15 Hilarious ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Memes That Are Sad AF But So True

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15 Hilarious ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Memes That Are Sad AF But So True

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The Seattle Grace (then Seattle Grace Mercy West and finally Grey Sloan Memorial) Hospital surgeons grabbed us by the feels when the show first aired way back in 2005. It was so easy to fall in love with Patrick Dempsey’s character Dr. Derek Shepherd because he was so damn hot. And we came to grow with each of the other characters over time, rooting for certain romances, wishing others would end. The show also spiked an interest in the medical career field. If being a doctor were this exciting, why wouldn’t we want in on it? The paycheck wouldn’t hurt either! Now that the Grey’s Anatomy season finale is upon us, we’ve come to also realize how heart-wrenching this show can be on our emotions. All of the dramatic ups and downs can literally tear your soul apart. And these 15 hilarious memes are sad AF but oh, so true.

15. When debating Dr. Owen Hunt’s lack of a soul

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Dr. Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) struggles with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from his days in the military. This mental health condition is very common among people who’ve fought in wars. Owen had a nightmare that resulted in him choking Cristina Yang, his girlfriend at the time. Fans were not happy. In fact, it was very a shocking incident. But he was contrite about what happened and even wanted to separate himself from her until he could get the help he needed. Of course, their relationship eventually dissolved. Cristina hadn’t wanted to have a baby and went through an abortion. Owen pretty much rejected her after that, even though it had been a hard decision for her to make. Fans of the show will also be able to point out other instances in which he reacted in explosive ways.

14. Everyone leaves, everyone always leaves

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This meme really illustrates the tragedy that is Grey’s Anatomy. Do a search on Google, and you’ll find several articles on how many doctors have been killed off on the show. Shonda Rhimes, the brilliant writer behind Grey’s and Private Practice, knows how to up the ante in all of the shows she writes and produces. Killing off characters after we’ve fallen in love with them or their story lines is one way to keep an audience hooked. You have to have a penchant for emotional pain to watch this show season after season. Over time, your heart might even become a little calloused from being broken so many times. Yet, we just keep coming back for more. What the hell is wrong with us? That is what makes Shonda Rhimes so brilliant in her writing. She makes us want the pain!

13. When you use up a tissue box every damn episode

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When you settle down to watch Grey’s Anatomy, you better have some tissues on hand. In fact, it might be a good idea to have several boxes of tissues nearby because you’re bound to be bawling before the end of each episode. God help you if you decide to binge on watching several episodes back to back, as well. Someone is likely to get shot or die or disappear. Or maybe an explosive breakup will occur. You can never be sure except for the fact that it will be high drama and have you on the edge of your seat. Watching Grey’s isn’t for the faint of heart. You have to be prepared to wrench your gut in order to watch the series so faithfully. Props, peeps. It’s not easy to let yourselves go through this for such an addictive show.

12. When we lost Dr. McDreamy

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When Dr. Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) was killed off, people took to social media to express their displeasure. HOW COULD HE BE KILLED OFF THE SHOW? Most of us were completely in love with him. In fact, Dr. Shepherd was often referred to as McDreamy. (Interesting fact: Prefixing words or nicknames with “Mc” was some sort of trend on Grey’s Anatomy because it was done quite a lot on the show — over 32 times!) And Dr. Shepherd definitely lived up to the name that the women in the hospital gave to him. This meme points out how boyfriends had to deal with the fallout after his character was killed off. Who would we fantasize about now? McDreamy had been taken from us without any warning!

11. When ‘Grey’s’ takes precedence over everything else in life

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We might have homework or other chores to do, but it’s incredibly important to catch the newest episode of Grey’s Anatomy. That often meant dropping whatever we were doing and watching it as the episode aired on television or allotting time to spend with our DVR and catch up on what’s happened on the show. This meme shows the addictive nature of Grey’s and how fans needed to stay in the know about each episode. Deciding between doing homework or watching the show is a total no brainer, though. Grey’s before anything else. You just needed to grab your snacks and your favorite beverages, settle into your favorite chair and get ready for an emotional roller coaster ride. People have broken off other engagements just to watch the show. That’s dedication!

10. When you finally become a doctor and it’s nothing like ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

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Sometimes people will watch a show and want to actually live their life the same way that’s in the show. Choosing to become a doctor because of a TV show will definitely put you in for a huge surprise, though. Even among the chaos of Grey’s Anatomy, it still follows some kind of internal logic that holds it all together. Real life is never so neat and tidy. We don’t live in episodes. And dealing with the ins and outs of a real hospital will wear on your emotions in a much different way from what you would ever see on a medical drama. Maybe there will be McDreamies at your hospital. Maybe there will be some interesting gossip. But that’s not the main focus in a real hospital. You have to deal with disease and death. There are sick people in the hospital, and it can be very traumatic.

9. When you just can’t let go of a relationship

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Beautiful Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl), a former-model-turned-medical-resident, found out she has cancer. And if that’s not bad enough, her fianceé wass killed off. That’s a double-whammy in the drama department. But to make things REALLY weird, she started seeing his ghost sometimes. And sleeping with him. Several times. Well, it turns out that she had something wrong with her brain that made her hallucinate in one of the strangest ways we’ve ever seen. The scenes between Izzie and her dead fianceé Denny Duquette, Jr. (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) were extremely hot and got our TV screens all steamy with their hotness. It’s not every day that someone gets it on with their fianceé’s ghost! Her brain issues played a huge role in this plot development and don’t require as much a leap of faith as believing that she was still doing it with Denny long after he’d been buried in the ground.

