15 Hilarious Classic Art Memes That Will Actually Make You LOL

Art is something we can all appreciate, though it might be in different forms. I personally, like going to art museums and examining the pieces but I'd probably never hang them in my home. Some pieces of art do make for great conversation though. (Especially the pieces selected below.) I sometimes wonder if people from the past had the same eyeballs we have. The things they painted were either from a really odd point of view or seem so simple, it's mind blowing people can call it "art." But maybe that's just me. The recent trend has been to take classical art back and put a modern spin on things. Honestly, in an odd way, it's made classical art more approachable and less intimidating. Thanks Internet! Here are 15 classical art memes for you to enjoy and analyze over a cup of hot coffee.

15 Back From The Dead

If we were asked what we though the meaning of this painting was, we'd probably have to relate it to this corpse having some unfinished business to disclose. Obviously not browser related but maybe forgetting to burn old notebooks or manuscripts? Can't chance someone reading your journal after you pass! It seems that the skeleton was not in any rush take care of these affairs because....he's a skeleton, or at least mostly decomposed. I also wonder where this coffin is located... a crypt? Definitely not in the ground. It seems way too easy to open, which makes me a little uneasy. Someone should have made sure to nail that thing shut, this said person was clearly not doing their job correctly. Wait a second, take a look at this poor soul's rib cage - is that a snake? Were there snakes in the coffin too? Why? Can we not do that? Gross.

14 I'm Fine

Relatable. Totally relatable. This painting is kind of like when you're feeling like crap, or maybe just looking like crap, but putting on that facade that you're totally okay. It's a skill one needs to waster eventually. But even if you haven't, most people will look at that sword sticking through your neck and slowly back away. They want nothing to do with your problems. That sword is all of our pain and problems. It keeps people at arms length. Try to take that sword out in one motion and you're going to bleed to death. Ouch! You need to come to terms with the fact that you need a doctor to help you solve your problems. You need help. You can't do it alone. To get that sword out, you're going to need a helping hand. And a whole lot of surgeries.

13 Online Shopping Skills

YASSS! Is this not the best feeling in the world? This guy knows what's up. He knows he looks flawless. He's workin' it. Look at those little shoe poofs. Those HAD to be all the rage during the decade. Those shoes fit perfectly, no need to package them back up and fedex them via horse carriage. That weird collar thing? It might look strange off the rack, but looks fabulous on. It has just the right amount of neck protrusion. And those furry knee clamps? I don't know the point of them, but I'm diggin' it. They hold in those knees just right. The intricately designed stockings have been beautifully crafted and you won't find a run in those babies. The coat looks great, it has a nice heft to it. It's large but still fits like it was custom made for him. And if you're a man who can rock a skirt, well, he can rock anything. No need to send anything back here! This guy is looking his best.

12 Catchy AF

Thanks for the earworm. I cannot get this lyric out of my head now. Also, I find this incredibly hilarious. It's such a serious painting. The image of the carriage and horse just seems so stern and yet the lyrics make it silly. I imagine the horse and man singing along together. They both have baritone voices. The man starts with "now watch me whip". And the horse chimes in (and literally no one is surprised) with "now watch me neigh neigh". He does not neigh like a horse. He speaks the word neigh in a very deep voice. That is the scene. They are in a gorgeous countryside. They continue doing this. Always and forever as they ride off into the sunset. Whipping and neigh-neighing.

11 Can You Hear Me Now?

Wait what? What exactly is he holding? Is it a phone? Because my brain immediately guesses he's holding a phone. It's obviously not, but that's all I can see. I know nothing about art because art history was a subject I nearly failed. As someone with a deep love for history, the history of art never ever interested me at all. I can appreciate a beautiful art piece. But I have trouble with placing art in history. This piece for instance. I see a dude holding a phone. This is clearly from the 2000s. Right? Who made this? Who commissioned it? The Kardashians? I feel like it's a nice commentary on our constant need to take selfies. I totally understand it. It's about the fact that our fingers are always on that camera button.

10 Worst Person Ever

This guy looks devious AF. What did he do? Probably snagged an 'A' without doing any work. Maybe he just sat there during group meetings nodding his head, interjecting with meaningful comments, and you only realized later on that he didn't actually do anything. Maybe he snagged your girl without you realizing it. He did it sneakily. He befriended her, brought her some mead while she was sick and you were working in the fields as a serf. And then he wooed her. Maybe he told the town you were a witch just to get back at you for something. But you're not a witch. He knew that. But he didn't give AF. Look at that face. He's watching you burn at the stake with an 'A' on the project and your girl on his arm.

9 Fingers Crossed

It's a myth but you still believe it with every ounce of your being. Foot and hand size have nothing to do with anything except the size of shoe you wear and your ability to grasp objects. This guy does have abnormally small feet though, so I'd be worried regardless. His calves and very large compared to his feet. I bet it's hard to walk around with feet that tiny. You must need crazy strong calves. I mean, she clearly wants the D. Just go for it girl! What's the worst that could happen? Back in these days, it was all about their family name and how much they were worth. He's dressed very nicely - seems like the perfect opportunity. And back in these days, if a man dressed nice, smelt nice, and catered to you - who cares what size his feet are, take him home.

8 Jill, Those Aren't Mine

Those expressions though. She just found something out and she is less than pleased.

"Henry WTF are these?"

"ERM ERM ERM. I don't know what those are!"

