15 Hilarious 'High School Musical' Memes Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

It's time to "Get Your Head In The Game" and realize that "We're All In This Together." Because although the first High School Musical movie aired way back in 2006 on the Disney Channel, it never really went away. We still sing those songs and we still pine for a love like Gabriella and Troy's. The movie was so successful that it launched two sequels, as well as high school productions all over the world. High School Musical brought us the wonderful talents of Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Lucas Grabeel and Ashley Tisdale. It also brought us some funny memes, including ones that are still relevant today. So put on your Wildcats gear and prepare to laugh: here are some of our favorite funny High School Musical memes.

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15 When you're conflicted

Via: tumblr.com

People who have never seen High School Musical (wait, do such people exist?) will probably not even get this meme because they're not familiar with the songs. In the song, "Get'cha Head In The Game," Troy is doing everything he can to focus his mind on the big basketball game. Because he knows that if he doesn't, the Wildcats will lose and that's unacceptable. But he just met Gabriella, the new girl, and she is all he can think about it. So he sings, "Why am I feeling so wrong? My head's in the game. But my heart's in the song." That song is the tune that his heart sings every time he sees Gabriella. Poor Troy, he's so conflicted. But this is funny, because it really is a spoiler.

14 The UK is Sharpay

Via: tumblr.com

The UK took a lot of heat when its citizens voted to separate itself from the European Union. But then it looked like the people really didn't want that, although they voted for it. And since that vote, a lot of the UK's ideals are a jumbled mess. This meme is perfect in that it describes exactly what the UK is now going through. In "Stick to the Status Quo," Sharpay sings about how she's not happy with all the changes happening all around her. "This is not what I want. This is not what planned. And I just gotta say, I do not understand." Yes, that is exactly how the UK feels now. And it probably wants to go back to the way things were before the Brexit vote.

13 Kelsey recognized the Game of Thrones-ness

Via: pinterest.com

In High School Musical, Sharpay and Ryan are really close. That's understandable, considering that they are brother and sister. But they're also a brother and sister who really love musical theater, so they spend a lot of time rehearsing musical numbers together. But sometimes, they pick songs that maybe brothers and sisters shouldn't sing to each other, like love songs. Because it's creepy when they do that, and it is way too much of a reminder of the Cersei and Jaime thing in Game of Thrones. Ew. No! Not in High School Musical! But no one ever makes a remark or even blinks when Sharpay and Ryan sing one of their love songs. But here's the thing: maybe Kelsey found herself a little disturbed by it. In this case, we are all Kelsey.

12 It was a thankless task

Via: tumblr.com

At the beginning of High School Musical, it's New Year's Eve and Troy and Gabriella both happen to have families vacationing at a ski lodge. Because that's what rich folks do on New Year's Eve, or at least that's what they do in a teen movie musical. And there's a party where a DJ picks both Troy and Gabriella to sing a duet for karaoke, because why not? How did that DJ even know they could both sing? But whatever the case, he chooses them and then tells them that they would thank him later. As we all know, that moment was the start of something new (see what we did there?) and Troy and Gabriella fall in love. And they never went back to thank that DJ who put them together in the first place.

11 Troy level of stress

Via: reddit.com

It might seem stupid, but Troy had a hard time trying to decide if he wanted to play basketball of sing in a musical production at school. Because this is a school where he could not possibly do both or he might explode or something. Poor Troy loves both basketball and singing with Gabriella, so he cannot decide which path he must make. He also has all this peer pressure from his friends that want him to stay on the basketball team, but again, Gabriella is the girl he's in love with and he just wants to sing love songs with her. He's so stressed out about it! We've been there, Troy. When our stress levels are that high, those are Troy levels of stress.

10 High School Musical Assemble!

Via: tumblr.com

We love mash-up memes, so this one had to make the list. In The Avengers, the whole point was that this team of superheroes get together to fight the bad guys and aliens who would attack humans and make us dinner. Or they're just taking on Loki. Whatever the case, they must assemble and do things together. Here's the thing: no High School Musical fan can here the word "together" in that context without thinking of the biggest musical number to come out of those movies, "We're All In This Together." And we know the dance steps to that song, too, and now we kind of wish the Avengers had broken out into song about their unity because that's how life is for us, right?

9 He's ours

Via: pinterest.com

When Zac Efron starred in High School Musical, no one had a clue who he was. He was just some teen Disney actor who could sing and dance. But then he showed us what he was made of, and everyone who ever watched a High School Musical movie was in love. Since then, though, Zac has had a pretty huge movie career and has starred in some major Hollywood films. And there are now women all over the world swooning over him. But those women can back off, because we loved him back when he was trying to get his head in the game, back when he showed his acting chops as a character who couldn't decide between basketball and singing. He was ours first!

