15To The Friend Who Posts Their Entire Life On Social Media

Oh. Em. Gee. This goes out to the dude who tried to hit you up, but is constantly posting about how much he misses his ex-girlfriend on Facebook. Ummmmmm... What was that you were saying publicly at 6:22 p.m. yesterday about how she's the only woman for you, as you

were checking into Beamer's Gentlemen's Club? Failing on all fronts! This meme also goes out to the dude who posted divorce drama and then subsequently wrote how "surprised" he was that his ex-wife had heard about his comments. Well bro, it was your bright idea to put it on the Internet. Perhaps you and your ex know a few of the same people.... I'm guessing you never thought about that one, did ya? C'mon people, it's 2017 — keep some stuff private.

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