15 Hilarious Images Of Cats That Prove They Don't Need Us

Ever wonder what our cats do when we're not looking? We definitely do! With the amount of time we spend spoiling them, feeding them, petting them and loving them, we can't imagine them ever needing to do anything for themselves. But there are some people who have caught their cats doing the weirdest things. Some cats eat all by themselves (and we're not talking about them picking food up with their mouth. We're talking full on holding the spoon, paw-feeding themselves). Not only that, but people have seen their cats gardening, taking selfies and exercising! Do cats really need us, after all? Probably not. Will that change the fact that we'll always want one (or 10) roaming about our houses when we're home—or not? Definitely not.

15 You weren't going to eat that, right?

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Everyone need to eat. Humans eat, animals eat, heck, even plants eat! We'll eat almost anything that's put in front of our face when we're hungry. What on Earth makes us think that our pets can't eat by themselves with absolutely no help? Besides them not having opposable thumbs, nothing really. The problem is we spoil our pets too much, right? Buying them food and placing it in front of them every day no matter how hectic our schedules are. We always make sure to feed our pets. What if we told you that your pets can feed themselves? Would you believe us? You should if you don't! Before household pets were a thing, they were out in the wild on their own, catching their food.

This cat has it all figured out. Hell, he's even eating his food with a fork! He even knows how to scoop his food onto the fork when he runs out. He's got some serious skills, don't you think? If only all of our cats would do this! What's the trick? Let us in on the secret if you know.

14 Girl, look at that body!

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Ah, working out. A constant struggle for so many people. We want to have a hot AF body, but we also want to eat the plate of hot wings in front of us. And pizza. And ice cream. And cake, cookies and brownies. Ugh, why do we have to pick and choose? It's not fair! While many of us bite the bullet and choose to work out, a lot of us have a hard time getting off the couch (let alone getting out of bed in the morning). Animals are a different story. Take cats, for example. They spend a lot of their time sleeping, yes, but when they're awake, what are they doing? Running around, playing with toys and jumping onto things they shouldn't be. Cat's are athletic AF. This cat, in particular, is making us feel super lazy.

Cats don't need us to tell them to work out. They don't need a personal trainer nor do they need to follow a strict diet plan. They're just naturally active creatures. Why weren't we born as cats? That would be so much easier. We'd be petted all of the time, get to take naps whenever we wanted, have the energy to work out almost all of the time and we'd be called "cute" if we were chubby.

13 This is my garden, human!

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So many people are realizing that growing your food from home is a much better alternative to store-bought produce. This cat has it all figured out, too. While cats don't normally eat a whole carrot or a baked potato, they do receive the nutrients from fresh fruits and vegetables inside of their food packages. However, this cat is speaking for all cats when he says "No more! We will eat fresh fruits and fresh vegetables from our garden from now on! We will get our paws dirty and we will never again eat the awful brown circular foods that our humans give us! Cats rule!!!"

Alright, maybe he's not saying that. But hey, it works! As long as these cats know what's good for them and what isn't—we don't want our cats to eat grapes and take a dirt nap. Be careful when you see your furry companion rolling around in the garden!

12 Did someone say selfie?

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It seems like our cats are more than capable of taking their own pictures. If there's a way we could broadcast this message to all of the crazy cat ladies who flood our Facebook and Instagram feed, let us know! Wait, on second thought, don't. We flood our pages with pictures of our cats just as much as (if not more than) everyone else. How on earth could you ever stop, though? When they're sleeping, they curl up into a little ball of fluff and look absolutely adorable. When they're eating, they make the cutest faces. When they're playing, they look incredibly fierce. We could honestly sit here all day and argue as to why we take so many snaps of our feline friends.

But, when it comes down to it, it's because they're just super photogenic. We love showing off our animals to our friends and family (as well as saying that our cats are cuter than theirs). So, will knowing that our animals are perfectly capable of taking their own selfies change anything? Absolutely not!

