15 Hilarious Jim Halpert Moments From ‘The Office’

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15 Hilarious Jim Halpert Moments From ‘The Office’

There are so many reasons to love The Office — even four years after the show ended — but for me, number one on the list is Jim Halpert. Not only is he pretty to look at, but he’s also hilarious. From the pranks he plays on Dwight to the way he looks at the camera at the exact right moment with the exact right expression, he’s definitely one of the funniest parts of The Office. I’m only a little jealous that Pam got to marry him. Sigh.

And aside from his (beautiful, beautiful) face, Jim’s actually responsible for a lot of the most hilarious scenes from the show, too. Here are 15 of his funniest moments from The Office — not that his sense of humor could ever be contained by a list, of course.

15. Lord, Beer Me Strength

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When Andy and Jim had to go out on a sales call together was one of the funniest moments in the series, and Jim definitely had a chance shine. Andy realizing that his girlfriend didn’t work at the high school they were visiting, she attended the high school was a priceless moment, and so was Jim trying to make sense of the fact that Andy actually thinks that “beer me” is an acceptable joke outside of his college years.

But every time Jim gets out of the car and says, “Lord, beer me strength,” I always laugh. His reaction to Andy is always that he’s so done, and it’s totally different from when he’s annoyed with Michael or Dwight. Actually, in general, Jim’s reactions are everything.

14. When He Pretended To Be Bill Buttlicker

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When Dwight had to practice his customer service skills, Jim pretended to be a customer named Bill Buttlicker, and he did not make it easy on him. Dwight had to give Mr. Buttlicker a survey about working with Dunder Mifflin, and Jim gave him a really hard time, because this is Jim and since when does he ever let Dwight take the easy way out? Dwight kept getting more and more pissed, even though he knew it was a fake situation. It was amazing.

But the best part of all of it? How Michael totally played along with it and did not make things easier on Dwight, either. Scenes that feature Michael, Dwight, and Jim playing off of each other are always some of the funniest. Can we bring this show back already?!

13. When He Became Big Tuna

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Although I hated Jim being away from Scranton, his scenes in the Stamford office are definitely some of his best, especially when we got to see him getting to know Andy for the first time. It’s even funnier when you think about how he got his nickname, Big Tuna — just because he was eating a tuna sandwich on his first day of work. Andy, you’re so lame… but the situation did give Jim the chance to employ his dry sense of humor we all know and love.

Everything about those Stamford scenes was gold, from Jim playing Call of Duty with his new officemates to how he would find little ways to annoy Andy like he did with Dwight. It’s probably for the best they both transferred, because at least Jim could focus on pranking Dwight instead.

12. When He Forced Dwight To Do Jazz Hands

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When Dwight became the acting manager of Dunder Mifflin, his gun accidentally went off. Nobody got hurt (if you don’t count Andy’s eardrum) but he was at risk of being in serious trouble and losing his new title if Jo found out what happened. The solution? Everyone in the office decided to blackmail him, especially Jim, who forced him to do jazz hands every time Jim spoke. Dwight was basically miserable, and Jim was basically elated.

Obviously, Dwight was forced to abdicate his throne, and Jim’s fun had to come to an end… even though he and the rest of the office managed to humiliate him before the jig was up. And at least Toby got to use those gun violence HR forms, right?

11. When Jim Pretended To Be Naked In The Office

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This funny Jim scene comes from one of my favorite episodes of all time, “Fun Run.” In preparation for the 5K Michael organized for rabies awareness (you know, after he hit Meredith with his car) everyone in the office was getting changed, and Pam even walked in on Michael naked. This is when Jim took it upon himself to pretend to be nude, saying, “Oh, is this a working office and not a French beach?”

Something about that scene makes me giggle every time. Seriously, why would Michael change in his office with the door unlocked?! I guess crazier things than that have happened at Dunder Mifflin, though, so maybe Jim shouldn’t have been surprised.

10. When He Put Dwight’s Stapler In Jello

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This one has to make the list, because it’s such a classic. I never would have thought about putting someone’s office supplies (or even just their belongings in general) in jello, but that’s the brilliance of Jim’s pranks, right? It gave us such a great introduction to the dynamic between Jim and Dwight, and it was even more perfect when he transferred to Stamford and put Andy’s calculator in jello, too (even though Andy totally flipped out).

It’s not like Dwight’s reaction was appropriate for the situation, either, although honestly, that’s half the fun. Even though Jim moved to Philadelphia at the end of the series, I’d like to think that he’s found a way to keep pranking Dwight for the rest of eternity.

9. When He Pretended To Be Dwight

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Aside from the jello trick, I think the time Jim pretended to be Dwight might be his most legendary prank — and definitely one of his funniest. He wore the outfit, he spoke like Dwight, he pulled the whole thing off flawlessly. And all because he found $4.00 glasses that looked exactly like Dwight’s. Maybe that’s what made it so funny; this whole thing came from such a tiny inspiration. Why can’t every guy be as funny as Jim Halpert?

Plus, Dwight got super mad that his identity was being stolen, and then, he was even angrier when Jim started answering questions wrong. Where would The Office be without “bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica?” And the fandom has Jim to thank for that one.