8 Emotions

Via: tumblr.com

One of the most penultimate moments of High School Musical is when everything works out for Troy and Gabriella and they sing the love song to end all love songs, "Breaking Free." That song is everything, after all: that moment where Troy and Gabriella realize how much they love each other and how much they lift each other up. It is the emotional apex of the High School Musical movie. And there is not a single fan who can listen to the words of that song when they start without feeling a swelling inside their heart. When Troy begins with "We're soarin', flying. There's not a star in heaven that we can't reach," there is not a dry eye in the house. And we'll blubber through the whole song.

7 What time is it?

Via: pinterest.com

High School Musical was so popular for the Disney Channel that it ended up having two sequels. In High School Musical 2, though, the kids aren't even in high school, except at the very beginning of the movie. And that's only because it's the last day of school and the kids are staring at the clock just waiting for summer to start. So the song begins, "What time is it?" And then they keep singing about summertime and vacation, although some of them have to get jobs and live in the real world for a while (well, if the real world is the country club and everyone sings their emotions). But any time a High School Musical fan hears "What time is it?" we'll break into song, too.

6 What do you mean high school isn't like that?

Via: pinterest.com

A lot of kids who were really into High School Musical weren't even in high school yet. So they watched this movie and thought that high school looked like this awesome place where beautiful people sang and danced and never really did a lot of homework; classes were interesting and everyone was happy. But when those fans actually got to high school, they were in for a rude awakening: high school is nothing like that. Instead, it's sitting in a classroom while a teacher drones on and on about history and science. And not a single person every bursts into song. There's also no Troy and Gabriella to root for, which is probably why most High School Musical fans thought high school actually sucked.

5 Gotta' go sing about my feelings

Via: pinterest.com

Sometimes, we wish real life were like High School Musical. Because the beauty of the musical is that people really let their feelings out, instead of holding them in all the time, which makes them angry and confused. In High School Musical, when someone has feelings, they sing a song about it. But it does seem that these kids have a lot of emotions, because poor Troy will stop a basketball game when he's having feelings (again, that conflict between basketball and singing stresses him out) and start singing about it, regardless of everyone else around him. We admire him, but we could imagine that would get old around his friends when he does that every 30 minutes. But we also wish we lived in a world that let us all do that.

4 Stick to the status quo

Via: pinterest.com

In High School Musical, Troy is under a lot of pressure. He isn't just stressed out about having to choose between basketball and singing (which he shouldn't have never had to choose between anyway). He's also having issues with those teenage hormones that have him doing nothing but thinking about Gabriella when he should spend his time focusing on the big game. Of course, there's a song about that: "Stick to the Status Quo." In that song, the kids sing about how things at school should just stay the same because change is scary and bad. And that's the same for teenage feelings: don't fall in love, stick to what you know and get your head in the game. Don't develop feelings. Stick to the status quo.

3 I don't sing, but I do...

Via: pinterest.com

At the New Year's Eve party where Troy and Gabriella meet, the DJ chooses the two of them to sing a karaoke song together. No biggie, right? Except that when chosen, Troy insists that he can't sing. Not at all. Nada. No singing there. But then he and Gabriella get in front of everyone, get their microphones and suddenly, Troy is a rock star and he's belting out the first words to "Start of Something New." It's like seeing Gabriella opened up some magical tunnel to a talent he didn't know he possessed. So this meme is funny because Troy sure looks pretty professional up there for someone who doesn't sing or hasn't ever sung before. Yeah, right. We think he was lying all along.

2 It's a talent

Via: tumblr.com

Most of who live in the real world feel like we have no talents. We don't act or sing, at least professionally, and we can't draw her do anything remotely creative. Most of us feel pretty talentless. And yet, we do have a talent, if we're High School Musical fans. Because more than likely, we have watched all three High School Musical movies multiple times and we know each song and its accompanying dance number by heart. And we can pull that out at the drop of the hat and burst into some tunes and break it down like nobody's business. Guess what? In our book, that's talent. So you have a talent: get out there and show everyone that you're "Breakin' Free" from the constraints of what people think talent is.

1 Only a real Wildcat will understand this

Via: pinterest.com

This meme is so funny because it's true. Someone posted something that every High School Musical fan would understand. They basically said they were single because they never went to a New Year's Eve party at a ski resort (like Troy and Gabriella) and sang a duet with a complete stranger (again, like Troy and Gabriella). But then the reply is from someone who just totally doesn't get it (which is surprising, because High School Musical is life). The reply, though, is awesome: they called told that person who didn't get it that they weren't a real Wildcat. And that they're head wasn't in the game. These are all references to the movie, by the way, in case you're also one of those who aren't a real Wildcat.

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