15 Hilarious 'Fortnite' Memes For The Lovers, Naysayers, And People Who Just Don't Get It

In July of 2017, a video game hit the homes of PlayStation, Xbox, and PC lovers everywhere. It has become so popular — it's now meme worthy. Fortnite revolves around a storm wiping out most of our planet, and those that have survived have to build themselves shelter to keep safe from oncoming storms and to hide from these zombie-like creatures that are blood-thirsty. Epic Games, Fortnite's developer, says it's a "cross between Minecraft and Left 4 Dead" (in case that helps anyone).

However, as a non-video game person, I had no idea what the heck Fortnite was — I just kept seeing people playing the game on Twitter and people making memes out of it. It seems to be a real bonding experience for those who play, since the game teams up with other players to help build forts to keep them safe, accomplishing missions and gaining rewards.

So whether you're a Fortnite fanatic or someone who has no idea what it's about — these memes are for you.

15 We Are All Squidward


As previously mentioned, I'm late to the whole Fortnite thing. The only games I enjoy playing are ones with cars, mazes, and two characters named Mario and Luigi. That's about it for me. But like any '90s kid, I can appreciate some SpongeBob memes. According to a dear friend of mine who considers Fortnite his oxygen; he explains how anyone in the game can build a fort to hideout from the enemy. You literally have the option to chill out in your tower, peaking out here and there to shoot the bad guys. Some say you're cheating if you just stay tucked away in your tower until everyone dies but you, but I think it's smart. It's an easier game if you ask me. Just make the tower tall enough.

14 This Has To Be The Worst


Not only is this a meme in Fortnite, but it's also a real life picture of me at work. There are some days the last thing I wanna do is look at my computer, but since I need money to supply my coffee habit — here I am.

Apparently, you can play solo, in groups of two, or in squads of four. When you get shot (or attacked by a weapon, I guess), your teammates have the chance to revive you if they're nearby. But if you can't be revived, then you just gotta soak it up and watch your teammates win or lose the game. Just waiting for a game to end sounds horrific. Like, think of everything you can get accomplished while waiting for your friends to stop having fun.

13 Team Up, Build A Fort, Watch It Burn, Repeat


This GIF shows a whole bunch of Amish folk building an entire barn, hiding inside that barn, and then getting blown up from the enemy. Again and again the cycle continues — just like Fortnite, which makes me wonder: what the eff is the point of this game? There are so many shooting games, what makes Fortnite so much different than every other shooting game? Is it the teamwork aspect that makes it different? Because I know there are plenty of military games that probably accomplish the same thing. Isn't Call of Duty just as popular and similar? Minus the whole dropping from a plane thing? Nevertheless, this GIF is probably relatable AF to every Fortnite addict. Especially the addicts who are addicted to both Family Guy and Fortnite.

12 An Eye For An Eye


One of the greatest (and scariest) parts of friendship is we would do anything for our friends. Depending on the friend, there's an unspoken bond that connects us to our besties. We would do anything for them. So when you get killed in Fortnite when you're apart of a team, all you can do is root on your teammates to kill whoever it was that killed you. Apparently, anybody can end anybody — which just makes it one giant ending fest. So when a bestie goes after the person responsible for your virtual death, all you can do is root for them.

The only way I relate to this meme is when I have a little too much to drink at the bar, and someone tries getting in an argument with a bestie. Since I'm way taller than everyone else, all I gotta do is stand in between everyone and it all stops. Easy peasy — but that's what friends are for.

11 OMG What


Fortnite has an array of characters. And like every other game out there, you can change the appearance of you character or choose their ensembles. However, as this meme points out, this characters looks just like LaVar Ball. LaVar Ball is most well known for his three sons who are basketball sensations. His name became big in the media after he started bragging about his son being better than some of the most well known players in NBA history. After his name got big enough, he created his own brand called Big Baller Brand, which started selling shoes for $495, which was significantly higher than even NBA all-stars. And considering his son wasn't even in the NBA yet, asking for shoes that were almost $500 was absurd. But hey, that's why LaVar Ball is known for the way he is.

10 BFFs 4L


Fortnite can be made into a total boys or girls club; grab those besties and start a squad! And even though I think Fortnite is an overrated game, I kinda love the way it's transforming gamers. This tweeter makes a great point; instead of going out, making bad decisions, and spending a boatload of money — boys and girls everywhere are choosing to stay in, spending the night gaming. It really is like a flashback into those middle school days, when people only went out to grab a movie or game from Blockbuster. Ugh, I can still smell the rental boxes and pre-made popcorn by the cashiers. What a magical time it was. I genuinely feel bad for kids today who are so attached to their phones they can barely figure out if it's raining or snowing.

So thank you, Fortnite, for bringing out the child in all of us.

9 #TeamWork


You know what they say, teamwork makes the dream work. When you're battling against 100 people, and end up coming out on top with your teammate, I would say an engagement is in order. Winning a game of Fortnite is a big deal, but winning back to back games? I mean, after that kind of luck, it's time to retire from playing, sell the game, and elope. Connecting with friends seems like a pretty simple task, but connecting with friends through the art of Fortnite? There's no deeper connection than that. In fact, I suggest every couple or bestie-duo to tryout Fortnite to see if their relationship can take the heat. If you and your loved one are strong enough to battle Fortnite and come out victorious without auguring — you have a keeper. 

