15 Hilarious GoT Memes That Will Make Anyone Laugh Harder Than They Should

Winter is not coming. Or rather, it won't be here until summer. HBO normally airs the latest season of Game of Thrones in spring - around April - but this year, Season 7 will only arrive mid summer. The wait between seasons always feels too long, but the added two or three months will make it an even more torturous wait - especially after the events of the last season. It does give you plenty of time to rewatch the last six seasons, read (or re-read) all the books and obsess about what's to come in Westeros. And, as always, TheThings.com is here to make the wait less painful.

If time flies when you're having fun, then what better way to pass the time before Jon Snow, Dany and her adorable dragons and Mad Cersei are back on our screens than with 15 of the funniest Game of Thrones memes we could find?

15 The only time a house is a better deal than a puppy

Ask any Game of Thrones fan who their least favorite character is, or more specifically, which character they hate with a passion, and they'd find it difficult to choose between King Joffrey Lannister and Ramsay Bolton. It's not just that they were batsh*t crazy (as so many of the characters on the show seem to be), it's that they were cruel to our favorite characters. We're talking mostly about Sansa here, of course. Despite the amount of time that's passed and all the things that have happened since we first met her in Season 1, you're never really given enough time to forget how badly she's had it. You wouldn't normally cheer when someone is ripped to shreds by their own dogs. But in this case, the satisfaction of watching Sansa set Ramsay's own hounds on him, is cause for celebration. Or happy-crying. Or both. Attention villains! A pro tip from Ramsay Bolton: Feed your puppies.

14 When in doubt, blame the new guy

If you're a Game of Thrones fan, you're used to watching the show with part of your heart in your throat. Because, inevitably, your favorite character will a) be tortured b) come close to death c) actually die or d) experience all of the above. And normally this will happen in the space of one episode. It doesn't happen often, but every now and then, we're given a bit of hope. Our patience is sometimes rewarded with something we've wanted for years. Like the reunion of Jon and Sansa. The Dany and Tyrion partnership is also one of those things. Keeping in mind how far apart their lives and worlds were, it's amazing that they found each other at all. But now that they have, it seems like the perfect pairing: The Mother of Dragons will be unstoppable with a mind like Tyrion's advising her. Even if he occasionally makes massive diplomatic mistakes. And struggles with translations.

13 Never admit you like a character

If you're looking for a TV show that won't break your heart, look elsewhere. Maybe try one of those detective shows where everyone looks the same, every case is the same and no one gets beheaded. The moment our dear Ned Stark's head was placed on a pike - back in Season 1 - we had a clue about what was to come. You probably never expected something as brutal as the Red Wedding (yes, yes, book readers, we know you knew), but that was just the beginning. Watching Robb and Catelyn Stark die was bad enough, but then we had to watch the slaughter of Robb's direwolf Grey Wind.  Then there was Season 6. Do whatever you can to recover from your heartbreak before the seventh season starts. Because one thing's for sure: George R.R and the HBO crew will kill off at least one of your favorite characters.

12 Mind the gap, but don't hold the door

How many of these memes will make you laugh because it's preferable to crying? Too many of them. Sometimes that's the only way to deal with this show. So here's another one. Hodor's demise in Season 6 was tragic - especially when you realized that he'd been running around saying "Hodor" for years. Consider this: The only word he could say was the one that leads to his death. It's equally sad that he dies saving the guy who turned his brain into mush in the first place. By creating a link between the present (just before he dies) and the past in Hodor's mind, Bran broke Hodor's mind. As heartbreaking as this is, it's essential to the plot because, not only does it show how Bran wargs, but also shows that he is able to change time. There are some crazy fan theories about his time traveling powers that may still prove true. Have fun obsessing!

11 Rihannis Baratheon

It wasn't easy to like Stannis Baratheon. To be fair, after Robert's death, he's technically the heir to the throne. That's ignoring how Robert took the throne in the first place, of course. But Stannis wasn't the worst because Ramsay existed. And there were times when his fanaticism was almost understandable. Admittedly, whenever he was on screen, we were just waiting for him to get out of the way so that we could see Melisandre or Davos Seaworth. Melisandre because she's fascinating (especially after that reveal) and Davos because he's one of the genuinely decent people in a world that often seems devoid of them. His relationship with Shireen, in particular, was always heartwarming. And then it got too warm. As in, burned-by-your-own-father warm. That was around about when our dislike for Stannis became outright hatred. Sometimes Game of Thrones goes too far and this was, arguably, one of those times.

