15 Hilarious Friendship Memes All True BFFs Can Relate To

Life can be so difficult these days that it's almost impossible to go through it successfully on our own. We honestly can't even imagine making it through some particularly tough obstacles—college finals, break-ups, job interviews and rejections—without our best friends holding our hands every big step of the way!

Our ridiculously strong bond with our best friends proves that BFFs really are the family we choose. When we're at a party, they're the ones holding our hair back when we've had too much to drink and have to spend half the night leaning over a toilet. When we're in trouble, they're not going to be able to bail us out because they were causing chaos right alongside us. They're our shoulders to cry on when things are looking bleak, the source of most of our laughter and happiest memories and the people we make fun of most because we know they can handle it.

Since summer vacation is making us miss the BFFs we can't see every day anymore, we've found some of the funniest and most relatable memes about best friends that the Internet has to offer to help fill the void. Check them out!

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15 World's greatest detectives

Being a best friend basically means being a wingman, a relationship counselor, a bodyguard and a private investigator all in one. When we're at a bar or club, we're every bit as focused on finding a match for our best friend as we are for ourselves. When our best friend is having troubles with their crush or boyfriend, we're there to lend an ear and offer whatever advice we can think of. When people aren't treating them right, we're ready to throw down and defend our BFF's honor. And when our bestie has their eye on someone new but can't find any trace of them online, we put on our Quantico F.B.I. hat and become professional Facebook stalkers.

We've never had any sort of formal investigative training, but that doesn't stop us from somehow finding that guy who smiled at our best friend at the bar that one night equipped with nothing but his first name! Normal friends would have called that a lost cause, but we spent hours scouring Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for anyone who may live within a two-hour radius with that name and eventually found that Prince Charming. Sorry Batman, but we're pretty sure that makes us the "World's Greatest Detectives."

14 Crazy together

Everyone loves Stranger Things because the young A.V. Club kids are a classic and totally relatable group of friends. They spend basically every minute of every day at each others' sides and get into all sorts of trouble and adventures together. We're the exact same way with our clique, and the relationship between Mike Wheeler and Will Byers feels a lot like the one we have with our number one best friend. When Will was basically losing his mind thanks to the Upside Down monster that lurked inside of him, instead of running for the hills and finding a new BFF, Mike stuck by his buddy and promised to go crazy right alongside him.

That sounds a lot like what your BFF does for you when you get a bit too sloppy on a Friday night, right?

When you're too drunk to string together a coherent sentence, your best friend downs some shots to get right on your level and spiral downwards with you. That way, you won't be alone in the embarrassing pictures and videos of your sloppy escapades that inevitably get posted online the next day! You'll both probably have some serious regrets, but at least you can suffer through the shame and hangover together.

13 Playing catch-up

via: tumblr.com

If we had our way, our best friends would be with us practically every second of every day. They're basically our very own personal cheerleaders, so we'd like them with us whenever we go on nerve-wracking first dates, when we're having a bad day at work, when we're taking an exam we just know we're going to tank; you name it! Unfortunately, that's not exactly how the world works. Our BFFs have lives of their own, so they just can't be with us 24/7 as much as we'd like them to be. Luckily, distance does actually make the heart grow fonder and helps inspire some awesome conversations when we're reunited with our friend-soulmates!

The more time we spent apart from our friends, the more fun we have when we finally get to see them and catch up! We tell them about any relationship developments that occurred in their absence, any juicy drama we discovered since we last saw them and recount basically every minute of our time apart. These convos always end up lasting basically an entire day, and while we know that's super unproductive, we just don't care. Our BFFs have to know everything about our lives, and we have to know everything about theirs!

12 How you know you've made it

It's easy to know when someone has become your best friend. They're suddenly the first person you want to tell good news to, the first person you want to go to when you're having a bad day and the person you want to spend all of your free time with. It's more difficult, unfortunately, to tell if you're your best friend's best friend!

There's nothing more heartbreaking than discovering your BFF has a BFF that isn't you.

When you're just starting to develop a best-friendship with someone, you probably worry that your feelings for your new comrade are stronger than their feelings toward you. There's one way you can put this to the test. No, we're not talking about waiting until your would-be best friend gives you a friendship bracelet...we're talking about finding out whether or not their parents consider you family. Once their parents finally say that you're basically another one of their children instead of a mere regular house guest, you know you've officially made it because that sort of honor only goes to a true best friend. Good luck holding back tears of pride and joy when they say that for the very first time, though—we sure couldn't!

11 Just let us gossip

via: tumblr.com

In high school, getting placed in the same class as your friends was just a matter of luck. In college, however, you get to choose your own schedule and can ensure you get to sit right next to your BFF every class if you want. Whenever you're in class with your best friend, the two of you have to fight to hold back diabolical laughter—the professor better prepare for trouble and make it double, because he's going to have a really hard time getting you both to pay attention and stop whispering in the back row!

