15 Hilarious Harry Potter x Disney Mashups Guaranteed To Make You LOL

One of the things that Disney is known for is producing cartoons, but just because these movies and TV shows are animated doesn't mean that they are just for kids. People of all ages can relate to these movies, which is why so many adults love this company. So while they may be targeting the little ones, grownups flock to it too and this can be said for other pop culture favorites as well. Harry Potter is a children's book and yet many of the people who read them and watch the films aren't children. They're drawn to the sorcery in the same way that some are obsessed with Disney's magic. Separate, these two entities are pretty fantastic, but when they come together as one something even more magical takes place.

15 Krum's Transfiguration

So it just might be possible that Victor Krum and Maui are related. One may be a famous quidditch-playing wizard and the other may be a demigod, but there are things that they have in common. First off, they both have adoring fans. They are also pretty muscular guys. Each man is also considered to be a hero by some. And in this picture, we're reminded that at one point in time, they were both half man-half shark. When the Durmstrang Triwizard Tournament representative did it, he was rescuing Hermione Granger in the second task. When the hook-wielding guy did it, he was still trying to get used to his powers. So even though they definitely have their differences, there are also quite a few similarities between them as well.

14 A Girl Worth Fighting For

The epic story between Voldemort and Harry Potter came to an end in Deathly Hallows. The Boy Who Lived was finally able to get rid of The Dark Lord for good. It wasn't easy for him to get to that point, and he lost a lot throughout the years because of it, but his loved ones were able to help him on his journey. One of those people that played a significant role was his girl, Ginny Weasely. In part two of the final movie when He Who Must Not Be Named asked the young Gryffindor, "Why do you live," he responds with, "Because I have something worth living for." He had friends and family who cared about him, but we also know that he had a girlfriend that was definitely worth fighting for.

13 Voldemort's Long Lost Sister

According to JK Rowling, Tom Riddle did not have any siblings. So we believed that he was an only child, but apparently he had a long lost sister named Yzma all along. We may have been too blind to see it before, but after seeing their pictures next to each other like this, it's hard to ignore the family resemblance. They both have the same gray skin. They're bald and skinny. And while Voldemort may have two slits on his face where his nose should be, it's clear as water that his sis resembles a snake too. They are even both evil villains obsessed with taking down one man. If they would have known about each other's existence maybe they could have helped the other out with their plan for domination. Who knows, they might have actually ended up winning with their sibling by their side.

12 Hagrid's Purchase

In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, we learned that Hagrid bought a three-headed dog in order to help guard the very item in which this book is named after. We also found out that he purchased it from a "Greek chappie." Hades, Greek god of the underworld, keeps a three-headed dog named Cerberus in the Underworld to keep souls from escaping. Because Hades has an infinite amount of powers, he could have easily popped down to Great Britain and made a deal to sell the creature to an unsuspecting soul. He's mighty enough to keep control of the dead without the help of a hound, so if the price was right I'm sure he would have been willing to part ways with his pooch.

11 The Beast + Belle

In Chamber of Secrets, we learned about polyjuice potion. In the wizarding world, if you ever wanted to look like someone else for a little while, all you had to do was create this concoction and drink it. Our three heroes were resourceful enough to gather all of the ingredients that were needed to make this mixture, but while Harry and Ron were able to obtain hair from Crabbe and Goyle for their batch, Hermione ended up with cat hairs, which meant that she turned into a human version of a kitty. By now we all know that Emma Watson played Belle in the live action version of Beauty and the Beast. We may not have been able to see what Adam and Belle's future children would look like, but if they ended up with any of Adam's beast-like genes then they would definitely come out like Ms. Granger did after she drank that brew.

10 Voldemort's Nose Growing Technique

The Dark Lord may have had many talents, but one of them didn't happen to be nose growing. When he resurrected himself in The Goblet of Fire, he left out one small detail: his schnozzle. And while no one was going to ever make fun of him for lacking this feature, he still would have been more appealing if he had one on his face.

Pinocchio had the exact opposite problem that Voldemort had. If he was in a lying mood then his nose could end up growing a foot in a matter of seconds. If He Who Must Not Be Named ever wanted to learn how to add a couple of inches onto the place where his snout should have been then all he needed to do was take a page out of the wooden boy's playbook.

9 Mermaids

Many of our first experiences with mermaids happened when we watched The Little Mermaid. After watching this film, we all thought that these creatures were beautiful, peaceful, and lovely singers. For years, this was our view of merpeople, but after Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire finally came out, we learned that Disney's depiction might not necessarily be representative of how they actually are. In this book/movie they sang well, but that's where their similarities began and ended. The ones in the wizarding world were hideous and they weren't friendly at all. We soon realized that somebody lied to us. It would be great if they are all like Ariel, but until we see one for ourselves we'll never know for sure who the liar is.