I don't ever want to shame a woman for her style, but my goodness, please remove that circular neck brace. How can you get anything done in a day with that around your neck? It's almost like a cone of shame. It cannot be easy to move around in and it looks totally uncomfortable. What's the actual purpose of that ting anyways? Do you clean it? Food must get in there all the tim (shudder!). And Henry, dude. Don't leave those papers lying around. There's no shame in a bit of self-love. But she's clearly upset by it. You didn't have to leave them where she could find them. Have some respect for your lady!

7 Riding Over Quick to Netflix & Chill

"I'll be right there! Let me just hop on my unicycle!" When you're thirsty and bae is home alone, you find a way to get there no matter what. Even if it's on a weird bike and you're a samurai in a painting. Even if you're carrying a huge sword on your hip. You would cross eras just to Netflix and Chill with your lover. The hunger can be real, and I wouldn't; be surprised if that was the secret message behind this painting. Sex can motivate anyone to move mountains. It can motivate a person to get up, take out the trash, wash the dog, and clean the car, all within an hour. Need to write a paper for a class tomorrow? LOL NOPE. Your love interest just texted you that they are alone and want you to come over. They even added a windy face emoji and you KNOW what that means. HOLD THE PHONE. I'M COMING! WAIT FOR ME! (*opens browser* *buys plane ticket*)

6 Spit It Out, Rufus!

If you have a pet, particularly a dog, this work of art is super relatable. Dogs eat the weirdest shit all the time. They'll put stuff in their mouths that has zero relation to food and you'll need to pry it out of their jaws. Dogs have powerful jaws that can gnaw your face off, so this is a pretty accurate description, except they'd rather lick your face off instead. I assume this dude is fighting the lion but it looks like the lion is startled. He looks mighty surprised, like he didn't know this was going to happen and things have taken a turn for the worse. My dogs look the exact same way when times like this happen. I mean, c'mon, they all know NOT to eat the remote control, yet they do it anyways! When will they learn!

5 The Best Feeling Ever

If there were to be a top 10 list of the best feelings in the world, this would be on it. Cold sheets, pillows, blankets. It's all just wonderful. Sleeping in colder temperatures is actually better for you, it helps you sleep more comfortably. Unless you're a monster that prefers hotter temps, of course. If that's the case then I don't think we'll be having slumber parties anytime soon. But this dude pictured is definitely having a good day. He flipped his pillow over to ice cold and it feels glorious. On a hot day, this is the most refreshing feeling ever. It makes the hot steamy nightmare of summer feel bearable. It's the light at the end of the tunnel, but in your bed. It's a delicious minty mint but on your face. A soft little ice cube that cradles your cheek.

4 When That One Person Brings That Weird Dish

Potlucks can be really fun. As someone who likes to cook, it's a blast to cook a signature dish and share it with others at a potluck dinner or lunch. It's neat to taste other dishes and sample other cooking styles. It's even better when there are other cultures in the mix so you get an array of cuisines included. The problem arises when you invite someone who cannot cook. Someone who brings the dreaded dish that is a dud. And since we're good human beings, the entire table feels they have to try the terrible looking dish, for fear of insulting this person. But in this painting's case, where the head is the dish, I think we'll pass. Everyone has to sample the head, but it's disgusting and repulsive and no one wants it. But the person who brought it is so happy and proud. It's probably the first thing they ever made. Or...prepared. My friends can "try" it if they want, but count me out.

3 When Bae Takes All The Hot Water

Whether it's a roommate, a partner or someone else you live with, the person who takes all the hot water is indeed a monster. It's easy to imagine that this is what they do while they snag all the steamy hot water for an hour. They're bathing their lizard-like scales while you wait to shower in icy cold droplets. It's unfair and upsetting. Showering in cold water is quite unpleasant. Especially in the winter. I think the worst part about cold showers is hopping in and it starts off great. The water pressure is strong and it starts off steamy and warm before it suddenly gets colder and colder. You then need to rush through the remainder of your shower to keep your teeth from chattering. Hot water hoggers tend to take real long showers, which means they are single handedly murdering the environment. The. Worst. Hot water hoggers are selfish.

2 He Deserved It

I mean, it's true, this guy deserved it. Don't tell a lady to calm down! It's the last thing you want to say when times are tough. It somehow implies that you're a calm cucumber and we're somehow never calm and are blowing the argument or situation out of proportion. If you wan to see a person lose their shit - tell them to "calm down". That's the least calm you will ever see them. And look at the painting! He knows he screwed up, he's pretty much taking the attack without complaints. He knows he's guilty. I bet he called her crazy on top of saying "calm down" (which is the classic 0-100 argument). Never call a woman crazy - just don't. Unless you have some kind of death wish.

1 Better Than A Twinkie!

I'm not going to lie, I get this. When you're hungry, you gotta eat. And sometimes all there is, is a baby. Delicious, fresh meat. Personally, I'd cook it first; it it has a nice sear maybe it won't take so raw. That's a little too rare for me, too much blood. But I get the hunger pains. Hunger can be all consuming - sometimes it's so bad you can't handle yourself. You'll eat anything in sight! That's why they always say not to go grocery shopping on an empty stomach - you'll end up buying half the store. We get a craving and eat spoonfuls of weird stuff. A whole jar of pickles? Spoonfuls of peanut butter? Yes and yes. Hunger can do weird things to a person. It turns us into animals and we get angry (or "hangry"). Our senses become heightened, everything smells stronger, colors get brighter, and apparently babies look really delicious.

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