15 Hilarious Dads Who Entered A Whole Other Level of Dad

Despite our familiarity with them, it sometimes seems like dads are a whole other mythical kind of creature. Between their distinctive outfit choices, the embarrassing behaviors, and, of course, the jokes – it can be weird to imagine them in a different light prior to their dad evolution. While they’ve been in our lives for, well, most or all our lives, it can sometimes take us a while – even years – to really appreciate their paternal quirks, like their eye-roll inducing commentary or their clever solutions to miscellaneous problems. When I was in high school, Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” came on the radio while he was driving me in the car and he poked my face. At the time, I was annoyed by his corny humor and concerned his poking was going to cause me to break out, but as I got older, I can look back and truly appreciate his dad genius. Sometimes it takes time to really appreciate and understand our dads, but sometimes there’s no overcoming the overwhelming nature of dads.

15 This Proud Dad

Sure, we always aspire to make our fathers proud and try not to disappoint them. But sometimes fathers have other things to be proud of. This redditor’s father had apparently tried for at least a year to grow pineapples. When he finally did, he celebrated his success with a professional photograph with his pride and joy. I’m sure he has nice, family pictures of him with his kids, but there’s no guarantee those photos of him with his children are hanging as largely and as prominently as this photo with his prized pineapple. Other fathers may have their hobbies of golf and fantasy football, but this dad can rest knowing he’s reached a special level with his pineapple-growing along with the photo sessions with his dignified and well-earned treasure.

14 This Resourceful Dad

Dads are often pretty savvy when it comes to fixing things around the house and coming up with solutions to inconvenient problems. Mustering up all clever dad inhibitions in him and the resources he had and needed, this dad found a way to combine a bunch of great things – naps, swimming, snorkeling – into one solution: napping in a swimming pool. It takes true dedication to come up with something like this. Okay, he might end up a little sunburnt on his back, but there are always going to be minor setbacks when someone, especially a dad, commits to their artistic vision. As long as he applies sunscreen and has someone periodically checking in on him, his practical nap-taking method should serve him well. The only question is, how can everyone hear his snoring to know he’s sleeping?

13 This Genius Dad

Similar to the father who made his dream of napping in water a reality, this dad found a way to make figurative lemonade out of life’s lemons. When his dog was craving a snack and chewed on his shoes, the clever father cut out the damaged parts and revived the shoes into sneaker sandals. His sneakers pre-dog destruction may have already been peak dad, but this shoe transformation took him to a whole other level by combining the best/worst of sneakers and Birkenstocks – like if someone were to make khakis with a built-in fanny pack. We can only imagine he’s somewhere sporting this ultimate pair of dad shoes with a good ol’ pair of jorts, a striped polo and maybe – just maybe – a Space Jam baseball hat.

12 This Dad Who Couldn't Resist

Even from afar, dads can strike at the perfect time and opportunity. And with technology at our hands, it’s easier than ever for fathers across the world to highlight their proudest jokes. This father found a sign that not only described a bunch of cold, ready-to-heat-up meals, but also himself. Like what any proud father would do, he had his photo taken with it and sent to his daughter. Just look at that face of pride, joy, happiness. It’s a universal look. A look that can be witnessed on many dads’ faces whenever they commit the most heinous puns and jokes out there. How many times had he visited that grocery store seeing that sign? How long had he been waiting to strike on the opportunity? We don’t know. But its timelessness only helps with the legacy this father and this sign have contributed to society.

11 This Dad with the Ultimate Gear

Style and fashion are ever-evolving and ever-changing industries. Similarly, dad fashion, while seemingly universal and unchanging, has even undergone some slight changes as time and trends have come and gone. Some fathers take their dad outfits to a whole other level. This dad, for example, whose hobbies apparently include embarrassing his daughter, upgraded some of the subtle accessories and aspects of his outfit when attending one of his daughter’s games. First off, the fact that he’s made it an official hobby to embarrass his daughter speaks volumes on how much of a dad he is, never mind the weird visor-hat thing and his confusing cowboy-boot-sandal-type shoes. While others are merely following whatever dad fashion trends are happening, this man takes risks and sets them. We can only wonder how fondly his daughter will remember his trend-setting ways in the world of dad fashion as she takes care of him as he ages.

10 This Dad Who Showed Off Other Parental Skills

Whoever said fathers don’t have the same maternal nature as their counterparts may not have been exposed to this man – or should we say, this man hasn’t exposed himself to them yet. While coming across a statue of an adult and baby gorilla, this father acted on his inner maternal instincts and whipped out his would-be milk supplier for the baby statue. Because what other way to respond to an infantile mammal statue than by exposing your nipple and pretending to breastfeed it? Tons, actually. Most people would opt to just stand by the statue and smile with it, shirts closed and nipples away. But not this father. Like many on this list, he saw the opportunity and he went the extra mile to take it – inspiring dads everywhere to explore new ways to embarrass their family.

9 This Dad Who Sought Out the Opportunity

Like Frodo and Harry Potter accomplishing their quests and partaking on their heroic journeys, this father fulfilled his own personal dad prophecy. This father saw absolutely no reason why he couldn’t make the most out of a golden opportunity to visit a town in Wyoming called “Chugwater” to take the most predictable picture. It may have already been a stop on his six-hour-or-so-drive, but it takes a certain level of dadication to act on the urge to stop in some random place for the sake of a funny picture. He’s an inspiration to all. We can only dream to have that level of persistence to achieve what he has and truly seize the moment for dad glory. Who knows if all 57 people currently residing in Wyoming are sick of the joke, but he did a great job bringing exposure of the town’s existence through his fun photo.

