15 Hilarious Kardashian Memes That Prove They Aren't All That Bad

We know, the Kardashians seem to be all over the web, whether we like it or not. But, when the world is in crisis-mode and with more important issues to recognize, sometimes all we need is a little br

We know, the Kardashians seem to be all over the web, whether we like it or not. But, when the world is in crisis-mode and with more important issues to recognize, sometimes all we need is a little break from that and to see something that shows us the comical side of celebrities and their extended friends and family. While we sometimes forget that people who are constantly in the limelight are actually people with their own lives and issues, it's refreshing to see celebrities poke and prod at each other and not be so serious all the time. In this case, it's the Kardashians.

In a world full of hate and negative situations, we all need a laugh or two, right? Here are 15 memes that prove the Kardashian family isn't so bad, after all, since (at the very least) we can always count on them to make us laugh, thanks to the dumb and sarcastic things they've said or done.

15 When Kim got a free yoga membership

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Although we can guess that just about anyone in the Kardashian clan can afford basically anything they could dream of, it's a little humbling that Kim would get excited for a free yoga membership. It doesn't matter how rich someone is, they still appreciate the small things, apparently. But right when we have that swift thought, Scott "Lord" Disick brings us back to earth and says exactly what we would want to say to Kim at a time like that. Scott is always there with the perfect sassy one-liners and even though he is kind of a dog, he's always there to provide a comic relief moment. Now we are wondering if Kim actually took the free offer seriously and used the membership, since we know they all like to keep in shape.

14 When Scott realized his "family" is huge

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If a person has been living under a rock for a while, it would still be a surprise if they didn't know that there are a lot of  Kardashian/Jenner family members. Just as it is with anybody else, marriages don't work out with people that are in the limelight and have a ton of money. It's heartbreaking, just like any other divorce people have to go through, but it is also kind of cool that the Jenners and Kardashians all have each other to lean on in tough times.

So when Scott started dating Kourtney, he realized that if he wants to stick around, he has to get used to being around a clan of contoured people. Since he is an only child, we bet it was a bit of a shock to have to get used to that. Then, once they started popping babies out, that just added to the sheer amount of people that call themselves a Kardashian and/or a Jenner.

13 When Kourtney wanted to pop Kim in the face

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It probably isn't a very good idea to be around family members all the time and running a multi-million dollar business with them as well. OK, if we had a chance to be a part of a multi-million dollar business, we would suck it up, too. But, all siblings have their differences and there's a small chance that they would get along all the time. But, we can always count on Kourtney to tell the camera exactly how she feels about anyone at anytime. She holds nothing back and we have to appreciate that. It may be in her script and for better ratings, but it's pretty hilarious that she says exactly what we would want to say if we were situations like she is in. At least she tried being professional, right?

12 When Kris and Kim got in their first fight

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It's the 72-day marriage that we knew would never last. If Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian's relationship has you still scratching your head, we are right there with you. Again, he could have just been playing the arrogant NBA player because the show's producer were paying him to, but he was pretty good at it. If we are being honest, we are still wondering if the whole marriage was all an act; but we also wonder why Kim would go through all of that just for ratings and some extra cash. We will never know, but it is pretty clear how the rest of the family felt about Kris Humphries and his short time involved with the family. Plus, we can never doubt that Scott and Kourtney will have something clever or sarcastic to say about a situation that has to do with one of the other family members.

11 When Khloé & Scott owed Kim their wealth

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It isn't a secret that the Kardashians got super famous because of Kim's "home video" she made with her ex-boyfriend, Ray J. Although Robert Kardashian Sr. was already well-known because of his involvement with the O.J. Simpson trial, the family became a household name after Kim was...ahem...exposed. Then, Kris Jenner married Bruce Jenner, who was famous for being in the Olympics. Today, just about every family member has their hands in some sort of promotional deal and they make their own money by doing those types of things. Also, there is that ultra-popular television show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, they are a part of. But in times of brutal honesty, we can count on people such as Scott and Khloé to owe it to Kim for their initial "fame."

10 When Khloé walked in on this scene

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It is widely known that Scott and Kourtney were an odd couple (or still are, we can never keep up with these two). We were even more surprised when Kourtney announced she was pregnant with their first child. We never thought they would be parents together, much less be in each other's lives for as long as they have. But strangely enough, their wacky relationship continues and the rest of family still tolerates Scott, too.

We are sure nothing surprises any of the Kardashian siblings anymore since their lives have been in the public for quite some time now. But, the scene above in which Khloé walks into, has us all scratching our heads a bit. There's Scott in his prep-school attire holding one of his kids and Kourtney well, being Kourtney and doing her business.

9 When Bruce told Scott about marriage

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It's about time someone told Scott that life won't always be about young women and partying. Leave it to Bruce to set him straight and let him know that there is more to marriage than just the obvious. While Bruce (now Caitlyn) was one of the more reserved people of the bunch, he still had life lessons to hand out and one-liners that gave the rest of the family something to think about. So, at one of the many 'bro sessions' Bruce and Scott had, they talked about the women in their lives and how things change once women get older. Clearly, Scott wasn't ready for this not-so-uplifting talk, because he was quite surprised at what came out of Bruce's mouth. Again, leave it to Scott to lighten the mood and crack a joke or two.

