15 Hilarious Kermit Memes That Say It All

No puppet has caught the hearts of America quite like Kermit the Frog. Created in 1955 by Jim Henson, Kermit made his first appearance on Sam and Friends. His unassuming, humble personality is something that many people can identify with. After all, "It's not easy being green." So when people started making Kermit memes, the memes really took off. The classic "But That's None of My Business" meme reportedly started in the summer of 2014. Then, two years later, the hilarious Evil Kermit version was released — where Kermit debates with a version of himself dressed like a Sith lord. However, all the ironic Kermit humor may have started almost two decades ago with a 1999 video that show cases a very sad Kermie.

There are countless Kermit memes. In some, he sips tea; in others, he drinks milk from a straw. There are sad baby Kermits, Kermits driving, Kermits looking the in mirror, and even Miss Piggy spin-offs (Okay, no huge surprise there). The best memes speak to aspects of life that we can all relate to — and often ones that we are uncomfortable pointing out without the shield of humor. Next time you're in a sticky situation that's "none of your business" and you don't want to look completely selfish, callous, or judgmental, just post one of these Kermit memes:

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15 To The Friend Who Posts Their Entire Life On Social Media

Oh. Em. Gee. This goes out to the dude who tried to hit you up, but is constantly posting about how much he misses his ex-girlfriend on Facebook. Ummmmmm... What was that you were saying publicly at 6:22 p.m. yesterday about how she's the only woman for you, as you were checking into Beamer's Gentlemen's Club? Failing on all fronts! This meme also goes out to the dude who posted divorce drama and then subsequently wrote how "surprised" he was that his ex-wife had heard about his comments. Well bro, it was your bright idea to put it on the Internet. Perhaps you and your ex know a few of the same people.... I'm guessing you never thought about that one, did ya? C'mon people, it's 2017 — keep some stuff private.

14 Everyone's Seen This One, But It Sure Is True

Evil Kermit memes are among the most relatable because everyone has a dark side. There is a little Sith-lord Kermit in all our heads telling us that we should get exactly what we want, all the time. No person or social constraint should stand in our way. In the case of this meme, everyone has been in the situation where you continue arguing with a significant other long after you should have dropped the subject. You just can't let it go, no matter how trivial. Why do we do this? Because WE were RIGHT! And we'll be damned if we're gonna let him or her forget it. At least in Evil Kermit's world.  Good Kermit would be kissing and making up, but not this hooded menace.

13 Every Monday

This is sooooooooo the story of my life. (And it always begins on a Monday and ends by Wednesday for me.) Whether it's waist training, Advocare, Fitbit steps, cutting out carbs, cutting out cheese, cutting out drinking, or basically cutting out every damn thing I enjoy, I expect to see instantaneous progress. It's so difficult! Why am I not a size four yet?? I want to be a super-sexy, heavy metal bikini model, like, yesterday. Poor mouthless, potbellied Kermit understands my plight. He just wants to get rid of his cute little potbelly, but no matter what fad diet he tries for 15 minutes, the potbelly remains. Kermit, you should really get a waist trainer — I can show you this great seller on Amazon! That potbelly will be history. That is of course until you take the waist trainer off.

12 #WheresMyPackage

In my Butthead voice: "Huh huh, Beavis, you said 'package.'"

But anyhow, this meme of little Kermit with his face pressed to the window on a rainy day truly says it all. Amazon Prime is great 99% of the time, but that 1% when the package doesn't arrive in two days... Where the hell is it? Why does the tracking information stop on Saturday when it is now Thursday? But we don't call customer service and ask for a refund. Because that guarantees that your package will arrive, and then you will have to call them again and undo your refund that hasn't even been processed yet. And of course, it takes 7-10 days for that refund to show up in your bank account and just two minutes for you to be re-charged. I call bullsh*t.

11 Evil Kermit: The Relationship Counselor

The next few memes will feature relationship advice, mostly from Evil Kermit. The hooded menace knows how to communicate, that's for sure. If your boyfriend can't read your mind, too bad, because it's "Goodnight" to him. He should know what he did wrong anyways. He's just pretending ignorance, which is unacceptable to Evil Kermit. It's time to teach him a lesson about keeping a girl happy. And that lesson is YOU MUST BE PSYCHIC and anticipate anything that will bother or upset her. Anything less is sub-par. Don't ask questions — just know.

(Guys, have you ever been in this situation? Clearly it's your own fault if you have. Don't get frustrated, buy her a bouquet of beautiful flowers and admit how much of a jerk you've been — even if you have no freakin' clue what you did. Trust us, okay?)

10 Just Bloody Take Him

Not texting back? Evil Kermit's not fooling around with that one. Your girl doesn't care if you're working, even if it is to get money to buy her beautiful flowers because you did something wrong and don't know what. Now you're only adding onto the problem. Her mind is already leading to the worst case scenario, which is that you're cheating on her with some Miss Piggy. You're not at work, you're at a sleazy motel on the edge of town that rents rooms by the hour. No bueno, buddy. But she's not going to tell you what's wrong. Instead she'll tell you "Goodnight" at five in the afternoon and it will be up to you to psychically know what her favorite flowers are. (I hope some people are taking notes out there!)

9 On His Way

This is what happens when you don't pay attention to memes 11 and 10. Some other dude will be riding his scooter right over to your girl's place and getting freaky deaky — or maybe just snuggle on the couch. The chances are, he'll be green and have really skinny legs, but don't fret, he has a great sense of humor and he texts back promptly! Plus, this new guy always knows exactly why she's mad at him. So maybe you should have tried harder.