Even though you and your bestie probably spent a few hours together before class and are undoubtedly going to hang out after class, you see every seminar as a chance to huddle together and gossip. Sometimes, you're so focused on your own conversation that you actually forget you're in a room full of other people and that you're supposed to be paying attention to the teacher. Some professors don't quite like that and interrupt your conversations. That's when you give him a look that implies he's the rude one for butting in! Didn't his parents ever teach him not to bother people when they're talking?!

10 We're all a bit jaded

Philosophers have debated for centuries about whether mankind is inherently good or inherently evil, but based on the fact that basically everyone we know loves to gossip, we're going to have to go with the latter! We typically like to think of ourselves as good people, but nothing brightens our day more than getting together with one of our best friends and making evil jokes at the expense of others or chatting about the misfortune of some of the people we both know.

Whenever our BFFs tell a particularly nasty joke, we basically turn into Disney villains and cackle with glee.

We grew up loving Aladdin, Genie and Jasmine, so we never in a million years would have thought that we'd grow up to become Jafar insteadbut we're finally started to accept that we're definitely a lot more like him than the heroes of Aladdin! We love the way our friends' foul little minds work, even if that makes us a bit twisted or cruel. Judge us all you want, but you know you're the same way once you start gossiping with your closest friends! A BFF isn't a true BFF unless they can bring out your inner Jafar.

9 We're both hooded Kermit

We've seen a lot of Evil Kermit the Frog memes over the past few years, but this has to be the most relatable version the Internet has to offer. When you're with your best friend, neither of you acts as the sole Evil Kermit encouraging the other to act on horrible ideas—you're both Evil Kermit!

Even though we all like to pretend our ideas are always brilliant, deep down, we know that totally isn't true. In fact, we can admit that at least half of our ideas are probably stupid, ridiculous or illegal. Thankfully, those frequent bad ideas help us figure out who our true friends are—casual friends always just say no whenever we propose something a bit crazy, but our best friends are down to do whatever we want, no matter the consequences! They know that whatever we're planning isn't going to end well, but they don't care because our BFFs are our ride or die soulmates. If we jump off a bridge, we can always trust that they'll foolishly jump off right after us. The same thing goes when they suggest something we just know we're going to regret the next morning. We follow them blindly because that's just what best friends do.

8 Look behind you

There are some things in life that you just have to do alone. Your best friend can't hold your hand during a college exam, they can't give you pointers during your first hook-up session with your crush and they can't walk you through your first dates. Or can they? This incredibly dedicated best friend proves that anything is possible with a little imagination and a fake mustache!

When Georgia found out her best friend was going on her very first date with a new guy, she ran to the nearest costume shop to buy some fake facial hair and then threw on a pair of sunglasses and a hoodie so she could pretend to be a guy and observe the date from a safe distance without being recognized. She was going to just blend in with the crowd and neglect to announce her presence, but when she noticed her BFF wasn't eating her food, she shot her a quick text to ask what was up. She then proceeded to tell her to look behind her, just so her friend would know she was there if needed. Some people may find this slightly creepy, but we say that's next level best friendship right there!

7 Not exactly subtle

Even though your best friend is your biggest source of happiness and encouragement, chances are, they're also the person who annoys you most. Best friends just love to go out of their way to be frustrating because they know they can get away with it and that you have to love them forever regardless. While that occasionally makes you want to pull out your hair and scream, you often can't help but laugh at their ridiculously obnoxious behavior. Like all those times you tell your BFF to subtly check out that guy across the room who you've developed a huge crush on, and your best friend basically bends over backward to look so your cover totally gets blown!

As much as you want to be mad at your best friend for being so obvious and attracting attention to the two of you, you just can't!

It just might because you're too busy being totally embarrassed now that your crush knows you're talking about him. You'll definitely yell at your bestie as soon as you figure out how to stop blushing. This meme may seem over-the-top, but anyone who's been in this situation with a best friend knows that it's actually entirely spot-on!

6 Not even the afterlife can stop friendship

A best friend's number one job is making sure their BFF realizes just how great they are at all times. You have to support and encourage them any time they're doubting themselves, whether it's because a bunch of new zits popped up on their face, they bombed an important exam or they just got rejected by their crush. You may think that telling your closest ally how attractive and intelligent and desirable they are on a near-hourly basis is a bit too much, but a friendship doesn't truly become a best friendship until everyone around you starts asking if you and your BFF are actually a couple!