8. When He & Dwight Ate Cake In Bed

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Jim’s relationship with Dwight is so perfect because although he likes to prank him and make fun of him, there’s definitely some semblance of a friendship there, even if it’s deep down. To defuse a weird situation with Kathy who insisted on coming onto Jim even though he was married, he called Dwight in to check for bed bugs, and it ended in the two of them hanging out as friends, somehow. Sorry, Kathy. Try again later.

I don’t know what’s so funny here — that Jim actually let this happen, or just the actual imagery of Dwight and Jim eating cake in bed together and watching TV. It’s kind of adorable, really. Can I get this GIF as wallpaper for my house?

7. When Jim Became A Father

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Everything about the day Jim and Pam’s first kid, CeCe, was born, and the days that followed, were Jim at his comedic best. Not only did he freak out when Pam didn’t want to go to the hospital as early as he would have liked, but then, his reaction to the the hospital worker that came in to try to help Pam learn how to breastfeed was too good. He was not happy that anyone else was touching his wife’s breast, even if it was in a medical way.

Fun fact: The lactation specialist in this scene was actually played by Jenna Fischer’s real life husband, Lee Kirk. Maybe the fact that they were already close helped John Krasinski play off of him better, making it an even funnier situation? It’s a possibility!

6. When He Sent Faxes To Future Dwight

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When Jim moved to Stamford, he couldn’t just let Dwight live a happy, prank-free life. So instead, he stole some of his stationary and sent Dwight faxes from Future Dwight, which of course, he totally bought and got really freaked out by it. I’m starting to believe that Dwight’s problems are all his own fault, because so many of Jim’s pranks are not that difficult to figure out. Either way, his plan worked.

I love that Jim found a way to keep bugging Dwight from Stamford, even if it was short lived since Jim returned to Scranton when the branches merged. But it was pretty fun to watch while it lasted, right?

5. When He Made A Backup Plan For His Wedding

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Knowing the people that he and Pam worked with, Jim made a backup plan for them to tie the knot on a boat at Niagara Falls, and he was totally right to do it, because everyone from the office orchestrated a dance down the aisle to Chris Brown’s “Forever.” And the rest of the wedding was hilarious too, especially when Jim accidentally spilled the beans that Pam was pregnant… just like he warned everyone else not to.

And the rest of their wedding was super sweet, with even more funny moments. How cute was Jim when he cut his tie in half so Pam wouldn’t feel bad about her veil getting torn? These two are totally meant to be together, and I love that they always make each other laugh.

4. When He Was In Threat Level Midnight

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I think the episode that they showed the filmed version of Threat Level Midnight might be one of my favorites, and mostly because of how perfect Jim was as Goldenface. First things first: I adore that he says he took the role to impress Pam, because I’m really not sure why she’d be impressed by that. But he was also totally hilarious without meaning to be, because Michael’s movie was for sure more of an action thriller than a comedy.

If you’re ever in a bad mood, my secret trick is to watch this episode again. It will make you smile pretty much immediately. It’s almost as good as when they did the table read of the script and Dwight realized that he was actually the idiot assistant in the movie.

3. His Halloween Costume

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Possibly my favorite Halloween costume that has come out of the many episodes of The Office that revolve around the holiday is this one of Jim’s. Since he works at a paper company, it was pretty appropriate that he dressed up as Three Hole Punch Jim. It’s clever, it’s kind of funny, and most importantly, it’s the easiest costume ever.  I’m secretly waiting for my opportunity to dress up as a three hole punch version of myself, personally.

Besides, he’s always hated Halloween costumes. Jim never dresses up. Remember when Pam wanted him to be Popeye so bad and he refused, until he needed to cheer her up? Jim stops at nothing to make Pam happy, but normally, he’s not into costumes at all.

2. When He Threw A BBQ

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At the beginning of the series, Jim invited everyone over to his apartment to meet his roommates and cook out, except for Michael. The entire evening was super funny, like when Pam discovered his embarrassing yearbook picture (those two are way too adorable) and when Michael showed up unannounced, pissed that Jim hadn’t invited him in the first place. Also, the karaoke was priceless, especially when Kevin took the mic.

And let’s not forget that it was at Jim’s party that Pam discovered that Dwight and Angela were sleeping together for the first time! What a legendary moment, and technically, we have Jim to thank for it. Very few of his coworkers have ever been brave enough to let these people in their home!

1. When He Got Forced Into A Scheme With Dwight & Michael

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Not long after Jim and Pam got engaged, Jim got trapped dressing up like a warehouse worker and spying on the Utica branch of Dunder Mifflin, which just so happened to be the same branch where Karen was a manager. It was even worse when she caught him hiding in the car, wearing a fake mustache on his face so he wouldn’t be recognized. Oh, he was totally recognized, and it was both hilarious and incredibly awkward.

Michael Scott might be the main draw of The Office, but if you ask me, Jim totally doesn’t get enough credit for how much comedy he brings to the show. If you need me, I’ll be figuring out a plan to get this fictional character to leave his fictional wife and marry me instead.

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