11 Stalking 24/7

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We think the caption to this picture should be "Human bean wondering what TF the cat has been staring at all friggin' day." To us, it sounds a lot more accurate! Cats are known to be very mysterious creatures. They tend to look around a lot before going to their destination (in fear of being followed, perhaps?) and always act like they've done nothing wrong (when we all know that cats can be complete, well, buttholes). This cat in particular is looking out the doorway to see all that his little eyes can see and his human brother decided to take a look through the door, too. This poor cat can't seem to get any privacy in this house! Listen, little human bean, you're going to scare your precious feline away! Give him some privacy, for goodness sakes!

For all you know, the cat could be checking out some other cat (or dog, if he swings that way—we've seen many cats and dogs getting a little too friendly with each other). Don't salt your cats game! Or he could be stalking his prey. What a bummer it would be if a small human bean messed that up. No blue jay for dinner tonight!

10 Born to be the star of the show

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Who said that humans (and apparently dolls) are the only ones able to play the role of Jesus in the manger? Cats bring way more joy into the world than babies (for some people, that is) and should be recognized for their cuteness, too! We'd honestly rather see a cat in a cradle than a screaming baby or creepy looking doll. However, we're not really sure how that scene would go with the cat and all. Lord knows that the poor cat wouldn't stay still the entire time. That...would be something, to say the least. It would be funny to witness, though!

The hashtag #joytotheworld is totally appropriate for this one. Cats honestly bring nothing but joy, so why not?

9 They punish themselves

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When we're mad at our fur children, we tend to scold them in the nicest way possible. When we're really pushed to our limit, we'll invoke a "No!" or even a "Bad kitty." (Sometimes we're even forced to chase them around the house screaming "Get that out of your mouth! What are you even eating?") Ham isn't like most cats, though. He knows that when he does something bad, he must be punished. Rather than allowing his human to punish him (because that's super embarrassing to have to tell your cat friends about, obviously) he bit himself.

However, Ham wasn't aware that biting himself would hurt that badly. Hence why he looked shocked AF afterward. This human has it all wrong, he wasn't trying to bite his owner at all! We love how relaxed Ham looks while biting his arm, too. He's got his legs crossed, paw drooped over and he looks like he's enjoying being held!

8 The power of cats compells you!

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Have you ever wondered why cats are so...powerful? We know that they're not powerful strength-wise, but they're sure as hell powerful when it comes to making us love them. It almost makes you wonder where they get their cuteness from. After seeing this picture, we now know. They get it from the orb of mysteries! Take this lil' cutie for example. He knows that he'll be that much more powerful when he obtains the mysterious glow from this strange AF orb. He's even got a goofy look on his face (look at his little tongue sticking out)! All hail the mighty cat god! Wait, you mean to say that this isn't where they get all of their cuteness from? Darn.

At least we know that they're smart enough to put their paw on things, right? This cat may look goofy, but come on, how could you resist this face? They don't need you to help them gain knowledge, they obtain it themselves!

7 Cats have a great sense of humor

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Have you ever wondered if the outfit you chose to wear was...well, wrong? Same, girl, same. Thankfully, we have our cats to tell us how we look each and every day! We're weird, we know. You probably ask your cat for advice, too, don't even hide it! This sweet black ball of fluff isn't afraid to show off his humorous side and make fun of you (or your choice of style). That's what everyone needs, right? To be made fun of? Er, we mean, to be told when we aren't looking our best. Cats know that more than half the time, they look like idiots. They pose weird, lay weird and even lick their behinds in front of company. They make total butts out of themselves.

So, the next time your cat makes fun of you, know that he's doing it out of love. If it weren't for your fuzzy friend, you would walk out of the house looking like a pile of garbage. You're welcome!

6 They know how to get what they want

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Cats always seem to get what they want, don't they? It's like no matter how many times we say, "No, you can't have human food, you might get sick," they just don't listen. They honestly don't really care; if something smells good, they're going after it. Take, for example, this cute lil' guy. He wanted a taco, so what did he do? He got a taco! He didn't need his human to give him a yes or no answer, he knew what his answer was from the get-go. He just needed to come up with a plan and put it into action. While having the cone of shame around his neck made things a little harder than expected, he still got what he wanted.