8 Wealthy AF


Like every other fighting game, there is a whole list of instruments you can use to come out victorious. And by instruments, I mean weapons. (Side note: can any game come out that isn't poisonous with assault and murder? Just a thought.)

The weapons are organized by color: gray, green, blue, purple, and orange (or gold). The colors are then broken down into strength — gray being common and orange (gold) being legendary. So just starting a game and seeing that other players are already killing it in the game is annoying enough to make you quit. HOW can someone just start a game and have that much amazing ammo?! It's not the easiest to feel left behind, but that's what makes this game so addicting.

7 It's About To Go Down


There’s nothing quite like going to battle against another squad. Considering what your definition of battle is, it could mean anything. There are plenty of battles on the dance floor, there are wars of words, and there is one long, consistent battle in Fortnite. But no matter the battle, when you’re rolling up with your friend(s), you always feel a little more confident. Some friends don’t even need to speak to each other mid-battle; when you’re close enough to someone, a battle can be done with nothing but eye contact and body language. It happens all the time. So yeah, Kermit the Frog probably doesn’t play Fortnite on his time off, but he sure does encompass it with this meme.

Keep doing you, Kermie. And let us know if you need a sqaud for game night.

6 It's Time For Bed


This little clip shows this girl carrying her boyfriend home like a baby. It’s obviously all fun and games, but it can easily mesh well with Fortnite, or with any game really. When you find out someone is cheating in game — all trust is lost. Especially when you’re doing really well in the game—without cheating—and some know-it-all rolls up, taking control of everything. It’s not cool. So at the end of your little “boys night,” the only thing that feels right is being coddled on the ride home. Or even physically carried. Nothing hurts more than being cheated on — gaming world included. So if this is an actual depiction of you after a Fortnite loss, your feelings are valid. I mean, they're a little weird, but they're heard. 



Like I mentioned, I’m not a gamer. There’s nothing wrong with gaming or gamers — period. I just find other hobbies to do instead of gaming. I’d rather read a book, workout, or go outside then play games. I always feel like I need to be doing something, and since I work on my computer all hours of the day, the last thing I need is more screen time with Fortnite. Although I don’t mind when people brag about how many games they’ve won in Fortnite, I can see why so many people are over hearing about it. Fortnite seems to be more of a trend these days — it’s not your average video game. I feel like it has more about comradery than any other game out there, and that’s what makes it different. However, I can see why everyone is kinda sick of hearing about it.

4 It's Called Construction


This meme makes me laugh and shake my head at the same time. I understand part of Fortnite is building actual forts and barriers to keep yourself and your team safe from the enemies, zombies, and the storm (what a hodge-podge, eh?). But at the same time, seeing someone bring Fortnite to “life’ is literally called construction. Seeing a group of people building a house or a business office is part of their profession — they’re not copying a video game that was released a year ago… People did the same thing when they made the Pyramids. So while this meme is laughable, it’s also annoying. Because I can totally see some uneducated middle school student thinking construction came to be because of Fortnite.

News flash: it didn't.

3 They Are Keepers


For starters, I think it’s so tacky when people call those who like video games or comic books “geeks” or “losers.” Like, why are they considered losers for liking something that’s fictional? Am I a loser because I like doing yoga? Is my neighbor a loser because she rides horses on the weekend? Is my mom a loser because she has an obsession with making vegan cheese out of cashews? Just because someone has a niche or a hobby doesn't not make them lame.

Sorry, this rant is over, but all those name callers need to cut it.

I’d rather my man be at home gaming with his friends ANY day out of the year. Gaming is a pretty PG-13 experience, and if he wants to stay in with his buddies — by all means, go right ahead.

2 Do You Remember This Layout!?


PLEASE TELL ME YOU REMEMBER THIS LAYOUT! This little map was printed on many a carpet when I was a child. These rugs would then be placed in bedrooms or playrooms, and we would all grab those little Hot Wheels cars, and play around. Sometimes I would even grab my Barbies or Dinosaur figurines and pretend they were going for a little stroll (as giants, of course). This rug was EVERYTHING. Putting the rug aside for a moment, though, having the ability to drop out of the bus at any time is super promising for Fortnite players. Instead of the bus kicking you off in the worst areas imaginable, you have your choice of where you wanna start building or hiding. So if this rug was my landscape, I’d jump out of that bus so fast.

1 Real AF


Unlike many other video games that are PS4 or Xbox exclusives, Fortnite is available on PC (and let's face it, PC wins all when it comes to shooter games). Considering I've been a MacBook girl since college, I haven't used Windows in a very long time, but whenever I see those rolling green hills as the traditional background, I'm reminded of my younger days in the library, where Windows were everywhere. There was always that little noise that buzzed on, and then this wallpaper was the first thing that popped up. So thinking about playing games on a PC again kinda makes me wanna play Fortnite. JUST for the purpose of pretending like I'm 6 years old again. I think the last time I played games on my PC when we had the first installment of Sims. I played that game so much, I think it burned while in my computer.

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