10 Our meme game is on fire

There are so many hashtags that we could add to this one: #toosoon #neverforget #funnynotfunny #cryingforever. Now that he's learned how Shireen died, we're willing to bet Davos has an endless amount of things to add. It took an entire season before he figures out what had transpired to cause her death. And is there any more tragic a sight than the one of Davos picking Shireen's carved toy out of her own ashes? Stannis is dead, so there's no revenge to be had there. Melisandre may be ancient, but she's still alive and kicking. Davos has never been her biggest fan and this has most likely turned his mistrust into pure hatred. The Red Woman has already played a major part in the war - she brought Jon Snow back to life after all - but there's potentially more she could do. The God of Light seems like he could be a powerful ally against the White Walkers, but there are other Red Women out there. And it's possible the Onion Knight will hack Meli's head off ASAP.

9 Gandalf the White...Walker

Once the political backdrop and basic history of the kingdom of Westeros was established in Season 1 and we'd heard the phrase, 'Winter is coming' about a billion times, we finally got a glimpse of how terrifying that statement really is in the Season 2 finale. It made most of us want to knock the main characters in the face because, all of their infighting, plotting, and murder was insignificant when compared to the army of blue-eyed, creepy-ass wights heading their way. Clearly, most of them have forgotten what happened last winter, why the Night's Watch was formed and why there is a GIANT WALL in the North. There's still a lot we need to know about the White Walkers, but they do have leaders. And one of them looks remarkably like Gandalf... if he'd been left in cold storage for a century. If he did look that way, he wouldn't have needed to fight the Balrog. It would've taken one look at his face and thought NOPE.NOPE.NOPE

8 Don't lose your head over a bit of snow

Poor Sean Bean. The characters he plays in epic fantasies can't seem to... like... live. He also always plays loyal, noble and respected leaders. In the Lord of the Rings, Boromir was the Captain and Warden of the White Tower and played an important role in defending the kingdom against Sauron's forces before joining the Fellowship of the Ring. He's well liked and regarded by all of the characters in the book - much like Ned Stark. Unlike Ned Stark, however, he doesn't die by beheading, but takes a mortal would while protecting Merry and Pippin against a horde of Orcs. It's taken six seasons for winter to arrive and now that it has, Westeros might want to consider hiring Gandalf - if only so that we could see his reunion with his twin White Walker brother. Do White Walkers cry? And are their tears frozen? And how would the elves deal with Cersei? #someonecallGeorgeRR

7 Go away, Daario

Westeros is a magical place: the dead can be resurrected, dragons throw temper tantrums and average looking men get hotter overnight. We're talking about Daario Naharis here. You'd be forgiven for thinking Dany had two lovers after Khal Drogo - especially since the actors playing Daario look nothing alike. Yet another unexplained TV-land head transplant had occurred between seasons 2 and 3. After appearing in season 3 of the show, the original actor Ed Skrein left Game of Thrones to take a role in the Transporter franchise. Probably a bad move for him. A great move for us because his replacement, Michael Huisman, is all kinds of hell yes. His loyalty to Dany is obvious but often irritating. The Mother of Dragons has no time for his clingy shenanigans, though. Buh bye bae! Worlds to save. People to set aflame! Thrones to take. Call you never!

6 When Cersei happens to pretty girls

HBO did a great job with the casting of Game of Thrones. They even managed to find an actor, Jack Gleeson, with a face as slappable as the one you'd expect on King Joffrey. From Tormund to Tyrion, every actor seems perfect for the role they're playing. The Stark sisters are no exception - Sophie Turner is exactly what you'd expect a beautiful royal from the North to look like. When she's out of character and not pale and terrified, she looks amazing. And Maisie Williams has that boyish cuteness that suits Arya's personality. Care to hazard a guess at who the skeletal remains are? Our money is on Margaery Tyrell. You know, because she went up in flames (which happens way more often than it should on this show) after Cersei finally went postal. It's a pity because Margaery was an intriguing character to watch. And Natalie Dormer was exceptional in the part. It will be some kind of poetic justice if Drogon sets Cersei alight. Someone make that happen.