8 Mulan's Possible Fate

When Mulan chose to take her father's place in the war, she knew what she was risking. It was against the law for women to fight, and if she got caught then she would end up being sentenced to death. Her parents knew this too, which is why they were particularly worried about her. She was their only daughter, and they didn't want to lose her just because her father was too injured to be able to fight for China. She still decided to go in spite of this. The threat of death and her mom and dad's fears were not enough to stop her from doing what she thought was right. However, if Hermione Granger was going to weigh in on Mulan's decision then we all know what she would say.

7 Beauxbaton's Entrance

In Goblet of Fire (the movie) Beauxbaton Academy of Magic was an all girls' school, and when they arrived at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for the first time, they decided that it would be best to do a stereotypically feminine entrance. They flitted and fluttered across The Great Hall and when they made it to the front, they released a sea of magical blue butterflies. You may have watched this scene and thought about how beautiful and graceful it was, but this wasn't the first time that a woman decided to surround herself with these creatures. Pocahontas was around singing in the forest and communing with the animals long before these ladies were born, and they stole the idea of being encircled by these creatures from her. Typical Western colonists.

6 Nose Problems

In Tangled, Flynn Rider was legitimately upset by his wanted posters. He didn't care that people were trying to catch him and put him in jail, but he did care that his portrait wasn't representational. Each time he saw one, it never had him with the right nose. In real life, it was small and cute, but in these pictures they always made it look large and crooked. And because Eugene is fairly self-absorbed, this misrepresentation was very troubling for him. But at least he had a schnozzle for them to mess up on. If Voldemort was placed on one of these signs, there wouldn't be anything for them to draw in that department. In fact, he would probably be happy if they depicted him with a big and unflattering one because at least that way he could see himself with one again.

5 Where's My Death Eater's Costume?!?

Voldemort was gone for 14 years before he returned to power. That means during that entire time the Death Eaters had no reason to admit to their loyalty to He Who Must Not Be Named. They just tried to blend in as best as they could. In the beginning, they probably were hoping that he would return. They were ready to spring to action at the first sign of his reemergence, but as the years went on they thought less and less about their Master. However in 1995, when the dark mark on their forearm began to tingle they knew that it was time, but they had been away for so long that they couldn't just come to his side right away. They needed to get all of their gear ready first, and it probably went down like this.

4 Jack's Apprentice

Even though Seamus wasn't the best wizard when it came to casting spells, he was determined. In his first year he tried over and over again to turn water into rum. He was never able to make it work, but he put forth a solid effort.

And anyone who's ever watched Pirates of the Caribbean knows how much Jack Sparrow loves the very form of liquor that Mr. Finnigan was trying to make. The captain may not have been a wizard, but if he were to ever run into this young boy he definitely would have scooped him up in the hopes that one day they kid would finally be able to get the spell right. Maybe between the two of them, they might have been able to make their dreams come true.

3 Voldemort's Disney Channel Commercial

In the early 2000's Disney channel came out with a series of clips that they would play right before a show or movie would start. In these snippets, the stars of the channel's shows and movies would come out and say their name, the name of the program that they were on, and the phrase "and you're watching Disney channel." And then they would take a glow stick and use it to draw the outline of Mickey's head. If you were a fan of this station during this time period then you know how much this image of Voldemort looks like those ads. He already has a wand that's illuminating blue light. All he has to do is introduce himself and he would fit right in with everyone else that made one of those mini commercials.

2 Dealing With Harry Potter Haters

You're probably obsessed with Harry Potter, and that's okay. There are thousands of us worldwide that are just as passionate about this franchise as you are. And while we may be a special group of people, not everyone understands our obsession. They weren't lucky enough to experience the wonder and awe that comes with being a fan of this wonderful series. And it's fine that not everybody likes it. Each person has their own likes and dislikes, and if one of the things that you dislike happens to be the wizarding world that JK Rowling created, you're entitled to that. We have no beef with these individuals as long as they respect us and our love for these books and movies. However, if they start to insult one of the best things to ever grace our planet then it's perfectly acceptable to retaliate with this slight.

1 And They All Lived Happily Ever After

Disney's films are full of joy and laughter. The characters always end up getting into some kind of trouble, but in the end, everything works out for them. Sometimes, you even get to see the good guys and the bad guys come together and become pals. This is particularly noticeable in their TV shows. The saying, "And they all lived happily ever after" comes to mind when you think about these programs. And while it would be nice if all networks and companies produced programming like this, the reality is that more times than not, not everyone will end up happy at the finale. The ending of Harry Potter definitely wasn't beneficial for anyone who followed Lord Voldemort, but if it had had been made by Disney then it would have looked a lot different.

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