8 When Kim called Khloé a troll

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Ah, siblings—they catch us at our worst and we don't have any problems dishing our anger at them when we just want some damn shut-eye. Apparently, even the most rich and famous of people still have sleeping issues they need to work on. It's probably safe to say Kim went a little overboard by calling her poor sister Khloé a "dumb, evil troll" just for waking her up, but this scene was pretty hilarious because of what little Khloé did to make Kim mad. It isn't so surprising since Kim can be a bit of a diva, but we have all been there when we have over-reacted in a situation. Then, we only have the guilt and remorse afterwards to remember, rather than being caught on camera for everyone to see how mad we can get when we are running on little sleep.

7 When Kourtney told it like it is

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People can make fun of the Kardashians all they want, but there are some hilarious moments they get themselves into. Although Kim is the sister that seems to crave the spotlight the most, we can't help but favor Kourtney for her sassy remarks and the "I could care less" attitude she seems to have all the time. It is a breath of fresh air that she doesn't seem to let her famous name get to her head and she doesn't mind dishing out the sarcasm when people deserve it. It seems like in this case, she got tired of listening to the person on the other end of the phone (anyone want to bet it is Kim or Kris?) and didn't want to beat around the bush and told them this conversation is over.

6 When Kim fell off the chair

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Alright, we admit it, we think Kourtney is one of our favorites. She doesn't hold back like most people would on camera and we love that about her. She also doesn't have a problem calling any of her siblings or mom out on their crap and that is something we strive for in our own lives.

Usually when someone falls off a chair, the people around them would probably gasp and ask if they are hurt. Nope, not Kourtney. She probably thinks that Kim deserved to fall on her butt and be embarrassed a little. As much crap as Kourtney dishes out on Kim, she only does it out of love and probably, for television ratings. To be there at this moment would be priceless. Oh, and clearly the banana Kourtney is eating is more important than asking her sister if she needs help. Classic.

5 When Kim found a skill

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This is...interesting and we can completely hear Kim saying this right now. At the same time, we all have our weird quirks and unique skills and this isn't any different...we think. We aren't sure if someone is actually capable of smelling a cavity in another person's mouth but if so, that's kind of impressive. But also, a lot of weird and unusual words come out of people's mouths when they are on television and maybe it was a slow day on the job. There probably is only one way we could actually prove this and even then, it would still be suspect as to whether this could actually be true. We don't think a smell like that could actually be pleasant and aren't really jealous of this "sixth sense" even if it is kind of, sort of, true.

4 When Scott called Kourtney a mushroom

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They say that opposites attract. We say, Scott and Kourtney are so much alike personality-wise and that is what attracted them to each other. We aren't really sure if that is a good or bad thing, but it makes for great memes. When the Kardashians are filming Keeping Up With The Kardashians, they like to do specials once in a while where they too, look back on their past and make fun of themselves. This also gives us viewers a recap of all the funny stuff the Kardashians have said and did.

While they are really going down memory lane and watching home videos of when the girls were young, Scott pipes up and says what we are all thinking: Kourtney kind of resembles a mushroom because of her haircut. But didn't we all have a bad haircut or two when the '90s happened?

3 When Kim witnessed Mason eating a stick of butter

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Kids say and do the darnedest things. In this case, Mason ate butter when only Kim was watching. We get it, when the whole family gets together, things get a little chaotic and we want to hope that everyone has an eye on the little ones around the table. This looks like a scene before Kim was with Kanye West and became a mother herself, so we can tell she is a little disgusted that a child would voluntarily eat a stick of butter. Children are picky eaters, but they are also little monsters that will pick up weird things that shouldn't be consumed whole and eat it all in one sitting anyways. Good thing Mason is cute and we are sure Kourtney enjoyed wiping that off of his little face...not.

2 When Khloé was the woman inside all of us

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At least the woman is honest. The Kardashians are known to document every little tidbit of their lives (that they want the public to see) and enjoy taking hundreds of selfies until the lights catches their best features. So it's only natural that Khloé, of all people, would point out this fact and own it like a true champ. Everyone gets a thrill out of social media once in a while and celebrities aren't any different. Khloé has gone through some hard times, but she always seems to see the brighter side of things (even if she admits that she's a bit miserable at times). We are thinking she is probably being her sarcastic self in this situation.

1 When drinking wine became a talent

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We couldn't leave Kris out of bunch! Kris is the woman that holds the entire family together. She can be a little much at times and seems to be in everyone's business. But, we can tell she really cares about her children's wellbeing and wants them to succeed. She's also the typical mother that gets way too emotional at every event and ends up drinking to calm her nerves. So when the family goes on vacations, we really get to see Kris let loose a bit and say and do mom-like things. Although she is a bit different from the typical mom, she still manages to make us laugh and shake our heads when she overreacts at the most outrageous things. At the same time, Khloé and Kourtney give her a lot of grief and she handles it the best she can.

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