15 Hilarious Kevin Hart Memes That Are So Damn Relatable

The man’s facial expressions sum up everything we want to say—and that’s the phenomenon of Kevin Hart memes. They’re contagious! A lot of the time, he speaks for all of us. There are so many great one-liners attached to his mug and usually, they're what we’re all thinking (or have thought at some point in our lives). The thousands of memes out there featuring Hart’s face and quotes from his routines attest to this. Even though he’s a big-time celebrity comic, Hart remains so relatable that he can make us all laugh with just one screenshot of some look of his and a few killer words.

Here are 15 of our favorite hilarious memes and riffs, courtesy of some of Kevin’s thought-provoking one-liners and oh-so-malleable mug.

15 You ain't done with the dishes

Via: cdn.meme.am

You’ve worked your way through a pile of crusty dinnerware, soaked the cutlery and wiped it all down. You've scrubbed the pots and pans and thought you saw the end of the finish line like an exhausted marathoner, ready to drop, with this pile of dishes almost done. The bubbles in the sink have disintegrated, your water’s getting chilly and you had enough of this ten plates, five mugs and seven spoons ago.

In your mind, your drink’s poured (tinkling with ice), you’re on the recliner, feet up, remote in hand (and other pertinent remotes lined up alongside), ready to binge-watch something amazing. You’re thinking "almost there," but this dream is interrupted when someone adds another plate and now your relaxation scenario is more like 30 seconds away (instead of 15)! How frustrating!

14 #TeamSingle?

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Yeah, thanks, Kevin. We all needed the reminder. #TeamSingle is/was a Twitter hashtag invented by someone UNDOUBTEDLY single. It was meant to empower singletons into believing that they are some part of a team—even as they stare at a screen, home alone, hashtagging #TeamSingle to their every tweet, with a glass of wine at a table set for one while the ‘fireplace’ channel on the TV screen is crackling in the background. Yeah, some of us are well familiar with the hallmarks of singledom, and this meme will not let us get away with our own crap. We can’t fool anyone with this #TeamSingle business. Kevin is onto us, dammit! Can’t he just let some single people catch a break and carry on deluding themselves? No...he cannot.

13 Riding solo in a limo

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There’s nothing like doin’ it up big, even when you’ve got nothing goin’ on. No prom date? No problem. No need to cancel the limo; keep it coming. You’ll ride in it alone—you’ll ride solo and arrive with your head held high.

We’ve all been there, right? What do you do, make small talk with the limo driver en route? Maybe there’s that glass separating you and the driver—like they have in cop cars—and you’re lonely back there. So, you tap the glass to chat up the limo driver and drink ginger ale making like it’s champagne (because you’re still in high school and underage) and pretend that your arrival is an occasion because, hell, it is. Onward, solo limo for one. Cheers and onward.

12 Did you think you could live twice before YOLO?

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Come on, you had to have wondered the same thing at one point. Do some people really believe cats have nine lives? So, humans are like cats in their eighth life, theoretically? Before Drake started saying ‘YOLO’ (meaning ‘you only live once’), did people really think they could live twice? Did they read those stories of people who went into deep comas and woke up at their funerals or something and think that’s gonna happen to them?

Are shows like The Walking Dead making people believe there’s life after death? And, like, after we die, we’re all gonna turn into zombies and feast on the brains of the living? Will that be our second life? So, really, our second life is when the zombie apocalypse goes down, right, because we know that’s coming. Drake just hasn’t said so (yet).

11 How to know when someone's serious

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Picture three  people having the following conversation:

“Forreal, I was there. I was there way before everyone else and got tired of waiting! The damn janitor let me in, I was way early. I ain’t gonna waste any more time waiting for yo’ damn ass. You better show up on time next time or there ain’t gonna be any next time. Forreal, I mean it.”

“Forreal, I was there, too. You stood me up. I waited on yo’ damn ass asking why, for once in your life, you can't be on damn time. I was there waaay before anyone else...waaay before. Damn janitor opened the door for me, too. He knows exactly who I am, forreal!”

Janitor: “Uh, forreal I ain’t seen neither of you before in my life, forreal.”

Who's telling the truth? They all used the word "forreal" twice. Damn, we guess that means they're all telling the truth! We don't know how the situation is possible, but it is.

10 Eating those crackers like she own the place

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You know how it is when you hate someone and you begin to irrationally hate every single damn thing they do? The way they don’t text back? So annoying. Their laughter is this cringe-worthy, high-pitched cackle. The way they pick stuff off the shelf at the supermarket, check labels, squinting their eyes all up (because they're too damn vain to wear glasses) is also sooo very annoying. How they wave, they got their damn middle finger pointing waaay up all the time—now what the hell’s that about? Waving like they're in the Royal Family. Yeah, and if you see them at a party or something, taking in some hors d'oeuvres or crackers, you can't help but say, “Look at this bitch, eating those crackers like she own the place.” Admit it—you've said something similar about someone you despise. We know we have.

9 The four quarters of the apocalypse

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Any sports fan knows how this goes: the only mindset to go into any big game with is total enthusiasm (because losing attitudes can jinx the damn team—anyone knows that!). And it’s easy to be all enthusiastic at the outset—in the first and second quarter—because there’s still more time to turn things around, if necessary. Maybe the other team gets a few points ahead, but you really don’t start worrying about it until the third quarter. It’s time to worry because time is no longer on your side. Your team better damn well catch up, and if they haven’t made up some points by the fourth quarter, they’ve lost the whole game in your mind and you are already tallying up your lost bets.