Seriously though, this might be one of the truest Kermit memes so far. If you don't show appreciation and affection for your significant other, he or she will eventually find it somewhere else. Don't rest too easy and take good things for granted. Somewhere out there, there is Kermit riding around on his scooter — waiting to pick up where you've fallen off.

8 Procrastinating

This evil Kermit tweet/meme is so true that it was featured in Cosmo's "35 of the Funniest Evil Kermit Memes." (I'll bet Twitter user @jeoncrack got a lot of new followers out of that one.) Just when you sit down at the computer to do something productive (whether you're at work or at home studying), there are always at least three things to check before you begin the given task. Tweet notifications, spam emails to delete, maybe an old book to list on your Amazon seller account... Whatever it is, it can't wait! You can start that Excel spreadsheet in a few minutes. You've got all night to draft your final thesis, it's not due until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. Evil Kermit knows you can get it all don, he wouldn't steer you wrong... Or would he...

7 Netflix And Chill

It took me a long time to realize that "Netflix and chill" meant "have sex or do sexual things." I thought it meant that you would watch Netflix and hang out! Silly me. I'm all, "Let's watch The People vs. OJ Simpson!" and creepy older Kermit is all, "The condoms are on the coffee table." I say creepy older Kermit because a friend pointed out to me that the small frog in this meme is actually Kermit's nephew! Whoa....  This gives the meme a whole other meaning that was probably unintended, but makes it a lot less funny. There's no need to make an incest joke.

However, this picture can also be captioned as something along the lines of  "When you look nice in public but Mom has that death grip on your arm." Everyone can remember back to when they were kids and got "the look" or "the pinch" from a parent that meant, "Whatever you're doing right now, STOP."

6 The Other Side Of The Story

Yeah, we had to throw a Miss Piggy one in here. (And this is the cleaned up version...) On the other side of the "Netflix and chill" culture, is the evil Miss Piggy that lives inside of us year round. Like, he bought you a cheeseburger? That's way more effort than just watching Netflix on the couch in his mom's basement, so obviously he deserves some lovin'. Hard-to-get pretty much doesn't exist anymore, and this meme exemplifies that. Sex is where relationships begin these days. If the item develops into anything more than just sex, they're beating the odds. As Kermit says in his book Before You Leap, "When Miss Piggy first declared that she was going to marry me, she was dreaming... and she still is."  But hey, at least she got bacon on that burger, right? And a side of potato wedges!

5 What Else Came With That Cheeseburger?

Hopefully, Miss Piggy got what she wanted! But as suicidal Kermit shows us, that isn't always the case. Frankly, girls are a lot harder to "figure out" than guys, and the frog tongue that works with one friend-with-benefits might completely tank with another. Kermit just didn't make the cut in this meme. (It's not a fly, Kermit!) If Miss Piggy knew the truth about his lack of skills, maybe she wouldn't be chasing him around so much.

Kermit's attitude in this meme goes completely against everything he writes in Before You Leap. You'd think he could overcome a setback like not sexually satisfying a "Netflix and Chill" buddy. Maybe he should watch some Avenue Q to get ideas? Well, instead of watching Netflix, he took his emotions to the extreme and honestly, it's a little much.  Suicide shouldn't really be laughed about.

4 Don't Do Drugs

Orrrrrrrrrr, maybe not. Meth seems like pretty much the worst thing ever. I couldn't even get all the way through a 45-second meth video I saw on YouTube once. And have you ever seen those mug shots of people on meth? It's horrifying! And as this meme shows, meth didn't do Kermit any favors either. I never would have guessed Kermit could transform into Salacious B. Crumb from Star Wars; "a Kowakian monkey-lizard with a shrill cackle" who sits at the feet of disgusting Star Wars villain Jabba the Hutt. But meth is seriously no joke — as millions of people around the world have learned the hard way. So it's kind of surprising that people are putting our little Kermie in these kinds of scenarios. Here are some words of advice: don't do drugs. You could transform into Salacious B. Crumb or worse in a matter of months, just like Kermit did.


This is another Kermit meme that is spot-on. We wait and wait and wait for payday, but when the money comes, it's gone again in a flash. It's time to pick up all those things we've been telling ourselves not to buy for the past week and a half, and treat ourselves to a nice six-pack or bottle of wine. Summer is coming up, so it might be time for a new bathing suit... And hey, the phone bill just came in, so it might be hard to get lit if you can't text your friends to get them down to the party. Evil Kermit just wants everyone to have a good time and forget their cares. Why not spend a little money?  You'll have more in two weeks!

2 Speaking Of bills...

It's back to the OG tea-sipping meme for this one! That paycheck every two weeks takes care of the bills, not your friends affirmations or thoughts. As Kermit's "But that's none of my business" memes show us, people seem to think everything is their business, whether or not it involves them. Break-ups, divorces, diets, child-rearing... Even your Instagram selfies are fair game for harsh judgement. You could fill the ocean with the opinions of acquaintances. But none of these "friends" are paying your rent or mortgage, so screw 'em! You do you and don't pay mind to the haters in your life. As long as you're taken care of, nothing else matters. Not to mention these "haters" wouldn't like it if we did and said the same things to them, so why repeat things that aren't nice?

1 Last But Not Least...

Patient and humble Kermit has finally had enough. It IS his business to find out who the baby daddy is, whether or not you use an EBT card, and how you're treating your significant other. (Gas up the scooter!) If you didn't want to make everything Kermit's business, you shouldn't have put it on a public Facebook post! (See #15 for more on that topic...) Now look what's happened; Kermit's got a gun and he's angry. If you want things private, stop telling people and stop posting about it. Ugh, it's too late to delete what you've just broadcasted to the world now, though. Kermit must know all, and so must everyone else in your life. You have made it their business. Next time, you'll know better and keep your mouth closed.

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