Let this be a lesson to all of us: we can all get what we want if we really go after it. We might not get it the way we'd like to, but if we push ourselves, we'll be the champions at the end of the day!

5 They don't rely on just you for love

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Sorry to tell you this, Liam, but Luke has more than two families. Yours, your neighbors and, well, all of us. We seriously want to adopt him as our step-cat. It's good news for you and your family that Luke has another family that loves and cares for him, too! This means, whenever you and your family go out on vacation, the mysterious family will take care of him. That's all you want for your cat, right? The reassurance that he's safe 24/7? Well, even if you didn't want it, you've got your answer now. Contrary to popular belief, cats hate being around one person for too long! They need friends, just like you do!

Cats don't need you to make friends for them, they're perfectly capable of making their own friends all by themselves. The next time you try to introduce your crazy grandmother to your cat and your cat runs away, you'll know why your cat wants nothing to do with her. Your cat holds high standards!

4 New things scare TF out of them

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Like humans, cats (and other animals) get afraid of the weirdest things. We get afraid when we hear strange noises in the middle of the night. Or when we accidentally miss a step and almost nose-dive down a flight of stairs. Cats are afraid of water, but more specifically, water...droplets? That's new! Her owner doesn't seem to care about her fear, either. She even went as far to call her a moron! How rude. We guess we can't say much, we call our cats morons almost every day.

Thankfully this cat wasn't submerged in water, right? If a couple of droplets managed to scare TF out of her, we can only imagine what being in a bathtub filled with water would have done.

3 Just taking a cat nap

Via: facebook.com

Cats are excellent hiders. When they don't want to be found, chances are, you won't find them. All this poor cat wanted to do was sleep all day. Is that too much to ask for? We suppose so, because her owner looked for her (probably in a frantic state of mind) for 15 minutes. That's a long time—especially when you think you lost your cat. Lord only knows what was going through this human's head. Thankfully, she found her tiny fluff ball in a spot where she should have looked from the get-go: her bed. The poor little cat looks like she's so sad that her nap was interrupted, too. We feel so bad for her!

She looks so comfortable in that spot, we hope that her human didn't dig her out of her hiding place to embrace her in an awkward hug (even though that's totally what we would have done if we thought our cat was missing, TBH). What a sweetheart! We all know that cats don't need our permission to fall asleep whenever they'd like.

2 You're dead to me, human

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Is this why everyone says dogs are man's best friend? Because they're out to "protect you"? Well, if that's the case, they've got it all wrong. You see, the reason this cat looks pissed off is because they don't want a brother or a sister! They thought that you were their best friend and then you went off and bought a dog. Great job, you're the worst human ever. Now, you have to deal with your cat's cold shoulder for at least three months. Cats like to be alone. They love having their own space and they're not willing to share their humans once they've made a close connection. While it may seem like cats like doing everything alone, they do occasionally carve some time out for their humans for pets, love and treats.

The next time your cat is angry with you, ask yourself what you did wrong. This picture proves that cats don't need you around; if you betray them, they'll find another solution. Be careful!

1 They deal with bullies, too

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Cats can be total buttholes. They get into "cat fights" constantly (ha, get it? Cat fights?) and sometimes come home with scabs, cuts and bloody noses. It's honestly not a pretty sight, but when a cat is faced with danger (or a competitor), they'll stand their ground and fight. When it comes to cyber bullying, however, cats are at a total loss. Take this cute lil' guy, for example. He's dealing with a cyber bully and had to consult his human for help. If cats could read, they'd be able to deal with this on their own, however, they're still learning the advanced skills of reading and writing.

Thankfully, his human came to the rescue. No one cyber bullies his precious kitten! We'd love to get our hands on whoever was sending these messages to this poor lil' guy. What did this ball of fluff ever do to deserver this much hate?

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