When your best friend makes it clear that they're in need of emotional support, it doesn't matter where you are or how busy your life is at that moment. It doesn't matter if you're tired or hungover. It doesn't even matter if you're actually deceased. You need to crawl out of your coffin and go be that personal cheerleader you agreed to be at all times when you took the title of "BFF." You'll probably regret ever signing up for that honor in those moments, but when you're the one who needs the encouragement and attention from your bestie when all they want to do is sleep or pass on in peace, you'll be happy you did.

5 Be careful who you tag

via: me.me

Regular friends communicate via texts or group chats, but best friends don't actually need to write a single word to have an entire conversation. All they have to do is tag each other in memes on social media! Memes often carry with them hilarious and relatable messages that remind you of inside jokes and adventures, so tagging someone in one can let them know you're thinking about them and help you recall fond memories and experiences. Every time you get a notification on Facebook, you expect it to be a meme tag from your BFF and get slightly upset if it's not. If a day goes by where your best friend only tagged you in a dozen memes instead of the standard 50, then you text her to ask if something's wrong.

When you click on a funny meme so you can tag your BFF in it and find they've already tagged someone else, your whole world basically falls apart!

Don't they realize that meme tags are your thing with them? Tagging someone else is basically the biggest slap in the face ever. Friends are allowed to have other friends, but best friends can't go around tagging people all willy-nilly! They have to tag you first, and then they can consider tagging other people.

4 Lifelong bond

via: me.me

Childhood friends are often just brought together because their parents were friends first, because they live close to each other, or because they share a few hobbies. That's why few relationships forged before high school stand the test of time—childhood best friends rarely have enough in common to really stay friends forever. If you were lucky enough to find a friend growing up who is basically your other half, however, that may not be the case. In those rare instances, every time you visit your old hometown and get together with them, it can feel like nothing has changed and you can reconnect with your old soulmate in a matter of hours.

Friends often take different paths in life, but if you have a genuinely solid bond with your childhood BFF, you can stay close with them no matter how far apart you are or how different you've become. You may have become a cow while they've turned into a dolphin, but when you're together, you somehow figure out a way to swim side-by-side and forget all about your differences. It's weird to look at, but it's undeniably awesome! If this is you and your best friend from a decade or two ago, be sure to send this meme to them!

3 Pizza diet

True friends stay with us through thick and thin...regardless of whether we're thick or thin! Any time we're feeling gross or bloated, they're ready to throw a variety of compliments at us to make us feel attractive again. When we tell them we want to start working out more, they show up to our door in sweats and a tank top, ready to hit the gym. When we realize that exercise just isn't for us and decide to just diet instead, they promise to cut sweets and eat healthier right alongside us so we don't suffer alone. Then, when we inevitably cheat on that diet a few mere days into it and indulge in an all-we-can-eat pizza buffet, they're in line right next to us getting ready to stuff their face!

This meme definitely gets it—the two girls wanted to look good for swimsuit season and resolved to start dieting together, but five minutes later, they found themselves devouring the world's biggest pizza slices. If just one of the girls chowed down on one of those slices, she probably would have felt bad about herself...but since both girls did it, they get to enjoy their greasy, cheesy cheat day guilt-free! That's what friends are for.

2 Doing nothing together

When you're starting to befriend someone new, you have to plan out entire days with them so you can ensure you'll have plenty of opportunities for bonding and creating memories. You go to amusement parks, movie theaters, fancy restaurants and parties, and do basically anything and everything together. When you finally become best friends, however, all of that changes.

Best friends don't need to do anything at all to enjoy each other's company!

They can have a good time together even when they're just sitting around on a coach mindlessly binge-watching television. They don't need to say a single word to each other, because no silence is awkward. It doesn't matter if they have virtually no plans, they still invite each other over so they can enjoy each other's company as they both just lay around doing absolutely nothing. This may seem a bit boring to some, but BFF's don't care if they're boring every once in a while. They have fun when they are down to go out, but they don't feel any sort of need to do that on a daily basis. Some days, it can just be nice to veg out next to the person you care about most in the world.

1 What true friendship looks like

When a casual friend wants to hang out with you, they'll typically ask you a week in advance so you have time to prepare and plan your hangout. That way, you both get a chance to figure out what you're going to wear and what you're going to do together. Best friends, however, don't feel that same need ask for permission. They know it's technically rude to show up at your house unannounced, but they do it regardless.

They always seem to just show up when you're in your underwear or hard at work on your homework or studying, and text for you to open the door and let them in. The first few times they did this, you felt a need to throw on clothes and brush your hair before letting them in...but after a while, you realized that wasn't necessary. It doesn't matter how nasty you look, your best friend is going to accept you no matter what and you feel so comfortable with them that you're fine hanging out looking like an absolute slob. You have to look and act a certain way with the rest of the world, but when it comes to your BFF, no fancy outfits, make-up, mannerisms or elaborate hangout plans will ever be required.

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