5 No one knows

We still have so many questions about the Many-Faced God, the Faceless Men and their bizarre temple in the Free City of Braavos. Are they assassins? Are they priests? Are they priestly assassins? We're not sure even they know who they are anymore. Jaqen H'ghar is one of the most mysterious characters in the show. What we do know is that their religion requires them to forego their identities in service of the God - something that Arya never manages to get right. Watching Arya and the Waif do battle in Season 6 was one of the most frustrating but ultimately satisfying parts of the Season. Some fans have speculated that The Waif and Arya are two parts of the same person and that - to truly become No One - Arya had to kill that part of herself. We wouldn't suggest doing the same in an attempt to hide who you're dating from your parents, though. Valar Morghulis! (But not today.)

4 Littlefinger - spokesmodel for Old Spice

Remember that amazing ad for Old Spice a few years ago? It has over 50 million views on YouTube. And with good reason. The model, Isaiah Mustafa, is gorgeous. Which is why the ad works so well: It doesn't really matter how good looking the guy you're dating is, he'll never compare to a shirtless Isaiah Mustafa on a horse. Admittedly, Littlefinger doesn't even come close to being in the same league as Mustafa, but compared to Ramsay Bolton, he's virtually God-like. Ramsay... ew. Not that poor Sansa had a choice in the matter. Joffrey wasn't hideous, but he was an insane little brat with a punch-me face. And then there's Robert Arryn. And let's not even get started on how weird it is that Littlefinger has a thing for Sansa because she looks like / reminds him of her mother. C'mon guy! Let's hope the last two seasons of the show bring Sansa someone who looks better than all of these fools. And also one who doesn't, you know, torture her.

3 Sam looks like he'd make cheesy jokes

Samwell Tarly doesn't look like he could even lift a sword, let alone fight alongside the other members of the Night's Watch. He knows it. It's one of the few things Jon Snow actually knows. Everyone knows it. But he's one of the kindest characters on the show and we love him for it. Watching the way he treats Gilly and her baby is especially endearing when you think of how other men on the show have treated women and children. In the beginning, it's hard to believe that Sam will play any role in the Game of Thrones or in the impending war with the White Walkers. But he goes on to kill a wight in Season 3 - an important moment since it confirms that dragonglass is an effective weapon against them. It may be the nerd that figures out how to win the war. Especially now that he has access to the library at Oldtown and is armed with a blade of Valyrian steal, which he stole from his father. Deservedly so. Watching him have a Beauty and the Beast library moment was one of the greatest things to happen in Season 6.

2 A guide for newbies

One of the most difficult things to get your head around when you're watching Game of Thrones is where everyone fits in. As with many epic fantasies, there are so many characters and they all have confusing names. It can take some effort to remember each of them and their relationships - especially in the first few seasons. Which is why rewatching it with people who have never seen it before can be so frustrating... you're constantly having to tell them who each character is, how they fit in and what their allegiances are. An arduous task since you know a whole lot of them are going to die anyway so you're talking about people that aren't even in the later seasons. There are charts to help you explain things to people who are about to start the first season. In the meantime, use the above chart to keep things simple. Don't worry, everyone (even the other Starks) forgot about baby Stark so you're forgiven.

1 Fun for the whole family

The more scandalous aspects of the show are introduced right at the outset. Why wait? You might as well be warned from the beginning. Because it's going to get a whole lot worse. One of the most shocking of these first reveals is the relationship between Cersei and Jaime Lannister - who are brother and sister. Ew. We get to see just how close they are in the first episode and so does Bran. Cue the second shocking moment of the episode: Jaime pushes Bran from the window in the hopes that he won't tell anyone what he sees them getting up to. Even though everyone seems to know it anyway. Is it any wonder that Joffrey turned out to be a complete monster? Inbreeding doesn't just give people weak chins - it can also reinforce mental issues in offspring. Want to see how this works in real life? Watch a documentary called Blackfish. And be glad Joff is in his grave.

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