason Segal and Neil Patrick Harris. The award show poked fun at the movies he was a part of that flopped and even his marriage to Anna Faris. Pratt was, of course, a great sport despite the heavy roasting.

6 When he didn’t know as much about dinosaurs as a 6-year-old

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You’d think that someone who trained dinosaurs in the movie Jurassic World would have some pretty deep knowledge regarding prehistoric subject matter. Though, as it turns out, Chris Pratt was no match for Noah the precious “Apparently Kid.” Both dino experts were pitted against each other on The Ellen Show and were asked various pointed questions about dinosaurs, which ended with Noah wiping the floor with Pratt by answering some seriously complex questions. Pratt was graceful and humble in his defeat, and offered Noah a gigantic basket of unreleased Jurassic World toys as a grand prize for his win. Apparently, Pratt never even stood a chance against the energetic youngster. We can’t wait for the highly anticipated rematch between these two adorable (in their own ways) dino experts.

5 When he apologized first

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This day and age, public apology tours almost go hand in hand with anyone who does any form of public speaking. Typically, the celebrity/political figure will say something off-color and will then have to atone for it in some way or another after the fact. Chris Pratt—being the genius that he almost certainly is—decided to reverse engineer this common practice and apologize before he began his press tour for Jurassic World. "I want to make a heartfelt apology for whatever it is I end up accidentally saying during the forthcoming ‪#‎JurassicWorld press tour....I hope you understand it was never my intention to offend anyone and I am truly sorry. I swear. I'm the nicest guy in the world. And I fully regret what I (accidentally will have) said in (the upcoming foreign and domestic) interview(s)."

4 When he talked about his marriage

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As far as celebrity couples go, it doesn’t get much cuter than Chris Pratt and Anna Faris. The comedic couple seems like a match made in heaven, and they take every opportunity to gush about their relationship in interviews while also maintaining a sense of privacy where it matters most. Pratt has said that he is lucky to have her, and even jokingly mentioned that he “married way out of his pay grade." We didn’t take the time to do one of those “how much is so-and-so’s net worth” Google searches, but it’s probably safe to say that this is just another analogy that Pratt is using to gush about the love of his life. And we can't help but go "aww" about a guy who thinks so highly of his wife.

3 When he sang karaoke

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Everyone, at some point in their life, has passionately belted out a song while reading glowing lyrics from a tiny screen at a karaoke bar. But what most people haven’t done is sing “nonsense karaoke” on The Tonight Show alongside Jimmy Fallon. In this beloved segment, the participants pick a well-known song (this time it was "Uptown Funk" by Mark Ronson), and replace the lyrics with, well, absolute nonsense. Pratt sang about kissing dwarves and drunken squirrels all to the classic tune, yielding undeniably hilarious results. With his backup singer Fallon not far behind, the duo put on a show that will go down in late night history. While the stars maybe shouldn’t give up their respective day jobs, their karaoke talents could be a fun weekend activity worth pursuing.

2 When he showed up on Jimmy Kimmell Live

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Chris Pratt is no stranger to late night talk shows, but when he showed up on Jimmy Kimel Live! unannounced, it even took the seasoned host by surprise. Opting to skip the standard chair and desk interview most celebrities participate in, Pratt instead decided to show up in the interactive audience plug segment of the show. During this segment, audiences will plug charities, fundraisers or even bands they are a part of, giving them a nationwide platform to speak about their cause. Chris wasn’t at Jimmy Kimmell Live! to plug a charity or band, though. The Star Lord actor was at the show to premiere the highly anticipated trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, much to the liking of the audience and the confused host.

1 When he had a dance-off

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We’ve already discussed Chris Pratt AKA Star Lord’s affinity for Kevin Bacon’s dance moves, but at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy, nobody would have guessed how much that would come into play. While most superhero films finish out their final act in a huge city-destroying brawl, Star Lord decided to take a different approach when his back was against the wall in his fight against Ronan. “It’s a dance off, bro,” proclaimed Star Lord. It turns out that this was just the right move, as it effectively distracted Ronan long enough to take possession of the infinity stone. Maybe next time, Ronan can binge on some good ol’ Kevin Bacon movies and bring some better dance moves to the fight.

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