8 This Dad Who Embraced Himself

There are many body types in this world: small, medium, heavy, thin, thicc, muscle-y, soft, and one of the most well-known: the dadbod. Usually characterized by a beer belly and a sturdiness caused by raising and chasing children, dadbods are becoming frequently more prominent, accepted and even celebrated in our society. While all dadbods may be created equally, not all dadbods are created the same. In fact, just as there is diversity with our body types, so there can be diversity with dadbods despite apparent uniformity and similar characteristics. This father, who seems to be a little younger on the dad spectrum, made an empowering statement about his own unique and wonderfully-made dadbod, acknowledging that while there may be many similar ones, his dadbod is his own. When Dadbod Magazine hits the newsstands someday, it would be a travesty if this man wasn’t included in the publication for his powerful contribution to the dadbod community.

7 This Dancing Dad

Dad dancing is a special art form. Unless your father is Derek Hough or a professional dancer of some sort, dad dancing can be a simultaneously unpredictable, confusing, impressive and entertaining activity. This dad felt no shame with his dad dancing at an Electronic Dance Festival. His son, on the other hand, felt all the shame the situation seemed to call for. It doesn’t stop with the awkward dancing-while-sitting down. It comes in a package of a fanny pack, plaid shorts, a mustache, shin-high black socks, and the polo. He seems young, but his dad-level is already high and experienced. With such a promising start, his dad potential can only go higher. His son has so much to look forward to if this is any indication of what’s to come.

6 This Dad Who Believes In Showing Off Your Mad Skills

Dads can have many skills: raising children, telling their infamous jokes, fantasy football, fixing things around the house, and, apparently, beat-boxing. More specifically, beat-boxing in front of their children. This father took it upon himself to state his firm belief that all dads possess the beat-boxing skill and must display it in a car full of their adolescent children and their friends. While I’ve never personally experienced this father phenomenon (the closest my dad ever came was singing along to all the words to “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” which is equally, if not more impressive, than beat-boxing), I have confidence this is just a higher level of dad some of us have yet to witness. And when that moment comes, I’m excited to experience the joy of hearing someone’s father (or mine, we’ll see if he gets into it) beat box.

5 This Dad Whose Wish (Sort of) Came True with His Own Dad

Home improvement stores are some of the few holy grounds for dads everywhere. More specifically, places like Home Depot and Lowes are list-toppers when it comes to shopping for dads and generally just being centers of peace for them. When in doubt, most of us can always count on getting our dads gift cards to either of those places for Father’s Day or just picking up a cordless drill or something for them. That said, dads have a special place for these places. One young dad in particular expressed his wish to have a counseling center located in Lowes, to which his mother responded wisely, “Just call your dad.” The young father may have reached the level of dad where he appreciated the home improvement store and acknowledged ways to improve it, but his dad is on a whole level to where he can be considered an ever-flowing source of knowledge for the store.

4 This Prepared Dad

Learning how to drive can be a scary process for everyone involved – parents, children, driving school instructors, neighbors down the street. This father, however, wasn’t going to allow this intimidating process and milestone in his daughter’s life to keep him from being prepared. This dad found a way to battle any sort of tension with this experience through his use of humor and his tools to combat whatever might come with teaching his daughter to drive. He has the helmet, he has the life safety vest, he has the sunglasses, he has the thumbs up to go with his daughter’s slightly annoyed expression and crossed arms. To top things off, he even has the jorts just in case anyone was uncertain he was a dad teaching his daughter to drive. While seemingly a little overboard with how prepared he is, I respect his choices and to be honest, I could easily see myself being this safe and prepared when I’m teaching an adolescent relative how to drive. Heck, I would have very easily worn this gear when I was learning how to drive. I still might.

3 This Dad Who Broke Dad Code

We see rivalries everywhere, from Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry type rivalries in the pop culture landscape to backhanded compliments and passive aggressive actions in the office world, and the dad community is no exception. This circumstance is subtle dad elevation and also a low-key way to assert dad domination. There are different attainable levels of dad, including buying newspapers on vacation, texting their children to turn down the tv, receiving “Build-a-Bear” emails and learning Kidz Bop lyrics. This dad reached a different level of pettiness. Dads are typically go-to people when it comes to fixing things, including home and car maintenance. This dad used this against one of his “rival dads,” publicly pointing out that one of the rivals’ tire’s air pressure looked low in front of other people – discrediting the rival dad’s skills and automotive upkeep while simultaneously raising his own credibility. Rival dads everywhere should beware.

2 This Dad Who Wanted to Show Off His Ways with Technology

Dads and technology don’t always mix, but when they do, it’s not to be forgotten. This father busted out his impressive knowledge and skill of one of the newer contraptions of this day and age: the selfie stick. And while his use may be proficient, his timing could maybe use a little improvement. It may be common to take photos of our food, but busting out a selfie stick mid-meal to take a photo of your family is still not all too common yet. This family seems especially fazed – with even his wife looking down in a slightly shameful way. The great thing is, while the photo seems fuzzy and not everyone’s face can be seen, it’s a nice little documented photo in their family history and a memorable family portrait at the very least.

1 This Classic Dad Who Tried with Technology

While some of us may have younger parents more in tune to the times and technological advances we’ve made, not all of us have dads that go well with technology. Take this classic video of an adorable Irish dad trying to show his family and friends the wonders of Las Vegas using his borrowed son’s GoPro. Unfortunately for him, but fortunately for everyone else in the world, he had it facing the wrong way the entire time – accidentally using it as a video-form of a selfie stick instead of what he intended to use it for. Years to come, however, his children will probably enjoy this video with him facing the front far more than every other video of Las Vegas as a way to remember their wonderful, well-intentioned yet slightly technologically-ignorant father.

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