8 Mondays, we ain't ready!

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We can all agree that Mondays suck. There’s even a song called "I Don’t Like Mondays." A lot of emo is geared toward Monday when it really is, after all, just like Tuesday, Wednesday and all the other days of the week. But, the difference with Monday is that we are coming off the weekend’s chill relaxation mode and the shock of returning to our cubicles and whatnot makes us feel totally unprepared for the day (and week) ahead. We literally dread waking up Monday mornings. And for some reason, things always seem to go bad on Mondays (or maybe it's just the fact that we are tired and in a bad mood that makes it seem that way).

7 Who doesn't love a good Facebook dustup?

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Yeah, you know how it is. The thing to do is grab your popcorn, keep off the damn keyboard (that's the modern way of saying "shut the hell up!") and then pull up a seat and watch the action on your Facebook feed unfold. Aunt Esther found out that Aunt Ethel’s blue ribbon pie recipe was stolen from Great Aunt Jezebel and she didn’t get no damn credit. Bring it on! Sally Jo got caught posting pictures of her weekend away with Betty Sue’s man—uh-oh! And by that, we mean hell yes! Let the ladies duke it out, yo. There’s a conservative hilariously trolling all your liberal relatives’ news feeds—sorry, but, haha! Dude’s actually pretty sharp and funny. The only thing to do is keep your mouth shut, sit back and enjoy the show.

6 You're always being watched

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The thing is, back in the day (for those of you old enough to remember) you used to be able to lay low. If you wanted to disappear or have an uninterrupted evening to yourself, you’d take the phone off the hook and draw the blinds. Those were simpler times. If someone you didn’t want to see came knocking at your door, you’d pretend you weren’t home. Back then, no one had any instant way of verifying you were alive if you didn’t want them to know, like they do today. Now, because we’re all globally connected via the internet, we can hardly check our Facebook feeds, tweet or post on Instagram without first feeling obliged to answer that damn text we’re not ready to answer. Only then we can post our food porn. Ugh.

5 It ain't all about you

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We all have relatives or friends on our feeds who think everything’s about them. Someone on a mutual feed changes their status to "confused" and the person who thinks everything’s about them knows exactly what they said to confuse the person with said status. But, the "confused" person is privy to knowing that their status has nothing to do with the person smugly claiming credit.

Another friend changes their status to "happy" and the person who thinks everything’s about them knows it’s because of something they did, and if you change your status to "sad," they start messaging you to find out what the hell they did wrong to make you sad and how you shouldn’t be passive aggressively using Facebook to communicate deep-seated grudges etc. Arrrgh, this is so annoying and Kevin's right—people need to chill!

4 The reluctant doorman

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You’re out and about, being a gentleman (or gentle-lady, as the case may be) and you see someone seemingly a bit frail approaching a door (which you know is kind of heavy). So you, being the polite and thoughtful creature you are, rush ahead to open it for them. Age before beauty, right? The beneficiary of your charitable impulse hobbles their way through the door (which is fine, because that is as you intended). But, they take so much time doing so that a line-up of folks wanting to get through the same door queues up behind them and then they start going through and there you are stuck like a damn doorman on the job, holding the door for all these lazy, able-bodied people to get through, too.

3 Excuse me? Are you the manager?

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Does any manager ever want to hear the words “Are you the manager?” Their response (at least, in their head) is usually, "Err…no? I mean…maybe? Wait, it depends." They just know it rarely ends well. Customers asking for managers want to complain, 19 times out of 20. They’re either going to complain, ask for a discount, or ask the manager to go in the ubiquitous back room to find an item one of the hapless clerks can’t locate on the sales floor.

Ever been in the back rooms of retail stores? They're filled with unfinished shelves that are loaded with dusty boxes of outdated inventory, broken crap and stuff fit possibly for yard sales, at best. Is playing deaf an option when a customer makes such a request? Challenge yourself to see how fast you can get fired this time. Put money on it to make it interesting.

2 The 'why?' chromosome

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We all have those past romances that we regret—and if you don’t have one—what the hell are you waiting for? Get thee onto Tinder. This is about life experience. But yeah, we’ve all looked over past boyfriends/girlfriends and every one of us has asked ourselves, "What in the hell were we thinking! How did I wind up dating that Quasimodo/Cruella de Vil? I can’t even!"

How could you ever have been in love with that psycho who put sugar in your gas tank and ripped out your nerdy, highlighted notes from your alphabetized series of Baby-Sitters Club books? You wonder to yourself what insanity temporarily came over you, as you retaliate by cropping their cray-cray face out of all your photos on Facebook.

1 You don't owe me!

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Yeah, you do owe me. So, what the hell you doin’ buying that 70-inch screen TV before paying me back? You got some new wheels and rims, I see. How about driving to the bank and getting my cash? Wait—don’t drive—just do an e-transfer. They make it so easy nowadays you don’t even have to leave your house.

So what’s up? I was your best friend last week when you were short. Now, you make like a stranger because you owe me money. Buying yourself bling is not what’s meant by "paying it forward," by the way. You have a habit of misunderstanding things, I notice. Like how loans work, for example. You clearly have a basic misunderstanding of economic principles, brah.

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