8. Because we just get so emotionally invested in this show

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One thing Grey’s Anatomy does really well is get fans emotionally invested in the series. In fact, you can get so into the series that it will begin affecting your daily life to the point of just taking over. It’s all you and your friends can talk about. It’s all you can think about. At some point, you’re just eating and breathing Grey’s Anatomy such that everything that happens in the show spills over into your real emotional life. It’s fine. You’re not alone in this. But you do need to constantly remind yourself that this is only a television show; and when characters are killed off, the actors who portray them are still around somewhere in the world. We can love the show and still get on with our lives. Not being able to separate your Grey’s feelings from your real feelings is just a common symptom among those who love to watch Grey’s Anatomy.

7. Our collective crying could end worldwide droughts

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Once again, we’re reminded of the sad AF truth that watching Grey’s Anatomy will result in rivers of crying. The meme points out how this could also solve another worldwide problem in a theoretical sense. All of this collective crying could be used to practically end the droughts all over the world! Our tears aren’t made of water, though. A single tear has a bunch of salt and hormones and other stuff in it that would make it really gross to actually drink. But the sentiment is still the same. The meme’s point can still stand because we get that it refers to the amount of tears that are shed (buckets and buckets) and not the actuality of tears being able to end droughts. We got it.

6. Sometimes people just don’t react the way they should

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No one ever said that McDreamy acted in expected ways. You’d think that seeing his first wife Addison in bed with another man would get a violent reaction from him. Something. But instead, he just walked away like whatever, man. Then seeing his second wife Meredith merely talking to another man got a major reaction from him. Of course, the man talking with Meredith had been the same man who’d slept with Derek’s ex-wife. Maybe he thought that Sloan was trying to move on his new women and repeat what he’d done before. That would be creepy if his best friend felt the need to sleep with every woman that Derek happened to be with at the time, though. Apparently, Derek had saved all his rage and just went off when he saw Sloan chatting it up with Meredith.

5. Story of our relationships, too

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Drs. Owen Hunt and Cristina Yang’s marriage had been extremely rocky from beginning to end. Cristina (Sandra Oh) still loved him no matter how bad things got between them. But Owen just didn’t want to put her through more pain and he was pissed about the whole abortion thing—even after he said that he would support her decision. This meme reminds some of us of the sad AF truth about our own love lives. We just don’t get always what we want, and things just don’t always work out the way we want them to work out. That’s life. And it’s hilarious and sad at the same time. We’re over here crying through all our tears. Give us a minute. We’ll get through this in a few seasons. Or not.

4. We’ve become emotional wrecks

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Grey’s Anatomy tackled some tough issues throughout all of its seasons. Nonstop drama in every episode! How were we expected to survive all this emotional turmoil? It’s too much to ask of us! But this show ultimately takes place in a hospital, where doctors and nurses witness tragedies every day. After crises like the ones described in the meme, hospitals will fill up with patients in need of care. Some of them will not make it no matter how hard the doctors work to try to save them. It can be very traumatic to live through in real life, and it’s also emotionally trying to those of us who watch it on a show. Empathy is what gets us hooked when we get this involved with what’s going on in a show. And by the time we get through most of the seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, we’re nothing but an emotional wreck.

3. And this might be our life motto

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Cristina Yang really got us. Why go to an event if there’s no food? We feel exactly the same way! It’s a hilarious truth that we love to eat, and being able to get free food that’s different from what we eat at home will make leaving our house and putting on pants much more bearable. In fact, you need to have food if you’re going to host an event. That just makes sense. Set out a plate of cheese and fruit. You’ll attract people to your cause in no time. There’s just something magnetic about food that reels in people in ways like nothing else can. Not having an appetizer table could be the death of an event. People might just leave because there’s nothing to eat. We can’t not be the only one with this life motto.

2. What it must feel like to be a character on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and survive from season to season

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Let’s toast to the characters that haven’t been killed off! WOOT WOOT! It must feel good to survive season to season, and fans get a sigh of relief when someone on the show hasn’t been written out of the script. This might be a “glass half-empty” way to look at things, though. “Oh, hey, you’re not killed off! Congratulations!” It’s hilarious, sad AF and oh, so true all at once. But sometimes characters need to be taken out of the way to move the story along and to help other characters to grow. Maybe some of the actors just had other projects to work on and had to be written out because of that. It’s still really tragic, and we can’t help but sip more of our wine when someone on the show DOESN’T die.

1. And you’ll always identify the actors by their Grey’s characters

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One of the side effects of watching a series for a long time is that you will ALWAYS identify the actor with that particular character. It can be hard to see them play in other roles when you’re used to seeing them this one way all of the time. This was true in the case of Jeffrey Dean Morgan who played the likable Denny on Grey’s Anatomy, only to be a total tyrant on The Walking Dead. Patrick Dempsey will forever be McDreamy no matter where he goes from now on. It’s inescapable. And we just have to learn to adapt when our favorite actors move on to other projects and act in different roles than we’re used to seeing them. It might be a sad truth, but by golly, we’re going to face it!

sources: imdb.com, greysanatomy.wikia.com, ew.com, huffingtonpost.com

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